Game of Thrones S8E02 Explained

by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 2 is called a night of the Seven Kingdoms it's the calm before the storm at Winterfell with characters celebrating life before the dead arrive Jaime Lannister wants to help fight the White Walkers

But Daenerys and Sansa don't trust him because he's the brother of their enemy Cersei Sansa's mad because Jaime fought against her family and Daenerys is mad because Jaime killed her father the Mad King 20

Years ago Jaime killed the king to save a city from wildfire but when Ned Stark found him by the throne he judged Jaime guilty and ever after Jaime was hated as a Kingslayer and earthbreaker and now Jaime's judged again by Ned

Stark's daughter and the mad Kings daughter his past is coming back to haunt him but this time there's someone who believes in Jaime Brienne says that Jaime is an honorable man that he protected her and kept his oaths Brienne

Shows Jaime trust and respect like no one else ever has so Jaime gets his sword back widow's wail one of the two Valyrian swords that were melted down from Ned Stark's sword the other sword Oathkeeper is used by

Brienne so in Jaime and Brienne Ned's sword is symbolically reforged his steel is protecting how stark once more in the hand of the man who hate once judged guilty Jaime reveals that Cersei lied

She's not going to help the good guys she just wants to hold the throne which means Tyrion was wrong again his whole plan of the White hunt and the peace summit was with Circe's cooperation turns out that was all for nothing

Tyrion has failed Daenerys over and over so she threatens to replace him as hand if Tyrion can't find purpose and self worth serving Daenerys what will he do Jaime apologizes to bran the boy he crippled in Episode one Bryan didn't

Tell anyone that Jaime pushed him because if he did the Starks wouldn't have let Jaime join them bran takes the philosophical view that if Jaime hadn't crippled him bran wouldn't have become the magic three-eyed Raven and Jaime

Wouldn't have become a heroic man but bran also makes an comment that there might not be an afterwards for Jamie you gave a sense that bran knows the future and he has had some visions of the future before

But we don't know the full extent of his powers since he became the Raven he says he can see everything that's ever happened to everyone and everything that's happening right now but apparently the visions are confused and

Fragmented so in practice he'll probably just know whatever's convenient to the plot at the time Gendry works as a blacksmith and aya enjoys the view just like she did in season two Gentry remembers iron as this plucky

Young girl but I assure him that she's something else now and closer to John wick than to Arry the orphan boy she talks about death and throws daggers and Gondry's impressed confused and aroused later Gendry brings the weapon I ordered

A sort of staff with dragonglass at both ends it's just like the weapon of Simeon star ice a legendary Knight mentioned in the books he had a double-ended staff and he was blind just like aya who was blind but there are also hints that

Simeon was some sort of white Walker he went to the Nightfort and had star sapphires in his eyes like a Walker's eyes in the last scene aya asks kendry how many whites his fought now she asks how many girls he's had sex with last

Scene was about death this scenes about life aya doesn't want to die a virgin so she and Gendry have sex aya has suffered so much death and darkness now she finally gets some love and light but afterwards I looks alone while Podrick

Sings of sorrow and pain aya had once asked Gendry to be her family but after everything she's been through I can't quiet reconnect in the books she says that there's a hole inside her where her heart had been that it will

Never feel any better a lot of people were shocked to see Aria have sex but no one seems to mind when she committed mass murder because our culture and morals are completely fucked Jaime and Brienne make awkward small talk about

The left flank and the rise on the ground until Brienne snaps and basically asks what is their relationship now they used to hate each other then they saved each other and now they're starting to love

Each other and Brienne doesn't know how to handle that remember when Brienne was young some boys pretended to like her but it turned out to be a cruel joke they mocked her as Brienne the beauty so it makes sense the Brienne is suspicious

When a man shows her affection and respect especially when Jaime was always so horrible to her so Jaime does something that he's never done before he humbly and sincerely submits himself to Brienne says he's not

A great fighter anymore but that he'd be honored to serve her Jaime rejects the pride and cruelty that once defined him and he honors the woman who showed him how to be a better man also we learned that Podrick is a badass now remember

What at guber he was in season two this is the best character transformation since bland sir Lannister Jorah tells Daenerys that she should forgive Tyrians mistakes Jorah had wanted to be Daenerys his hand himself but he says that Tyrion

Is the right man for the job Jorah used to be so jealous and controlling with Daenerys he undermined her other advisors because he wanted her all to himself now he's grown past that and does whatever is truly best for

Daenerys he even accepts the Daenerys loves John not him Jorah has become a better man his arc seems complete which probably means he'll die next episode Jorah also advises Daenerys to make peace with Sansa

So Daenerys find some common ground with Sansa they're both political women with complicated families but Sansa is suspicious that Dany is manipulating John exploiting his love for her political gain

Sansa knows that her brother Rob's love for Telesur led to his downfall but Daenerys argues that if anything Jon has manipulated her Daenerys came to Westeros to take the Iron Throne but John convinced her to come north and

Fight White Walkers instead Daenerys delayed her life's ambition partly out of love for John but Sansa asks what happens after the Walkers are defeated because Daenerys still wants to rule all of Westeros including the north

Sansa's family fought and died to rule the north themselves Robb battled the Lannisters Sansa and John battled the Bolton's and Sansa doesn't want that to be for nothing she wants an independent North and Daenerys doesn't want to give

It to her though she really probably should she promised the gradual is an independent Iron Islands why not an independent north this conflict does feel kind of contrived but the point is that Dany and Sansa do understand each

Other better now but there's still tension in the relationship Theon Greyjoy arrives and says he'll fight for the Starks he wants to redeem himself for betraying the Starks in season two he and Sansa have an

Emotional hug they survived Ramsay together and no one else really understands what they went through Sansa and Theon grew up like siblings at Winterfell and now they're finally back home together

Davos feeds the common folk you got to feel sorry for these random peasants who've been conscripted to fight in World War Z most of the real soldiers died in Rob's war or the Battle of the bastards

These hapless leftovers will be slaughtered by the walkers Gilly is also helping the Commons she started out so meek and afraid now she's a confident and compassionate leader she and davos meet a girl called teyla who looks like

Shireen the girl who taught Davos and Gilly how to read teyla has a burn on her face which looks like shereen's greyscale it's also a reminder that Shireen was burned these are the sorts of people who will die by the thousands

When the walkers come it's always the innocents who suffer most Gilly tells teyla to stay in the crypt during the battle because the Crypt is safe five times this episode we're told that the Crypt is safe which practically

Guarantees that something awful will happen there the Crypt is full of dead Starks and the White Walkers can raise the dead so maybe recently dead Starks like Rickon will attack there are lots of hints in the books of dead Starks

Rising but most of the dead in the crypts are very old there wouldn't be bodies left we have seen some looky skeleton whites in the past but most of the dead Starks are dust so

Maybe there's some other I see danger down there the books mentioned deeper darker ancient levels to the Crypt which might hold some terrible secret like a captive Knights Queen or something or maybe there's a secret entrance so the

Walkers could attack from within or maybe those protective magic and the crypts really are safe tormund barrack and air to come to Winterfell and John gets a bear hug from tormund they've had a crazy relationship

John once climbed the wall with tormund's wildlings then he betrayed him and fought against him at the battle for Castle black then they fought together at hardhome Winterfell and beyond the wall this wildling leader and nights

Watchmen have become allies and friends Tommen says the dead are coming and everyone not at Winterfell is with them the walkers have taken last half and are almost at Winterfell so they could also have karhold and the dreadfort and many

Little villages as well as all the wildling land the army of the Dead will be huge and torment says they'll arrive tomorrow so Winterfell has new defenses though opening sequence shows trenches around the castle and the plan is to

Light them as a barrier of fire fire does stop White's the zombies but it doesn't stop White Walkers the ice creatures the walkers are vulnerable to dragonglass so there's dragonglass on the walls and

On caltrops and there's heaps of dragonglass weapons and they've also got trebuchet x' and traps but the army of the dead is too big the whites don't sleep or stop and every human who's killed can be raised again as a white so

Everyone gets together and works out a plan the walkers are led by the night king and john hopes that if the night King dies all the walkers and whites will die too and bran says that the night king will come for him bran was

Marked by the night king in season six it's like a GPS tracker so he always knows where bran is so they plan to use bran as bait putting him in the godswood to lure the night king Theon and the Ironborn will guard bran which is cool

Because there was foreshadowing season one that theon would have a battle in the godswood this seems like the perfect setup for Theon to heroically sacrifice himself John says that they'll keep the Dragons nearby to

Protect bran and wait for the night king but he says they won't use the dragons in the field which seems really dumb dragons breathe fire they're not good at protecting wheelchair-bound wizards in flammable forests they're really good at

Burning lots of zombies surely the dragons are the only real hope of stopping the dead they should have flew out and burned the dead before they even arrived maybe Danny and John are worried about the

Night Kings Olympic javelin skills but that means relying on foot soldiers to hold off an endless zombie horde long enough to kill the night king assuming the night king even shows up so like the white home's last season this plan is

Pretty ridiculous it's almost like this is a TV show and it's meant to be dramatic the interesting bit is when bran explains the motivation of the White Walkers he says the night king wants to erase

This world and bring an endless night he specifically wants to kill bran because as the three-eyed Raven bran is the world's memory in the books the magic of the weirwood stores the souls of the dead and remembers the history of the

Earth sam says that memory is what makes us human and forgetting his death Thrones author George Martin is a melancholy romantic he's been writing for decades about ghosts and songs and lost loves all different echoes of the

Past and that shines through in Game of Thrones the story is about vengeance and grief and loyalty and guilt all feelings that are rooted in memories of loss and love that's why the North remembers why the Starks treasure their crypts why Ned

Stark and Rhaegar are still important characters even though they're long dead memory makes us human so it makes sense that the ultimate evil in this story is a metaphor for forgetting our humanity that said it's all very fucking abstract

Shouldn't the big bad guys have a more specific motivation there are all these weird hints of baby sacrifice ouki spirals ancient mystery the books hint at ancient pacts and secret bloodlines there's cold hands and joram

Ins horn the five thoughts and bloodstone Emperor surely that adds up to something more than this metaphor there may still be secrets to reveal about the walkers whether in this show or the prequel show or in upcoming books

And tyrion speaks with bran it is crazy that bran is apparently an omni see and psychic no at all yet no one asks him what he knows or what his powers are Tyrion at least sees the value in knowledge so he asks to hear brans story

But the same cuts out before we hear anything so what did Tyrion learn on the excellent still watching podcast the writer of this episode Bryan cogman suggested that Tyrion and bran just talked about brans journey and nothing

Super important happened but Tyrion does seem more optimistic about the battle after speaking with bran maybe bran did tell him something that'll help in the fight missandei says hi to some northern girls

Man they run off she's traded as an unwelcome foreigner here and grey worm says they should go somewhere else after the war Musante wants to go back to naff her homeland where she lived before she was enslaved the nathi are called the

Peaceful people they don't eat meat and don't kill people even in self-defense so they're often attacked by slavers or conquerors but their enemies don't last long because na is full of butterflies that carry a disease that kills

Outsiders of course that would mean that kil grey worm so maybe that's only true in the books point is this is a touching moment of two lovers dreaming of a happily ever after so it's the perfect setup for some heart-wrenching tragedy

Next episode maybe grey worm or missandei who will die Sam ed and John talk on the walls of Winterfell we finally say John's direwolf ghost though he's still much smaller than in the books the book Dyle wolves get huge and

Have deep symbolic and magic connections with H stark Jon salmon aired were in the Nights Watch together along with gran and pip and the rest they survived wildlings and whites and worse but now it's just these three left Sam

And John laugh had aired for being a virgin which is a bit rich the Nights Watch oats are understood to mean having no sex John and Sam broke that rule but the rules are out the window now anyway because the wall has fallen and the

Nights Watch all but dissolved still John salmon Edie keep the important bits of their oath they are the swords in the darkness the Watchers on the walls the shield that guards the realms of men the Nights Watch was founded thousands

Of years ago to defend the living from the dead and tonight everyone at Winterfell is Knights watch Tyrion and Jaime reflect on how far they've come last time they were here Jaime was a proud Golden Lion

And Tyrion a drunken whoremonger now Jaime has lost his pride and his hand and Tyrion has lost his taste for prostitutes misses partly tied to his grief vishay and Tyrion also mentions self-betterment he's more focused now on

Making a difference in the world Tyrion mentions how mad their father would be if he knew his sons were fighting for the Starks cuz Tywin was brutal in his war to destroy the Starks and make House Lannister a dynasty to

Last a thousand years but now House Lannister is all but gone and it's the stark legacy that lives on Game of Thrones is a dark story where good guys die but the message isn't totally bleak acts of heroism and love

Outshine the darkness so long as they're remembered the Lannisters are joined by Brienne pod tormund and Davos torment tells a ridiculous story about suckling on a giant he's got heaps of that stuff in

The books and he claims that a bear bit off half his penis but that his penis is still twice as large as anyone elses so these unlikely companions share warmth and wine in the face of probable death tomorrow meanwhile the Hound sits alone

In the cold until Arya comes along in season four I and the Hound were kindred spirits they both use violence and hate to hide their loneliness and fear but after they parted ways the hounds become all heroic fighting for the good guys

When he used to only care self ayah asks why he changed and the hound replies he started fighting for aya it seems that their bond toward the hound that it's worth fighting to protect others

Beric Dondarrion showed up he used to be on ayahs death list for selling candy to Melisandre but ayahs let go of that berrak talks about his God the Lord of Light and says this is his moment the Lord of Light is all about good versus

Evil light vs. dark all that Zoroastrian stuff next episodes battle for the dawn might be barracks time to fulfill his destiny in some fiery sacrifice in the books Barret gives up his life force to resurrect Catelyn so maybe Barrack will

Resurrect someone next episode tormund is shocked to learn that Brienne isn't a knight because in Westeros women aren't allowed to be Knights part of the point of Brienne's character is to show how unjust this sexist system is Brienne

Is more brave and selfless and honorable than most any actual knight yet her society denies her knighthood because of her gender tormund calls bullshit on that and Jamie makes Brienne a knight this is the

Ultimate vindication for Brienne the acknowledgment and respect that she's always deserved it's also important for Jamie in many ways he was a failed night an Oathbreaker who hurt innocent people now he raises up a true knight this is

An intimate moment for Brienne and Jaime the scene almost feels like a wedding Jaime declares his faith in Brienne just as she did for him before Jaime and Brienne might never kiss or have sex but this knighting is a moment of love Sam

Gives Jorah the Valyrian sword heart's pain this was the sword of Sam's father Randall but Randall was an asshole and Sam took the sword to represent his rejection of his father instead Sam says that Geo Mormont was like a father to

Him Gio was Commander of the Nights Watch and was Joris father Jorah failed his father by slaving and leaving Westeros but now Sam gives Jorah heart's pain to guard the realms of men as Jia would have wanted so this is

Another example of a character whose memory long out lives his death but it's also the story of a man who rejects his biological father and chooses another man which could be relevant for John John is the biological son of Rhaegar

But Ned Stark is his father Podrick sings a song about love and loss and memory it's about the ghosts of the friends and family that these characters have lost and the ghosts of the people who they used to be it's a moment of

Bittersweet melancholy as they share one last night of love and light in the face of death and forgetting a dream of spring as winter comes the song also ties deeply into the law the song is called Jenny's song named for Jenny of

Old stones a mysterious woman who lived fifty years ago she dwelt among ruins danced with ghosts and more flowers in her hair Prince Duncan Targaryen fell in love with her and gave up his crown to marry

Her Jenny had a friend who was a witch and she claims to be a child of the forest this witch is still alive in the books as the ghost of high heart and she makes a bunch of accurate prophecies back in the day she prophesied that the

Prince that was promised the hero who'll save the world will be born of the line of the Mad King Aerys and his sister so they got married and had Rhaegar Viserys and an heiress Rhaegar was born at the tragic fire of summerhall

Which killed Prince Duncan and possibly Jenny Rhaegar spent his mo teenage years in the ruins of summerhall singing sad songs some fans speculate that Rhaegar may have written Jenny's song this may be the song that Rhaegar played to woo

Lyanna stark leading to the birth of their child John so Jenny's song is a thread of prophecy and melancholy that runs from John and Danny back through Rhaegar and summerhall to Jenny and now John reveals

To Daenerys that Rhaegar is his father this means that Daenerys is John's aunt and John has a better claim to the throne than she does Daenerys has fought for the throne for seven seasons so she's deeply shaken by John's claim

Of course John doesn't want the throne which could tie back to Jenny's song Prince Duncan gave up his crown out of love for Jenny so maybe John will give up his crown for Daenerys or maybe Daenerys will give up

Hers remember Sam asked her last episode if Daenerys would give up her crown alternatively John and Danny could just get married and ruled together but such a happy ending seems unlikely the White Walkers arrived at Winterfell

Jenny song and kind of this whole episode is about characters haunted by the dead by the metaphorical ghosts of the past but they're also haunted by a very literal army of the Dead the zombies are here and they're led by a

Whole lot of White Walkers remember whites are the zombies and they're pretty easy to kill but the White Walkers are the ice people who lead the dead and have only seen a few of them now there are dozens or hundreds

Of walkers at Winterfell where did they all come from we know that Craster gave his babies to be transformed into White Walkers and he was probably not the only person doing this there are wildlings in the far

North rumored to worship cold gods so over thousands of years the walkers must have slowly built up these numbers the walkers also have zombie giants and animals like polar bears and there are legends about giant ice spiders the

White Walkers are led by the night king riding the dragon Vasari on but we don't see him here some fans speculated that the night King won't join this battle and instead he'll fly south and attack King's Landing turning its million

Inhabitants into another army of the Dead this would be similar to the Battle of the whispering wood when Robb Stark split his army and surprise attacked Jaime Jaime mentions the whispering word to this episode the excellent history of

Westeros podcast points out another possible parallel in Thrones history in the dance of the Dragons Aymond Targaryen a dragon rider with a blue sapphire I split from his army and attacked elsewhere

So daemon Targaryen and his lover nettles chased him down on their dragons may be similarly Jon Narus will have to chase down the night king but that's just a guess we'll find out soon this is the second episode of a

Six episode season and not very much has happened some fans dismiss this as pointless far knuckling but the point of these episodes is to remind us why we care about these characters before the next

Episodes rip them away this episode is Jenny's song remembering the ghosts that give the characters humanity in the face of darkness and death when Brienne is knighted tyrion calls her a night of the Seven Kingdoms that's the title of a

Collection of Game of Thrones prequel stories about a night called Duncan the tall George Martin has hinted that dunk is an ancestor of Brienne they're very similar characters like Brienne dunk is an underdog he's not the smartest or the

Strongest and it's implied that he's not even really a night but he's brave and honorable and he upholds his vows here's a quote from the audiobook he charged me to be a good night and true to obey the seven gods defend the weak and innocent

Serve my lord faithfully and defend the realm with all my might and I'm swore that I would in a night of the Seven Kingdoms dunk adventures across Westeros with a Targaryen kid he meets a young three-eyed Raven and young Walder Frey

And he kisses the woman who later becomes Jaime Lannister's great-grandmother you can read all of donks stories for free today by signing up for a trial with audible members get a book each month and if you cancel you

Keep the books you can read in the car or the gym or while drinking and waiting for the apocalypse sign up at slash ASX thanks for watching and thanks to the artists for their work thanks to the patrons

Including bloody tyrant Scarlett random vowels Geena and Sam London of house Wimbley first of his name lord of Union Square and protector of the realm Cheers

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