Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

The Game of Thrones Season seven finale begins with Daenerys Asami arriving at King's Landing this is as close as Dany has ever come to a goal of the Iron Throne she could broadly swoop in and take it now but she's holding off in the hopes of a truce in a vision in season

Two Dany approaches the throne and reaches for it but doesn't take it maybe this suggests that Dany will never win the throne Jaime and Bronn watch from above and talk about the meaning of

Life is it gold family Cox bran is one of the only characters inference who's actually better off now than he was in season 1 he's made money being knighted got people calling him my lord while so many

Others have lost loved ones or lost their heads or their hands or their cocks Jon Snow also arrives at King's Landing when his uncle Ned came to this city he died when Ned's father and brother

Came to this city they died too the Starks are never comfortable in the crowded capital Jamie once said that Starks are made of ice and when they come south they melt but as we soon learn John is more than just a stark the

Group's meet in the ruins of the dragon pit the dragon pit was built a few hundred years ago as a sort of a stable for the Targaryen dragons but as Daenerys learned in marine dragons don't like captivity over the years the pit

Dragons grew smaller and stunted which reflects the slow decline of the Targaryen dynasty it also reflects the nature of magic and Game of Thrones magic is wild and uncontrollable a sword with no hilt if you lock a dragon in a

Box it'll waste away but if you let it loose it'll eat people so there's no safe way to use it which is why some people think that the maesters of the citadel may have deliberately killed off the dragons as part of a conspiracy

Against magic go watch that video but everyone comes together in the biggest meeting of characters ever Tyrion reunites with bran and pod who have both saved his life in the past Brienne and the Hound talk about aya like proud

Soccer moms even though Brienne almost killed Sandor once other reunion son so happy Tyrion says his sister Cersei after he killed their father Tywin Daenerys meets Jaime who killed her

Father Aerys Theon says you Ron who captured his sister Yara and Jon mate Cersei who helped kill his uncle Ned there's also this awkward love square between Brienne Jaime Cersei and Euron so all of this history makes for a very

Tense scene bran leaves early with pod Tyrion had just offered Bronn gold if he changes sides and bran always said he looks after himself and doesn't want to risk his life fighting dragons so it looks likely that bran will leave Cersei

And maybe join Daenerys but another possible reason why bran leaves is that there's apparently drama between bronze actor and says he's actress and they don't want to be in the same scenes the helm threatens the mountain which Alba

Confirms cleganebowl the idea that these brothers will fight to the death and the greatest grudge match in Westeros Sandor has always wanted to kill his brother they fought once in season one and it looks like they'll fight a final time in

Season 8 since Gregor is now some kind of zombie the Hound might need to use fire to kill him which might allow Sandor to get over his fear of fire which he got from Gregor burning his face in the first

Place so cleganebowl is gonna silly but it could give a neat sense of closure to Sandhills story Daenerys arrives on her dragon you can tell she's been practicing her

Impressive entrances and Euron gets a hungry look seeing the dragon there's a whole plot in the books about Euron trying to use a magic horn to steal one of Danny's dragons maybe he'll try something similar in the show Dany

Apologizes for arriving late and making everyone wait which is a bit of a meta joke about the fact it's taken Dany seven seasons to join the main plot in Westeros Tyrion starts a speech but Euron

Interrupts and gets all aggressive and threatens to kill Yara but Cersei shushes him Cersei might have actually told you wrong to do this because it's useful to remind down inside that Cersei has a

Hostage but shushing neurons threat also makes Cersei look cooperative it's kind of the opposite of how Littlefinger uses Lynn Corbray in book 4 for those keeping score John shows everyone the zombie which is the first time most of

These people have seen a white Tyrion Varys miss and I thean Brienne Jaime Cersei they've all been mostly separate from the supernatural in this story but now magic and politics come crashing

Together John explains the threat of the army of the Dead with Qyburn it's love at first sight but everyone else is suitably spooked Euron says he'll retreat to the Iron Islands which is a lie designed by

Cersei to make Dany think Euron's out of the picture when he's actually getting more soldiers for Cersei Cersei says she's convinced and agrees to a peace on one condition john has to swear to stay out of the war

Between Cersei and Dany so this is a good strategy from Cersei she's hoping to take away Danny's greatest ally and let Danny fight the dead while Cersei gathers a strength to later fight a weakened Danny but Jon

Refuses Circe's deal and says he stomps out Brienne tries to get Jaime to change Susie's mind telling him fuck loyalty which is a neat reversal of their usual dynamic with earth keeping Brienne

Trying to teach honor to Jaime the Kingslayer but the job of convincing Cersei Falls to the man who says he hates most her brother Tyrion Cersei starts out hating Tyrion for a lot of the same reasons their father Tywin

Hated Tyrion for the death of Tyrians mother in childbirth and fatir Ian's mockery of their family pride but Circe's hatred of Tyrion grows through the series as he undermines her power threatens her and her children and sends

Marcela to Dorne in season 4 so she accuses Tyrion of killing Joffrey which she didn't but then he kills Tywin and ever since says he's tried to have Tyrion killed says he accuses him of wanting to destroy their family even

Though Cersei has killed more Lannisters than Tyrion has she blew up uncle Kevan and cousin Lancel it's true that the murder of Tywin was a huge blow to House Lannister but at least in the beginning it wasn't Tyrians goal to destroy his

Family he loved Jaime and he loved Miss Ella and Tommen and deep down Cersei must know this because when Tyrion tells her to kill him she doesn't maybe she only wants to keep Eliab to make this peace deal but Cersei

Says she doesn't care about the world doesn't care about anyone but herself and the people she loves Tyrion works out that she's pregnant the same ends and then they make the peace deal so we don't know exactly what

Happens here but it seems so she uses her pregnancy to show that she's got something to lose to make Cersei more believable when she says she'll make peace it's similar to when Cersei used a pregnancy to assure Jaime's loyalty

She's using her body as a strategic tool as Cersei once said a woman's weapon is between her legs as always Cersei uses a weapon to protect her power and her pride some people think that Tyrion might have offered Cersei something to

Convince her to make peace Malak maybe that her child would be the heir to the throne or something but does Cersei have much leverage in this situation anyway it's in her interests to make peace even if she gets nothing in return so there

May not have been a secret deal here between Cersei and Tyrion at the dragon pit Danny tells John that marry master said that Dany can't have children and John suggests that Miri might have been wrong they keep on bringing up Danny's

Fertility maybe she can have kids now maybe she always could and Daario was just shooting blanks it could solve this whole succession problem if daddy has a kid with John and a pregnancy could also suggest that Dany might actually survive

This series at least for another nine months so she declares that she'll make peace with Dany and fight with her against the dead but later we learned it was all a lie and says he will let Danny go north while she stays south and

Gathers her strength Jaime argues that they need to go help defeat the dead and that they won't defeat Dany in the long run anyway Cersei points out that Dany has lost a dragon which means that she can be bait

And she reveals that she sent Euron to Essos to hire a mercenary group called the golden company using the gold from Highgarden in the books the golden company has a long history and they're involved in varus's complex conspiracy

Go watch that video that sort of stuff won't be in the show but they do have Olly fonts so that'll be dope point is with the help of the golden company so she hopes to defeat Dany when she returns from fighting the dead but

Jamie's mad he's mad that Cersei didn't tell him her plan he's mad that she's talking about marrying Euron and most of all he's mad about being forced to break his word to help Danny cuz all his life Jaime's been hated for killing the king

He swore to protect Aerys Targaryen now Jamie wants to ride with Aries his daughter and restore his honor do something selfless for once Jamie stood by Cersei when she tried to kill his brother Tyrion he stood by her when she

Killed Jamie's uncle and cousin and hundreds of innocents but now Jaime realizes he can't be with Cersei and become the person he wants to be and so he leaves Jaime rides north instead of rich gold Lannister armor he wears black

And rides a black horse maybe hinting he could join the Nights Watch someday but Jamie's final fate may be back at the capital he and Cersei often say that they'll die together watch the Cersei video to see how that

Might end as Jaime rides snow falls on King's Landing winter is here up at Winterfell Littlefinger leads Sansa to believe that IO wants to kill Sansa and become Lady of Winterfell which are you herself Connie hinted last

Episode and Sansa seems to believe Peter but later she teams up with Arya and turns against him so what changed some people think that Sansa and Arya had been secretly working together all along that these arguments they had lost

Episode was staged under the assumption that Littlefinger would spy on them so he would think he's plan to divide the sisters was working while they actually plotted against him but this idea isn't really supported by the show it's not

Clear what Sansa would gain by leading Peter along there's no evidence that Peter would have heard these multiple private conversations and if Peter was a good enough spy to see these wouldn't he have also heard their real plans an

Interview with brands actor suggests that they censor aiya scenes were real but at some later point Sansa asked bran for help and he told her that Littlefinger misled them and only then did Santa team up with aya against Peter

So there was no complex hidden plot the Starks were just really slow to work out that Littlefinger was playing them even though Sansa already knew little fingers been playing her and even though I as a highly trained spy and

Lie-detector and even though brand knows everything so this whole plot was a pretty huge fail from the stark siblings but they now realized that Peeta is their enemy and accuse him of his crimes killing Lysa conspiring to kill Jon

Arryn lying about this dagger to cause war betraying Ned and giving Sansa to the Bolton's Littlefinger falls to pieces and totally fails to defend himself even though he probably could the Starks have no hard evidence of

Peters crimes apart from the word of a crippled boy who claims to be psychic surely the master schemer Peter could talk his way out of this just like he talked his way out of Lices murder in the first place but he breaks down when

He sees Sansa said against him he loves her so much in his own creepy way that he just cannot deal with her against him and so he's killed by aya with the same blade Peter used to start this old war in season one Catelyn once said that

Peter is clever but not wise he was clever enough to trick Sansa and Arya clever enough to cause a whole war but not wise enough to see that his obsession with Sansa was his blind spot and his downfall and now Sansa has

Finally freed herself of his control all series she's been a pawn of Cersei the Tyrells Peter Ramsay but as Peter says even the humblest basis can have wills of their own Sansa has learned from the people who

Controlled her and freed herself at last she's her own person now with her own power we'll see next season how she chooses to use it we also get a scene of ire and Sansa being friends again Sansa quotes Ned saying when the snows

Fall and the white winds blow the lone wolf dies but the pack survives Stark's got a stick together might have been better advice if Ned said hey if you're thinking of murdering your sister ask your psychic brother first to check if

You're being little fingered but it did work out in the end the Starks are united at Dragonstone Theon tells John about how he felt growing up at Winterfell he felt torn between his Greyjoy

Identity and wanting to be a part of the stark family and that conflict led Theon to commit his crimes betraying the Starks capturing Winterfell killing Roderick killing innocent kids he has suffered

For his crimes Ramsay saw to that and he's tried to redeem himself by saving Sansa but he still feels guilt and feels torn between Greyjoy and Stark so Jon gives Theon the forgiveness and the acceptance that he needs says that

Theon can be both a Greyjoy and a Stark so with his character conflict fixed by a back way no los dos a Theon sets off to save his sister Yara but first he has to win over his Ironborn crew and he does it the way Ironborn do the violence

On the one hand it might feel kind of cheap for Theon's long and complex character arc to climax with a fistfight but on the other hand this scene really does capture the meaning of Theon's Greyjoy identity he gets beaten down and

Defeated but then he rises again harder and stronger no matter how bad he suffered how bad he fucked up he can survive and persist and succeed after the fight Theon baptizes himself with salt water born again like he was in

Season two but this new identity he's forged is stronger than before he gathers his 20 good men and sets off to save his sister Sam arrives at Winterfell and meets with bran who he helped through the wall back in season 3

Bran says he remembers everything and he confirms the biggest oldest secret in Game of Thrones that Jon Snow is the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark Rhaegar is Daenerys brother and Lyanna is Ned's

Sister 20 years before the main story Rhaegar ran off with Liana even though Rhaegar was married to Elia Martell and Liana was promised to marry Robert Baratheon so Robert started a war against the Targaryen Skilling Rhaegar a

Serpent King Aerys and making himself King Liana died giving birth in Dorne and Ned Stark came home with baby Jon Snow and claims Jon was his bastard in order to protect John because Robert would have killed him if he knew he was

The son of a Targaryen so that's the R + L equals J theory and readers have known about this for years but Sam says something that not even brand-new that raiga annulled his marriage to Elia Martell and secretly

Married Liana meaning that John is not a bastard but a legitimate child of Prince Rhaegar which means John's the rightful heir to the Iron Throne ahead of Daenerys a lot of readers suspected this – there are heaps of hints in the books

That John would be king and people have speculated for years about a secret marriage one idea was that they would be married on the Isle of faces because that's near where Liana met Rhaegar and it has a bunch of weirwood trees where

Words are used in northern marriage ceremonies and greenseers like bran can see through words for their visions so maybe this will be how we learn of the marriage in the books but this idea of annulment raises questions in the books

It seems as though you can only annul a marriage if it's unconsummated if the husband and wife haven't had sex Rhaegar and Elia had two kids so could their marriage be annulled maybe in the books Rhaegar will just

Marry Liana in addition to Elia the Targaryen do have a history of polygamy but another weird twist is that Jon Snow's real name is apparently Akon Targaryen Aegon is a popular name because it's the name of the Conqueror

Who first took over Westeros and founded the Targaryen dynasty but the weird thing is that one of Regas other children by his first wife Elia is also named Aegon so Rhaegar three children unnamed Rainey's Aegon and Aegon why one

Possible reason is that Rhaegar seemed to be naming his children after Aegon the Conqueror and his two sisters Rhaenys and Visenya Rhaegar was really into prophecy and thought his first son aegon would be azor Ahai maybe with his

Two other children Rhaenys and Visenya forming the three heads of the Dragon another prophetic thing point is he might have expected his child with Liana to be a daughter and to name her Visenya but when Rhaegar died and Jon turned out

To be male Liana would have to come up with a new name and by that time reyga's first son aegon was dead so Liana might as well name this new kid Aegon for the Conqueror and maybe to commemorate the dead Aegon but it might still be a

Different name in the books some people think John will be called a Mon as a parallel to John's mentor and ancestor Maester Aemon or maybe Joe Harris one of the better Targaryen Kings whose name starts with

The same letter as John but they say a blue inter rose by any other name still smells as sweet so maybe the name is unimportant what matters is that John is half stark and half Targaryen which connects nicely

To what John told Theon earlier that just as Theon can be a stark and a Greyjoy John can be a stark and a Targaryen we also get our first glimpse of John's father Rhaegar Targaryen he's perhaps not as pretty as he's described

In the books but he does look a lot like his brother Viserys maybe Viserys was imitating his brothers look Brown explains the Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love Rhaegar didn't kidnap and rape er like

Robert Baratheon claimed and so brand says Robert's rebellion was based on a lie which might not be strictly true Rhaegar and Lyanna weren't the only cause of the war you could argue it really began when King Aerys killed

Ricard and Brandon stark and demanded the heads of Robert and Ned but still this misunderstanding adds tragedy to Liana and radars relationship star-crossed lovers from opposing houses who both

Died young but before we get to rosy eyed about it remember we still know almost nothing about Liana and elyes perspectives here it sure looks like Elia was screwed over by a husband Rhaegar and that Liana was a teenager

Hooray gonna tell and used to produce a prophecy baby so in the books at least there's still a lot to be explored about these relationships while John's cousin bran explains John's parents John has sex with his aunt

Daenerys which is a whole lot of weird layers of incest tyrion listens outside and looks concerned he might be a bit jealous of John everyone's kind of in love with Daenerys but he might also worry that romance between Danny and

John could complicate the political situation as a mon once said what is honor compared to a woman's love if you're in love with someone you might make decisions based on what's best for them instead of what's best for the

Kingdom in book 5 Barisan thinks of all the love throughout history that have caused conflict including Rhaegar and Lyanna 'he's so maybe tyrion sees that john and Danny's relationship could be

Destructive but as Rhaegar knew he can't fulfill a prophecy of ice and fire to save the world without breaking a few eggs at East watched Ormond and barek chill on the wall when the night King arrives

With his army and with his dragon Vissarion breathes blue fire on the icy wall and it starts to crack the wall has stood for some 8,000 years built by the first men children and Giants to protect the living from the dead it's one of the

Hinges over the world in book 1 John thinks if the wall Falls the world Falls with it and now the wall Falls there is nothing between the army of the Dead and Westeros the fact that the night king uses Vasari on to take down the wall

Supports the idea that the lake scene last episode was a trap to take Danny's dragons because otherwise the night king was marching on east watch with no apparent plan to pass the wall so maybe the night king like bran is some kind of

Green seer who can have visions of the future and past his power must be limited he'd win all the time if he knew everything but this definitely makes the night king even more dangerous some people think that bran and the night

King are the same person like that bran went back in time and walked into this guy who became the night king and lived as a white Walker for thousands of years and is now battling the past version of himself which might help explain the

Psychic connection between the two it's a fun idea but there's no real evidence and it would require a level of time-travel fuckery that might not really fit the story of Thrones as we know it so it's a cool idea but it

Doesn't seem likely finally some people are worried the barrack and torment might have died here but it looks like they run to safety along the wall barracks been talking about destiny so much that there's no way he's dying off

Screen and Tolman's got to survive to make giant blond babies with Brienne right so they'll probably be back in season 8 but who else will Game of Thrones Season 7 killed the phrase the sand snakes the tarly's 11

Thorin's benjin and Littlefinger so basically all the lords of the south are dead along with some other loose ends this lets season eight focus on the main conflicts further north between Cersei and Daenerys and between the living and

The dead almost all the named characters are in the north or heading there the Starks Sansa I are in bran the northern Lords Lac Liana Brienne and Podrick Sam and Gilly divorce kendry and the Hound

Dolorous EDD with the Nights Watch berrak and torment at east watch and Danny's crew Tyrion Varys Jorah mass and a grey worm with the unsullied and the Dothraki Jamie and probably brought all his left south with Cersei is Qyburn and

The mountain Euron's heading to Essos to get the golden company with the help of the iron bank and Theon's out to save Yara who might be at the Iron Islands with Iran or traveling with you Ron maybe and Melisandre is in volantis

Maybe with some other red priests she said that she had returned there are others who we might see again there's mirror in the neck the maesters at Old Town and Robin Arryn who rules the Vale represented in the north by bronze Ian

Royce we don't know what's happening in the Riverlands but maybe we'll see ed Muir again the reach Stormlands and Dorne a big question mark maybe absurd you take them all back while Danny's gone we probably won't say ilaria or

Daario or Illyria or Quaithe we'll hopefully see ghosts but this basically comes down to is all these people in the north against the dead and against Queen Cersei the time is done for complicated politics for

Whole episodes devoted to walking and talking the show has just six episodes left to give satisfying ends to all these character arcs to answer big mysteries like azor Ahai to decide who live and who'll die and to bring an end

To the Song of Ice and Fire thanks for watching this video and this series alt shift X is now taking a break the patreon is paused but we will be back with more videos analyzing the game of Thrones books and show we can also do

Other series you aren't Westworld stranger things American Gods comment below what you want to see there might also be a kind of book club livestream podcast type thing coming and there is also the

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