Game of Thrones S7E06 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

Game of Thrones Season seven episode 6 begins with our fellowship of heroes beyond the wall there's a bit of a culture clash between John and Gendry and torment Gendry is from the south while John is from the north and tormund as a wildling is from the lands beyond

The wall north of the north to him John's north is the south it's relative so maybe the white walkers who come from the far north lands of always winter who would consider even the wildling lands as south

Gendry is mad at barrack and Thoros because in season three they sold Gendry to Melisandre who used him in a blood magic ritual Gendry describes Mill having sex with him and the Hound tells him to stop whingeing kendrys experience

With mel was what you might call a rape Gendry was Mel's prisoner and she pressured him into sex that he had no option to refuse but the story brushes this off as no big deal and so did most of the viewers compare that to the rape

Of Sansa by Ramsay Bolton which was similar in that Ramsay had power of a Sansa and pressured her into sex without her consent there is a difference in a trauma Sansa felt here compared to kendrys more relaxed response but the

Fact that the Sansa scene caused such widespread media outrage while Gendry scene was mostly ignored might say something about how our society views gender and sex John and Jorah talk about Joris father Joe who was killed by

Nights Watch mutineers in season 3 Jorah says it's a horrible way for Joe to die and John agrees which is kind of funny because he died the same way betrayed by his brothers at the watch Joe gave the Mormont family sword along

Claw to John in season one because Jorah had shamed the family by slaving John now tries to give the sword to Jorah but he refuses and says John should keep it it's a nice gesture but there are other more months who might want to keep their

Families most valuable possession Joris cousin Leanna could do some work with Valyrian steel but John is the hero and must have his magic sword down at Winterfell are you accuses Sansa of helping the Lannisters

Kill their father Ned which isn't true Sansa repeatedly pleaded for Ned's life to the Queen to the court and at Ned's execution which are you saw there is this letter supporting the Lannisters that Sansa wrote but Cersei made her

Write that Sansa was a child and had no choice and Sansa tells aiya this but I adjust attacks answer for being weak and stupid and goes on again about Sansa's pretty dresses so I has no real argument here she's just acting out of anger

Neither her childhood frustrations with pretty Sansa her anger is understandable but it's a huge lack of perspective to be threatening Sansa for liaison with Lannisters years ago when there are actual Lannisters out there right now

Who want to kill the Starks Cersei is the real enemy as I have forgotten her plan to kill the Queen her criticism of Sansa is also totally hypocritical given that aya served Tywin Lannister in season two so I is acting really

Irrationally in this scene which perfectly plays in to Peter's plan he planted santa's letter to turn Arya against her and now Sansa is coming to Littlefinger for help just as he planned he subtly suggests that Sansa not John

Should rule the north which seems to be paid his overall goal he wants Sansa to rule the kingdom and he wants to rule Sansa but first he has to deal with Arya Littlefinger suggests that Sansa used Brienne to deal with iya somehow but

It's not clear exactly what he's suggesting does he think Brienne would imprison or kill Arya because that doesn't seem likely well maybe he wants to send Brienne away so that she can't protect Arya

Whatever he's getting at Sansa does end up sending Brienne south to represent her at the meeting with Cersei it makes sense that Sansa needs someone she trusts at the meeting but as Brienne points out it's very risky for Sansa to

Send away her most loyal protector at this dangerous time especially considering in the very next scene Arya confronts Sansa again and this time our hands an actual argument she suggests that Sansa wants to

Undermine John and ruled the north herself this is what Littlefinger was hinting at and Sansa might actually kind of want her she has disagreed with some of John's decisions she is proud of her role in the Battle of the bastards and

She does seem to believe Peter saying that she's a good ruler so while Sansa would probably never actually betray John part of her deep down might want to and ayah with her lying game training might see this so it

Almost makes sense for aya too precious answer to deter her from betraying John but pointing a knife at her sister and threatening to kill her and wear her face is pretty extreme Aya's motivation is again far more

Personal than strategic Kasana asks about is collection of faces which i uses to take on magic disguises aya says that the faces make her feel empowered to take on whatever identity she wants without being forced into

Gender roles which is not how the faceless men are meant to work they are a cult who make you give up your identity and become no one to serve the god of death but Anya is using their powerful magic for her own personal

Gratification she's got great power but no responsibility so instead of using her magic wisely she uses it to threaten her sister for being mean to her years ago on the one hand this kind of fits the fame of our rejecting the rules of

The faceless men and choosing instead to wreak revenge on whoever she doesn't like at the time but this also goes against our theme of returning to a stark identity and family which is one of the deepest parts of her arc so this

Whole conflict between aya and Sansa feels really contrived but it may end soon Brown hinted earlier that he knows things about Peters schemes if he reveals Littlefinger's betrayals the

Stark girls could bond again over bringing justice to their true enemy back beyond the wall torment talks shit with the hound and mentions Brienne Brienne almost killed the Hound back in season 4 but torment has fallen in love

With her a relationship between a wildling and a high bond southern lady could potentially be a big deal in the books a Lascar stark marries a wildling leader which hole solidify the pace between wildlings and

The north maybe torment and Brienne could do something similar berrak speaks with john and says he doesn't look much like his father so he must look more like his mother

What barrack is saying is that John doesn't look like Ned but we know that John's real father is actually Rhaegar Targaryen and it's true that John doesn't look like him with his blond hair and purple eyes John looks more

Like his mother Liana there have been so many hints this season about John's real parents will surely get more on this mystery sometime soon The Hound sees a mountain that fits the vision he saw in Episode one a mountain that looks like

An arrowhead this same mountain was also visible in bronze vision of the creation of the White Walkers which means that all this is taking place near the same spot where the night King was born there's also symbolism in the Hound

Looking at a mountain because his hated brother Gregor is called the mountain some still hope that the two might fight at Dragonstone Danny talks to Tyrion about heroes she names Drogo Jorah and Daario who are all brave men but are

They really heroes Drogo was a brutal warlord who attacked innocent villages to kill enslave and rape their people Jorah was a slaver who fled justice and spied on Daenerys Daario is a mercenary who betrayed his own comrades and

Advises Dany to mass murder by most standards these guys are no heroes but that's the thing about Game of Thrones some of the good guys are badder than the actual bad guys of other shows Dany does name one true hero though Jon Snow

Who almost always fights for what's right heroes like him Danny says get themselves killed which in John's case is truer than Danny knows they talk about Cersei who Tyrion expects will set a trap for Daenerys when they meet at

King's Landing so Tyrion says they'll protect Dany by threatening to burn the city if so she tries anything but they do want to avoid deceit and murder it's interesting that in previous times when Danny met enemies

She happily used to Satan murder she betrayed and slayed slavers and slaves alike at a stupor but if Danny wants her rule of Westeros to last longer than a rule of murine she needs people to trust her

Tyrion raises the question of succession who will rule after Danny dies normally it would be the rulers child but Danny has no children and apparently never will because in book one Miri Mazda tells Danny that she's infertile and

Danny never got pregnant by Dario so it seems probably true so what happens to the realm after Danny dies Danny doesn't want to talk about it she gets prickly when Tyrion talks about her death a bit like a certain author we all love but

Danny has got to work out something so Tyrion mentions democracy as a possible way for Westeros to choose their next ruler just as the Ironborn and the Nights Watch vote for their leaders this is the first real glimpse

We've gotten of what breaking the wheel might actually mean to Daenerys and it seems she's serious about changing the politics in society of Westeros beyond the wall Jon's men are attacked by a zombie bear which kills some red Jets

And savages Thoreau's Barrack sets the bearer light which doesn't kill it for some reason normally fire kills zombies good and the fire makes the Hound too afraid to attack the back is the Hound scared of

Fire because of his burn but finally Jorah kills the bear with a dragon glass dagger in the books dragonglass doesn't seem to hurt zombies it only kills the White Walkers but in the show dragonglass kills both so the

Bear goes down Thoris seems pretty relaxed about the hole in his chest he takes a swig of drink and keeps on walking leaving those poor nameless wildlings in the snow in this show there's nothing more deadly than having

No dialogue Thoros and Jorah talk about the siege of Pyke battle ten years ago when forest led a charge against the Ironborn waving his flaming sword like some kind of god but Thoris reveals that he wasn't really brave

He was just blackout drunk which is another of those moments in Thrones which questions the glory of war eventually the men see a small group of zombies led by a white Walker maybe these guys are scouting or hunting for

Benjin John's men attacked the dead and when John kills the Walker the zombies fall except for one apparently zombies die when you kill the Walker that raised them this one zombie that survived must have been raised by a

Different Walker this is important information because it means that the whole army of the dead could be destroyed if they can just kill the white walkers which John seems to be getting good at also if we assumed the

Night King created the other white walkers through this baby changing process maybe killing just the night king would kill all the other walkers as well as all the zombies so this whole war could possibly end with just one

Swing of John's sword the problem now though is that they're captive zombies screams for help and the entire army of the Dead starts chasing John's men John chooses this moment to get Kendra to send a message for help to Daenerys

Which is really bad timing John always knew that they were facing danger why not ask Danny for help before they're just about to be killed why not just have Danny come along in the first place and save them all this walking but John

Runs to a convenient island on a convenient lake which is just conveniently frozen enough for John to cross but not frozen enough to let the dead Gendry marathons to Eastwatch and sends a raven the thousand miles down to

Dragonstone so that Danny can fly the thousand miles north to save them which would take days days of John's men freezing eating and sleeping on that island and all the while the night king and the dead just stand and watch which

Is pretty weird even if they come across the water they could just throw spears or shoot arrows or throw rocks at John right but the dead are patient they waited about 8,000 years since the last long night so maybe they might as well

Wait a few days for the ice to freeze and the walkers do seem to enjoy toying with people in book one they stand in a circle and watch while a walker fights Waymar Royce laughing and mocking him so watching John freeze and staff might be

Their idea of entertainment Thoros dies of his wounds and the men hold little funeral for him in book 4 Thoreau says it does not matter how a man begins but how he ends Thoreau's began this story has a fat drunk failure of a priest but

He dies as a warrior fighting for life against the dead check out the thoris video for more on this character The Hound like an idiot throws a rock that shows the lake as frozen

So the dead start to attack John's men John uses Valyrian steel berrak as his flaming sword and torment and Jorah and Sandor use dragonglass weapons so they've got exactly the right tools to counter the dead but there are a lot of

Them though so shit gets pretty real before the inevitable drug on ex machina arrives Dany swoops in with her dragons and burns the dead a bit like that dream in book 3 but as she rescues John's men the night King activates his trap card

And throws an ice spear that hits Danny's dragon Viserion killing one of the only three dragons alive in Westeros the king has three Spears for Danny's three dragons almost as though he knew that they were coming so some people

Theorize that this whole thing was a trap but it's not clear how the night king would know that Danny's dragons exist let alone that Danny would come save John at this time and place Danny didn't even know she would come until

Like a day ago so unless the night king is straight-up psychic like bran the trap idea doesn't seem likely after Vissarion dies Jon decides not to immediately get on dragon and fly away but instead to kill some more zombies

And take a dip in the lake so Danny leaves without him if Danny had decided instead to attack the night king to burn him or crash a dragon into him she could have ended this whole war there and then but she flees and leaves her child

Viserion dead in the lake Jon survives because at this point falling into water is practically a guarantee that a character will live then he faces the army of the Dead and prepares to die her be like he did at the Battle of the

Bastards you'd think that after dying and being reborn John would have learned to stop throwing himself into such impossibly dangerous situations but it seems like he's now decided that he can take as many risks as he likes and who

Always survived because somehow he always does Benjen saves him at the last minute and John gets away again one of the moments that defined Game of Thrones season 1 was the death of Ned Stark which showed

That when good guys make mistakes they may die in season 3 Robb and Catelyn made mistakes and they died but by rescuing John from certain death over and over and over by saving Jaime and saving Arya it takes away the tension

And drama every time this happens in this story we care less Jon's reunion with benjin is one of the most long-awaited moments in the series four years five books and seven seasons Jon has been hoping to see his uncle again

And in the books there are hints that benjin knows secrets about John's birth he was involved in the knight of the Laughing tree incident which may have led to John's parents hooking up go watch that video but in the show there's

No time for that detail benjin turns up says hi I'm a zombie goodbye and decides he'd rather die than share a horse with his nephew it does feel a bit anticlimactic but there is powerful simplier inventions death benjin has

Apparently been surviving in the north on his own as a zombie man for years and years he's probably suffered in ways that we can't imagine but he kept on fighting all this time until he got the chance to

Do something noble saving Jon before letting go he was ready to die and ended it on his terms so the reunion is a bit janky but there is some meaning here The Hound carries the captive zombie through the wall the

Way this seems to work is that the magic of the wall stops the dead gang through uninvited but the dead can pass through the wall if they're carried by the living like with o'the orange jaffa flowers in season one that being the

Case you'd think that benjin could have crossed the wall if someone just carried him but he's not an ordinary zombie so maybe he works differently either way the heroes have succeeded in their insane plot to capture zombie hopefully

It'll be worth it Dany stands on the wall and waits for Jon oh maybe she's hoping for a dragon the dragon doesn't come but John does collapsed on his horse just like he Ward's in season 3

Danny says his chest unlearned that he really was stabbed in the heart and that he's been keeping up with his situps when he wakes John says he's sorry about the death of her dragon Danny did say that her dragons are the only children

She'll ever have but some people speculate that the death of Viserion might allow Danny to have kids again because Danny's infertility seems to be a sort of a curse for meri Mazda who once said that only death can pay for

Life may be the death of a dragon will allow Danny to make life again Danny and John having children might well beyond the cuts from all the talk of kids and succession in this episode and from the way John and Danny are looking at each

Other lately even though they are aren't and nephew in fact Judah generations of Rail inbreeding this is like super incest between John and Danny but regardless John says he'll kneel to Danny and make her his queen finally

Forming a great alliance to face the dead meanwhile the dead pull Viserion out of the lake like ants pulling a worm some people have questioned how the dead got these chains but the walkers have been

Around for thousands of years it's plausible enough that they found some chains from a ship or a merchant or that scythe at some point so they pull out the dragon and the night King raises it as a zombie a blue-eyes White Dragon

Since the night King turns the dragon by touching it it seems possible that this dragon is now more like a white Walker than just a regular zombie like how the night king changed that baby that baby was alive though while Vissarion is dead

So there's lots of uncertainty about what sort of powers the dead dragon will have and will it breathe fire seems unlikely when fire kills zombies maybe it'll breathe Frost like an ice dragon which is a whole other thing a dragon

That's made out of ice whatever the specifics zombie dragons are really bad news this is NK getting nukes and they will use it no one is safe and Danny and John must bring fire and fury to stop the dead in this episode berrak says

That the enemy is death and maybe we don't need to understand any more than that it's like beric is telling the audience but we don't need to understand how John survived on that island for days or why the night King

Stood and watched we don't need to understand why aiya suddenly turned on our sister or how John survives again and again or how so sees rain works politically and maybe we don't need our understand but Game of Thrones at its

Best isn't just about battles and dragons it's complex politics and human drama that makes you think David and Dan do an amazing job of adapting a story that George Martin wrote to be unadaptable and at this point they've

Even run out of books to adapt but hopefully these last seasons of Thrones can conclude the story without losing that layer of detail and depth that makes Thrones unique thanks for watching thanks to patrons Jessie deal Charlie

Fox Hannah Hurst Nicola Thompson Bruno's Ozzy she'll Belle and J Poppa lopoliths she is you

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