Game of Thrones S7E05 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 17, 2020

Game of Thrones Season seven episode 5 begins with Jamie washing ashore like Aragorn in two towers but instead of a sexy dream elf to wake him he's got brawn listen to me Bronn points out the obvious the Lannisters can't be Daenerys with

Her three dragons so Jamie goes to Cersei and says they can't win this war but Cersei won't surrender she says there's too much bad blood to make peace so she won't forgive Terry for killing her father Tywin Danny won't forgive

Jaime for killing her father Aerys and Cersei refuses to let go of the Iron Throne Tyrion Lannister walks through the ashes of his family's army and he seems to feel some regret then again Tyrion did

Promise Cersei that one day he'd turn her joy to ashes perhaps that day has come Tyrion turned Sosa's power to dust the Lannister army was also the pride of Tyrion hated father Tywin

Maybe Tyrion Fields and satisfaction wiping the last trace of his father's legacy Daenerys till for surviving Lannisters that she's not there to burn or murder and then she murders Randall and dick on

By burning them in front of their men tyrians a bit worried that this sends mixed messages good leaders sometimes do have to kill disloyal Lords Rob and John both did but burning a father and son alive reminds people of Danny's father

Mad Aerys who killed Rica and Brandon stark it's a delicate balance between being a strong leader and looking like a terrible tyrant especially with the memory of Aerys hanging over you Danny talks about making the world better and

Breaking the wheel metaphor for stopping the cycle of conflict in Westeros and changing the political system somehow it's not really clear what kind of changes Danny wants to make remember this is her first day on the Westerosi

Mainland she's a stranger to this country she doesn't know its problems so how can she hope to reshape society for the better look what she did in Mereen she came to a foreign city destroyed its social structure banned slavery made

Herself Queen and tried to make everything fair and it was a disaster the sons of the harpy revolted the slavers attacked in force and Dany ended up leaving with Dario in charge since we haven't heard any updates from

Dario's Democratic Republic of the bay of dragons lately it's probably fair to assume that things have turned bad in Moran just like they did in a stupor and young Chi the point is Danny's speech may be good political rhetoric but we

Know that ruling Westeros won't be so simple Danny returns to Dragonstone and John has a moment with a dragon dragon in the books it's hinted that dragons tend to be more friendly to people who have Targaryen blood so it may be drogon

Is nice to John because John is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen then again the dragons were also cool with Tyrion and he's not a Targaryen probably so this might not necessarily mean a whole lot

Dany asks again about Jon's death and Jon avoids the question again then he's going to have to find out some time about Jon's resurrection she's had a magical rebirth or two herself so she probably would understand

Dany and Jon a Fire and Ice and sometime they're going to have to recognize it but they're interrupted by the arrival of Jorah now healed of his greyscale Dany and Jorah have a long and complicated history

Dany exiled Jorah in season four for reporting on her to Varys he returned to her briefly in season five but she didn't forgive him for a while they reunited in season six but Jorah had greyscale and had to get cured and now

He's back once again Jorah loves Dany and in the books this comes off as creepy Danny's a teenager and jaw is this fugly middle-aged man who hits on her because she looks like his ex-wife but still Jorah has stayed loyal to Dany

Longer than anyone else has they've been through a lot together so Danny wants him by her side in the north bran uses his magic powers to take control of a bunch of Ravens he flies them over the wall and looks at the army of the Dead

Until the night King seems to break brand's control if the night king can break brand's control of ravens could bran break the night Kings control of these zombies just deactivate the whole army of the Dead at once how'd it be

Handy we still don't really know how this magic works it does seem that Brandon the night king use a similar kind of magic which might suggest that this human who became the night King years ago was originally a

Greenseer like bran and bloodraven in the books bran sees a vision of the bones of other dreamers impaled on ice maybe the other white walkers were originally green seers who turned to the icy dark side of old gods magic on

Denied King Darth Vader or something after all this time the walkers are still super mysterious so it'll be awesome to find out more about what they are and what they want bran sees that the walkers are marching

On east watch the easternmost castle on the wall emphasis on the wall the east watch is behind it and the wall is protected with magic which apparently stops the dead getting through so they probably can't just bash down the gate

With an undead giant how then will the walkers pass the wall in the opening credits of past episodes the ocean by the wall has looked frozen over so some people think that they could maybe just walk around atop the sea or maybe do an

Underwater Pirates of the Caribbean thing it probably would have been easier though for the Dead to just go west instead because to the West the wall ends and there's a bridge across a gorge why not cross there the walkers must

Have some special plan to get past east watch so bran sends out some letters to warn everyone down at the Citadel the mesas want to see evidence before they freaked out about magic zombies which in the real world would be very reasonable

But in fantasy skeptics are wrong the most has mentioned other prophets from the past like Jenny of old stones Jenny was a mysterious common woman who married a Targaryen Prince about 50 years ago Jenny was friends with a witch

Now known as the ghost of high heart who said that the prince that was promised or azor Ahai would be born from the line of Aries and Rey Ella which means that either Daenerys or John could be the hero to save the world

Looks like Jenny was probably right the maesters also mention a guy called la das three hundred years ago when the Targaryen took the Iron Islands la das claimed he was the son of the drowned God and that Krakens would rise up to

Destroy Aegon's fleet I didn't happen and Lourdes led a mass suicide but in the books Krakens have been seen recently and it's looking like book urine might just turn himself into some kind of Cthulhu so maybe even la das was

Onto something point is both of the arch maces examples of prophecy being wrong might actually have elements of truth but they still don't believe in the White Walkers as frustrated Sam so much that he abandons

His dream of becoming a maester steals in books and heads north to somehow help in the war for the dawn he presumably brings the sword hearts pain with him Sam's father Randall won't be needing it anymore

There's not much love lost between Randall and Sam but Dickinson door right so some might mourn the loss of his brother before Sam leaves though Gilly quietly drops the biggest revelation of the season she reads in a book that a

Septon annulled the marriage of Prince Rhaegar and married him to someone else in a secret ceremony in Dorne what this means is that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen Daenerys his older brother set aside his marriage to Elia Martell and

Secretly married Lyanna stark who gave birth to Jon Snow in Dorne fans have speculated for years that something like this had happened because this means that Jon Snow is not really a bastard he's a legitimate child of

Prince Rhaegar making him the legitimate heir of King Aerys meaning Jon Snow should be the king of all Westeros this complicates the situation with Jon's aunt Daenerys who also claims the throne no one in the story actually knows all

Of this does so we'll have to wait until bran or someone figures it out at Dragonstone Tyrion and Varys worry that Dany might become a bad ruler like a father Aerys and Varys doesn't seem to know what to do about this Varys used to

Seemed so powerful a secretive schemer spymaster and spider who knew everything and made everyone his puppet but now that he's revealed his hand and made his loyalties clear Varys is just a bald guy in a dressing gown hoping for the best

He did always say that power is an illusion John and Danny and Tyrion work out a plan John will lead a team beyond the wall to capture a zombie and bring it down to King's Landing to show Cersei so that Cersei will help them or at

Least not attack them or something when they go back north to fight against the dead and this plan is bad it's a huge risk to King John and he's the guy uniting the or from the wildlings and Daenerys and

If they succeed in catching a zombie there's no guarantee it'll stay animated on the long journey south it might rot or get out of range of the walkers magic or just stop moving even if all that works out all they'd

Actually achieve is to show Cersei a zombie why would certain prayers when she's already got a zombie the mountain one zombie doesn't prove the threat of the army of the Dead

Even if Cersei does believe it does anyone really think that so she would make peace with her enemies for the sake of the greater good even if she does what will her help even be worth Danny just roasted a Lannister army how many

Men can Cersei have left how useful will soldiers be against the army of the Dead anyway the best way to beat the dead would surely be Dany's dragons why not just fly up and burn them all now or if you just want to capture a zombie why

Not swoop down with a dragon and grab one the answer to these questions of course is the same reason that Eagles don't fly Frodo to Mount Doom it would be too easy and too quick but part of what makes Game of Thrones special and

Different to fantasies like Lord of the Rings is that behind all the dragons and zombies there's usually a strong logic to the plot people make decisions that make sense and this convoluted dangerous probably pointless plan does not make

Much sense at Winterfell the Lords of the north and the Vale speak in support of Sansa it almost sounds like they want to declare her their queen when only last season they declared Jon their king before that they mostly supported the

Bolton's and before that they supported Robb Stark seems they can't go a whole season without wanting to change sides I accuses Sansa of undermining Jon and wanting power for herself Sansa tries to be reasonable but I urge

Just won't listen it makes sense that I had doesn't really get the politics she has spent seasons training with assassins not learning diplomacy but this seems rooted in something deeper for hire she criticizes answer for

Loving pretty things and feeling superior which connects to the jealousy and resentment I had for Sansa growing up over how Sansa was perfect and pretty while iron never fit maybe the real reason fires

Ration is all this old anger whatever the reason Littlefinger sees an opportunity he manipulates iya into finding an old letter that Circe made Sansa writes aborting King Joffrey and condemning the Starks this wasn't really

Santa's fault she was just a kid and she had no real choice but this might work as a way for Peter to isolate Sansa from the rest of her family to create chaos and division which he could use to gain more influence this is some classic

Petyr Baelish evil scheming and in the short term it might just work but in the long term Sansa can just explain how she was forced to write the letter Eyre can figure out that Peter misled her and bran can reveal that he's

Magically seen every evil thing little thing is done so little fingers but at least he gets one last lurkin tyrion and davos arrive at King's Landing and Davos mentions the death of his son math ox in season two Davos has

A wife and kids back home and he often thinks about them in the books but while everyone else complains about their personal drama all the time Devils usually keeps things to himself and carries on his duty but he still

Remembers his friends Davos goes and meets with Gendry the bastard son of King Robert who was last seen rolling in season 3 after Melisandre tried to burn him Gendry wields a war hammer just like his father did decorated with the stag

Of his house it looks like Gendry identifies with his father's family the Baratheon's maybe after the war is won he'll rule the Baratheon seat of storms end since every other Baratheon is dead as the son of

King Robert 3rd Gendry could also potentially have a claim on the Iron Throne which shows devil says complicates the situation with John and Danny meanwhile Tyrion goes to meet Jamie

Tyrion tries to justify the killing of their father Tywin but Jamie doesn't want to hear it and threatens to kill Tyrion the brothers relationship in the books is even worse they parted on bad terms with Tyrion lying and saying he

Killed Joffrey so the reunion in the books might be a lot darker anyway Tyrion gets to the point and asks Jamie to convince Cersei to peacefully meet with Danny and Jon on the way out

Davos and go have some trouble with gold cloaks it really was a big risk coming here in broad daylight with super recognizable imp they could easily have all been caught and killed by but

Kendra solves their problems with his hammer and they get away Jamie reveals to Cersei that he met Tyrion and so she reveals to Jamie that she already knew and allowed it to happen

Which is pretty surprising so she hates and fears Tyrion more than anyone else in the world you'd think she'd take the chance to kill him but apparently so she decided she needs to make peace with Daenerys to beat her in the long run so

She tells Jaime that she's pregnant and the twins share an emotional moment which says he immediately exploits to tell Jaime to never betray her so this is some classic emotional manipulation from Cersei using a tender moment for

Strategic gain but there's also probably some sincerity here Circe's pregnancy might help explain why Cersei went from wanting to fight to the death to wanting peace within one episode she has a child to protect now but the pregnancy also

Raises some questions Maggy the Frog predicted that says he would have three children a fourth child would go against that prophecy in the show so she did have a short live baby with Robert so maybe that numbers out

The window anyway but still it would be weird if says he had another child maybe she'll die before it's born but if the Vallon gua theory is true and Jamie kills Cersei would he kill his own unborn child along with his twin this

Baby raises the stakes at Dragonstone Jon meets kendry Kendra's father Robert and Jon's supposed father Ned were close friends and their bond inspires a friendship between Gendry and Jon Kendra's keen to join the fight against

The dead which is a little surprising given that he has no experience with White Walkers or with the north but Gendry has seen some mystical what with beric and the red witch so it's plausible enough that he believes in the

Dead if it gives him something to swing at Tyrion fails Jorah and hints at their rocky past remember that one time Jorah dwarf nabbed Tyrion and Dany farewell Jorah for the umpteenth time maybe for the last time and finally Dany farewells

Jon with a longing gaze it had saved a lot of hassle if these guys just had me that they want to bone because a marriage alliance between Danny and John would be hugely powerful it would clear up the problem of their competing claims

On the Iron Throne and they could rule together as king and queen chuck Gendry in there for a threesome and you'd solve the whole succession crisis in one go but might have to leave that for the fanfic Attis watch John forms the

Greatest squad of warriors Westeros has ever seen there's Jon Snow the White Wolf the resurrected King in the north Gendry the bull bastard son of King Robert Thoros the red wizard of Muir and beric Dondarrion the lightning Lord six

Times reborn as Jorah Mormont so friendzone survivor of greyscale tormund Giantsbane husband two bears meet king of ruddy hall and Sandor Clegane the Hound gravedigger and eater of chicken it's an

Amazing team which ordinarily would be impossible because these guys are Knights & wildlings northerners and southerners followers of the old gods and of real law there's a lot of bad blood here Gendry was sold to Melisandre

By Thoris and Berek Berek was killed by the Hound then resurrected Tolman's people were hunted and killed by Joris father John Mormont any other time these guys would be enemies but because of the threat of the dead none of these grudges

Matter anymore which kind of says it all about this new season there's no time for the complexity the history or the logistics the story is hurtling towards its climax there is something lost when the show

Moves so fast but it is a lot of fun to watch the heroes step beyond the wall to face the night this scene when Cersei made Santa write a letter against the Starks is a really interesting chapter of The Game of Thrones books it shows

How naive and trusting Sansa once was and how manipulative Cersei is using love to assure loyalty just like she does with Jaime in this episode you can listen to this chapter on audiobook for free today with our sponsor audible by

Signing up for a trial at slash ASX you get a free audiobook to keep even if you cancel the trial and it helps out this channel so sign up at the link below thanks for watching thanks to the

Translators for translating captions and thanks to patrons Cara shadow Valentin Deegan disco Dan Gerald Callahan Bruno Soares II and Samantha suave Cheers you

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