Game of Thrones S7E04 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

Game of Thrones Season seven episode 4 begins with the Lannisters taking gold and grain from the reach most of this gold is going to the iron bank but Bronn also gets a cut he's a mercenary he fought for Tyrion for gold he fought of the Blackwater for a

Knighthood and Cersei gives him a noble bright as a bribe in the books he's still there at Castle Stokeworth he adopts Wallace's son and names him Tyrion just a mess with everyone he murders his wife's brother-in-law for

Plotting against him basically book Bronn lives the good life but in the show Jamie keeps dragging bran back to battle and he doesn't get much of a chance to spend all his gold the tallies are taking food from the rage for Cersei

So what will the people of the reach eat this winter we saw last episode that Winterfell faces a food shortage so Sansa takes grain from the north it looks like Westeros may run out of food and this is a problem in the books too

When winter comes the realm will starve Tyrion says and some people use this to their advantage Littlefinger hoards grain in the Vale so he can sell it at a high price when people are starving the politics and

Economics of food is important and it's cool to see it acknowledged in the show bran questions Jaime over whether Cersei could ever be a peaceful ruler just like a Leonard did last episode and both times Jamie struggles to defend his

Sister to a letter he argued that the ends justify the means it does a matter of Cersei does terrible things as long as it wins the war this episode he basically says hashtag only god can judge me except not even mask as Cersei

Killed the Pope Jaime's justifications are getting weaker and he's eventually got to admit that even though he loves Cersei she is awful and needs to be stopped at the capital so sea chats with taiko who represents the iron bank he

Flatters her by comparing her to her father Tywin Surtees daddy issues are a big part of a hunger for power and pride she always wanted tywin's approval to be like him to rule like him she even dresses like him and her brutality is

Largely learned from him go watch the Cersei video and so Circe's goal is to control all of Westeros which is going to cost some money taiko offers to lend her more it is a bit weird to be lending more money at the same time

He's paying back money like couldn't sir see just hang on to the gold she has but whatever the point is that the iron Bank supports Cersei Cersei mentions that she's thinking of hiring the golden company an Eastern sell-side group with

A rich history in the books they originally founded by a Targaryen bastard called bitter steel and still carry his gilded skull into battle in book 5 the company invades Westeros as part of varus's complex conspiracy go

Watch the Varys video but the point for the show is Perla just that Cersei is buying more soldiers up at Winterfell Littlefinger talks with bran as the eldest living Stark Brown should technically be the Lord of Winterfell

So Peter wants to get on his good side he talks of his loyalty to Brown's mother cat who he loves since childhood and he gives bran a gift the Valyrian steel dagger that was used by an assassin to try to kill bran in season

One in the books were told it was Joffrey who ordered this attempt on brans life but the mysteries never solved in the show maybe in the show they'll say it was Littlefinger because this data was a big part of

Littlefinger's master plan Peter lied and told Karen that this was Tyrians dagger so that Catelyn would abduct Tyrion which led to war which led to Peter advancing politically as Peter says chaos is a ladder

He used conflict to gain power and now bran repeats this line showing that he has seen some of what Peters done if the stocks find out that Peter betrayed Ned and lied to his dear cat and started the war that broke their family Littlefinger

Is screwed Brandon speaks with Meera Reed Mira spent three seasons fighting to protect bran hunting and cooking for bran probably wiping bronze ask because he's paralyzed all because Mira's brother

Jojen believe that bran needed to meet the Raven now jochen's dead PO doors dead summers dead the Ravens dead the children are dead and in a way bran is dead now that he's got all this psychic knowledge with everyone's memories and

Experiences he's lost touch with his own identity like doctor bran hatun so from Mira's point of view all this sacrifice feels empty the story is so full of loss and tragedy hopefully somehow brands powers will be worth it

Mirror leaves to return to a family down in the neck Mira's father is Howland Reed the only living survivor of the fighter the tower of joy where John was born to Lyanna Stark so Howland in the books at least may play a

Role in telling John who his parents are Howland may even be a part of a northern conspiracy also in the books it's likely that bran eats Jojen so go watch that video aya stark arrives at Winterfell her home which she

Hasn't seen for like six seasons she has trouble getting past some guards like she once did in season one but she soon reunites with her sister Sansa iron Sansa had a difficult relationship as kids Sansa was proper and ladylike while

Aya was an unpredictable tomboy but now they've grown beyond their childish fights after all that they've been through all that they've lost the remaining family means everything I am eats bran and likes answer she's a

Bit weirded out by the whole psychic robot thing that brans got going he mentions Aya's list of people she wants to kill and most are dead already still remaining a Cersei and the mountain also are things that the Hound is dead but

He's not maybe they'll meet again the stock's discussed the dagger and is suspicious about the whole thing it's looking really likely that the stalks will find out about Peters

Deception bran gives the dagger to ayah which will be useful because Valyrian steel can kill White Walkers half the characters on the show now have Valyrian steel I of John Brienne Jaime even Sam has one these are the people who kill

White Walkers when she it gets real we also get a moment with Brienne for the last few seasons brands been trying to keep her earth to Catelyn Stark to find and protect cats daughters Sansa and Arya for most of the story Brienne

Wasn't successful she got sidetracked by Stannis and Riverrun and the Hound and bear but now finally cats daughters are home Brienne has kept her oath earlier in the show cat called Brienne a lady and Brienne

Said that she's no lady in the book spot calls Brienne sir but Brienne also isn't a knight as a female warrior in a patriarchal world bran has struggled to work out her identity but here pod calls Brienne milady

And she starts to correct him but and just says thanks with a quest complete Brienne has finally worked out who she is and so his pot lady Brienne may not be a knight but she keeps her oath

Brienne latest bars with aya aya saw Brienne beat the hound in season four so she wants to have a go at the maid of TAF hyah doesn't really sword fight in the books she mostly just uses stealth and stuff but she was trained by Syrio

Forel and in a show by the faceless men as she says no one and it looks like all this training has paid off she holds her own against Brienne which is hella impressive Brienne is one of the best warriors in Westeros certainly the

Strongest woman so I was up there with the best of them and now she and Brienne have a mutual respect the both felt like outsiders as being our fighters so this relationship means a lot Sansa watches from above like Ned once did in season

One you can see Sansa realizing that like wow okay I oh really is a ninja assasin just like bran is a psychic wizard while senses only special power is fiscal responsibility little fingers up there too and IO gives him a menacing

Glare if Peter had half a brain he would run back to the Vale like right now down at Dragonstone matanda and Dany talk about boys then they head into the caves with King John Denny leaves her guards behind which is a sigh and she's

Starting to trust him the games are important because they're full of dragonglass which can kill White Walkers but the caves also contain markings by the children of the forest who lived in

Westeros thousands of years before humans the markings feature patterns like this spiral though we've seen White Walkers make out of corpses this makes sense because the same spiral pattern appeared at the ritual where the

Children of the forest first created the White Walkers so it looks like the walkers are imitating the symbols of their creators there's also this circle with a line through it which has also been made by the walkers and which also

Appears elsewhere in the series this kind of resembles some symbols from George Martin's fruity old sci-fi stories if you want to go down the rabbit hole of what that might mean strap on your tinfoil hat and check out

This video by Preston Jacobs it is a bit loopy but it's really fascinating John points out markings showing the children and the humans fighting together against the white walkers of course the children originally created the white

Walkers as a way to fight against humans but John's point still stands people need to come together to fight the walkers and John and Danny are starting to look like they'd like to come together we know what happened last time

John was in a cave with a woman but Danny says that she won't join John until he kneels she says survival is more important than his pride this is something John said to mance rayder

In season five but now John is in mantas position if he kneels he would lose the respect of the Northmen who follow him and there'd be no point in kneeling maybe John will find some other way to win Danny over on the beach Danny finds

Out that the Lannisters have the reach so she has now lost all of her allies the Tyrells Greyjoy's and Dawn maybe that convoluted plan of taking costly Rock ferrying Dornish and besieging the capital was a bad idea after all

Danny suggests just taking the throne directly with her dragons and again we're told that I would kill too many people which again might not be strictly true when Danny's ancestor Aegon took Westeros his sister Visenya took the

Eyrie by playing up there on her dragon she didn't fight anyone or don't anything she just flew right up and said hey do you want to surrender or do you want my dragon to eat you and she won why can't Danny fly to the Red Keep and

Try something similar it would be risky and she might have to kill some people but isn't that better than killing thousands of soldiers so this whole tension in Danny strategy is really questionable but the point of the show

Is trying to make is that Danny is willing to do things the hard way if it's the right way later John and Davos chat with Miss and I about how John is a bastard and Masson dies an ex-slave a lot of Danny and John's people are

Underdogs eunuchs dwarf smugglers people who bros from nothing and united behind leaders that they believe in Theon arrives at Dragonstone and John threatens to kill him because in season two Theon betrayed John's family when

Robb sent him to make alliance with the Greyjoy's Theon stabbed Rob in the back by attacking Winterfell and killing stark men John lets Theon live because he did helps answer escape the Bolton's but no

One's letting Theon forget his crimes in the books they call him turn cloak and just about everyone wants him dead but the gods are not yet done with Theon Greyjoy he's planning the show is to rescue his sister yah

From Iran hopefully urine doesn't treat his prisoners as badly as he does in the books summer in the South vilanis's finished delivering gold to the capital when they're attacked by Daenerys with her Dothraki toe dragon drogon people

Have been speculating for years about how Dothraki would go on a westerosi battlefield and most people agree that if you're safe in a castle the Dothraki can't do much but out in an open field where they can run you down

Firing arrows from horseback the Dothraki are near unstoppable this is also the first time in years that a dragon has been used in battle in Westeros notice how at one point dragon is shot with arrows but they bounced

Right off his scales younger dragons can be killed with arrows but as a dragon grows older its hide grows tougher not tough enough though to stop the Scorpion bolt just as bran takes a longbow shot to set off the Wildfire at the

Blackwater Bronn uses Qyburn scorpion to hit Oregon in the shoulder wounding him and bringing him to the ground if that'd hit his I drove on might be dead that he burns the scorpion and faces off against Jaime who decides to go justing against

A hundred ton dragon Jaime remember killed the Mad King Aerys Daenerys his father if he killed Danny as well that had make him a Queen's layer as well as a Kingslayer he doesn't succeed though Bronn knocks him into water just as he's

About to get roasted kind of like our Tyrion gets knocked into water last season bran made a comment earlier about Jaime's riches weighing him down and now Jamie's rich Armour literally weighs him down into the water though he probably

Will survive just as Tyrion did the dynamic between Jamie and Tyrion is interesting here these are both likable main characters but they're on opposite sides of the battle in book 1 Tyrion tells Catelyn that he never bet against

His family he's always on Team Lannister but here he is with Daenerys as she destroys his family's army and tries to kill his brother Jaime Jaime is the one who rescued Tyrion from prison Jaime is the only one in their family who Tyrion

Felt ever loved him Tyrion is loyal to Danny but he's also deeply loyal to his brother this tension might be a problem later on another theme of this thing is the horror of war dig on talks about the shock and smell of first battle and

There are lots of moments of characters gazing at Burning Man the book spend a lot of time describing the evils of war and the impact of war on ordinary people the show doesn't have time for this sort of slow rumination

But it's able to make some of the same points in a really powerful visual way and that maybe is when the show is really at its best thanks for watching over at patreon we're holding weekly live streams after each Thrones episode

To discuss answer questions and get input for that week's video support all chief decks on patreon to join Ian thanks to patrons Melissa Feeney Marcelo Sami Hamid II Irish Schneider Alessandra Martha J Dilla 89 and air console who

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