Game of Thrones S7E02 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

Game of Thrones Season seven episode 2 let's begin we start with a storm on Dragonstone which is significant to Daenerys because she was born during a storm on Dragonstone after a father King Aerys was a thrown by Robert sure no brother Viserys fled Dragonstone and

Went east now some 16 years later she returns to reclaim her throne Dany questions beerus and point out that he served both King Aerys and King Robert and he plotted against both of

Them Varys also backed Viserys until he turned out to be useless and under orders from Robert Varys once sent an assassin to kill Danny though he also warned Jorah so that he could protect her point is Varys betrayed all of these

People so how can Daenerys trust him Varys says he grew up as an orphan and a slave and he'll support whoever protects the people so long as Danny is a good ruler he'll be loyal because he serves the realm when he says this in the books

It's probably a lie Varys has complex motivations relating to Illyrio and family go watch this video but in the show this seems to be the simple truth Varys really just believes that Daenerys could be a great ruler but there's still

Some tension here because Danny threatens to burn Varys if he turns on her which is exactly the sort of thing that the Mad King did will Dany protect the people nor will she be more like her father

Dany then gets a visit from Miller Sandra like Vera smell was once a slave and like Varys she served other leaders before she was with Stannis than with John melvoin's Danny of the long knife of the darkness brought by the White

Walkers and she speaks of the prince that was promised or azor Ahai a hero prophesied to save the world from this darkness missandei points out that this prophecy could refer to a man or a woman and Mel suggests it might mean both that

Dany and Jon Snow could each have a role Fire and Ice combined to save the world from the night there are a lot of different ideas in the books about how this might go down according to one story

The original Ozora high sacrificed his wife to forge a sword to date the walkers will John have to kill Danny to save the world Tyrion vouchers for John they got along back in season one so Danny decides to

Try to alai with John at Winterfell John and Sansa and davos took over Denny's invitation John does like Tyrion and so does Sansa she was once married to him remember Devils points out that they need Danny's dragon fire to kill the

Army of the Dead and John learns from Sam of the dragon glass a dragon star in which they need to kill the White Walkers and so John tells the north that he'll meet the dragon queen a lot of his Lords don't like the idea

They don't trust Danny they remember how her father the Mad King killed John's grandfather and uncle that John says that they need any support and that he's the best man to go meet her while he's gone Sansa will rule the north John

Heads down to the Crypt to visit the tomb of the man who he thinks is his father Ned Stark Littlefinger slithers in and does his creepy Peter thing prodding at Jon's insecurities talking about how Catelyn never loved him he

Mentions cat Ned Tyrion Sansa all people who Peter has screwed over one way or another by the time Littlefinger talks about how much he loves Sansa John has had enough and chokes Peter against a wall just like Ned did in season one why

Does Peter keep on provoking Starks into choking him is this like his thing or what John wants paid not to with him and storms off leaving us wondering what's Peters plan here some speculate that he might try to turn Sansa against

John by revealing the truth of John's parentage that he's not the son of Ned Stark but is actually the son of Lyanna stark and rhaegar targaryen should a Targaryen bastard be allowed to rule the north there's no evidence that Peter

Knows about this though so he might need a different strategy for Sansa this will be her first big political test she's never ruled a kingdom before will she rise to the challenge will be swayed by a little finger

Other capitals Searcy meets with some lords and speaks some classic political spin to make her look like a good leader and Daenerys look like the enemy she says Danny brings foreign on solid soldiers and rapists Dothraki bad

Hombres who will burn and pillage Westeros which may well be true we've seen Dothraki at war before and it's not pretty so she reminds the Lords that Dany is the mad Kings daughter and that she

Killed and tortured people in Mereen which again is true just like a modern politician so she uses fear to win a subject support but the most important Lord here is randyll Tarly father of Sam and dick on Randall is a powerful

Military leader in the reach he's sworn to a Lana Tyrell who supports Daenerys but Jamie suggests that if Randall helps sir–they instead they'll give Randall the rule of the reach and this has some basis in the books the Tyrells were

Originally stewards and the only reason they now rule the reach is because they just sort of happened to be in the right place right time to hand Highgarden to Aegon the conquerer the other houses of the reach always thought that was kind

Of and there are hints that some hope to overthrow the Tyrells so it does make sense that Randall might change sides for Cersei that as Randall points out so she faces the same problem that the rage face with Aegon centuries

Ago how do you beat three giant fire-breathing dragons Coburn says he has a solution they go to the basement where the old tug Aryan dragon skulls are kept including the skull of valerian a famous massive dragon written by Aegon

During his conquest Carbone unveils a sort of ballista which punches a hole in the priceless historical artifact dragons have been killed by this kind of weapon in Thrones before so it essentially poses a danger to Danny's

Dragons also it is kind of funny seeing Cersei with a big crossbow since her son Joffrey also liked those kinds of weapons this week on embarrassing bodies arch mr. Ebers tells Jorah Mormont that he's

Going to die the greyscale infection has spread too far and he'll soon lose his mind and become a stone man to join the others in Valyria unless he chooses instead to commit suicide wants to save Jorah and points out that

Shireen Baratheon was cured of greyscale but II bro says that only children can survive it like that some fans theorize that since dragonglass is mentioned as a cure for greyscale in this book last episode and

Shireen lived on Dragonstone which is built on a mountain of dragonglass maybe somehow that's what saved Shireen like in South Park when Magic Johnson survives aids by sleeping on cash one way or another

Sam is determined to help Jorah partly because he's the son of Jeor Mormont who was Lord Commander to Sam in the Nights Watch so that night Sam sneaks a jurors chamber to heal him it's crazy how in book one Sam was so nervous and shy and

Afraid that he could barely even look at a dead man now he's secretly performing forbidden experimental surgery on a highly contagious greyscale patient Sam so much braver now so he starts the procedure on Jorah using some kind of

Paste which might be made of dragonglass as suggested in this book we don't know the details we only know the process is painful and so dangerous that it's forbidden in the books a character called Victarion has his injured arm

Treated in a mysterious process that gives him a magic super-powered smoking burnt firearm and some readers hope this might happen to Jorah though it's not looking super likely here we'll just have to wait and see for the results of

This treatment but another cool thing in Old Town is that Ebro is writing a history book and sam suggests it should have a poetic title some fans speculate that sam is the author of A Song of Ice and Fire

The Game of Thrones books like maybe the series will end with him putting down his pen like Frodo in Lord of the Rings that's assuming though that Sam will even survive this story at Dragonstone Dany plants or invasion of Westeros she

Could just fly into King's Landing with her dragons first Cersei and take the throne so that would be a bit too easy wouldn't it tyrion says attacking the capital would cost too many lives so instead they'll put the city under siege

With forces from dawn and the reach while grey worm and the unsullied take Casterly Rock it's questionable whether this plan makes any sense because you probably could take King's Landing without much loss of life if you

Just flew to the Red Keep and didn't start any fires while besieging the city will starve people and hurt the common folk which is exactly what Tyrion hopes to avoid the geography is also weird because Danny must have passed on on a

Way up to Dragonstone now she's sending a fleet back down to dawn then north again to pick up soldiers geography has kind of gone out the window since the show passed the books but they're just trying to keep things dramatic it would

Be boring if Danny just won this war instantly you've got to show her fighting and give her a chance to lose there's also drama amongst Danny's war council because ilaria killed Tyrians niece Marcela and also though Tyrion

Doesn't know it al enna helped frame Tyrion for Joffrey's murder maybe that'll come up later there's also an intimate scene with green worm and Masson die which some people felt was pointless but there is some meaning here

Grey worm and Miss and I were both slaves their bodies were property tools for violence and obedience but here they defy their former masters by instead using their bodies for love

Which is kind of beautiful we see aya bump into hot pie who was a companion for a while until he came to this in while everyone else has been hour fighting and dying hot pie has been baking and surviving he asks aya what

Happened to her and she doesn't answer how could she since they last met aya rode with the Hound murdered some people joined a death cult murdered more people went blind got stabbed lost a friend slayed some phrase and met Ed Sheeran

How could she begin to explain all of this trauma all of the things that she's done as well as providing pie hot pie gives is some information he mentions that everyone knows that so she blew up the scepter King's Landing so it's kind

Of hard to see how people are so cool with her after she killed all of these people hope I also says that the Starks have retaken Winterfell and that jon is king so I decide not to kill Cersei but instead to reunite with her family that

Human connection is more important to her and killing aya was especially close to Jon growing up and they miss each other a lot throughout the series there have been hints in the books they'd reunite but it might not happen this

Time because just as I is head the Winterfell John's leaving for Dragonstone but as I arrives north she has a different reunion with a direwolf Nymeria I an Iberia were close in season one but they had to split up after

Nymeria saved ire from Joffrey in the books iya stays magically connected – Nymeria over distance having wolf dreams where she controls NIMS body in her sleep Nymeria grows into a monstrous she-wolf

Leading a great pack of man-eating wolves across the Riverlands series author George Martin has hinted that the pack might be part of the story later on in the show though this scene has the tone of a farewell I asked him to come

Without a Winterfell but she doesn't and ayah says that's not you this refers to a bit in season one when Ned tells aya about the life she should live as a lady in a castle wearing a pretty dress and I a response that that's not me I is

Fierce and independent she won't live the domestic life and now Nymeria is the same she's a wild wolf strong and free and she won't go home to be a pet again now Mira's experiences have changed her just like Aya's experiences have changed

Her and maybe like 9 the area aya will struggle to come home to reconnect to the people she had known in Danny's fleet the sand snakes argue like a bunch of psychopaths over who gets to kill the Lannisters and a mountain

The snakes want revenge for their father Oberyn and for their and Elia were both killed by the mountain under Lannister orders meanwhile ilaria hits on Yara making feel uncomfortable when suddenly Uncle Euron pays a visit his Ironborn

Are in their element here attacking at sea by night and Euron himself goes into beast mode fighting for Rochas lee we've never seen Euron fight in the books he tends to use words and magic to harm people show Euron seems a bit like his

Brother Victarion the guy with the smoking arm who is known to be handy with an axe so yeah you Ron wins this battle and kills ybarra and Nymeria a bar is impaled on our own spear and Nymeria

Hanged from our own whip which symbolically is pretty appropriate the fountain aches caused their own downfall their obsession with killing to avenge their family led them to kill their own family a borrower

Kills cousin Christine ilaria kills Duran and now a Barra annum a dead two consumed in their quest for vengeance but the great trauma of this battle is with the Greyjoy family Euron captures his knee Sierra and taunts

Theon to come save her Yara has risked her life to save Theon before shouldn't they on do the same the Theon of season 1 might have done the heroic thing like when he saved bran in season 1 but the Theon of season 1 is dead after the

Trauma he suffered around his hands Theon's changed into someone too afraid to save his sister and so Theon flees leaving Yara behind urine for his part seems to feed off this pain he loves psychologically tormenting people in the

Books he sexually abuses two of his brothers and murders 3 he tortures dismembers and brutalized as many he gets a girl pregnant only to rip out her tongue and chained her to his ship as part of a blood magic sacrifice to make

Himself into some kind of dark God book Euron is capital a evil and we're starting to see hints of this in the show so things are kicking up a notch loose plot threads like the sand snakes and Varys is uncertain boil tea of

Getting quickly cut to make way for the central conflicts I is identity so sees power Theon's pain Danny's conquest and the Song of Ice and Fire fighting white walkers for the dawn thanks for watching

A lot of the ideas in this video come from the Song of Ice and Fire fan community so go check out the subreddit and Westeros dog thanks to the translators for translating captions and thanks to the patrons for making this

Possible including Miriam ever Daniel Burkhart Zach Gordon Clayton and sting of Z's or Nathan Gaza and Geena penny Cheers you

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