Game of Thrones S1E01 Explained (S1-S7 spoilers)

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

The final season of Game of Thrones is coming bringing eight seasons of conflict politics and mystery to an end but how does Game of Thrones begin what is the first episode reveal about the story Episode one begins with men of the Nights Watch attacked by White Walkers

An ancient threat thought to be long dead we get a glimpse of a Walker's face and their design changes a lot throughout the series but they still look very different to the walkers in the books who are more ghostly and

Elegant the walkers leave wildling corpses in a strange shape and we see the same shape six seasons later in carvings made by the children of the forest because the children created the White Walkers in a ritual with this

Spiral shape which the walkers also imitate the walkers copy the symbols of their creators but why maybe it's a warning because the walkers don't kill all these Watchmen they seem to let will go showing him a severed head then

Letting him run south maybe they want him to warn people that the walkers are combing the walkers are intelligent they have a deal with Craster where he gives them babies to be turned into white walkers and there are hints of ancient

Cooperation between walkers and the Nights Watch was there some agreement between humans and the walkers a connection between House Stark and the night King how am I this relate to the wall the worlds irregular seasons and

The legendary hero azor Ahai the show's creators said there are three holy shit moments in Game of Thrones the sacrifice of Shireen the origin of Hodor and one more shock at the end maybe we'll learn the true nature and motivations of the

White Walkers also if you want to get tinfoil this symbol of a line through a circle appears all through the series it kind of looks like this badge that the walkers wear and if you zoom in some more it's probably nothing in the next

Scene we meet the Starks of Winterfell the loving parents Catelyn and Ned the adventurous bran bastard Jon and fur born Rob ladylike Sansa tomboy ayah and young Rickon they're a happy family before all the tragedies that come the

Fall of bran death of Ned and burning of Winterfell the red wedding abuse of Sansa indoctrination of aya the death of John and death of Rick on this family suffers so much and while they can rebuild they'll never get back what they

At once had even now things aren't perfect Catelyn resents John because John is Ned's bastard a living reminder of her husband's infidelity except now we know that John actually isn't Ned's bastard John is the son of Ned sister

Lyanna with Rhaegar Targaryen Ned says John is his to protect John from King Robert who would kill John if he knew he was Targaryen so for all these years Ned lies to his beloved wife Kat to keep his promise to Liana

He can see the pain that this causes to Ned and Kat and John there's also tension with Arya who doesn't fit the gender role she's expected to play and Theon Greyjoy's an outsider as award from the Iron Islands

He stands here with Roderick who Theon later kills when he attacks Winterfell the Theon John and aya all feel like they don't fit in and that drives them to find new identities Theon with the Greyjoy's John with the Nights Watch and

Arya with the faceless men the Starks capture will The Watchmen who survived the start of the episode he says he saw White Walkers but no one believes him maybe if someone listened and investigated this whole story would

Have gone differently but the penalty for leaving the watch is death so will is executed Ned kills will himself because he believes that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword Rob and John later follow Ned's

Example even Theon does the same with Roderick because Ned represents honor and justice and personal responsibility he can say that these values are what lead to Ned's death but Ned's legacy lives on in how stark compared Ned to

Tywin Lannister he's obsessed with family legacy and his brutality and treachery make the Lannisters powerful but after he dies his house collapses his children turn on each other and all his grandkids

Die Tywin's brutal legacy fails but Ned's survives because he's a leader who people truly believe in after the execution the Starks find a dead direwolf and a dead stack foreshadowing the deaths of Ned and Robert whose

Sigils are a direwolf and a stag but the dead dire wolf has six pups one for each stark kid direwolves mystical creatures symbolizing special destinies for the Starks especially for bran who learns to

Walk his wolf and for John with his albino wolf so this is about the dying of an older generation and the rise of a new generation like the passing of the seasons down in King's Landing we meet Cersei and Jaime Lannister Jaime is a

Careless arrogant prince charming so different to the responsible humbolt Jaime of later seasons but early so she's not so different she has all the ambition and resentment that leads to a tyranny later wrong go watch out Cersei

And Jaime videos for more were also introduced to Tyrion the lecherous imp he's a more lighthearted character before all his suffering later on there's also much more sex and nudity in the early seasons of Thrones Season 7

Barely has any maybe because of criticism from the media we meet the prostitute Rose who has a long arc in the show she moves to King's Landing works for Littlefinger and Varys and gives us the perspective of a common

Person among the nobility Rose moves up in the world and climbs her way out of sex work but Littlefinger finds out that she's spying on him and gives her to Joffrey so Rose becomes another victim of the game of Thrones

Back at Winterfell were introduced to another important character Jon Snow's ABS these ABS go through some complex character development too much to cover in this video King Robert Baratheon arrives and he

Greets each of the Starks differently he touches Ned Catelyn robb and Rickon and all of these characters die while the Starks he doesn't touch are still alive Robert asks iya who what her name is just like the faceless men asked iya who

What her name is when she's trained to be no one Robert tells bran he'll be a soldier Bran's injury ends his dream of being a knight but you can say he's now a soldier in the war against the White Walkers we see bran climbing and it's

Tragic how happy he is running and jumping before he's paralyzed man before he loses his personality as the emotionless three-eyed Raven while climbing bran sees the world from above just like he later use Ravens to

Magically see the world from above his whole power as a three-eyed Raven is to see things and this episode bran sees a lot he says we'll get killed said Cersei and Jaime make babies bran says he sees the king coming just like he later sees

The night king coming so there's a lot of foreshadowing happening in this episode Robert and Ned visit the Winterfell crypts and talk about Liana Ned's sister who Robert loved Robert still hates the Targaryen spur taking

Leanna Ned says the Targaryen czar gone but Robert says not all of them he's talking about Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen but this can also refer to John aka Aegon Targaryen so again Ned his keeping secrets from

His friend Robert over in the east we meet the Targaryen Daenerys and Viserys Dany is make and afraid worn down by abuse from her brother sure runner David Benioff said Danny is little more than a slave this episode

May be this experience as a slave is what leads Danny to fight against slavery in later seasons Daenerys takes a buff and her maid warns that it's too hot but Danny isn't hurt this foreshadows the later revealed that

Dany can't be burned by fire in the books Dany can be burned the thing with Drago's pyre is a one-off mirakl that either way of being the unburnt connects Danny to the magic of fire and Dragons and perhaps to a

Destiny as azor Ahai the hero prophesied to defeat the White Walkers the Targaryen czar hosted by Illyrio mopatis peep soon disappears from the show but in the books he's a much bigger character he and Varys have a complex

Conspiracy to put a different Targaryen on the throne but the plan now is to use a Dothraki army to invade Westeros so tenaris is married to Carl Drago Illyrio gives Danny dragon eggs and the new Targaryen history book reveals where

These eggs may have come from we'll cover this in a new video so subscribe and press the bell Daenerys looks longingly at the sunset like Luke Skywalker a hero dreaming of something greater in life but then Drogo

Rapes Daenerys in the books the sex is more consensual Drogo asks permission and Danny says yes she gets some agency and control of her life but in the show Danny's growth from a slave to a queen is yet to begin back at Winterfell

There's an extra playing Jane Poole who has one of the saddest stories in the books Jane is Sansa's friend and is excited to come to King's Landing but her father is killed by Lannisters and Jane's given to

Littlefinger who uses her in his brothel jane is then forced to pretend to be arya and to marry ramsay who abuses her horrific leigh she escapes loses part of her face to frostbite and heads to the wall some speculate she'll continue to

Braavos and commit suicide at the house of black and white Sansa's innocent young friend suffers as much as anyone in Game of Thrones while the Starks hosts have faced John stays outside because it might insult

The royal family to seat a bastard in their midst ironically John isn't a bastard as a Targaryen he's royalty and Joffrey in the face isn't actually royalty he's the bastard of Cersei and Jaime John speaks

With Uncle Ben and John says he wants to join the Nights Watch but benjin warns him that had mean not having a family and not fathering sons and John might care about that if he knew what it meant

Some fans speculated that benjin knows that John is a Targaryen because John joining the watch would mean giving up his claim to the throne except John may have got out of his vows by dying then being reborn we get a moment with

Catelyn and Sansa and see Sansa's naive dreams of marrying Joffrey and being his queen Sansa zark is all about her losing those illusions Catelyn is a woman defined by her love for her children and this episode she starts to lose them

Cersei says a beauty like Sansa shouldn't stay hidden in the north forever and it scares Kat to see the scheming Cersei taking her daughter away and rightly so because after this episode can't never cease Sansa again

Jon meets Tyrion who says never forget what you are wear it like armor so it can't be used to hurt you this means to be yourself openly and proudly to embrace your identity as a dwarf or a bastard so that no one can use it

Against you except this really doesn't work for Tyrion in season 4 he's sentenced to death largely because people believe his reputation as a conniving lecherous imp may be wearing your identity like armor doesn't

Actually work cat gets a letter from her sister Lisa saying that the Lannisters killed her husband Jon Arryn but in season 4 we find out it was actually Lysa who killed Jon under the orders of little finger little finger caused

Conflict between the Starks and Lannisters for his own agenda bringing war death and horror on the Starks it's only in season 7 that little fingers finally brought to justice for these crimes bran sees socie and Jaime's

Twincest so Jaime pushes him from a tower starred in brands arc as a psychic tree boy and Jaime's long road to redemption but what will happen if bran and Jaime meet again will Jamie make amends for breaking an innocent boy will

Brown even care now that he's become the three-eyed Raven whatever happens brands fall from this tower represents change the passing of the Starks and the return of the Targaryen and the end of summer for

Winter is coming so season 1 episode 1 introduces the Starks Targaryen slan Astor's and White Walkers these are the same factions left by the final season the Baratheon's Tyrells Martel's and Greyjoy's are all cool but they mostly

Just come then go they're not central to the story like these guys it looks like the final season of Game of Thrones will end the way it began with fire and to ice and incestuous blonde people season 8 is coming in April so now's a good

Time to read The Game of Thrones books as well as the main series there are the dunk and egg prequels the World Book and the new fire and blood history book audible is offering three months of membership for 695 a month at slash ASX each month gets you a free audiobook so you could get the first three Thrones books or all of these spin-off books for cheaper than that cost on paper you can listen in the car or the gym or in a really hot bath

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