Galaxy Tab A 8.4″ (2020) 3 Days Later | Is It Worth the $280?

by birtanpublished on January 10, 2021

Yo what's good y'all so trill and I had this 20/20 Galaxy Tab baby I'm Verizon for about like three days now something like that and I wouldn't go and tell y'all what I think about this because I think I got a pretty good feeling this so far because I've been using this thing like non-stop since I got out of the box like I'm telling y'all like I can't put this thing down like having a tablet this size with my tablet six over there's been really really dope like to be honest with y'all so I'm not just gonna tell y'all my experience on this stage so far alright so yeah like I was telling y'all I just got this thing from

Verizon like three days ago and I think I ordered it like a week ago or somebody did but let me tell y'all if y'all got accounts to tab it six or a tab is four or whatever and you feel like you don't need a smaller size tablet trust me I think you do okay and this thing is gonna run you 280 bucks on Verizon I think it's the same thing for t-mobile because it's available on t-mobile and Verizon right now I mean just think about that two hundred and eighty dollars for a tablet on Verizon with LTE and it's a decent tablet like let me go and tell you out real quick so first off

I'm going show you all around this real quick so on the front we got this beautiful with the minimal bezel 16 by 10 1920 by 1200 1080p TFT display but I mean besides that on the right side we have a power button with two falling markers and on the left side we have a sim / SD card tray so the SD card tray is gonna support up to 512 gigs well we got an 8 megapixel camera here at the top of the fries and logo so yeah like I already told y'all this is the LTE version and basically here's going on so you can only get this on Verizon and t-mobile at the time of recording this

So I don't know what's going on with like the Wi-Fi version but I do know for sure that the Sprint version and the AT&T version is coming out soon so I mean if you go and look online for the firmware for this tablet you can actually see that it says the Verizon version you got the t-mobile version and you got the Sprint version now if I go back out of here you can actually go ahead and find the AT&T version on Google – but basically what I'm trying to say is yeah there's already firmware I'll here for this thing for like the AT&T version and the Sprint version so

That should be coming soon again I don't know what's up with the Wi-Fi version but we should get that later with another color shiny samsung text here to give it that more opinion look and I'm feeling that but check this out five thousand if our battery in this thing let that marinate for a minute right that's crazy and it's thing ain't even that big and it's cheap so I mean basically with all that power you can do all the YouTube engine you want like for example I don't know you go binge watch my videos cuz we all know that we have nothing better to

Do three gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage that's super wack okay like what are you gonna do with that in 2020 like come on now let's be real here even though you can throw an SD card up in there and then we got blue to fire but at the top we got a headphone jack with one microphone down here and at the bottom we have two stereo speakers so they actually drop the S Pen on the last year version for another speaker right here you could think what you want about that but to be honest I don't even know how I feel about that yet but wait for this you got a fast charging USB C port

So yeah this thing actually supports fast charging that's crazy and yes it's Sonic I'll get to your question in a minute man so for 280 bucks you got a pretty good deal here man so what are we missing here so no vibration no deck support and no HDMI support at all even though we can use the Smart View cast in no S Pen no microphone and we don't even got an ambient light sensor in this thing like come on what was that thing cause like five bucks y'all could at least through ambient sensor in this thing and about you know

It I'll get to in a minute though but all right so that's all done and good here let's go and check out some of the wallpapers and the sends so already right away you can see right here that there's no theme support in there's really no theme support for Galaxy Tabs at all let's go and look at some of the default wallpapers on here so we got default one and that's what it's gonna look like right there and you know what let me grab this Galaxy Tab it sticks real quick so we can see it side by side what we got right here so this is gonna be the second wallpaper

We got the default three here which is a Gaussian type wallpaper the Galaxy Tab at 6 so let me go ahead and tap on that you can see right there same exact thing so it just came from the tab at 6 we got the default force so again it's literally the same exact thing from the tab f6 default five alright and then we got the default six but all right so that was wallpapers now I want to go and check out some of the sentence like the smart things piano and all that so let's go check out some things real quick let's look in the connections right here in

Yeah so he actually got some pretty cool in this thing so we got the tablet visibility we didn't have that last year see yeah basically what that means this will be able to use a sensor device feature which is basically quick sharing a newer galaxies I remember we didn't have that last year well it look like we got anything special in there so let's go back and the sound here let's go ahead and look at some of the notifications here so it looks like pretty much everything is just normal here so we got a system

Sounds here and then if we go back here we can go to that vent sound settings and we got a sound quality and effects and then we got a separate app sound going down to display you can see right here we don't got any type of ambient light sensor features here we only got an outdoor mode here see you again that's pretty wack but we do got our night mode and everything here so I'm going to turn that on and then that's what's gonna look like now this is a TFT display like I told y'all so it's not gonna be like AMOLED type dark or anything but we got that anyway we got a

Font serious so I got a set on Samsung one right now and a lot of people asked what fun I use just to Samsung one huh what we got right here a screen zoom I got that on the minimum one we got our home screen and then we got a navigation bar so I got the gestures on right now we got a screen saver which nobody ever uses anymore like even you could just use daily board these days but we got a lock screen here so we got our pin and face unlocks so I said on my face a lot because this dude got face unlock on here now you don't get anything like a fingerprint scan or anything like you do

With like the tab s5e and it's a bit 6 and all that which it's pretty wack like I feel like they could have just do one in right here or something but I mean it is what it is at least we get the face right here oh let's see what else here so we got a secure lock settings let me go and put in my parent real quick so we just got our usual stuff here let me go and turn on my lockdown option look at our face widgets we got a contact information notifications all that stuff good dear got my accounts and back up here so there's no Samsung cloud in here because

Verizon is BS I hate Verizon or no I don't hate Verizon but I hate their software I'll talk about that in a minute but again yeah we don't got no Samsung cloud they'll be here we got our advanced features here so we don't got a lot of stuff up in here but we get like our daily board so that's just basically the features we get from like the tab at 6 and the tab is 4 and all that so like when you plug in a tablet you can go ahead and get this like board of like information out here we've got a screen shot settings here so I can go ahead and take it

Screen shot and then we can get this bar right there we got a direct shear let's go ahead and go back here let's go to our motions and gestures and then when we got one option in here in that smart state so basically as long as you look at the tablet it's gonna just keep the screen on alright so what else we got here we got a digital well being we got our device here here so I can go ahead and clean that up or whatever I want to go ahead and do I can go ahead and get to some more settings here and it's a cool thing in here so if I go to the battery go over to the settings here

Where you can see this option right here so we got protect battery and basically what that is it'll just charge the battery up to 85% just to keep this longevity so basically like a note 7 I guess it'll show 100% but it only charge up to 85% and then we got our apps we got our general management and then yeah so basically that's pretty much it and I'm pretty sure I got a software update but I'm not gonna worry about that right now and that's the version we're running right now so 1uy 1.5 and android 9 again I'll talk about that I got some gripes with

That and then one really dope thing I really like about this is so basically a 1u why 1.5 they got rid of this smart things panel right here and I hated that I still hate that like this is way more convenient than that like devices and media buttons here at the top cuz I can get to like my robot vacuum I can get to all my Philip's you lights my Samsung Smart TV my garage door even and get some scenes and like yeah that's just way more convenient so I don't know why it's not here but it's on here I guess and like I said this thing ain't updated but we are on the March security patch

And we're actually in April right now we just hit April all right so now the moment that I'm pretty sure a lot of y'all been waiting for I'm going to talk about some of the things I like about this thing and some of the things that really don't like about this thing like I don't like being negative but it is what it is we're gonna talk about the things I don't like so the first thing that liking I noticed this as soon as I got this out of the box but this thing is so thin it's like I'm holding air or something like man I just picked this up but I'm like what is this so I'm holding

Man I'm literally holding air right now so yeah I know it's like 8.4 inches and everything so it's gonna be light in let me go and show y'all something real quick even my 8.4 inch Galaxy Tab s right here is lighter than the tab Bay but I just forgot how light it is I guess plus we got the meadow back and everything that's gonna make it heavier so I ain't really worried about all that but man this thing is light and then next up is the screen so I already said it's a TFT display but at the same time it's a 1080p screen and it looks

Really good for like YouTube and all this so I can go ahead and watch all the Netflix I want I could watch my Disney Plus even though I don't watch Disney Plus that much even though I got the Disney first subscription with flight you know the ESPN Plus and was it Hulu but you know what I still paid for it and Netflix looks good out here too and oh yeah that's why I've been watching right there so that was the last time I watched Netflix ain't watching Netflix I'm like I want to say like a month now pretty good shows you should go ahead and watch it actually you know what no

Don't watch that how hard to willful oh yeah that's that's trash it's so bad zero out of 10 rating little yadi cannot make movies and already mention this but the best is on here it's like way nicer than last year now it's not gonna be like something like that tab at 6:00 or summer like s20 ultra but it's still like way more modern looking for a $208 Tablo of LTE I still gotta keep mentioning that because LTE usually adds like an additional $100 on tablets and smart watches pretty dope but like the viewing angles it ain't that bad either next is the battery life on this thing

So we talked about 5000 million powers and yeah that sounds big and everything but we don't actually know if it's gonna last that long like just cuz you put a big battery in some no mean it's gonna last long if you don't optimize it but it's pretty good on here so I could not kill the battery on this thing like trust me I tried and I can't now I think I took a screenshot of the battery let me see real quick okay no I did so I think the battery lasted for like eight hours of screen on time or something like that probably longer so that's pretty good for this I still

Don't remember but I think it might have been like way longer I even remember but yeah the battery life I hear is really nice so next up is the speakers let me gonna play some music real quick we'll go and play some Kevin breeze here so listen I got the volume up all the way right here put your headphones on you can probably hear sound pretty good man now let me go play some tech Ryan and we can go in place on Chuckie yeah that sound easy subscribe to Kevin breeze by the way and

Really be a youtuber I'll leave a link down below and a little annotation above what's upsetting Stephane here from Sacre today I'm going to be doing the full review of the galaxy a 71 stay tuned sound pretty good man Wow okay yeah I'm feeling that check right you need to upload a video but we missed you yeah I'm feeling it now it's it's loud okay loud for the price anyway it's not gonna be louder than something like my tab in 6 or something but it'd get pretty loud I wish I had more bass go like the 10.12 tab be a head last year had like way

More bass in obviously it was louder but obviously it's a way bigger tablet ooh but for the price it sounded really nice man that just ride I'm killing it next up is the headphone jack got to talk about that Wow may I'll go a crazy today so I've been using these Sony WH 1000m x3 I didn't do it in a boxing on so I'll get some more videos on that soon but I'm not gonna lie to you all like the battery life ain't really that good but when the battery dies I'm gonna go and plug it in but like I can't plug it in without an adapter for something like my tab at 6

Or my s 20 ultra or my Z flip or my fold is I'm like that but with this type B I got a headphone jack so I'm gonna worry about that what's going I will meet today I'm just going left and right killing it next up is face on like that likes so last year we didn't have face on lockdown the tab Bay 2019 but on here we do got it now last year we can only put in like a pen or a pattern or whatever you say I still don't like that we don't got a fingerprint scanner I'll talk about that in a minute but I mean at least we got the face unlock and it seemed to be pretty good so I'm used to

The face unlock from like minus 20 ultra and everything in my ass and plus I'm recording on right now like if you look at it that's my stand plus so if you're wondering when I'm recording our next up just the feeling of it feel good like yeah I said that we got that like soft texture to it and everything and yeah it do feel good not gonna lie if you're gonna make like I don't feel like the corners are like really digging into my hands or anything like it feel comfortable really rounded out and everything like cool with this next up is the side so

It's a really nice companion for my tab at six I already told y'all that at the beginning of the video that if you have a tab at 6 or tablets forward you should get this too but it's just really nice to have it like a smaller tablet to bring around in like so let me give you an example so when I'm meditating some like that I bring my tablet with me and sometimes the tablet 6 is just a little bit too big for the desk I got just get a whole new desk anyways but this just been nicer just throwing the tech desk hold on throw on the desk and I don't gotta worry about it it's not in the way

Or anything it's just good next is all the multi window features so they did not skip out on this tab Bay here we still got all the same multi window features here so I'm gonna go ahead and pull up my gallery pull up YouTube that's good now I can go ahead and go back here to the recent naps and I can go ahead and pull up the old Samsung Internet and put that in the pop-up view and yeah you could just see right there like I got a lot of windows going out right now and it's all good like ain't no problem it's just going smooth I can do the same exact thing I

Can doing my table at 6:00 except for one thing and that's one thing only I'll talk about that in my dislikes but yes so all of the multi window feature is saying skip out on it like we're all good here next is we already have a lot of features that we know and love and that we're used to so we had like the smart things panel right here and then if I go over here look over tablet visibility we have the sensor device features so last year we didn't have the sensor device feature I really don't understand why we didn't but now we do so again if you don't know what a sensor

Device is it's basically like that new quick share feature that since I put in the s 20 and it's 20 ultra and all that it's just the older version of that just before they renamed it everything so that was one feature I was really missing last year because I always not mean always use that sensor device feature but I mean we're good now and like I said we got our host smart things panel here so I can see if my garage is closed or not and like I said we just have this whole smart things panel here like even though we don't have it in one year I 1.5 on a note 9 I mean no no 10

And everything and then I could just quickly see if my garage doors close to something next thing I like it's the LTE on here so I forgot how useful LTE is on the tablet so some of y'all know I had to go see tablets for mentioned that hepatitis four last year from Verizon and that was really nice to use LTE on that thing so I got the tab at 6 here and Wi-Fi and I wanted that t-mobile but they only had the mountain grey and they only had 120 gigs I really wanted to 256 gigs with the cloud blue and I was really important to me so I just got the Wi-Fi one and tethered it

Off of my really slow team mobile hotspot but I mean it is what it is not gonna go anywhere I want and not even have to worry about not having no internet on here and like I said this is already a pretty nice Portability tablet like I mean I can even fit this thing in my pocket like come on now so Verizon LTE on here is to go next thing I really like about this thing is I can still use a bluetooth mouse with it so this is my Logitech MX master 3 I just got it as you all know in android area supports Mouse is by default so it ain't really that surprising and it

Works out here but check this out so let me go turn this thing on and I'll go ahead and switch it to the tab B you can see right here that can use this thing like a computer now I still got my scroll gestures here with the side scroll wheel and just a regular scroll wheel and then I can even use this app right here called sent to your desktop let me go ahead find it real quick there we go and this thing is pretty much kind of like Samsung decks so I can go ahead and click out of all this real quick and you can see right here let me go and open up next real quick you can see that

Got these pop-up windows here so you can see I got the regular one UI pop-ups right here but this is just exactly like Samsung decks well not exactly like it but close enough it's still not gonna match Samsung decks obviously but like I said it's close enough for what I'm getting right here and it's just really nice to have here I can even go ahead and connect the keyboard and everything if I want to no good so shout out to the person that actually recommended this cuz ok this is dope on the tabie I just need a case that go ahead stand this up or something and then I'm good or it may

Be even a keyboard case or so I don't know how it's gonna work on the 8 inch tablet but I guess we'll see next up it's a daily board breathing so I thought anyways this is gonna be a gal that I best exclusive but as far as I can see now they ain't even it so let me go and show you that real quick so let's go to notifications let's go on top here to start daily board and let's go and tap on agree and then you can see right here this is daily board okay so yeah you could just basically see all this information that show me right now like I can see the temperature in kenosha I

Can see the calendar right here gonna tap on one of these dots right here think anyways probably not okay and it's just gonna go ahead and give me all these screens right here and it's pretty nice so I can even go ahead and type up here to pull up my music and I can go ahead and manage my music up here like I can see what song I'm playing right now shooter by g herbo I can go and playing palsy like it's pretty nice so if you have this thing docked somewhere we can just go ahead and plug it in and then just leave it on the counter or something

That's what's gonna go and show you and then I can go ahead and manage my time how that looks are gonna go ahead and make it an analog clock or a digital source analog by default I think maybe not on my tablet 6 anyway so it's analog by default and I didn't like this so I can do it sequentially and then I can do it all I want to page so let me go back here and let me go and show you a real quick that's what's gonna go and look like and yeah so just pretty much daily board overall it's a pretty nice feature and then when you unplug it it goes away so yeah I got daily board on here I'm

Feeling that you can go ahead and hide the notification if you want to to by just going ahead and holding on to the notification and then just tapping on that switch but yeah so that's daily board remember when I had that bad for tablet on my wall yeah that would have been nice next up is that this actually has bluetooth 5 on it so I don't remember how it worked last year but at least with this year you have bluetooth 5 on here and I have the Sony whe – 1000 M X 3s oh my god I still remember the name go crazy but alright so yeah we can actually use bluetooth 5 on here and

There's no delay with Bluetooth 5 headphones so that's nice automatically you don't get any delay with Bluetooth 5 and it's the latest and everything so we're all good here so when these ain't dead I can go ahead and use a Bluetooth 5 feature and lastly this is surprisingly a gaming Beast for the price and no it don't support for tonight ok let me get that out of the way right now but just playing games like asphalt 8 and everything like it runs like pretty good on here now hopefully I can do a video on playing games on here soon I'm not gonna do that

Today but just take me on my word that it plays games pretty good on you alright so now we're gonna go and talk about some of the things I don't like about this thing so we got to go ahead and do it so one of them is and I hate this by the way but there's no double tap to wake feature right here and you saw that in the settings there's no option out here that's so annoying I use it all the time like I've been used to that since my tab is 4 which I think was the first Samsung Galaxy product to have that and like everything else after that had like

I use it on my Z flip my tab at six my galaxy fold is 20 ultra like I got so used to with that like I always used it to turn it on pretty much these days and then all of a sudden when you try using this thing and turning it on you're like hold up is this thing broken or like it's even I know what's going on here I'm just like oh I put that in there if you can please oh that's annoying next up is and you started sending settings – there's no ambient light sensor so I think I mentioned that already but that's really annoying – because it's like for me

Anyways I use the auto brightness I don't just keep it on max brightness all the time or minimum brightness so nobody even myself can even see the screen I just don't like having to manually adjust my brightness now like that's just how it is so for something that's cheap I feel like they could have put an ambient license right here I'm just saying next up is we get 1ui 1.5 on here it's just think about that we're in April right now and we get 1uy 1.5 and setup when you are – like what is that Samsung you got to do better than that come on now like even like the

Last year's tab a it had one you are it didn't have Samsung experience or Android 9 was no Sandra Dee it has the appropriate software for that time and the appropriate software right now is when you are – in this don't got it and that's really annoying so pretty much automatically this thing is only gonna get one software update so I don't consider when you are – a software update that like it's just considered as one of the two upgrades that we usually get I consider when you buy three as one of the software updates that we're gonna get in when you buy four that's just

Really annoying so just automatically like I said we get one major software update on this thing and I don't like that at all I mean he'll like even Google's working on Android 11 right now so that's automatically like 2 software updates behind even though it's not out yet and it's not gonna be up for a while that's still kind of annoying next up is Verizon software is trash okay this isn't limited to just this tabby right here but Verizon software is trash Verizon themselves shouldn't be doing this and Samsung shouldn't just be allowing this at all like even that

Verizon logos slapped on the back right there Samsung shouldn't be allowing that like you missed so many things out here like the Samsung cloud yes I know you can install the APK and everything and get some of the features but you don't get like the cloud syncing for the gallery and all that's just really annoying man and like Verizon software blocks so many things that I don't understand why they block it like I just look at it and I'm like are you stupid why is that blocked like for example they blocked caller message continuity and I find my mobile like

Come on now that's useful things right there why is it gone next up is storage space on here is laughable okay 32 gigs come on now what are we gonna do with that you could at least put 64 gigs in there as one of my friends said in the comments and I really don't like that okay Samsung you really need to up your game on that even last year only had 32 gigs and 32 gigs in 2020 where is that gonna get you at all besides like putting an SD card in there but even with the SD card you can't put all the apps on there and it's gonna be slower than the actual internal storage on here

So Samsung we need 64 here at least the next year's version we need 64 I know how much this thing costs but either phones cheaper than this guys better storage in this those got LTE right and those are harder to make than tablets and Donald Trump stop emailing me but next we only have face unlock I hear and I really don't like this so they could have put a fingerprint scanner in here and even like I said already like phones cheaper than this tablet guy fingerprint scanners out like oh no the sides are even in the display sometimes like I know you made did you got cheap phones

With and display fingerprint scanners and even this don't I don't even know what I'm paying for at this point this Samsung logo like what's going on here but yeah even though I put the face unlock as one of the highlight features that like on here it's another thing that I dislike because that's all we got so unlike low-light conditions and stuff like it's not gonna work out we'll that's why I like that mytab s6 got the in display fingerprint scanner even though it don't work well right now I'd send the Samsung so they can replace it it's just like yeah it's annoying that

You don't got it on here next up is that this soft feeling kind of gives this tablet like a cheap plasticky feeling so yeah that's why it's kind of skeptical at first like I don't know if this thing's metal like I think y'all lying at me but I mean I guess it is metal but you see what I mean right there right like I just thought this thing goes plastic so it just kind of got that cheap feeling to it it don't feel like it's gonna break on me and I'll hear any creaking or anything when I go ahead and flex say even though this is my first time doing that because I don't bend my

Tablets see it kind of got that cheap feeling but maybe you'll feel different when you actually hold on to it next up is it kind of got some so like you can see right here got some like just going to the absent just some parts of it and you know the one you I it lacks sometimes it's not anything major anything but I just notice it in just like unlocking the tablet sometimes let me go and do that real quick like I'll go and unlock it right now and it kind of had some lag right there it wasn't really that fast I know how cheap it is okay but it still kind of got some

Lag to it next up is they kind of downgrade there are some things from last year so last year they had five thousand one hundred million powers on the battery in this year we only got five thousand now I know that ain't a big difference but I'm just saying so we still downgraded in that department at least next no expense so I know they dropped it for this other speaker here and I'm still debating if I like that better or not but yeah we still don't get it s pain like we did last year next no Bigsby support so I use Bixby all the time with all my devices all my galaxies

And you know like these Samsung Smart TVs and everything they got big speed but yes I'm just so used to Bixby in the whole ecosystem and how it works with the ecosystem and you know how my settings are all synced up and everything but then this just don't got Bigsby at all last year they didn't have it either though next up is that carrier logo so it's the same thing on AT&T I don't know how there's on Sprint even though there's no AT&T model while yeah I still saw some kind of leak or something like that that there's a AT&T logo like slap directly in the middle so

I really enjoyed Samsung not allowing any carriers to slap any logos on the back of their phones especially for something that's expensive or like the Galaxy fold or some like that but I really feel like they listen to the customers like telling them that they don't like these logos here they took that advice and then they just threw it out the window with this nibblin huh y'all heard something next thing I don't like is there's no multi window trace so it's just nothing one of those things that you get so used to and then when you don't have it all of a sudden you're

Like wait hold up what what's going on so with the galaxy phone the tab s6 you can see that we got this bar right here so we can go ahead and quickly pull up some motes I wonder webs and then what this is just kind of like I got to go to the recent a squad tap on the icon tap on split screen view tap on the other icon here like it's just way easier that way you know yes where a guy is literally snore right now Wisconsin look at the day so it's April 14th I don't get that I hate you so much Wisconsin even though I love you I hate you too my brother is literally flying in from Vega

Today and he's getting all this so nice and lastly is the wi-fi's kind of slowing you're not gonna lie like my definition of slow is like I want to say like 50 megabytes these days because well I'm not gonna forget where I came from okay okay I had you first you versus trash I'm just putting that out there spectrum is kind of trash too though but now I got so used to 300 megabytes per second and everything like let me go and do a speed test real quick let me go and show y'all how it works and that's what we get right there so that I think that's somewhere around the

Max that we're getting I saw in another video that was like 100 megabytes per second I'll go and show you the video right now on the screen but yeah so that's like the Mac speeds we're getting I even plugged in the ethernet cord out here and it still showed like speeds around here so I don't know but now that's pretty much it for my dislike so now we're gonna talk about my petty grabs real quick because as flossy Carter says you know they called me petty Rozsival but one gripe I have is no Samsung decks now this thing only got three gigs of RAM and we got that sent

To your desktop thing so ain't too mad at them because like I said we only got three gigs of RAM so we don't got that much to work with one of my other petty guard says no pins for accessories so like with the tab at 6 in the tab at 6 is gone by the way because I literally just went to go ship it out it's getting late and I wanted to ship out today but yeah there's no pins on here so you can go ahead connect some accessories like a keyboard or something in or something like a stand I could use so like with the tab at 6 they got to stand out that you can go ahead and put it on and

They'll pull up the daily board and last thing is no game launcher so there's no game watch on this tablet I don't get why but there ain't but alright y'all so that's pretty much all I got for y'all for this girl see tabby so so far what do I think about this thing can I give it the Jenning stamp of approval and I must say yes so so far this do get the Jenny stamp of approval now should I get this over the tab as to where the tab is 3 or whatever I don't really know because I've never used those but if you can find the tab as for for really cheap and you can find it for

Like around the same process this or maybe even cheaper I kind of doubt that though but if you could find the tab as for for cheaper than this or around the price of this then yeah I would say get the tab is for well pretty much if you just want a tablet for you know watching Netflix and doing emails browsing internet and all that stuff just basic stuff basic stuff that you got to do anyways cuz they're all stuck in the house then yeah this is good for that and it's even gonna be good for some things like some like gaming and all that like this ain't gonna be no tab

At 6 or nothing like that were you playing like 60fps are for tonight but like I said for media consumption and stuff like that and I don't know like the JW library app it's gonna be good for that so I would say this thing gets a genic stamp of approval aka I recommend this now I know I'm even gonna get some more questions like when's the Wi-Fi version come in already covered that I don't know it should come out later though and then same thing for like you know the Sprint version and the AT&T version all that and even a 10.1 inch version now should I get this LTE

Version no for the Wi-Fi one that should come out later if you travel a lot and you think you're gonna travel a lot with this tablet definitely go ahead and get you the LTE version but if you don't really travel a lot with this thing or you feel like you can just use the hotspot off of your phone and just get the Wi-Fi one now should I get this one or should I get the last year one with the s-pen now I would say if you really really want that s-pen just go with last year's but I would just say to get this year's because you get slimmer bezels better

Specs like you get a lot out of this day but that's gonna be pretty much it for me y'all so thanks for watching if you like this video go and get this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe and I don't usually shout this out but go and follow me on my social media Eddy sent text lingo and find me on Instagram Twitter and Facebook I'm most active on Twitter but go and follow me Eddie said take all the links are down below but that's gonna be pretty much it for me also thanks for watching stay safe stay at home you already know the whole deal social distancing all

That stuff is very important even if you had the current virus and you beat it already first off I want to say congratulations but you want to make sure you're looking out for everybody around you so thanks for watching I'll see on the next one peace out for real I love you all and thank you for 30,000 subscribers I love y'all so much alright but

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