Galaxy S9 vs S9 Plus: 9 Best Features To Know About Before Buying One!

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

What's up everybody this is Danny and I got to do something kind of cool this week along with a few other people I was able to see the Galaxy S 9 and the s 9 plus a little bit early and get some hands-on time with it so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna break down the

Difference between the galaxy s 9 and the s 9 plus and then I'm gonna show you all the brand new features that you need to know about before you buy this phone so let's go ahead and get started first let's talk about the design they

Actually don't look much different than their predecessors the galaxy s 8 and the SI plus they are very similar same materials the glass sandwich with the metal frame they'd be clean up the sensor is a bit and made everything a

Little bit cleaner but they feel pretty much the same in the hand the Galaxy S 9 has a 5.8 inch display while the Galaxy S 9 plus has a 6.2 inch display they're both quad HD and resolution Super AMOLED infinity displays it's exactly what you

Expect here they're beautiful just like you would expect both of these phones have the fastest processor available right now the Qualcomm Snapdragon a 45 processor but the difference is is that the Galaxy S 9 has four gigabytes of RAM

And the Galaxy S nine plus has six gigabytes of RAM and just because they're form factors are different the Galaxy S 9 is going to have a 3000 milliamp hour battery and the galaxy s 9 plus is going to have a 3500 milliamp

Hour battery I'm not gonna lie right off the bat looks like the Galaxy S 9 has all the advantages here besides that form factor I do really like the way that the s9 feels in the hand just like the s8 I

Think it's that perfect form factor size almost the same size as the iPhone 10 which I really enjoy I really think it's the perfect size for everyday use the infinity displays look amazing as usual punchy colors those deep blacks that

Great brightness I can't wait to give this in to look at the display even more there is a new color introduced this year it's called lilac purple so if you're looking for a lighter color scheme this is gonna be the color for

You there's only gonna be three colors at launch in the US I know this whole color thing internationally and everything you're gonna get the lilac purple you're gonna get the midnight black and you're also gonna get coral

Blue which is my favorite and there's also going to be a titanium gray version nationally so international people get one extra color they both come with sixty four gigs of internal storage there's an SD card slot there so you can

Slap up to a four hundred gigabyte microSD card from there the next new feature is one of my biggest complaints on the galaxy s 8 and that is the fingerprint scanner placement they finally changed it and now it's

Underneath the camera module so it's a lot easier to get to just as fast I'm so glad they fixed this this was one of my biggest complaints about the s8 and si plus you still have face unlock and iris scanning too which is great you kind of

Have security at all tiers of course iris is gonna be the most secure than fingerprint then face unlock but it's nice to have the choice another big complaint that I have about Samsung phones and the galaxy s 8 was that it

Was a single speaker it was really easy to cover up but I'm really excited about this one they finally have dual speakers now on the galaxy s 9 in the s9 plus these dual stereo speakers are tuned by AKG and they also have support for Dolby

Atmos sound which is awesome when I tested it side-by-side with the older Galaxy s8 you can definitely hear a difference and that Dolby Atmos sound gives it a spatial sound as well so it's really nice to see of course this is not

The first dual speaker setup out on the market but it's nice to see Samson adopt this this is a big deal for media consumption and the icing on the cake to me is that the headphone jack is still there

Thank You Samsung the next feature is the one that I'm most excited about and that is the new camera system it's not the 12 megapixel sensor that makes a big deal is the dual aperture so this is the first camera on a mobile phone that can

Switch between two apertures so you can switch between F 1.5 when you're in low-light situations and F 2.4 when you're in a well-lit situation this should really change the game when it comes to low-light photography I did

Take a couple of shots here in the studio that I was in and you can see that the noise levels are good and the images are sharp so you're gonna see a lot more images come from this phone so make sure you stay tuned if you're

Wondering how this works in auto mode it changes everything for you so it just determines the best aperture for you depending on your surroundings but if you use Pro Mode you actually have Tuggle for this here at the bottom you

Can change them between the two apertures change everything that you want and get that perfect picture so I'm actually really excited for this and I can't wait to get my hands on this even more to use it further to see if it

Really changes low-light photography and I'm really excited for this because it could change the way mobile photography and videography is from now on this is a game changer the camera app looks pretty much the

Same there is a dedicated food mode at the top and a couple of other toggles and Samsung said this will shoot 4k 60 frames per second so I'm really excited about that now the only bummer is is that the Galaxy S nine only has a single

Camera and the dual camera system only comes in the Galaxy S nine plus so to take advantage of all these features like live focus and all these different death modes you're gonna need the Galaxy S 9 plus and I can't forget about the

Selfie lovers it looks like the front camera is the same eight megapixels with F 1.7 aperture it's not all bad news for the Galaxy S nine without the dual camera because there's one other killer feature on here and that is 960 frames

Per second slow motion we saw something very similar on the Sony XE premium last year and the hardware approach is pretty much the same to where Samsung built in DRAM into the sensor itself to help with the processing of the super slow motion

But the software is a little bit different here and I think this is pretty cool is that you can put it into auto mode and it puts this small square into the middle of the frame so you don't have to do anything as soon as it

Actually detects motion it records for you so you don't have to do anything and you won't miss that frame it's a split second recording but it ends up being about 6 seconds and here's an example of what this looks like we were messing

Around with it and it looks pretty cool I can see a lot of people having fun with this and it's really easy to share as well and another cool thing is that you can actually reverse the clip if you want to give it a little bit of a

Different look so when the iPhone 10 came out an emoji was a big deal I wasn't a super fan of it but people made a big deal out of it and Samsung has an answer to that on the Galaxy S 9 and it is called

A are emoji so basically what you do is you take a picture of yourself and you actually become the emoji which is pretty cool and you modify yourself with different hairs dials and glasses and clothes and this

Basically kind of reminds me of what Nintendo was doing but what's cool is that you can have yourself as an emoji right on your keyboard after everything processes so this is kind of personalization thing that we've

Never seen before on other phones it was really easy to do and it also makes a ton of gifts for you so basically you're sharing yourself as a gift and emojis and I could see this being pretty fun and even though I didn't get a chance to

Record it you can't do the same thing with an emoji where you're using that AR emoji and you can speak to it record it and things like that so you're gonna see a lot of these videos on social media you might love or hate Bixby but Bixby

Actually gets a few features that I think some people will be interested in the first feature that I can see myself using and being really useful is the live translation so it's built right into the camera app and you can see live

Translation happening in real time and it's not just reading one thing it's actually reading all of the different things here as you can see on this sign and you can do this for menus you can do this for documents so I can see this

Being really useful so this next feature is probably the most interesting feature and I had to try it out for myself I had a lot of fun doing it but it's basically a live makeup mode where in real time you can switch between different

Lipstick shades and eyebrows and blushes and all kinds of different stuff and yes I'm a bad-looking woman so you're welcome I'm sure I'm gonna see this on social media everywhere I'm surprised how well this was working and they

Partnered with Sephora so if you like that look you just hit one button and all of the products are right there for you to buy so I can see this being kind of game changing for people that like this kind of stuff and I can see where

Samsung is going with AR and this could be cool so to kind of complete the package this is exactly what you expect from a Samsung flagship you're gonna get ip68 dust and water resistance which is great you still get that headphone jack

Like I mentioned before we get fast wireless charging and you get the newest version of Samsung experience and you do get Android 8.0 at launch kind of sad that it's not 8.1 but hopefully we see a software update there very soon even

Though I feel like this is an ink little upgrade there are a lot of features here though that might make you want to jump from your previous smartphone now so if you want one of these pre-orders go live March second

And they'll be in stores March 16th so which one would you choose the s9 or the s9 plus I mean if it were me I'd probably pick the s9 + even though it's gonna be more expensive for sure but you get the dual camera system you get a

Bigger battery we get more RAM so it looks like it's a little bit more future proof but I would say if you had an s8 or an SI plus then you might need to think about if these new features are important to you because I think they're

Very similar but if you have something like an s6 for an s7 then I think that this is the phone that you're gonna be upgrading to because I think it's pretty solid alright guys thank you for watching this

Hope you enjoyed this early look at these two phones and stay tuned for a lot more so you're gonna get camera comparisons unboxings full reviews all of that here so make sure you subscribe hit that like button if you did enjoy

This and I will see you guys in the next one

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