Galaxy S9+ In-Depth Camera Review

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey friends this is Brennan here with Android police and we're gonna check out the Galaxy S 9 plus camera is it actually as good as everyone makes it out to be we'll check out the software some of the photo modes and of course how well the photos and video look first

Let's check out the software so there's a lot that Samsung packed into its software and there's a bit of a redesign for this year's camera and it looks a lot like an iOS device if you look at here you can swipe left and right to the

Different camera modes and it kind of has that yellow look to it that we're familiar with on iOS devices and depending on the mode you're in you're able to hit full screen you know go to full screen sometimes you can hit a

Certain button and it'll allow you to adjust the color temperature or choose a filter and then if you swipe down it goes to selfie mode which is kind of cool but a lot of times I accidentally triggered

This it's a bit annoying and if you want to you can zoom in and out just by using this little toggle right here or just hit the 1x or 2x button right here and that's how you can move between the normal wide-angle lens and the telephoto

Lens and it's all great that you have those options but sometimes it can become really frustrating features will disappear on you or the touch area that you'll respond to is just really small so sometimes you'll accidentally switch

Over to another setting when you're just trying to adjust a specific setting on that mode so for instance in Pro Mode especially when you're trying to change the shutter speed if you're not right on the slider it'll go to a different mode

And that's really frustrating overall it matches my thoughts on Samsung software they put everything in there but the implementation needs a bit of work so what about the actual photos themselves let's take a look at some of

The modes that are available there's a food mode that will make the center of your photo and focus and blur the rest just to highlight the food you're going to post on your Instagram and for some reason the auto white balance looks

Really bad here and there's a are emoji no one really questions whether or not this is a response to Apple's an emoji but most could say it's not a good version of it I guess it could be fun for a short period of time but don't

Make your purchase based upon this feature I mean how often do you see people still using an emoji from their iPhone X also it thinks my eyes are closed right now but I'm just agen but there are some more traditional modes

Out there like the sports mode essentially what the sports mode is doing is making this shutter speed faster so a moving subject isn't as blurry as it would be an auto mode but for some reason you have to activate

This in settings so you would have to go down here to edit camera modes and then go to rear camera and you'll be able to activate sports and also regular slow-motion is not automatically activated kind of weird panorama is a

Classic feature that works really well the stitching I really can't notice it much at all there is a difference if you hold your phone vertically or horizontally though it's best to shoot holding the phone

Vertically because you cover more content it's the same width so when I have more height as well and there's life focus mode which is pretty much portrait mode on the pixel

To excel or the iPhone and the cool thing about it is that you can actually see the blur live and you can adjust it if you're using the back camera I'm using the front camera right here I don't think it's very good though you

Can kind of see how it's struggling right now but if you go into settings and of course this is a different picture but if you go into settings you can adjust the background blur and post which is really cool as you can see

Though the image is a bit soft looking another really cool thing is the ability to use the wide angle so you just click on that and see the original image life focus mode works both on people and objects but I would say that the auto

Mode probably looks a little bit better using a natural aperture let's take a look at some pictures Auto mode produces way more contrast and the natural bouquet blur looks way better than the artificial book game the white and

Telephoto options are really nice to have and they produce some really great shots you can see the wide version on the left and then the tele version on the right the dynamic range is pretty decent and low-light is really good

Crazy enough noise is really absent from a lot of these low-light shots but I'm sure you noticed this already things are a bit smudgy when you zoom in and that's the trade-off of going with a wider aperture or a lower f-stop number you

Can kind of think of an aperture like your eye when you walk into a darker room your eye will open up to let in more light so you have a wider aperture or lower f-stop number so in the case of the galaxy s 9 plus it's a 1.5 at the

Widest aperture and then the other mode is a 2.4 so a 2.4 will have a little bit less light being let in because it's closed up a little bit so when you have a wider aperture that's letting in more light the trade-off is that images just

Aren't as sharp however using your aperture to create a bouquet look is preferred way more than using software you can see that bouquet is generated naturally in this image here so with that said in a well-lit environment

Pictures don't have to look as smudgy and that's because of the aperture and added detail that the sensor is able to gather and that's also because Samsung's noise reduction software doesn't have to kick in and you can kind of think of

That noise reduction software kind of like a mmm Photoshop airbrush and since we're talking about aperture let's check out the pro mode and keep in mind I'm trying to explain this in very simple terms so if you're really really versed

In photography cut me some slack so one of the options you have is ISO and the best way to kind of explain this is kind of like a speaker with audio you turn it up a bit and it gets louder so in this case it gets brighter the

Downside of that is it can get a little bit noisy so sometimes when you turn up a stereo speaker really loud you can kind of hear that hiss and that's similar to ISO if you turn it up too high

You can get some noise so ideally you want to be able to gain down or use a lower ISO number to reduce noise and like I mentioned with the sports mode there's a shutter speed so you're able to adjust the shutter speed how long

Light is exposed to the sensor and that'll determine how much blur is in the image just keep in mind that if a shutter is open for a shorter amount of time you're letting in less light so the image will be darker and if you have it

Open longer you're able to let in more light but you'll have more motion blur and that can be really cool depending on what you're going for it so in this image here I just took it while we're driving so the natural movement of me

Being in the car created this blur around the edges of the vehicle and it looks really neat and then focus is by far my favorite so if you go into manual focus you can actually see these green lines as you move around this is called

Focus peaking and it'll let you know what is in focus I actually use this tool right here when I start my videos to make sure that this camera is in focus and then you have white balance which is able to determine what is true

White of the image and so you can manually adjust if you want or go to specific settings I would suggest using auto if you're not already familiar with white balance it can be a bit difficult to figure out and then the really cool

Mode super slow-mo super slow-mo films in nine hundred and sixty frames per second which is 32 times slower than normal which is insane but if films in 720p because of that you can notice certain things you normally won't be

Able to you like the refresh rate of certain displays or lights you can slow things down you normally can't see with your naked eye like this fan you can even see the strings of a guitar vibrate and then edit it by going into the

Gallery what the heck Samsung's Auto edit feature adds this crazy annoying music and if you've ever set Nexus oh and scrolling through their ringtones you

Near that feeling when you're scrambling you put your headphones in kind of like this video sponsored off to a new force the be free eight support AAC app tech X low latency technologies to provide high fidelity audio to any device is truly

Wireless earphones feature near-field magnetic induction technology for the best connection quality between the earpieces with this technology there's no need to receive and resend Bluetooth signals or maintain two separate

Bluetooth connections between the source and earpieces in addition the left ear piece can be used alone in case users don't want to use both earphones their IP x5 water and weather resistant with up to 16 hours of battery life the LED

Lights on the charging case indicate when the earphones are charging and how many full charges are left there's also two types of spin fit ear tips to provide better noise isolation and maximize the usability among all users

The b-free aides have a built-in CVC noise cancelling microphone for calls and a button on the left ear piece to activate Siri the Google assistant and adjust the volume if you want to eat your hands on the NuForce be free

Eighths check out the link in the description and then for something more normal there's the normal slow motion mode and then there's my favorite mode out of album hyperlapse the best way to think of hyperlapse is a

Lot like fast forward for your videos it uses software to take the video that you filmed over a longer period of time and stabilizes it and then speeds it up so minutes are condensed down to just a few seconds how cool is this video overall

Is really good and I would argue that it's probably better than a pixel to image stabilization is fantastic here there's not a lot of visual noise it's holding up really well for a low light video audio quality is really good

Because there's a microphone on the top and bottom edges creating a stereo recording and yes it does work with external microphones for audio and I mean it does have a headphone jack as well but Google

Seems to have removed this ability from their pixel devices they really need to fix this a lot of people are saying that flagship cameras are pretty good overall and it really comes down to taste and for the most part I would agree with

That but there's still something that just made me miss my pixel to Excel and that probably comes down to the software experience and even though there's a pro mode that I really wish was in the pixel

To excel it was a software experience that made me not enjoy it as much but I would say that the video mode on the galaxy s 9 plus is fantastic and it's probably better than the pixel to perhaps that's a reason why someone like

Casey Neistat would be able to use a galaxy device alone just for video so what are your thoughts and where your observations go ahead and leave some comments down below and while you're down there and go ahead and check the

Description to check out the optimum new force be free eights make sure to check out more Android place videos and subscribe if you haven't already if you like to check out more videos from me and my channel go ahead and get the

Image of me in the middle and of course thanks for watching Android police until next time

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