Galaxy S9 and S9+: 5 best and 5 worst things

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

I've been using the galaxy s 9 and s 9 plus for a couple weeks now so I wanted to share with you my five favorite features for the phones as well as five ways that they still need improvement let's start with the pros I said it last year and I'll say it again the overall

Design of Samsung's newest flagships is fantastic even though they haven't changed much since the Galaxy S a they didn't really need to the curved edges in glass front and back make them comfortable to hold while also making it

Easier to reach both the top and bottom of their tall displays the buttons on the sides are tactile and satisfying the press it still has a headphone jack and the fingerprint sensor has been moved beneath the camera not too many people

Are enjoyed having it off to one side job well done Samsung the only problem that I could see with the overall build is that since it's all glass it is much more vulnerable to both damage and fingerprints you could get a big case to

Protect it who you can pick up a skin from D brand which won't add any bulk it gives a slippery Beast a bit more grip and with a wide selection of skin to choose from you can really make your phone stand out from the crowd I'll drop

A link down below if you're interested the second best feature is the display this is basically the same screen we saw in the node 8 but with the size and shape from last year's Galaxy S II the only difference is compared to last

Year's models are smaller bezels and a 15% increase in brightness under direct light apart from that they're both still Super AMOLED quad HD and have a 18 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio just like before the s9 screen is 5.8 inches from corner to

Corner and the s9 plus is 6.2 inches colors are extremely accurate viewing angles are excellent the blacks are truly dark and the improvements in brightness is noticeable once again samsung's newest flagship has the best

Display on the market just make sure to change the resolution to 1440p in the display settings as by default it's 1080p when you think of a Samsung flagship you don't always consider the performance as a pro especially in the

Long run but this year the s9 is showing a lot of promise thanks to the new Snapdragon e45 chipset from the first time I booted it up I noticed a jump in speed when comparing it to last year's Galaxy S II navigating through the

Interface is fast both application loading and resume time is snappy and animations and transitions are buttery smooth if you like to game this is the way to go as well it's packed with the audrina 630 GPU the most powerful

Graphic chipset qualcomm has ever produced and that's not even mentioning Qualcomm Snapdragon X 20 LTE modem for improved networking performance the phone isn't perfect though I did encounter a few

Hiccups for example when loading up the Bigsby panel or trying to use the face widgets within the always-on display but in the end the pros outweigh the cons this is definitely the fastest Samsung phone I have ever used still it won't

Have perform some of the fastest phones on the market such as the one plus five T or pixel two but it does manage to do certain tasks faster such as loading up apps or webpages generally speaking samsung has always

Done a great job with the rear camera and this year it's the single biggest upgrade on the galaxy s 9 and s 9 plus one compared to the SI pictures are more detailed binaya is overly sharpened the appear less processed resulting in a

More natural look but the key improvement I had my eye on was the low-light performance and that's thanks to the extremely wide F 1.5 adjustable aperture when grabbing shots in the dark photos on the galaxy s 9 have less grain

And more detail since that big aperture lets more light into the camera in fact even in settings where I thought it would be too dark for good photos the results were consistently surprising providing me with pictures that looked

Astonishing now I wouldn't name this camera the best of the year it isn't without its disadvantages including a very long shutter time in low-light resulting in some blur for moving objects and frequent overexposure and

Daytime shots it comes down to this the rear camera on the s9 is great but just don't expect it to while you quite like the Google pixel did lastly the best thing that I love about this phone and this also goes for last

Year's Si and no D are the extra goodies that it comes with which makes it the complete package with every new Samsung flagship you're already expecting top-of-the-line specs but you also get all the little extra features that most

Other flagships don't have as I'm as t4 contactless payments and more terminal types ip68 water resistance stereo speakers and a headphone jack for the ultimate video or music experience expandable storage USB type-c with fast

Charging and even wireless charging there are also multiple biometric unlocking methods bluetooth 5.0 features like separate apps sound which plays my Spotify media on just my Bluetooth speaker while everything else is piped

Through my phone smart select to capture certain areas on my screen secure folder to make any file or app private you get the point I'd even say the main reason why most people pick up a Samsung flagship is because of all

These little extra things that they can do that most other phones can't sometimes sense them does ever do it though by including superfluous and knowing or gimmicky features and that's where I

Move on to the cons of these two phones just keep in mind that some of these complaints could be seen as a bit nitpicky they are undesirable features but nothing that would ruin the phone in my opinion let's start with the software

There are a few things that Samsung still can't get right and it has a habit of introducing new features that most people won't use I just like to label it all under the category of Samsung blow where for some reason Samsung feels the

Need to duplicate practically every app or feature that its competition makes and then try to force the users to use it so if you're in Google's ecosystem you're most likely going to install and use Google's apps rather than stick with

Samsung's but since Samsung won't allow you to disable some of their apps by default you'll be stuck with the second useless calendar clock gallery browser and email icon within your app drawer bixby is also another great example of

Your Samsung feature that no one asked for Samsung wants you to use it so badly in fact that it's willing to dedicate an entire Hardware button to bigsby which you can't remap by default now don't get me wrong some people might actually find

These bigsby Services useful I'm just letting you know that Samsung is still loading its software with the clones of features from Google or other third-party apps and the competition still does a better job this year's big

New gimmicky duplication is a are emoji which is just a clone of the iPhone axis and emoji feature but ten times worse all the characters and stickers are just weird and creepy like if I send one of these masked stickers to a guy liked to

Try and make your laugh should probably stop talking to me it also doesn't use any special technology like Apple does to capture your face movements it just relies on your front or rear camera so the

Tracking is jerky and bad in the end I don't mind if Samsung tries to create some tools that could potentially be useful but I don't like the idea of forcing us to use them by making them difficult to avoid or disable and I

Don't like the low effort cloning of its competitors hot new features the next worst thing about the galaxy s 9 and s 9 plus is likely to be something Samsung has been struggling with for years and that is consistent software updates

Every year I made the same type of video entitled 5 best and worse things for samsung's newest flagship ever since the galaxy s7 and each year I still find software updates to be an issue the galaxy s7 took over

Six months to get the Android 7.0 new high up D in the US and some still haven't received it the Galaxy SAE which shipped with Android 7.0 and not 7.1 has only just recently started to receive the android 8.0 Oreo update a version of

Android that has been out for over seven months now since the s9 is shipping with android 8.0 and not 8.1 I'm already expecting it to not get Android P until after the next release of the galaxy s phone I could be wrong the company could

Turn things around but this has always been the case with Samsung devices ever since the commotion of the Galaxy Note sevens battery explosion samsung has been taking it safe it stopped pushing the limits on battery capacity on into

The newest Galaxy S and no devices every Samsung flagship except the active branded devices release since then hasn't pushed past the note 7s 3500 milliamp hour capacity this year is no different

As the s9 and s9 + have the same battery capacity as last year's models 3000 for the s9 and 3500 for the s9 plus you may think that's more than enough after considering how many pixels it's packing paired with the most powerful GPU and

CPU on the smartphone market as well as all those extra bells and whistles it comes with you may start to wonder if 3500 milliamp hours is actually enough I don't think it is even though I am a heavy user with Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS

Screen brightness set near to max and the always-on display enabled at all times I am only getting around three to four hours of screen on time sometimes it won't even last an entire day if I start

To use my social labs in a consistent way and if you're a gamer then expect to carry around a charger it definitely won't last until bedtime the battery life isn't terrible there's a lot worse out there but it's not that great either

Eventually Samsung will have to bump up the battery capacity and his flagships if he wants to keep upgrading other aspects of the hardware this next worst thing might be a bit nitpicky but I do believe that most people feel the same

Way physically the s9 feels more like a refresh of the s8 than a full-fledged upgrade in other words if I saw both phones side-by-side at a glance I wouldn't be able to tell them apart unless I looked at the placement of the

Fingerprint sensor on the back it's not a huge deal especially considering the last year's model was one of the best mark of 2017 but I don't believe that there's enough hardware upgrades new useful

Software features or design changes to call this the galaxy s 9 it feels more like a galaxy s 8 2018 version finally I wanted to talk about the price right now the s 9 is retailing for seven hundred and twenty dollars here in the US with

The s 9 plus going for eight hundred and forty dollars which is $120 extra this is a matter of opinion but I think many may find the cost of the s nine to be a bit high especially considering it's pretty much a galaxy si refresh after

All last year's model will provide you with the similar experience any much lower price tag but some might consider a fair price point giving it's the top of the line specs I would say it depends on what type of smartphone you're

Carrying right now if you are rocking in an essay or notate you'll most likely think this phone isn't worth it but if you're looking at making your next smart phone purchase in the near future and you're coming from a two to three year

Old device then it doesn't get much better than this especially if you're considering a carrier subsidy so that's it for this video let me know in the comments which features you enjoy or hey in the Galaxy

S nine make sure to give it a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed don't forget to take a look at all those skins from D brand get subscribe for even more awesome Android content and I'll catch you guys in the next one peace

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