Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 Full Comparison (With Camera Test)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
this is the video that you've been
waiting for if you're on the market for
a phone right now these are the two
hottest Android phones available the LG
G six and the Samsung Galaxy s8 both of
these phones are really good so I'm
going to try to help you make the best
buying decision I'm going to take a look
at the build quality the battery life
the camera quality all of that and let's
see which one is the best for you this
comparison is a little tougher than
years past because these two phones
actually share a lot more similarities
than they did before looking at them
both side-by-side they share similar
build materials like glass on the back
and metal frame new taller and
unconventional high resolution 18 by 9
displays they are both ip67 dust and
water resistant with wireless charging
which I personally love so both of these
phones are fully feature packed let's
begin with the differences starting with
the display they both have quad HD plus
resolutions but the LG G 6 is a 5.7 inch
LCD while the Galaxy S 8 has a slightly
larger 5.8 Super AMOLED display the
biggest difference here is the screen
technology the f8 AMOLED display has
deeper blacks and punchy ER colors and
while it might be a preference battle at
this point it's really noticeable on
features like the always-on display the
s8 black levels make the always-on
display look like it's a part of the
frame where on the g6 you can notice
that the screen is on this matters
because the always-on display eats up
the battery life on the g6 significantly
so you might want to turn it off to get
better battery life while on the s8 it
has very minimal impact on the battery
life the g6 display looks fantastic
though and you won't be disappointed
they both have very small bezels they
both look like phones from the future
but I have to give the win to the Galaxy
S 1/4 display for Samsung's displays
have always been the best in the
business and the s8 is no exception the
s8 is curved all around so I personally
think it feels better in the hand while
the g6 is a bit thicker and rougher
feeling with this non curved display so
you're going to have to try it out for
yourself to make a decision they both
feature a support for HDR content which
is very nice but the g6 has both support
for HDR 10
and dolby vision so if you want that
latest and greatest support in HDR you
might want to go for the g6 I did notice
after using these for a week that the s8
display is brighter in direct sunlight
so if that's important to you keep that
in mind they both have fingerprint
scanners but I much prefer the location
of the g6 fingerprint scanner below the
camera it's easier to locate and the f8
sensor is right next to the camera so
until you get used to it you will be
touching the camera lens and if you're
not as much but if you're right-handed
like me you might be cleaning that
camber lens before you take pictures
both of these can get pretty slippery
because both our fingerprint magnets but
a skin can fix that real quick these are
made by D brand you know the drill link
is in the description they both have NFC
for mobile payments through Android pay
but Samsung pay still to me is better
because you can use it anywhere it uses
MST the same technology that's in your
debit card or credit card so you're
pretty much good anywhere the
performance of these phones are both
great they both run Android 7.0 so you
get all the great features with their
respective skins on top now you will
have to pick which skin interface that
you like best but if you're like me then
you're probably going to want to pick a
theme or stick another launcher on it
and that's the beauty of Android I
actually prefer Samsung software this
time with the material dark theme on it
but I don't think LG software is a deal
breaker by any means if you use another
launcher I am NOT the biggest fan of LG
software skin and how it looks both
phones have tons of software features
like blue light filters for nighttime
perfect multitasking for this new aspect
ratio but I think the g6 does a better
job with taking advantage of that extra
screen real estate with little things
like the camera app where you can see
your gallery right there easy to review
and you can just start snapping again
but Samsung also has some neat tricks
for multitasking the SA does take things
to the next level though with the
built-in iris scanner you may not use
this if you're not a fan of it but it
scans your eyes to give you a hands-free
way of securing your phone and unlocking
it works really well and it is for sure
a way around that terrible fingerprint
scanner location the sa does have the
Suren Newark Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
processor versus the LG's older
Snapdragon 820 one chipset they both
have four gigabytes of RAM but the s8
has doubled the on-board storage at 64
gigabytes versus the g6 is 32 gigabytes
of on-board storage depending on the
country you live in but they both have
microSD cards for cheap and easy
expansion to be honest there's not a
whole lot of real-world performance
gains that I'm seeing on the s8 versus
the g6 but if you want the latest and
greatest you will be pulled towards the
s8 yep the benchmarks are faster things
might be a little snappier on the SI but
in my usage I don't notice much of a
difference so keep that in mind the SI
does have the more efficient CPU and
better GPU so that will be better for
gaming and overall performance down the
line they both have 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack so that's a great thing
they both just have a single speaker on
the bottom and that's a major
disappointment for me I really hate how
easy it is to cover up both of these
speakers with just a finger but if I had
to go with the actual sound quality the
LG G 6 of speaker sounds much fuller and
better while I think that the S 8
speaker gets pretty loud but it's pretty
penny depending on where you live you do
have the choice of the quad back on the
LG G 6 which will give you incredible
audio output and drive higher impedance
headphones so if you have that option
then maybe I'll go for that but you will
lose wireless charging before we get
into the camera let's talk about the
battery life they both feature USB
type-c ports at the bottom and they both
feature quick charging but the g6 has
the faster quick charge 3.0 versus the
older quick charge 2.0 on the f8 so
you'll get slightly faster charging
speeds with the g6 and it's mentioned
before they do both have fast wireless
charging on board so you can top up
without cords but overall I thought the
g6 had better battery life overall I'm
getting about 5 hours of screen on time
with each day's use where I was getting
a little bit over 4 with the galaxy s 8
that's expected because the G 6 is
battery is slightly larger at 3300
milliamp hours versus the SH 3000
milliamp hours your experience might be
different the always on display tends to
eat up the better life pretty hard
on the g6 so I don't use it and that's
probably why I'm getting better battery
life but if you used always-on display a
lot then it could be a wash for both
these phones getting about the same
battery life but both of these phones
don't have the best battery life but
most people should be able to make it
through a full day they both have
battery saving features but the s8 has
an option where you can keep the display
on 1080p for a better battery life but
on both of these phones I've been keepin
full resolution on what's about 50%
brightness and those are the battery
stats that I'm getting with those
settings let's get into what you've been
waiting for the cameras both of these
cameras are fantastic but the g6 does
have this unique dual camera set up with
a separate 13 megapixel wide-angle lens
that can be important if you want some
extra flexibility there are a lot of
times where I can't get everything into
the shot and I'll either have to back up
like crazy to get it to fit or just set
up with the shot that I was able to get
but on a g6 it's incredible for
situations like this where you can get
so much in the frame the downside is you
do get some GoPro like distortion on
some of the shots but if you don't want
that you can just switch back to the
regular 13 megapixel primary camera and
I do feel like this gives a new
perspective on your photos you do have
to be careful in lower light conditions
since the wide-angle lens has a
different f2 point for aperture but
overall such a useful dual camera setup
the Galaxy s8 has a similar 12 megapixel
camera to last year's s7 with some new
image processing and it comes with a
lower f 1.7 aperture compared to the g6
is f 1.8 if you care about taking
selfies they both have decent front
facing cameras but I think the SH new 8
megapixel sensor does a better job
but the LG G 6 is ability to switch to
an ultra wide-angle could be the feature
you like especially if you're trying to
capture a lot of people after taking a
ton of pictures and reviewing them
there's one thing that you're going to
notice right away is that the LG G 6
tends to over sharpen a lot in
post-processing this might be ok if you
like this look but the F 8 has a much
more natural look to it where the colors
and the overall image is smoother
when you crop in you can really start to
see the over sharpening and I personally
don't like this look but once again this
is personal preference the dynamic range
on both of the cameras are stellar and
both produce some great images but I
always ended up liking the f/8 pictures
better in the end the only time the g6
is the clear winner though is in macro
mode there's so much more detail there
and the minimum focusing distance is
slightly better on the g6 I think a lot
of people will agree with me here I just
think that the essays pictures look more
natural I mean what do you guys think
low-light is the same outcome they both
do well and have great noise reduction
especially in the night time shots but I
like the more natural processing on the
f/8 giving you a night pictures more of
a natural look and softer look with more
realistic edges but once again the g6
does pull off some better details
especially when you crop in on certain
parts and in certain lighting conditions
but I still think that the s8 takes it
overall when it comes to 4k video
they're both sharp I did notice that the
stabilization is a little bit better on
the g6
these are handheld shots right next to
each other but where the g6 wins is on
the software side of things now on the
photo side they do both have full manual
controls to tweak shutter speed ISO
focus and a lot more but on the video
side the Galaxy s8 is limited to just a
few things where on the g6 aside you
have absolute control over everything
here including bitrate audio options and
even changing your frame rate so if you
plan to do some video creation with your
phone the g6 might be the phone for you
let me know in the comment section below
if you want me to do a separate more
detailed comparison between these two
cameras so what do you guys think which
one would you pick and why let me know
in the comment section below if you care
about my opinion I would personally pick
the s8 I think between both of them
they're beautiful but the s8 has the
better design more comfortable in the
hand it has the new a35 processor so I
guess it's more future proof I think the
camera actually takes more natural
looking pictures and they have better
outcomes overall and if you care there's
5g support on the s8 but you do have to
take price in the
duration because at least in the US the
LGG six can be up to $100 super on
certain carriers and they both performed
very similar and they're both great
phones so if you're looking to be a
little bit on the budget then the g6
might be the one for you
you really can't go wrong with either
these phones they're both great so let
me know which one you like in the
comments section below if you enjoyed
this make sure you give this a thumbs up
and subscribe to the channel for a lot
more comparisons and I will see you guys
in the next one

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