Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7 edge: Worth the upgrade?

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

The galaxy si is Samsung's best flagship release yet but how much has it improved over last year's model in front of me I have the galaxy si and s7 edge let's compare the two and see which one comes out on top starting with the visuals you really can't go wrong with your device

They both have a striking design when compared to other smartphone from the Mark II and it's no surprise than Samsung phones have come up on top in terms of looks for the past couple of years I do believe the s8 looks much

Better than the s7 though particularly because it grabs two individual features from the s7 edge and the note 7 and combined it all together to bring us this new flagship for example the s7 edge has that sexy curved display that

Looks cool but he gets old after a couple days of use due to the edges being so excessive and not allowing my fingers or palm to rest on the sides without accidentally interacting with the screen this time around Samsung

Heard our cries and made sure that this new phone had a curved display but not to the point where it's uncomfortable to hold not only that but the glass back panel is also curved and this all-around coverage makes the phone look like one

Solid glass pebble absolutely gorgeous I do find both devices to be a fingerprint magnet and a bit slippery in the hand with all that glass so I always pick up a skin from D brand to solve this issue my favourites are the stone and marble

Finish and they have a bunch more to choose from for many other devices and I know we talked about D brand a lot but there are huge supports of the channel we truly do love and use these skins on every one of our devices just keeping it

100 with you guys I'll drop a link down below anyways taking a look at the displays from first glance you may think the s7 edge has a bigger screen since its wider but don't get fooled the SI is a bit larger at five point eight inches

Samsung did this by increasing the screen vertically and not horizontally making a significant advantage when using the phone with one hand and a better screen to body ratio they also got rid of the physical buttons on the

Front the Samsung logo at the top and the bezels are now incredibly miniscule both phones still have a Super AMOLED quad HD display but the s8 has a bit more pixels and a better pixel density I also noticed the panel to be much

Brighter and more accurate but that's not to say that this is substantially better than the s7 this older device still has a great display that is still better than most other smartphones it has great viewing angles

Very sharp and saturate when using adapted display in the settings and the clothes are deep and natural what I'm trying to say is yes the infinity display is better than the s Evans panel overall but the s7 edge still stand as

Having one of the best screens on the smartphone market plus that tall panel on the SI brings an aspect ratio of eighteen point five by nine so not all apps and videos will be compatible with these new dimensions in result you get

Black bars on the sides for certain third-party apps and you could fix it within the settings but it doesn't always get it right I guess that's a plus for the s7 edges since it's still rocking the traditional 16 by 9 ratio

And it's definitely not a huge deal but something to consider when comparing both phones and with such a high end panel on the s8 the fingerprint sensor couldn't be placed on the front so instead he went on the back but any very

Controversial spots right next to the camera I would have preferred it to be right underneath the lens like most other devices still I was able to use it to spine but it definitely takes some time

To get used to luckily if you want to use an alternative method you can now use the iris scanner or facial recognition tool and lock the phone which the s7 edge does not provide the s7 edge just has that fingerprint sensor

On the front which is great but it's not as fast as I like it to be and that goes for the essay as well they both recognize my fingers well but the unlock as quickly as the Nexus 6p which is almost a two-year old device just to put

That in perspective within the software they're both running Sampson grace UX on Android 7.0 there's no difference between the overall UI it's cleaner lighter and feels closer to stock Android from previous TouchWiz updates

It really comes down to features and the essay comes with way more one of the best exclusive features in my opinion is the virtual navigation keys it not only allows the phone to have such a tall display but also lets you change the

Recent home back order to the more traditional back home recent sequence plus you can change the background and has a pressure-sensitive area to make it feel like a physical key you also get a theme store to change the overall look

Snap window infiniti wallpapers which look amazing some new panels and edge screen such as smart select to capture a certain part of the screen with a shape or Mickey JIP animation Bluetooth 5.0 for sweet features like playing audio

Through two Bluetooth speakers at once have a longer range of connectivity and more and Bixby can't Bix be too much as they would drag on the video for far too long but if you want to know our thoughts about the big

Feature just click that I in the right corner anyways those are some of the more major features that the SI has and the s7 edge doesn't so unless you're in dire need to change the order of your navbar really want those extra Bluetooth

Features or need an alternate source to Google now I think you'll find the software on either device to be satisfactory as for the performance the SI here in the US is rocking a newer version of Qualcomm's chipset the

Snapdragon 835 and it makes the phone noticeably faster than the s7 edge everything loads quickly feel smooth and seems to be as quick as the Google pixel the s7 edge on the other hand is still a solid performer the only time it really

Stutters when I go to the home screen and try scrolling through the briefing panel but other than that it's not really that bad I'd say the only thing holding back these phone from being a bit quicker besides all these pixels is

TouchWiz it definitely has a much heavier told with all those bells and whistles when compared to stock Android on the whole the s7 performs well but the s8 does it better the Galaxy S II and s7 edge have very similar rear

Cameras they both have a 12 megapixel sensor and aperture size of F 1.70 is and capable of recording 4k resolution the only miniscule changes within the s8 shooter is that it has an updated sensor improved image processing for better

Picture quality and some software enhancements within the viewfinder such as the ability to digitally zoom with one hand in both cameras photos look great in both bright and low-light situations

Detail contrast and color accuracy pictures on the SI have a smoother tone making it look a bit more natural but other than that there's really not that much of a difference in camera quality I do however enjoy the improvements on the

Front facing camera found on the SI it now captures a megapixel photos with an F 1.7 aperture lens and also has autofocus capabilities which the s7 does not for the most part pictures do benefit from having the higher megapixel

Count and it does have solid results in most lighting situations it does tend to lose its sharpness when shooting in the dark but still has a decent effort to show you what's in the area in the end if you're wondering which is the better

Camera technically the s8 but its benefits are extremely minor switching to the battery you'll be surprised to hear that the state's predecessor has a bigger battery capacity at 3,600 million up outwards

However thanks to that newer processor the SI brought in better results it easily lasted an entire day four to five hours of screen on time to be exact I usually have Bluetooth GPS and always on display enabled at all times as well

As the brightness turned almost to the max the SM and edge also got me around for hours but David / Andrew police said he got five to six hours with the SI plus maybe that model is meant to replace the s7 edge as it has 3500

Million powers so there's definitely been an improvement in battery life with this new flagship I'd say stick with the SI + if you want the best battery results not to mention that it also has USB type-c which the s7 does not come

With and both devices support quick charge 2.0 and wireless charging other things to know is that both devices are IP 68 or to find meaning they can both handle large amounts of water NFC a headphone jack heart rate monitors

Expandable storage support all four major US carriers and the SI has Gorilla Glass 5 all around while the s7 has Gorilla Glass 4 the big question though is how much do these flagships cost well for starters the Galaxy S a retails for

750 dollars here in the US which is one of the more expensive smartphones you could buy and the SI plus cost $100 extra the s7 edge unlocked on the other hand cost six hundred and seventy dollars over $100 less if you go for the

Regular Galaxy s7 which has a smaller display and battery capacity obviously not a huge difference in pricing here are my final thoughts if you don't have either of these devices and are trying to get a Samsung I recommend just going

For the Galaxy S a for an extra $80 you're getting a better design performance battery results camera USB type-c and additional software features now if you already own the Galaxy s7 edge or

Even the regular galaxy s7 I recommend that you stick with that device for now in the real world most of the new specs are not going to really impress you that much especially if you're going to pay that much cash once again wait until the

1+5 no 8 or pixel 2 comes out because they're not that far off and then make your choice from there make sure to get subscribed as we'll cover all these devices when they get released and that's it for this comparison of the

Samsung galaxy Si and galaxy s7 edge let me know in the comments if you think the SI is what the upgrade check out Andrew please calm for your latest and greatest news on Android and I'll catch you guys in the

Next one

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