Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and Impressions (filmed with Galaxy Z Flip!)

by birtanpublished on September 7, 2020

Hey judge Joshua for Gaara what's going on everybody you know what you're here for it's time to unbox the Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra in this case now a lot of people have already put their unboxings out I was a little bit busy when this came in so I waited until this

Morning in order to do this unboxing so since there are other unboxings out already I thought I would do something a little bit different you can see that there's a third camera here I'm gonna go ahead and throw it over to the side that

Shot will be here this entire time so you can see what the 4k quality is like from the samsung galaxy Z flip I literally have it just standing there it's folded up a little bit and I'm using the rear cameras at 4k in the pro

Video mode so I can make sure that the exposure stays the way that I want to throughout the entire video also not too sure how the autofocus is going to work hopefully it's getting the box just fine but in any case we're gonna go ahead and

Get right into this unboxing now there wasn't any plastic on here I kind of expect that Samsung went ahead and put a SIM card in there they did ask me for one so there's not gonna be any of the plastic on peeling or anything like that

We're just gonna go ahead and open up that box and now there it is this is a large screen this time around after all ultra does imply that things are gonna be a lot bigger and better than they were before so we'll just go ahead and

Bring this out I saw on the bottom that I did receive the cosmic grey version and indeed there you go that's the one that I got I'm gonna go ahead and just peel that right now cool I love that on the plastic here it had to go around

This really large camera hump because obviously that's what we have to deal with with the samsung galaxy s xx altra of course we have the fast charger and as it seems here we are going to have a 25 watt charger I believe it actually

Doesn't say on the bottom here but I pretty sure from the hands-on video that it's going to be a 25 watt charger this can take 45 volt charging which is awesome but that requires a whole different break or accessory kit so

Super fast charging says up here what's going to put that aside I just pinched it it doesn't seem like there's anything in though that's an interesting little design choice to have the flap but then there's nothing inside this piece right

Here that's a little bit gonna leave that there while I bring out what looks to be the cable moving up to this you can already tell that this is where the headphones are going to be again AKG headphones in all Samsung

Phone boxes tend to be quite good and again these are going to be USBC headphones which means that you would use them in a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack but these are also quite useful in any other device that have a

USB C port which is something that I do quite often I actually use these headphones with like my laptop the surface pro X that way I can have a pair of headphones I can always use no matter what device I'm using even if it doesn't

Have a headphone jack so I think that should do it for the overall box experience but there is one thing that I have to make sure I do this time if you remember in the Samsung Galaxy Z flip unboxing that I did a few days back I

Totally forgot that there's an extra portion where all the documentation the sim tool and actually a little case is right now so that is something that I forgot I have the case on the Z flip finally so let's see what's inside of

That particular portion of the box that is under this flap it's kind of sneaky to have it underneath the flap like this because I tend to forget about it when that's the case alright so there's the sim tool I already have

Plenty so I'm not gonna worry about that right now and then we have the documentation Quick Start Guide obviously but we're not gonna really need this and looking in the box nothing else see it's nice that the Z flip

Obviously as a more fragile device it has a case in the box but you know what Samsung maybe you might want to put like a simple clear plastic case in with your phones in the future it's something that I really enjoy finding in these

Unboxings and it happens with Samsung phones the least so it's a pretty simple unboxing experience we basically just have the power cable a super fast charging brick that is going to be very useful but you can always use

High-powered PD charging on a phone like this and then you also have the headphones which are useful but I obviously have other ways of getting my audio from my smart phones with this little Easter Egg over here being a hint

At that it's always funny sometimes when you turn on these phones there's like no battery at all so starting Android go this is gonna be fun actually now that I realized I should probably turn

That off so this is a nice surprise I have the LTE connectivity already that means there's a SIM card in here so they went ahead and put one in for me okay I'm gonna go ahead and say thank you for that even if I wasn't able to peel off

The plastic around the box to begin this unboxing this is a nice trade-off so as I'm typing in my account information here I can already tell this phone it's thick like it's it's properly thick like you know that there's a big battery in

Here there's obviously this huge camera hump with a lot of power underneath but overall it's just it's a it's a chunky device and I don't really mean that in the bad way what I like about phones coming out so far in like the later half

Of 2019 and right now into the beginning of 2020 a lot of phone manufacturers are just being very unabashed about their phones being high powered like why not make them thicker why not just make them big screens and you know just put a

Bunch of lenses on the back it might not be the best-looking phone out there and mini phones might end up having these same types of tropes but you can let me know what you think about that in the comment sections and you know what I

Actually enjoy the gray color ring the black on black would be fine but it's nice to have something at least a tiny bit different for the review unit yes I do wear glasses a bunch of Samsung applications that it wants me to install

Right off the bat which is okay and there you go we are officially into the operating system I'm gonna go ahead and start downloading all of the applications that I would normally use on my mains and those will include

Things like Instagram no shin there's probably going to be a lot of camera applications and order for me to take advantage of these cameras but of course we're gonna get into all of that for my full review another hot take on the

Design again this is a heavy phone but that also makes it feel a little bit more secure especially in one hand so it does like sort of it weighs it down a little bit so there might be a tiny bit more security there and then the my

Index finger actually naturally goes up to the camera humpin or some sort of create a bit of an anchor but one thing that I would probably do with this is use something like a case so that I can even out the lines on the back because

That protruding camera hump is gonna scratch up real easily since it's what is hitting the table when is when I slide this phone around alright so I'm gonna go in just a bunch of apps on here get that going

And from there I'll just head out do a couple of things and just use the phone give you some extra thoughts to end this video so while I was doing the initial setup of the phone I had to do a two-factor authentication for my Google

Account that does that little pop-up where it asks you to pick the number that matches the phone you're setting up so that you can verify that it's you yeah that made the recording stop so that's the reason why the Galaxy Z flip

Video actually turned off from the side there apologies for that but here's your first video from the galaxy s 20 ultra as I sort of explain what happened in the middle of this video

all right so I came back home so that I could take a look at the phone in a couple of other situations but the 100 times zoom I'm gonna save that for a couple of plans I have this weekend to

Take this phone out to various places in LA and try to get some really far zooms of various landmarks the thing is though you can see from the screen recording the five times is what it defaults to when you hit that zoom level of the

Three icons but all the way up to about ten times it still looks pretty great it's after you get past that to around thirty and then of course all the way up to one hundred that it's impressive how far you can get but it obviously loses a

Little bit of detail and it's hard to keep stable I mentioned how heavy this phone is and because of the screen is actually so big it actually helps a little bit because the weight distribution on the phone makes it so

That it doesn't feel like it's going to just tip over at any point when I'm trying to balance it and do those hand gymnastics it took a long time to get all of my applications installed on here but one thing I did immediately was

Install Dragon Quest eight like I mentioned I would do I got my cloud save and I started playing the game on here one thing that I've already been doing with Dragon Quest 8 on the Galaxy SIII flip and I will be doing on here is

Locking the app in the background there's 12 gigabytes of RAM on this phone and that allows you to lock some apps in the background that way they don't clear out when you're not using them for a while and also even if you

Hit that clear all button it's gonna stay back there so that particular game on Android is great but the save system is really rudimentary I really wish that I could just like save it at any point and be able to come back easily to have

It in the background ready to go at any different point that's a good thing speaking of the software there are so many little things that you can customize right down to even the lockscreen you can have your own graphic

On there so you can make it a little bit more personal those are all the things that I have done on like the galaxy s 10 plus obviously and I will be doing with this phone so the next time you see me actually feature this phone on my

Channel for something maybe closer to a full review you're gonna see this phone look quite different especially in terms of the software speaking of the software the swipe gestures that you would expect on like a pixel or anything like that do

Come here you just have to go into the settings it's kind of funny I wasn't real into full screen gestures for a while when they were first starting out but now I have to go into the settings and

Try to turn them on because now that I've used the pixel for a while and other operating systems that have swipe gestures it's nice to have that ubiquitous feel across any phone so that it's more or less familiar so it's good

That one UI has it installed but yeah that is just a quick first impressions look at the Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra 5g the 5g part I'm not too sure how much of that I'll actually be able to experience over the next week or so as I review

This device but we can look forward to all of the other things that this phone has to offer look forward to my full review of this I'm gonna have a few videos moving up to it maybe even a real world camera test let me know what kinds

Of things you want to see in the comments down below from there drop some likes on this video also subscribe to my channel if you haven't already don't forget to follow me across social media as well honestly

All of the links are in the description you know the drill by now and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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