Galaxy S20+ (Problems and Best Features after 2 Weeks of Daily Use) – Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

So the Galaxy S 20 and as twenty-plus were both released by samsung about two weeks ago and in the first two weeks there were a lot of positive reviews and a lot of excitement around these phones as usual the S series comes out and is always one of the most powerful

Flagships ever made but now that it's been 2 weeks it's time to put the spec sheets aside and see how well this phone actually performs under daily use now I found a lot of things that were not mentioned in original reviews that you

Would definitely want to know if you're considering buying this phone so this video i want to talk about the really annoying and the really positive things i found after using this phone for two weeks so these are the pros and cons

Based on my own experience after using this phone every single day for the past two weeks and these are things that could potentially sway your opinion and help you decide whether or not and this is the phone for you welcome back to the

Channel everyone in this video we're talking about the s20 plus and all of the pros and cons essentially the best features and the worst problems I came across that were not mentioned in original reviews and just two weeks

Later what I discovered about this phone and to be clear this video is about the s 20 plus but everything does also pretty much apply to the S 20 regular so if you're considering getting either the S 20 plus or the S 20 regular you

Definitely want to know what these are before you consider buying the phone so starting off with a pro one of my favorite features here that a lot of people didn't mention it's a cool one they added to one UI here in the cameras

Is actually this really cool feature too called my filters when if you you know flip the camera around and you're about to take a picture on the top right if you turn on the filters you can actually go to my filters and if you just add a

New filter you can easily replicate any picture you want from let's say your favorite Instagrammer so if I say I want to have a picture that looks like Sam colder 's but I don't want to pay a lot of money for his presets you can take a

Screenshot of his Instagram put it into my filters and then suddenly your entire world looks like he edited your photos so it's a really cool feature you can add here you can have multiple filters that you saved and it's just something I

Think is really cool if you want to have a theme for your Instagram or really any so for media really cool feature packed into this phone a problem that I think almost everybody will face if they use

This phone is kind of a you know related to like be careful what you wish for we have a giant screen almost no bezels and it wraps around the edges there and something that I find is the edge rejection from like my palm it's not

Really that great so if I'm typing I find that if I reach for a far up letter I typically my palm hits the bottom right corner there which is the like change keyboard button and all of a sudden if I'm typing fast it pops up and

I accidentally hit the wrong keyboard and the next thing I know I'm in like samsung voice typing or some other keyboard it's kind of annoying that that happens and there are solutions to that I'll talk about that in a second but

It's just you're gonna face that with this phone it's very likely you'll have some edge touching because there it really is like no bezel and it's such a large phone so the first solution that I will be doing is actually just getting a

Case for this phone you probably should be getting a case anyway because I mean kind of another drawback here it is a glass sandwich so it's a total fingerprint magnet it's also pretty slippery so it's hard to I mean holding

It's not a problem but I find that if I'm trying to like prop my phone up somewhere being that it's all glass it definitely slides and falls down a lot so I'm going to be getting a case a pretty grippy one a case that I like

This is not a sponsorship but I'll link it down below it's called Pella case they make some cool cases and they're made out of biodegradable plastic so if you're worried about the environment check those out they're for sale and the

Link will be down below again that's not a sponsor that's just a case that I like besides adding a buffer on the outside with case the second solution is actually getting an app and this is a big pro for Samsung they have some

Really cool apps you can get for this phone to really customize one UI 2.0 and the one that I'm specifically talking about here is called edge touch I really like this app because it can desensitize the edges really wherever you want so

You can move it up or down you can change the width of it you can really customize a lot to make sure that you don't have any kind of problems with the edge being touched accidentally now before I get into the

Second app I want to talk about an issue that the second half will resolve and that is the button configuration I think the button configuration on this model has kind of been progressively getting worse

So the s10 I thought was an excellent button configuration volume on one side power on the other so it doesn't matter handed or left handed taking screenshots was really easy then with the note 10 plus they had all the buttons on the

Left side which as somebody who's right-handed I had no problem taking screenshots I would just kind of pinch the phone with my two fingers right there my pointer finger and my middle finger and then now they have both of

The buttons on the right side which is really hard to take a screenshot so if you're right-handed like I am you'll find that using just your thumb to take a screenshot is nearly impossible now with that said getting over to the pros

Here one thing is Samsung has a lot of gestures you can use so like palm swiping is a great way to take screenshots you just drag your palm across the screen it takes a little bit of practice but it's a nice feature to

Have and then secondly you're getting into the next app I was going to talk about this is good if you have smaller hands or if you just want to take screenshots so I have fairly large hands but I could see people with really small

Hands would find this app very useful this app is called one-hand operation plus which admittedly is really an annoying app name I don't know why they didn't condense that down to fewer than like four words there but regardless it

Is a cool app that you can have you know twelve different gestures so on the left side and on the right side you have diagonal up in or diagonal down and then you can choose long or short swipe to do you know different things so you have 12

Different gestures there and you can do pretty much anything so one that I like to do is have the left side straight across will take a screen shot and it's just a really cool feature to have now if you have small hands again I don't

Really have a problem with it with this phone but people with small hands using a large phone like this may have trouble reaching up to the top to pull down the notification drawer you can very easily just set another thing maybe swipe

Diagonal down to open the notifications or or really you have endless options with this app and it's really cool you can set these gestures to do pretty much anything you want so next kind of a drawback that's really

More of a confusion I have with the design choices for this phone so I think that Samsung just added three lenses for the sake of adding three lenses I think we really could have gotten by with just an ultra wide lens and then the

Telephoto lens and I'll explain why in a second because to be clear I really do like having three lenses on a phone when I think on this phone they're just too similar having the wide angle and the telephoto they almost do the same thing

And so you find this when you look at you know if go to your camera and you go to the top and you decide to you know take a 64 megapixel photo you can go over to that and you'll see that it's not actually

That zoomed in and when you read into this you'll find that telephoto lens is not actually telephoto it's only one point 2 X optical zoom and it's a sixty-four megapixel sensor so then they crop in to a 3 X hybrid zoom as they

Call it so for that I think that we really could have gotten by just having the ultra wide angle and the telephoto lens here and the only the only drawback then is that your low-light snot is great but we saw in the ultra they're

Able to put a lot of megapixels in a camera that also is great with low-light so I'm not sure why exactly they didn't differentiate these more and to be clear guys like I said I like having three lenses on this camera

I just wish maybe they made the primary shooter 64 megapixels and maybe they made the telephoto lens like 5x optical zoom that would be really nice but regardless that's just a really small confusion / complaint I have about this

Phone and so that brings us to a positive about this phone though when I first got it I thought oh that's kind of weird we can only take zoomed in photos that are 64 megapixels but then you realize you can actually take a pretty

Wide angle shot that's 64 megapixels really preserve detail cropping on whatever you want I really like that feature and a drawback however though is when you're using 64 megapixels you do have limited functionality on this you

Cannot add filters for example as you see on the top right there another positive with the phone is how easy the camera experience is now so easily going from photo video or single take if you want that and then everything that's

More on the right side at first thought that's kind of weird why is it all over there now it turns out it's actually very easy to customize this and you can just say if you like having live focus or live focus video or whatever other

Mode you want you can easily pin it down on the bottom and just really only have the modes you use across the bottom really customizable really nice to have that feature getting back to the cons with the phone the camera bump is pretty

Large and I don't necessarily have a problem with the bump being large because I will get a case for this and that'll really kind of make the camera wobble on a table not an issue for me now one thing that is kind of a small

Problem is because they don't really have many rounds on there it actually you know such a sharp edge you're gonna accumulate dirt on the edge of the camera for some people this might not be an issue at all but for me I like

Keep my phone very clean and having dirt accumulate there that's really hard to clean off may become a little bit annoying but again that's not a big drawback that's just a really small thing to be aware of so another positive

That admittedly a lot of people did mention in original reviews this is the ability to take a screenshot from an 8k video and have just a really nice photo then and this is something that's really cool if you're trying to capture like

The best moment and let's say you don't want to use single take mode you can really easily take video and then crop in as much as you need to because it is a high quality photo and as I look at this you'll see that things still look

Pretty sharp you still have pretty good color capture there it's a little bit noisy when you really zoom in if it's not the brightest light outside but for the most part the pictures look really good it's a fun feature to have on here

And I could see myself definitely using this feature a positive for this phone is that it does have a screen protector included when you get it but a drawback is the screen protector kind of sucks it's a pretty soft screen protector and

It's really easy to scratch so if you put this phone in your pocket with literally anything hopefully not keys but if you have like a coin in your pocket or anything really small it's very likely that you'll come

Out with some very small scratches on the screen protector of course that's why you have a screen protector great to have it but you will be replacing this or at least I will be replacing this within the next couple months just

Because I know it's gonna get pretty scratched up some of my favorite features with this phone some of them admittedly are not specific to this phone but the first one is dual bluetooth listening so I like the

Ability to if you have two different pairs of earbuds so maybe you and a friend want to watch a video or listen to music you can very easily connect both of them and then go up to the top when you swipe down from your

Notification tray right there go to media and you can select both pairs of earbuds or both Bluetooth speakers and play on two different devices simultaneously just a really cool feature they added there another

Really cool feature that I definitely love about this phone is Samsung decks it's something that most people probably already know about this but if you don't actually made a video on it entirely I'll just link it right up there but

Essentially you can plug your phone into a TV a projector a monitor whatever you want you can connect a mouse to your phone and you have an entire separate desktop interface that is just powered by your phone so phones are getting more

And more powerful and you know with this phone clearly a powerhouse you can do a lot you can a full desktop interface and most people don't even need a laptop then my third favorite feature then is the ability to

Customize the edge lighting so if you go into your settings and look for edge lighting you can easily change the design of it the color of it you know the size of it how long it lasts stuff like that it's really cool that you can

Change that for different apps and because this phone doesn't really wrap around as much as the best 10 but it's still the screen definitely still wraps around so if you have it face down you get the edge lighting you can see when

You get a notification or if it's face up you can also just see that nice ring around your entire phone it's just a really nice subtle way to get a notification now an update with battery life I found that after using this phone

For two weeks I consistently get one and a half days of battery per charge on this phone so that is with 120 Hertz on I'm watching a lot of YouTube Bluetooth is typically on and my screen time is probably about five maybe five hours a

Day I would say maybe four and a half so with that in mind I'm definitely lasting easily the entire day and if you use this very heavily I would see no problem with lasting the whole day this is this battery is definitely among the better

Batteries out there for similar flagship phones so guys that's everything I have to say about the galaxy s 20 plus and indirectly the galaxy s 20 this is my update after two weeks of using this phone these are the best features and

The worst drawbacks I found and to be clear anything that was small and seemed like a small nitpicky thing was not intended to be overall I really do like this phone I just wanted to give you guys an insight into the nuances of this

Phone when you're using it because some people may be bothered by these small drawbacks and so that's just what I wanted to share with you guys in this video I hope you found it helpful if you did please remember to like and

Subscribe comment if there's any other features you found with this phone that you either liked or didn't like if you already have it and if you don't have it let me know if you think you'll be buying it as always guys thank you all

For watching I'll see you next time

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