Galaxy S10 Plus Review: The biggest and the best

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

This is the galaxy s 10 plus it's Samsung's latest and greatest I've spent the last few weeks with it as my main phone and I'm ready to give you guys my full review so without sugarcoating things I'll go ahead and start off by saying this is a

Fantastic phone it's the best all-around option I think you can get right now and it checks pretty much every box there is to check moving it incredibly close to being a perfect smartphone now don't worry I'm not saying that it is a

Perfect smartphone because there are indeed some things that are holding it back but this is a phone I think you should look into getting this year and here's why for starters the hardware is great and the phone looks very nice it's

Got a shinier and polished frame which I love I really dig the flashy look the corners are sharper which give it a more professional look and it makes it feel more note like than ever and of course it's got that good old glass back which

Is great for wireless charging but not so great for smudges there's little that I dislike more than holding a heavily fingerprint laitanan phone look I went with D brands a swarm skin this time around and I really enjoy the look and

Feel of this one and I like the way it complements this silver frame you can check this and other skins out using the link in the description so there's no question that this phone looks nice but there is one thing that I'm not a huge

Fan of and that's the power buttons rather high placement I will admit it was annoying at first I mean even the Note nines button isn't this high up but I got used to it over time I just feel that with this being a not-so-small

Phone the buttons should be lower for added comfort other than that it's classic Samsung hardware super solid very well made and nicely put together with a great list of features not every phone can say it has notably the

Headphone jack which is still hanging around here in 2019 I like that all that aside there's nothing about this phone's design that stands out more than its display it is phenomenal it's currently the best display on a smartphone it's

Super bright very sharp vibrant and color accurate it is absolutely gorgeous and you'd expect nothing less in the latest from Samsung the bezels got even smaller the notch has successfully been avoided yet again but

This time around we get this hole cut out and I'm gonna be real with you it doesn't bother me in the least bit Samsung did a solid job but kind of making it part of the statusbar not only is it way better than a notch

It also opens the door for need wallpaper ideas like these there's an app dedicated to collecting these there are a bunch of them online and even Samsung is embracing this cutout by putting out some wallpapers of their own

Personally I love this idea having said that I do know there are a good amount of people who actually prefer something like a teardrop notch over this because it's symmetrical and I get that but really this never bothered me in

Everyday usage and I don't think most people will mind either now getting into user experience this is where the s10 plus really earns most of its praise while I know a lot of people cringe at the thought of basically anything that

Has to do with Samsung's software design language I actually don't mind when you eye that much in fact I kind of like it and it's even gotten to the point where after creating a nova launcher setup as you guys know I usually do I happened to

Open up the V Samsung experience launcher again and then I decided to stay there yeah believe it or not I've stuck with the stock launcher and haven't had the urge to go back to Nova or any other third-party launcher I

Probably will eventually but this is the absolute longest that I've stuck with a stock Samsung launcher without that nagging feeling to use something else I'm comfortable where I'm at at least for now I feel this is a testament to

How much better to Samsung's that skin has gotten over the years and maybe I'm just weird but when UI feels tailor-made for this phone and it just looks and works better than it does on previous Galaxy phones now performance overall is

Great there really isn't much else to say here other than it's fast and smooth lag free so no complaints there battery life is pretty stinkin awesome too I get anywhere from 6 to 7 hours of screen on time with heavy use everything maxed out

That 4100 million of our battery is killing it it's the most powerful galaxy phone yet it flies through everything that I put it through and it endures power user usage like it's nothing this really is a beast of a phone so a plus

For performance no question as usual there are features everywhere and I mean everywhere that's to be expected but I think Samsung is doing a good job of keeping them organized in a way where if you don't need them they're out of

Right out of mind and they don't get in your way and if you do need them they're pretty easy to locate and operate like the skin or not when you eye is the cleanest Samsung experience yet and for the most part they kind of want you to

Take control and make the phone work the way you want you've got your usual suite of tweaks and customizations and adjustments that you can make to the UI and UX but a couple things that are new are Google's

Own and digital well being that's nice to see here and I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with this by now they've implemented a dark mode that you can enable manually or set to turn on and off automatically based on the time of

Day and there's big speed routines if you're familiar with if this than that you should feel right at home with this while I haven't taken full advantage of it just yet it's actually a very useful tool and it goes back to what I was

Saying about Samsung wanting you to take more control of your phone and how it works one thing I did set up was for when my Galaxy buds connect to my phone so as soon as they do Spotify opens up automatically the list

Of things that you can do with this is pretty big and I hope to see more functionality added to it speaking of Bixby of course its button is still here but you can't remap it to open up an application of your choosing which is

Great but of course and Samsung is like okay we'll let you guys change what app opens when you press the button but we're gonna make it so that big speak and still be opened up oh and we're not gonna give you the option to open up any

Other assistant okay so yeah there's a trade-off better than nothing though continuing on with some of the new stuff this phone has to offer we've got wireless power share and this ultrasonic fingerprint reader now as gimmicky as

Reverse wireless charging may seem there are actually some use cases for it that make me want to see it in more phones moving forward I think the best use cases for this are maybe if your friend's phone is about to die and you

Want to donate a few minutes to get their phone to something like 10 or 15% as a last resort just to keep them up and running for a little while longer and to use it to charge accessories so something like the Galaxy watch or

Galaxy but basically items with smaller batteries you're probably not going to want to try charging a friend's phone up any significant amount for obvious reasons one it'll take a while it's not the fastest form of charging and two you

Want your phone to have a little juice left of its own after all either way I didn't find myself using this feature that much but I do like that it is there now about this fingerprint reader I think the

Technology behind it is great it uses sound waves to read your fingerprint so it's more secure than any of the other in display scanners we've seen so far but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working well for everyone now in my

Experience it's worked nicely it's not perfect it's not as fast or as accurate as I would like it to be and it does require you to look at the phone to see where exactly your finger needs to go which kind of stinks so no more no-look

Unlocks until I master that at least but it gets the job done so I'm fine with it overall the sad part is that some other users have reported pretty much the complete opposite stating that it just doesn't work that well at all so while

It's definitely a step forward in tech some do fuel it's a step back in practicality in all honesty to me it's not a reason to stay away from the phone so it's not a deal-breaker just be ready for something new to get used to oh and

Get ready for no more swipe down gesture to access the notification shade since we're on the topic of biometric security options I did want to mention that it actually took me a little while to notice that there is no more iris

Scanning and we're left with a basic not so secure 2d face unlock it's actually pretty fast and very convenient but it can be spoofed so I may not recommend that you guys use this as your primary form of device security it just shows

That Samsung really wants you to use the new tech with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader let's talk about those cameras shall we the s10 sports a five of them yes five starting with the main three sensors on the back you've got

Wide-angle telephoto and ultra wide I'll go ahead and toss up some photos that I took and I'll let you guys be the judge of how good they are what I will say is that there are some improvements over the cameras on previous Galaxy phones as

Slight as those improvements maybe they're there the pictures aren't a huge step up from the s9 but they remain in the top tier and I'm positive most people will be pleased with these results the front-facing camera got an

Update as well including a secondary lens which acts as a depth sensor pictures using this camera come out a decent amount sharper and cleaner than before which is great but they're still pretty Samsung eyes if you know what I

Mean I do prefer the pixel for everyday stills but overall the s 10s cameras are very good in low-light is where they struggle a good amount especially when compared to what we get from Huawei and Google which

Is pretty unfortunate shots in general still tend to be overexposed that's classic Samsung but all in all the camera experience is very solid and I don't think you'll be disappointed with it especially considering the

Overall versatility of these cameras the ultra wide-angle is pretty fun to use video recording got better with more stabilization that the front-facing camera can now record in 4k and the slew of features and different shooting modes

You'll have access to its good stuff so that's the galaxy s 10 plus it's not super innovative it's not groundbreaking and it doesn't completely tower over other phones to the point where everything else just becomes obsolete

However yes it is the best Android phone out right now and I do think you should get one if you're in the market for a new phone it's currently my main phone and it'll continue to be just that indefinitely I know it's not the most

Budget-friendly phone out there and we're well aware of Samsung's track record with things like software updates for example but the cons list is smaller than ever further justifying its price tag having

Said that 2019 looks like it's gonna be a great year for phones and the Galaxy S 10 with everything that it has to offer and all the boxes that it checks in my eyes make it the phone to beat so what do you guys think of the galaxy s 10 let

Us know by dropping your comments down below as always we love to hear your feedback that does it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did feel free to hit that like button and subscribe to the Android police channel

If you're new that does it for me I will talk to you guys later and thank you so much for watching you

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