Galaxy Note 10 Plus Leaks, Rumors, Specs, Design: Samsung’s biggest Note yet!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

after a couple of years of playing it
relatively safe the Samsung Galaxy Note
10 and controversial in a series history
two phones four cameras five g's and no
buttons American Android Central is all
we know so far for the first time since
2014 we have multiple note models
launching this year in fact there could
be as many as four different variants
going on sale there are multiple
reliable reports to the Galaxy Note 10
and note empro are heading our way and a
story from Korean outlet et News back in
April points to 5g variants of those two
models as well so the vanilla note 10
looks likely to ship with a 6.2 8-inch
display while the larger note tempra
will feature a monstrous 6.75 inch panel
easily among the largest out there aside
from the humongous huawei mate 20x the
decision to go with two base models of
note this year is kind of interesting
the last time this happened we got the
note 4 and the note edge which was kind
of a weird experimental model and super
expensive by the standards of five years
ago but I think this year's approach
will be more about giving people the
note experience they enjoy a phone
slightly more advanced and feature
packed in a Galaxy S a little bit more
an enthusiast phone without being stuck
with an enormous unwieldy handset at the
same time the smaller Note 10 gives
Samsung the freedom to go hog-wild at
the high end likely with an enormous
note tempura with ludicrous specs and a
suitably eye watering price tag thanks
to rumors by Chinese leaker ice universe
on Twitter which has since been
corroborated by CAD renders from on
leaks we have a good idea of what both
models will look like and the front face
is possibly the most polarizing in a
samsung phone in years even more so than
the galaxy s 10 that's because its hole
punch camera is front and centre it
really is hard to miss this little
cyclops thing is right there in the
front staring at you I guess I'll just
have to wait and see how it looks in
real life before coming to your final
judgement according to the leaks other
staple mote design traits returning the
latest model both notes appear more boxy
and more angular than the galaxy s
counterparts which perhaps isn't a
meanwhile the tiny bezels emphasize the
notes vast screen real estate around
back we see a note 10 with three cameras
no temper Oh with four cameras we don't
know a whole lot about them yet but I
seen versus the note ten will be the
last Samsung flagship to use a wall of a
2.5 5-inch 12 megapixel sensor for its
main camera that's the same one they've
been using for generations so far so
apparently that's a lock for the note 10
before we move on to greater things in
the Galaxy S 11 other than that ultra
white some kind of tof depth sensor and
of course telephoto or all good bets
here interestingly when it comes to
telephoto reports from Korea say
something has just finished developing
its first five times periscope zoom
camera for use in smartphones if that
sounds familiar it's because that's
what's used by Huawei in the p30 probe
so why don't we dare Antigua be ready
for mass production in time for the note
10 series though but we are all crossing
our fingers for something other than the
now rather dated to time zoom of the
galaxy s 10 maybe three times would be a
nice baseline to hope for in terms of
selfies perhaps not a surprise to see
something moving away from the dual
selfie cameras of the Galaxy S 10 Plus
since that phone didn't do a whole lot
to justify its dual selfie setup and now
onto a couple more controversial
features first
it looks like the headphone jack is dead
expect some time to catch some flack for
this given how much it's been sort of a
differentiating feature for the company
since Apple first killed the jack in
ask a smartphone engineer and they'll
tell you plenty of advantages for
getting rid of the headphone port from
improved cellular reception to more
space with a battery
the latter certainly in a note where the
internal space has to go not just
towards the battery but also the s-pen
silo was probably a big factor in the
port's demise everyone will have their
own opinion on this of course but it is
what it is yet another phone getting rid
of the headphone jack next Samsung is
apparently ditching physical buttons in
the note 10 as well even if you weren't
one of the other two people who used an
HTC u12 plus last year you've probably
heard about how HTC tried and
spectacularly failed to implement this
feature in its last flagship at launch
the buttons were uncomfortable to use
and prone to ghost input HTC fixed most
of this in a Patrick couple months after
launch but by then the phone was already
dead and buried anyway the Samsung of
2019 is a very different beast with a
lot more way to spend and I'm fairly
confident that if they're putting this
in a note then chances are they've
gotten most of the kinks worked out then
again after recent developments around
the galaxy folds we'll just have to wait
and see
let's round off with some other specs of
note we can probably expect the same
core platform as the Galaxy S 10 series
of snapdragon 855 in the US and other 5g
territories and Exynos 98 20 elsewhere
with somewhere between 8 and 12
gigabytes of RAM battery capacity is
curved and interesting Warner at the
rumors point of 4500 milliamp hours but
it's not clear which model this relates
to my money would be on this being the
pro and not the vanilla note 10 and ice
universe is hinted that super fast
charging may finally be coming to a
Samsung flagship he tweeted out this
teaser with Leonardo da Vinci a
reference to the note tens codename
along with a number 45 written in binary
so it's 45 watt charging on the cards
for this device certainly could be
samsung has announced a needle launch
event for the note 10 yet since we are
still a couple of months out but given
the series track record I'd look for an
early to mid August events probably
ahead of a retail launch before the
months out however the note 10 shapes up
will be here covering every step of the
way so be sure to subscribe to Android
central here on YouTube and check the
site for our hands on coverage when it
hits thanks for watching and I'll see
you next time


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