GALAXY BUDS+ vs GALAXY BUDS (In-Depth Comparison & Mic Test)

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Welcome back to the channel guys I'm Michael Bryan and in this video we're talking about the galaxy buds plus and know we're talking about the galaxy buds plus and the galaxy buds now obviously I'm joking I can tell the difference between these but at first

Glance you would say Samsung didn't change anything now in reality they actually made quite a few changes and what they did instead of a massive redesign was they took the design that already was a pretty good product and

They made incremental changes in what I would consider all the right places so in this video we'll dive into what those changes were and we'll discuss the if it's actually worth that price difference where the old galaxy buds

Were originally $130 now you can buy them for as low as $95 and I'll put a link in the description so you can see the latest price but the new ones are $150 so we're talking about a fifty five to sixty dollar price difference there

Are the upgrades actually worth it so we'll talk about that in this video but I want to start off with a physical tour of these products just talk about the differences because there really are very few physical differences the first

Is the weight but it's really not even that noticeable the new galaxy buds plus are about two grams heavier and I'll show you the exact weights I'll just pop it up on a screen right there but that is to accommodate a larger battery

Because one of the biggest improvements they made here was the battery life of the new Galaxy buds the new buds claimed to have approximately double the battery life in the earbuds and in the case of the old galaxy buds there is actually

One other mechanical difference with these earbuds and that comes with the feel of them of the case in particular when you open and close it so the old one was a much more loose lid right there where it snaps open and then a

Clips shut very easily so when you open it you have to like actually click it into the open position and then as soon as you get out of the open position they almost instantly just kind of fall shut now the new ones the best way I can

Explain them is that they're just kind of smoother so I don't know if it's a tighter tolerance or a little bit more resistance in there but you'll see that with these buds you can open the case to almost any level you want it does kind

Of clip open a little bit but it is actually a really nice premium feel to that right there and other than that you'll see that there are almost no differences besides the aesthetic to the cases now though of course they come in

Different colors now the galaxy buds came in black/white this really bright yellow color and then I believe they came out later with kind of a silver one I'll pop the colors up on the screen so you can see what I'm

Talking about but the new galaxy buds plus come in three colors they have white obviously it's a much higher gloss as you can see here they also have cosmic black not galaxy black I don't know why they

Called it that and then they also have cloud blue so honestly I don't think the colors are really a big difference there most people from what I've seen get either black or white and then inside you'll see that there's

Really not a huge difference here the white buds you'll see that they're still white but the case inside is not blue it's it's white all the way around whereas the old ones I can I have this light blue or like weird unsaturated

Blue color on the inside so doesn't make a big difference then you also have this strange little rubber pad there to show you which one's right and left not really a big change there either now looking at the buds you'll see

They're really the same size almost the same weight I'm talking like maybe half a gram difference there just to accommodate a slightly larger battery but then you the only other difference you'll see here is on the back there's a

Tiny pinhole extra on the new galaxy buds which is our extra microphone so I'll test that out in a few minutes but these do have three microphones now so the new galaxy Bud's plus have two microphones on the outside and one on

The inside whereas the old ones just had one on the inside one on the outside so let's go into a microphone test right now and see if they actually sound different okay so to test out the microphone on the old galaxy buds let's

Switch over and this is what it sounds like talking on the original galaxy pods now I'm in a studio setting right now and the app I'm using should be doing a pretty good job of capturing what it would sound like in a phone call so

Comment down below if you think these sound good or not and then these are the galaxy buds plus again we have the extra microphone on each ear buds so comment down below if V sound significantly better or if you think it sounds almost

The same again we're not in a noisy environment if you want to see that test check out my previous video where I reviewed these in a noisy environment and in the studio if you want to see what the microphone sounds like there so

A quick aside I will be making more videos on the Galaxy buds plus including some updates and comparisons to other brands so if you're interested in those make sure you go down click the subscribe button and the bell

Icon okay so I did find one weird thing about the galaxy buds plus when you put them in the cradle and you have ambient mode turned all the way up but not at the maximum like the crazy extra high mode just at the third one and as you

Start to close the case if you're making any sound you start to get some feedback right there so see if we can catch that on the microphone I don't know if you heard that or not kind of a strange thing right there now

Let's talk about the batteries between these two earbuds so the old ones were supposed to last about six hours per bud and 13 hours with the case so as far as earbuds go in the market that's generally not that long but for me I

Always found that I could easily get through one or two days with really no problems and charging this was very easy you can just plop it on to any wireless charging pad or you can use the USB C on the back so I never had a problem with

That but the new buds should be allowing you to travel farther without needing power as much because you're essentially getting double the battery life based on the specs you should be getting 11 hours per earbud and 22 hours with the case

Now some people pointed out you could have like 44 hours if you used one ear but at a time that's honestly very impressive if you want to do that you can last a very long time with these ear buds now

Charging you actually have a quick charge feature on both of these so three minutes of charging with the new Galaxy buds plus gives you one hour of listening whereas on the old ear buds not an exact comparison here but 15

Minutes of charging gave you 100 minutes as far as audio quality goes the galaxy buds plus definitely sound better I would say the sound is a little bit richer a little bit warmer and definitely a bit more low level detail

So part of that is actually most of that is because they have now a dual driver system in here so a woofer and tweeter which means that you like I said have more dynamic audio there now the original Galaxy bud still sounded pretty

Good so your average listener who is just listening to Spotify and is not an audiophile just looking for you know decent audio it'll sound pretty good and you might not even hear the difference but people that have more of a trained

Ear you would definitely be preferring the Galaxy buds plus the Galaxy buds plus have IPX to water resistance which is nice if you're sweating or running in rain you shouldn't have any problem and now let's actually talk a little bit

More about the app itself now something that Samsung is kind of notorious for is making an upgrade to their product like what we saw with the active one and the watch active two we're some of the biggest differences were within the app

Which they probably could have just rolled out as an upgrade to the previous model but they did want you to buy the new one so let's dive into the app and see what the differences are here between these now the first difference

Is when you first open up the galaxy Bud's plus you'll see that the little animation on the screen is definitely much more detailed so what pops up shows you that taking them out and then it shows you the battery level of each

Earbud and the battery level of the case now if we go into the galaxy where app you'll see that it is different here and I'll show you both like side by side right now so on the Galaxy buds plus they tell you

The case and the earbuds at the top right now it's not showing the case because the case is dead but you can turn on ambient sound right there and we have three different levels the reason you see a fourth level is because of the

Labs function on the bottom I'll show you that in just one second the equalizer looks a little bit different on these but essentially you're doing the same thing it's a little bit more fun on the Galaxy buds plus how you can

Kind of use the slider and tap and drag around and switch between them like that but like I said it does the same thing notifications is the same touch pad functions are almost the same so they have the same single double and triple

Tap functions but if you tap and hold you'll see that there is actually a difference here where on the old earbuds you could actually go into like a quick ambient so if someone's talking you just tap and hold while they're talking I

Think Samsung found that maybe not many people use that I know I didn't actually use that so they replaced that with opening Spotify now unfortunately if you listen to YouTube music or Apple music or title or whatever you listen to you

Can't do that yet right now they only have Spotify small drawback there but I think that might be an update they can release in the near future now if you go to advanced on the Galaxy buds plus they allow you to use ambient during phone

Calls which is really nice so that when you're talking on the phone you can hear yourself and so you can have ambient when you're not on the phone but turn around when you are on the phone so you don't end up yelling in like a library

Or any kind of quiet public environment then at the very bottom of the galaxy Bud's Plus app you can see that we have labs right there this is a big one because they're kind of rolling out some beta features right here that they might

Implement full-time later so double tapping the earbud edge is a really cool one so you can actually free up an extra so like instead of touch and hold to turn the volume up or down you can free up those functions and instead turn the

Volume up and down by double tapping the corner of the earbud now I'll talk about that in another video I'm still not really good at that yet sometimes I hit the wrong spot and it's kind of tricky to get exactly the right location but

When you get it it is kind of nice that they have that then we have extra high ambient mode and that essentially is like just a full blast it sounds like you're talking into like a karaoke machine so it's a little bit you can

Tell the games all the way up and it's not the best audio quality of your voice talking but it definitely you know if you're hard of hearing or you really want to hear your environment and you listen to loud music it's nice that

There is that function then lastly gaming mode allows you to like minimize the audio delay which I'll say I haven't seen much audio delay anyway just from watching videos so comment down below if you used gaming mode and found any

Significant difference there and if you thought it was actually worth it but all three of these features and just labs in general is not something that we've been seeing in the original galaxy pods now opening the galaxy buds I'll show you

Right there is a little bit different because you'll see that while it does pop up on the screen they don't give you that fun animation it looks a little bit older and more cartoony and they only tell you the battery level of each

Earbud and not the case now when you go into the app you'll see that again what you have there is at the top a little bit less animated of what the earbud battery level is and they don't show you the case battery then the equalizer has

The same things just a slightly different look to it and then you see you have fewer functions down below so you do have notifications touch pad ambient sound and find my earbuds but that's really all you have here so when

It comes down to it I love the galaxy buds plus I think they're an excellent pair of ear buds but at the same time the galaxy buds are still a decent pair of earbuds they have a much shorter battery they have

One less microphone and they're lacking some of the new features but they do a pretty good job so if you're somebody who is on a budget and you're looking for your first pair of truly wireless earbuds you may consider getting the

Galaxy buds they definitely do a decent job now if you have the money and you just say I don't care but they're both pretty good the galaxy buds plus are definitely significantly better so that extra battery life the extra microphone

Definitely goes a long way and having those extra and neat features in the app especially in labs means that these are essentially just a more robust pair of earbuds guys that's my analysis of these earbuds comment down below and let me

Know which one you like better and why as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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