Galaxy Buds Vs Cheap Amazon Best Sellers ($49)

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

Welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and in this video we're looking at four different pairs of truly wireless earbuds now the first one is going to be the Galaxy buds that it's a standard we're comparing two and these are $130 so the other one's gonna be budget

Options that are much cheaper than this so twenty dollars eighty dollars and fifty dollars all of which are clearly you know almost half the price of these and yet they claim to have you know there's similar features if not even

Better features than the galaxy bud so I'm really gonna break down the ins and outs and show you what you're actually paying for is it the brand or are you getting anything special out of the galaxy buds and then also we'll be

Looking at which of these three is actually the best one for you or any of them a great deal or any of them a terrible deal and we're gonna be testing the range the payer speed the battery life you know the waterproofing on some

Of them there's a lot to talk about with these different ear buds let's just get right into this video so starting off with the pass anomie these are $49 on Amazon and in my opinion these are the most similar out of all of these to the

Galaxy buds these have thousands over five star reviews on Amazon and they were Amazon's choice so they rated really high and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I got these they're very very similar to the galaxy

Buzz as you'll see in a second except for the fact that the case is significantly larger now the reason the case is so much larger is because it doubles as a phone charger has a 2200 milliamp hour battery life in in the

Case that is so you can charge you can recharge your your buds quite a few times or you can charge your phone cool feature to have if you're traveling very long distances inside you'll see there's a clear case or clear top of the case

And then you have you know three little LEDs right there to tell you the status of the batteries on the actual buds they have LEDs on that as well and they look a little bit different from the galaxy buds in that they stick farther into

Your ear okay so let's talk about the functions and the pros and the cons to see why these are actually so much cheaper than the Galaxy buds so these fit in your ear and they don't have the wingtips like the galaxy buds do instead

They just have the little ear tips right there although when they fit in they seem to be very comfortable and they fit all the way in your ear they don't fall out so the ergonomics are definitely in my opinion pretty good for this now as

Far as functions go these are waterproof with ipx7 waterproofing I'll show you a clip right now I tested these in you know in my hand as well as I wore them in shower for an entire shower so maybe

Like five minutes it's not that long but regardless they work the entire time with only one drawback and now is that sometimes the hot water would set off the touchpad sensors on the sides so both buds do have a touchpad on them so

There are no physical buttons anywhere on these so when you put them in here you can touch it once to play or pause you can DoubleTap to go forward a song or you can tap and hold on one or the other to turn the volume up or down now

These don't have nearly as many sensors on the inside of your ear as you see on the Galaxy buds so they don't have the second microphone on the inside and they don't have proximity sensors which means that when you put them in your ears or

Take them out they won't know that they're in or out of your ears and therefore they won't automatically pause when you take them out of your ears now I don't really see that as much of a problem because whenever I take these

Out of my ears I put them in a case you know just instinctively that's what I do anyway so that I don't lose them and when you put them in the case they will automatically stop and turn off so automatically turning on and turning off

Is a really nice feature of these this case does not support wireless charging so you do actually have to charge it with a micro USB right there so that is one drawback if you traditionally use a charging pad although if you are looking

To charge you know your Galaxy buds on the back of your phone you don't need to worry about this anyway on this one because the battery is so much larger in the case that you you know if you keep putting these buds back in here they're

Gonna recharge quite a few times now as far as the audio goes when you use these I would argue that they may be slightly louder than the Galaxy buds actually although the bass is almost non-existent on these to quality is going to reflect

Probably what you would expect from a $50 pair of earbuds so let's talk about the test results right now so when I did the testing of the pairing speed for this so that means opening it up it automatically pairs my phone as soon as

You take these out I listen for when it paired and showing up on my phone and it was 5.5 seconds for these two pair very quick honestly that is the second quickest sort of all these so I'm very impressed with the pairing speed for

This as far as the range I was able to go 195 feet away before they started breaking up and losing connection and you know that could have been plus or minus 5 or 10 feet it's really hard to tell exactly where it cuts off but the

Battery life on this was also very good I was able to get about 6 hours based on a sample extrapolated so you know very good battery life on these as well and that is without putting them back in the case if you're putting them back in the

Case obviously they'll be lasting much longer than that as far as Bluetooth goes these don't operate independently like I said but they do support bluetooth 5.0 very much like the Galaxy buds do so definitely some great

Bluetooth capabilities there and they come with actually five different tips on them so the ergonomics like I said are pretty good they don't have the wingtips but the the fact that they have five different little tiny tips to go

Way down in your ear canal means that they are very customizable for soundproofing at least and then the rest is pretty standard for the shape of an ear so for some reason they seem to fit really nicely in my ear I don't I don't

Have a problem with them falling out I really don't think they're uncomfortable at all so you know I use these for about a you something for about a week now every single day and I you can typically wear them for about two hours at a time

Before they get uncomfortable at all and that's sort of on par with the Galaxy buds in my opinion where I can wear the Galaxy buds for maybe two to two-and-a-half hours before they start to get kind of uncomfortable a quick

Little aside it doesn't have to be right now but if at any point in this video you decide that you like it or find any value please remember to go down and like and subscribe so that more people can see this video and gain the same

Value out of it that you did next we have the Sentry wireless earbuds these are $25 over $20 depending on where you look these are definitely the cheapest of the cheap they don't have touch pads on them instead they're little clicky

Buttons which is a major drawback in my opinion when you put them in your ears and you push the button it clicks really really loud and I mean if we're gonna talk about aesthetics like let's be honest you look you little kind of like

Shrek when you put these in your ear they also don't have a charging case so you have to plug them in independently with this sort of little this little two prong micro USB cable not really great so because there's no charging case one

Benefit is that these are a lot smaller they fit in your pocket and because they're cheaper I would be less worried about losing them and they're also significantly larger so as far as a ergonomics go when you stick them in

Your ear they stick way out and it's sort of like Waze itself down so they are very prone to falling out if you're looking to run with these or workout I would say these are probably not the best pair to use now unfortunately these

Little guys did not fare very well in this testing they paired in 9.6 seconds which was faster than the jams but about twice as long as the other two buds we tested and then the actual range on these unfortunately was just pitiful

They had 54 feet of range before they started cutting out and I here the music I guess that's just what it is when you get cheaper earbuds the audio is very poor it's almost non-existent bass unfortunately I'm not

Gonna waste any more time to really talk about these now the Jam alters I picked these because these look really cool they come in about anywhere from seventy to eighty dollars but you can find different prices all over the internet

Sometimes they're 100 sometimes they're 60 I don't know it depends on where you look but they have sort of this really nice looking case it looks like a speaker obviously it's not a speaker because inside you have your wireless

Earbuds this also doubles as a charging battery pack for your phone really and as far as aesthetics go I think they look really cool there they're small they they look a little bit like like a Beatle hanging out of your ear so that's

A little bit you know I wish they fit a little tighter into your ear canal and they're like in your ear cavity right there so it looked better but in regardless they come in different colors they have a physical button on them and

I kind of do actually like the button as opposed to the touch pad sometimes because you're not poking into your ear as much and it's quieter if you're just kind of clicking on the top so as far as sound goes it is nice that they're

Quieter touch pads are also convenient because it is you know you have other options with them you can DoubleTap really quickly very easily as opposed to clicking a whole bunch of buttons but regardless I do think that these are

Pretty nice there are seven different ear tips that these come with there's no really right or left defined so oh I mean it says it on there but they are sort of universe like you put it in either ear and they definitely fit both

Ways as far as the sound quality goes I would say there's a little bit muddy but there definitely a decent quality compared to the other two I would say that these are definitely on par with a pass anomie probably not quite as good

As the galaxy buds but again not quite as much bass as I would like from these little things now what is cool about them they do have magnets in the case that they stick right in and I should have mentioned that with the pass on

Omiya as well they have magnets in the case to hold the buds in the case when they're charging and of course they have those little charging pads right there that's how they charge within the case a feature that I think a lot of people

Really like about these is the ability to pair with one or both of them so you can either pair two Jam ultras which is gonna be both of them or you can pair two Jam ultra mono which is only going to be one of them if you want to have

The other one in the case that's something you can't do with the other two knockoff pairs that you can with these definitely a cool feature they also fit in you know even though they stick out a little bit

They don't fall out I think the little tips on here really do a good job of holding them in place so that if you're running or working out I don't think you'll have a problem with these falling out of the ear you know really that

Often these are also ipx4 water-resistant so they should be okay if you're sweating on them I think that is relatively similar to the Galaxy buds in that you know you probably don't have to worry about splashing them but I

Don't think I would be wearing them in the shower another thing to note is this again is not capable of wireless charging so you will be charging with a microUSB and then you can charge your phone from this case if you're

Interested in doing that now when I open these up in pair to took about ten point five seconds so this was actually the slowest one to pair with but the range was somewhere in the middle I was able to get about a hundred and fifty to 156

Feet so not the best but definitely not the worst and the battery life on these was actually pretty good I was able to get about five hours on these they claim it's supposed to be you know like four or five hours and I was getting five

Hours in these which was very impressive and again very large case in here so as soon as you put him back in they'll be recharging a couple times so last we have the galaxy buds now I made an entire separate video about that one

I'll link it right up there in the cards if you want to watch it go ahead and check that out but some of the key features that these have that the others don't that in my opinion are the extra money after the eighty dollars the last

Fifty dollars you're spending you're gonna be getting you know these functions so first of all you they function totally independently you don't have to pair a mono mode or anything like that you can literally just open it

Up take either one out and it'll pair automatically with your phone and you can listen to one or both and eat it doesn't matter which one you listen to either so that is a big bonus right there also magnetic case closure is a

Very small compact case you're not going to be able to charge your phone with it but it does charge wirelessly on the back of your phone if you have an s10 or on a wireless charging pad so definitely great features there you can also have

More controls on the touch pads of these so instead of just having like the pass and oh me work great how they have the cap touch just like these but they only had single or double tap or tap and hold these also have triple tap so a little

Bit of extra functionality there and then with the galaxy wear app you can also customize that so you can have the tap and hold you know something like a Google assistant or maybe instead you can have it working with I don't see if

You do I phone of course or you can do like volume up volume down so you can sort of customize the a little bit more in that sense and then lastly what these had that the other ones did not have was the ability to

Sort of have you know no they know when they're in your ears so they have the proximity sensors and they also have the accelerometers so extra sensors in here allow them to know when they're in or out of your ears and they automatically

Pause the music when they're out of your ears when you put them in your ears they recognize that and they reactivate the touchpads so that you can again use them and if you take one out you're not accidentally pausing your music now the

Galaxy buds when you open them up granted this is the galaxy s 10 I was using it pairs in just four seconds so very very quick and again this actually parish is from opening you don't have to take them out so it sort of has a head

Start with that as well from the time you open it starts pairing I was able to go two hundred seven feet away before I started losing connection with these and again that could be plus or minus a couple feet so I would actually rank

These two to have approximately the same range which is very impressive in my opinion as far as the battery goes for this I mentioned that in my other video these easily lasts I believe it says seven hours in the box and I'm easily

Able to get six on these quite comfortably so guys which ones do I recommend so honestly all of them are well almost all of them are good for some purpose or another now of course I'm not gonna rule these out entirely if

You're somebody that really just doesn't want Wired earbuds and you know there's a devil in the wire and you just want to spend twenty five dollars and get wireless ones go ahead and buy these but to be honest if I was going to spend

Twenty five dollars I would rather get a high quality pair of wired earbuds now if you're going to spend anywhere from 50 to $130 the next three are going to be you know much much better than the centuries now the past no me in my

Opinion might be the best deal out of this entire group at only $49 they really pack a punch and they do almost as much as the galaxy buds and the compromises that they don't do I'm honestly quite okay with so the fact

That they don't have a wireless charging isn't really a big deal to me I was very impressed with the range they actually kept up quite well with the Galaxy buds aesthetically they look really similar they fit very nicely the battery lasts a

Long time and overall these were just an impressive pair of earbuds now of course you don't have the same quality of audio on these and also you're not going to have the proximity sensor so those are really two big drawbacks but other than

That these are definitely a great pair of earbuds then we have the Jam ultras now I really did like these typically for their style I like how they have different colors you can buy a whole bunch of different ones on their

Website I'll link that down in the description below but also you know they look a little different so I kind of like I said it looks a little bit like a beetle in your ear they they're not the best out of these and I think that for

$80 you can probably you do better with these for $50 but if these came down to around forty five or fifty dollars I would say these would be a great purchase Samsung Galaxy buds might make the most sense for you if you have a

Samsung phone although if you're looking to spend a little bit of extra money and you really want the higher quality they definitely do pack a punch here and they are cheaper than air ponds I can talk about air pods in another video if you

Guys want just let me know down in the description let me know also which one you guys actually choose out of these which one is your favorite one to use which one will you be buying or did you buy or are there any other products that

Are similar to these that you think I should check out for the future if I end up making around to video of this let me know guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video

Please be sure to click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for my most recent upload click right up there you got three great options guys click

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