GALAX/KFA2 GTX 1070 EXOC Sniper Review & Benchmarks

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

yeah what's up guys Toby here back with
another video and today we are reviewing
something a little bit different a
graphics card and more namely the KF a 2
slash Galax gtx 1070 XOC sniper edition
we're going to be doing a brief overview
of the card itself its specs build ports
and then we'll move on to the graphs so
in terms of build it's a two stock card
and the cooler is made out of metal so a
sturdy it's got erased backplate because
of the LED strip which in turn made
reaching the PCIe slot when taking the
card out kind of hard in terms of power
he needs one eight pin and one six pin
to work I find that kind of weird as my
Strix gtx 1070 from a soos only needs
one eight pin and not the six pin so I'm
not quite sure where that extra power
goes in terms of outputs the card has
three display ports one HDMI and one DVI
port in terms of specs we're looking at
the 1594 megahertz base clock and a
boost clock of a 1784 although the card
will push beyond that if there's enough
cooling to do so which there is it's got
1920 cuda cores which worked great in
applications using those such as premier
and resolve the card supports all of the
latest features and technology this VR
already is called simultaneous
it's got a no support g-sync sli game
stream GPU boost 3.0 a direct x12 Vulkan
API opengl 4.5 and pci express 3 of
course it's got two 100 millimeter fans
pushing air onto the big heat sink
behind and those do a great job of
cooling the card in games its maximum
temperature was 70 degrees Celsius while
on a twenty thirty five megahertz boost
that's pretty great in my opinion so
with that said let's take a look at
benchmarks the system used featured an
AMD risin 1700 which is not the optimal
CPU for gaming so if you're using maybe
an i7
expect a small increase in these numbers
for yourself in terms of other
specifications the PC is running 16 gigs
of Crucial Ballistix
tactical at 24 megahertz a samsung 960
evo m2 SSD in a coarser 460 X RGB case
the motherboard used was the Asus prime
X 370 Pro

so as you can see on these benchmarks
the card is plenty powerful in 1440p
games on ultra settings that can handle
every game you throw had it with no
problem whatsoever
and I really do recommend it for anyone
interested in playing at higher settings
and resolutions but don't want to pull
out the money for a 1080 or 1080 Ti so
with that said what do you guys think of
the KF a to start Galax gtx 1070 lemon
only comes down below and i'll catch you
guys in the next video peace

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