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Tsunamis are well-established as one of the most powerful and destructive natural disasters but have you ever wondered what would happen if you were hit by one of these giant waves and whether you'd survive such a catastrophe a tsunami can occur after an earthquake

Volcanic eruption or a comparable disturbance under the ocean that is capable of displacing massive volumes of water and while the Pacific oceans Ring of Fire is considered the most active zone tsunamis occur in oceans and large

Bodies of water all over the world it's believed that the earthquake responsible for the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 released as much energy as 20,000 atomic bombs when it's way out in the deep ocean a tsunami is barely

Visible on the water surface even as it travels great distances at speeds up to 500 miles per hour a warning that may indicate the imminent arrival of these killer waves is the sudden receding of the ocean from the

Coast and while you may be tempted to take a closer look you should do the exact opposite evacuate the area immediately ideally to higher ground hills or mountains but if there's not enough time

To escape find a sturdy vertical structure to climb and get as high above the approaching water as you can as the shock wave approaches land all that energy transforms the water into a colossal wall that can reach heights of

Over 100 feet and once it crashes ashore a tsunami will obliterate everything in its path the rapidly rising and turbulent water smash homes and tossed cars around like toys as additional waves follow the final round of

Devastation occurs when the massive amount of water reverses course to return to the sea dragging everything in its path along with it and most tragically sucking people if you're swept up in the current try to

Grab on to something that floats like a door or a fallen tree and prepare to experience the terror described by some survivors as being a human pinball battered by debris from all directions and with so much destruction it may be

Quite some time before help is on the way so it's always a good idea to be prepared with an evacuation plan for you and your family just in case the earth is constantly being hit by

Particles of dust tiny rocks and other space debris these small objects usually burn up high in the atmosphere producing the shooting stars you may have seen while looking up at the night sky but astronomers are always on the lookout

For bigger asteroids especially the ones that may be on course to strike our planet while rare these collisions with rocks from deep space do happen and the results can be downright terrifying an asteroid just seven meters in diameter

Will explode with the power roughly equal to the atomic bomb that was used on Hiroshima levelling buildings up to a mile away a larger 100 meter diameter asteroid has more power than the largest nuclear weapon ever tested and could

Level an entire city but there are even bigger asteroids out in space and a run-in with one of these would have a truly global impact an insanely giant asteroid one around 10 kilometers in diameter would create an impact crater

180 kilometers wide and 20 kilometers deep beyond just the impact it would cause worldwide earthquakes and mega tsunamis over 100 metres high just an ash thrown up into the atmosphere would cover the surface of the earth for years

A massive die-off of plants and animals would follow me basically the end of life as we know it and this has happened before an asteroid of roughly that size is what we think killed the dinosaurs and if an

Enormous asteroid the size of Earth were to hit the planet would be completely obliterated nothing but the Earth's core and create a new asteroid belt between Venus and Mars but don't worry too much

Giant asteroids the size of the one that wiped out the dinosaurs only hit the earth about every 50 to 100 million years of course the last one was 66 million years ago so I guess you could say we're do the Bermuda Triangle is an

Area in the North Atlantic Ocean located between Miami were tow Rico and the island of Bermuda over the years numerous ships and aircraft that disappeared without explanation while traveling through this region notable

Examples include the USS Cyclops a cargo ship with over 300 people on board that disappeared without a trace in 1918 and a group of five u.s. naval torpedo bombers known as flight 19 that inexplicably vanished over the area in

1945 during a routine training exercise there are dozens if not hundreds of similar incidents on record and while some crews avoid the Bermuda Triangle whenever possible others dismiss the stories of disappearing planes and ships

As legend coincidence or just a string of bad luck reports of compasses going haywire sudden changes in weather electrical problems and loss of engines are often the last radio contact before vanishing from radar without any way of

Determining the cause of these malfunctions and disappearances imaginations have run wild some people believe that extraterrestrial forces or UFOs are responsible for the abductions while others have proposed the triangle

May be a wormhole to another galaxy recently scientists have tried to connect the deadliness of the Bermuda Triangle with the possibility of strong whirlpools and powerful suction that could potentially pull huge items

Beneath the surface not let another theory involve strange cloud formations capable of creating air bombs full of wind with blasts as powerful as 170 miles per hour a force capable of sinking ships and

Downing aircraft regardless of which theory you believe it may be a good idea to stay out of the Bermuda Triangle for now unless you're trying to disappear show fuzzy that you'd like him more than knots by clicking the like button every

Has a fish they're terrified of for some it's the great white shark for others it's the dreaded piranha piranhas live in freshwater lakes and rivers in South America these scary looking fish are known for

Their razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws and while many types of piranhas are harmless there are some that are really nasty and dangerous the red-bellied piranha is one of the most aggressive species alive today these

Fish typically travel in large groups for protection and the more threatened or hungry they become the more viciously attack these piranhas are capable of feeding frenzies that can strip a fish to the bone in seconds they take turns

Biting with such incredible speed that it looks like the surrounding water is boiling some have compared an attack by a school of piranhas to being repeatedly stabbed by a thousand razor blades small children in particular are at risk

Because they're splashing attracts these fish and never get out in the water if you have an open or bleeding cut a recent news story from Brazil reported an accident involving a young girl killed in a piranha attack after falling

Out of a canoe most ferrata encounters are non-life-threatening and usually result in bites to your feet or hands but with such incredibly strong jaws a few unlucky people have actually lost an entire toe or finger bone included it's

Believed that hundreds of starving piranhas can devour the flesh of an average-sized adult in a matter of minutes but that has not yet been even so if you must get into the water with them consider creating a diversion by

Throwing a dead animal or some raw meat downstream from your position but you better move fast before they notice you anyone in the path of an approaching tornado knows to seek immediate shelter but some adventurous storm chasers

Actually hunt down tornadoes to research and learn more about them a tornado is a rapidly spinning column of air that can form when violent thunderstorms and certain wind patterns known as a supercell are present these funnels

Extend from storm clouds all the way to the ground and are one of the most destructive natural disasters deadly twisters occur across the globe but they're observed most frequently in a region of the u.s.

Known as Tornado Alley where hundreds of tornadoes touched down each year tornadoes are often preceded by a dark greenish sky and can sound like a roaring freight train as they approach torrential downpours lightning and even

Icy hail the size of a baseball frequently accompanied these catastrophic events wind conditions approaching 100 miles per hour are not uncommon with some tornadoes raging at speeds up to 300 miles per hour or

Almost 500 kilometers per hour easily capable of demolishing homes uprooting trees and tossing vehicles through the air some survivors caught outdoors when a tornado hit describe the terrifying experience as being sucked into a vacuum

Cleaner and then trapped in a cold dark cloud of spinning debris with sudden bursts of lightning the drop in pressure and powerful winds inside the vortex can feel like a punch to the stomach sucking the air out of your lungs and making it

Difficult to breathe but airborne debris is far more likely to cause injury a tornado can turn an ordinary 2×4 piece of wood into a fierce javelin or a missile like projectile that can easily impale you the powerful funnels can

Travel miles in an unpredictable track for well over an hour before disappearing leaving behind a trail of absolute devastation so if you're ever in the path of an approaching tornado find shelter immediately ideally in a

Basement or underground cellar but remember just because the tornado is passed doesn't mean that danger is over do fuzzy and nuts a favor and click the like button while much of the world has abolished the death penalty according to

A report by Amnesty International 57 countries still employ capital punishment including India China and the United States the sentencing process and the methods used varied from country to country but the results are always the

Same the most commonly used form of execution is also one of the oldest death by hanging this is the preferred method in Japan as well as Iran which has the highest number of executions per year

Many of which are still done in public the rope is meant to snap the neck of the accused causing instant death but there's some debate about how painless this actually is believe it or not firing squads are also still frequently

Used in countries such as Indonesia and China the method varies country to country with some still employing a group firing squad while others opt for a single bullet to the head when a squad is used often only one gun is actually

Loaded while the rest have blanks so the shooters are left unaware of who fired the actual killing shot only one country still performs beheadings Saudi Arabia they have the second most number of executions per year behind Iran and like

To carry out the deed in public and with a sword the United States also has a unique form of capital punishment the electric chair thousands of volts of electricity are sent through a prisoner and sometimes several minutes are needed

To finally cause death for States Alabama Florida South Carolina and Virginia still allow condemned prisoners to choose it as their method of execution but no one has taken them up on that offer since 2013

But perhaps the best-known form of execution at least in the United States is lethal injection here a deadly cocktail of toxins is administered that is meant to cause a quick and painless death there's

Actually been a case where this didn't work though a prisoner was given the drugs but nothing happened and being seemingly immune to the effects when they tried to execute him a second time the electric chair failed

And federal law stated that he had to be released how's that for good luck there's lots of stories of people surviving falls from incredible Heights including one of a woman surviving a fall from a whopping

33,000 feet after being sucked out of a plane On January 26th to 1972 flight attendant vesna vulovic fell an astonishing 30 3,300 feet from her airplane in the mountains of Czechoslovakia suffering from brain

Hemorrhage several crushed vertebrae and two broken legs she was not expected to survive but awoke from a coma two days later but while events like that maybe freak occurrences what would actually happen if say you belly flopped from 100

Feet high directly onto water well first water is soft and thus safer than the ground right well not quite see when you fall your body begins accelerating and the potential energy stored in your body is turned into

Kinetic energy the longer a fall lasts the more kinetic energy you generate until hitting a peak maximum based off your mass and total acceleration in short the longer you fall in the bigger you are the more kinetic energy you

Generate but when you finally hit a surface and come to a stop all that kinetic energy is then transferred to the impact site now when you hit a liquid all of these same physics are in play but as a dynamic medium water can

Actually move and be displaced which is why you can generally survive falls from a greater elevation but with enough speed mass and kinetic energy even a liquid like water can behave very very unexpectedly at a height of 100 feet the

Average person will reach a velocity of roughly 80 feet per second or 54 miles per hour as your body impacts the water it transfers all its kinetic energy to the water forcing water molecules to move away but at such high speeds the

Water molecules are forced to move too too quickly and encounter massive resistance from every other water molecule it pushes against this creates a reactionary force that pushes back against the object forcing the water to

Move in this case your own body the greater the surface area the larger the amount of water that is forced to try to get out of your way in a shorter amount of time so the greater the force exerted back on you that means that from a

Height of 100 feet and an average speed reaches 254 miles per hour a belly-flop carries a strong chance of outright death though even if you don't die you may wish you had at these speeds water can exert so much force on your body

That it'll shatter bones and rupture organs causing massive internal hemorrhaging while train cliff divers do routinely make jumps from these Heights they have learned how to properly enter the water and increase their rate of

Deceleration thus reducing the amount of force returned so while it may look like great fun maybe it's best to always leave the cliff diving to the professionals summer is here and that can only mean sunshine blooming flowers

And bee stings but what exactly happens when you get stoned by a bee and what would happen if you were stoned by a thousand of them first though let's learn a little bit about the history of the be the first bees were descendants

Of a carnivorous wasps black insect and appeared over 125 million years ago evolving into pollen eating and honey producing herbivores and though they were here well before us cave paintings dated to over 10,000 years ago in Spain

And France showed that man and bees have a long history together thanks to bad honey apiculture or beekeeping first began around 7,000 BC in the Middle East with honey finding use as food medicine and even preservative the practice soon

Spread around the world from Egypt to Greece and Africa and though famous for their stingers most bees only sting in defense of behind and give up an attack pretty quickly most bees that is with the exception of the legendary

Africanized honey bee also known as killer bees they will pursue a threat for distances up to 3 miles and if you think water save you think again killer bee swarms have been known to patiently hover and

Wait over water until their victim comes up to breathe so they can continue attacking but what actually happens when you get stung by a beat for that we'll need to take a much closer look a bee stinger evolved from its egg-laying

Organ the ovipositor so only female bees can sting once a stinger penetrates flesh Barb's along its shaft help it dig deeper into the victim even after the bee is tore free the stinger the stinger immediately begins to pump venom into

The blood because the venom is about 88% water and we are ourselves mostly water the venom disperses easily through the body so what exactly is in that other 12% and why does it hurt so much half of a bees venom is made up of a peptide

Called Milutin together with phospholipids a to this toxic brew works to destroy cells bursting red blood cells in the sting site appleman which makes up about 3% of a bees venom directly attacks nerve tissue causing

Further pain while hi Lauren days which makes up about 2% of the venom destroys cell membranes allowing the venom to spread easier as if that wasn't enough this toxic brew also makes blood vessels expand which is why bee stings can be so

Dangerous to people with no blood pressure so what exactly would happen if you were stung by 1,000 bees at once most healthy people can tolerate about 10 stings per pound of body weight according to the CDC the average

American weighs about 181 pounds meaning most people could tolerate about 1,800 stings before death however even if 1,000 stings is far below this fatal threshold there is the potential for serious and life-threatening

Complications the most dangerous part of a bee sting is when it produces swelling in locations other than the sting site or when the sting site is in a particularly vulnerable area such as the throat this swelling can compromise the

Airway and lead to asphyxiation because it also causes blood vessels to expand all that venom can critically lower blood pressure becoming potentially fatal for the sick or elderly but even if 1000 stinks don't

Kill you outright they can still be lethal days after the attack when a bee stings you it damages a great deal of cellular tissue and it's the kidneys job to eliminate this cell tissue and keep it from gunking up the body however if

There's too much damaged tissue the kidneys can't keep up and may be overwhelmed leading to a shutdown this is why people suffering from extreme bee attacks are typically hospitalized and closely monitored for a few days after

For the average human 1,000 stings shouldn't be fatal but approximately 2% of the population suffers from extreme allergic reactions that can be triggered by just a single sting bees aren't very prone to attacking people though and

With the exception of the Africanized honey bees are quite tolerant of us most beekeepers don't even wear suits so while they may seem quite scary just remember bees will typically leave you alone as long as you leave them

Alone typically the average person will spend about two years of their life showering and washing themselves but what would happen if you decided to take some of your life back and stop showering

Altogether many people actually shower too much while a daily rinse is fine you can make do with a scrub of your armpits groin and feet and save a full body scrub down for every other or even every three days that's because your body

Naturally builds up a defensive layer against infection called the stratum corneum this is a layer of dead skin cells bound together by fat cells called lipids that acts as a shield against bacteria and infections for the new skin

Being grown underneath when you share it with too hot of water or scrub too often you strip this layer away and can leave your skin unprotected which can lead to infections or dry itchy skin but what happens when you don't shower at all

Well the first thing you and likely all your friends will notice is that you'll start to smell pretty bad while we commonly assume this is because of sweat it turns out sweat is actually odorless the smell instead comes from

Tyria that absolutely thrive and swell and rapidly multiply out of control releasing the pungent aroma of bad Bo the second thing you'll likely notice when you stop showering is an explosion of acne across your face and body

Throughout your day your skin is constantly secreting oils to help keep itself moisturized when you stop washing that oil can get backed up in your course and cause blockages dirt and other grime can also become stuck in all

That oil and further block your pores sending you straight back to your pimply faced high school days but some people are naturally resistant to acne and report their faces actually clear up when they stop showering though they may

Not suffer from increased acne their dead skin cells normally removed by regular washing would also begin to clump glued together by oil secreted by the body these oils would also trap dirt and other pollutants creating large

Patches of dead skin which would gradually turn darker and eventually become infected with fungus and bacteria this could lead to the development of warty growths and leave you vulnerable to infections

Whether you shower daily or not though your body is always covered in bacteria and fungus the average person has about 1,000 different types of bacteria an 80 fungi growing on them at any time these are mostly beneficial to us though

Helping to crowd out bad bacteria and fungus and creating antimicrobial secretions that protect us from infections but if you stop washing they can start to grow completely out of control and eventually enter the eyes

Mouth nose or ears causing everything from internal infections to diarrhea everyone has skipped the shower or two and though two years of your life may seem like a lot of time wasted just cleaning yourself trust us it's worth it

While it's okay and even beneficial to limit how often you do a full body scrub down not cleaning yourself at all is not just bad for your friends but can be potentially really bad for your health too you don't want to be the smelly kid

At school but you definitely don't want to be the sick one stuck in bed either everyone's done it you plopped down for a few matches a fortnight and the next thing you know you've been building stairs over an enemy's wall – shotgun

Them in the face until 3:00 in the morning but what would happen if you played fortnight for 24 hours straight with games like fortnight becoming more and more popular there's been an increase in recent year some news

Stories about videogame addicts discovered dead after marathon gaming sessions but what exactly happens to your body and what risks are you taking when you play video games non-stop for really long stretches of time the first

Risk you face from a 24 hour long for tonight's session is one familiar to many businessmen known as economy class syndrome deep vein thrombosis used to be a major health issue for business travellers making frequent 12 plus hour

Flights often occurring in the legs due to long periods of inactivity blood can pool and clot together until arterial pressure forces the clot to move along your circulatory system eventually it can reach your lungs and block blood

Flow where it causes a pulmonary embolism leading the shortness of breath fainting and even sudden death after experiencing deep vein thrombosis an individual can also suffer from a complication known as post flea-bitten

Or post thrombotic syndrome where damage to their veins results in reduced blood flow and pain skin discoloration skin sores and persistent swelling the next risk you take from a 24 hour long for tonight's session is one familiar to

Many construction workers after a lifetime of lifting and straining with heavy loads temporary or possibly even permanent lower back pain modern chairs and couches can be extremely comfortable but they forced the human body to sit in

A very unnatural position it wasn't designed for if you've ever seen any nature documentaries with native people you've probably noticed they don't own any chairs and squat a lot that's because the squatting position is what

The human body was naturally designed to do sitting the way we do in the modern world can put severe strain on the tailbone and lower back muscles and that strain can badly wick in those muscles while one single 24-hour fortnight

Session probably won't be enough to damage you for life too many in a row can lead to persistent back pain and lifelong injury everyone's heard about the next risk before typically from an overly

Concerned mother sit too close to the TV and you'll hurt your eyes while the reasoning isn't exactly accurate you can severely damage your vision from staring at a TV or computer screen for 24 hours at a time computer vision

Syndrome or digital eye strain is caused by a variety of factors including the distance from your screen the biggest factor however is that while in real life ambient lighting levels don't often fluctuate drastically colors remain

Relatively static and your focus rarely shifts a computer or TV screen can display dramatic shifts and lighting colors and even focus and rapid secession as exciting scenes unfold in a video game or move on this forces the

Eye muscles to work overtime and can lead to stress and fatigue which causes a loss of visual acuity over time the effects can even become permanent specifically if you already suffer from vision problems leading to lifelong

Damaged vision the last effect of a 24-hour fortnight session just might be the scariest since it's by far the deadliest while it would probably take more than one 24-hour fortnight session to develop extended video game sessions

Have been linked directly to heart failure and death because of the high demands video games place on the brain they tax the minds much more than exercise and can push an individual to greater depths of mental and physical

Exhaustion addicted gamers often push themselves past these limits and given the already poor health of most of these marathon gamers it can all proved to be too stressful to their hearts which soon gives out on them one 24-hour

Fortnight's session will probably just leave you exhausted and with some short-term eye strain not to mention some serious Bo but pack too many of them too closely together and you start taking some serious risks with your

Health if you're one of these marathon gamers remember to take care of yourself and follow our advice take short frequent breaks and go outside once in a while for some light exercise the battle bus will be ready to drop you into an

Machen seconds as soon as you're back no need to make yourself sick over it you want to know what happens next week click the bell button and get notified as soon as videos get released

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