Future of Fujifilm Lenses :: Compact or Performance Designs?

published on July 20, 2020

This has been a pretty big couple weeks for Fujifilm first of all we had the release of the x100 V and this was followed up this week with the announcement of the XT for now we do know that there are four lenses coming this year only one of which we actually

Know what it is it's going to be the 50 millimeter F one point zero but I want to do some speculation and talk about lenses in the Fujifilm system but first I want to give a quick shout-out to our sponsor today who are the awesome folks

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Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this episode of the art of photography so aside from the 50 millimeter f1 point 0 that's the only lens we actually know that is coming they had a prototype at the last Fuji film press conference it's

Gonna be a really big lens it's probably going to be beautiful it's probably also going to be expensive but there are we left and there's been a lot of speculation as to what these might be and I think at least one of these is

Probably going to be some longer telephoto type lens that will be used for sports photography I'm almost certain that the XT four was bumped up to an earlier release than what we usually have on release cycle because

The Olympics are this year they're gonna be this summer in Tokyo and so Fujifilm wanting to have a presence like every other camera company I think that having the latest model ready for the Summer Olympics was pretty much the mo and

That's why we saw it released so early it's an incredible camera I did two videos on that I've had it for a couple days I unfortunately had to return it today it's a really exciting Camryn I think they did a wonderful job with it

But I want to talk a little bit about lenses in the context of what we know about the XT four and we're Fujifilm have kind of been headed and what the trade-offs they've been working with are and what we might see in the future

So this in addition to having a strange lens hood is the 16 millimeter f1 point for this has an equivalent field of view of a 24 millimeter full frame lens I think the 16 millimeter f1 point for I've said this many times in these

Videos is probably one of my favorite Fuji film lenses ever made it has absolutely beautiful optics it performs really well but in all fairness because it's a wide-angle lens it's a 16 millimeter lens it's not hard to get a

Wide angle to focus really quickly now there is an alternative version of this lens there's a 16 millimeter F 28 I did a comparison between the two of them I think between the two I mean obviously the smaller lens has a much lower price

Point than this one does but if you want the optics I think that this is the lens that you've got to get another lens that I use all the time is this one which you see in a lot of the thumbnails from my videos this is the 35 millimeter f1

Point for now there are two versions of this lens as well I wasn't a huge fan of the more compact version I didn't think it's autofocus was that great that could have been the copy that I had it is at a lower price point but once again much

Like the 16 millimeter f1 point 4 for me personally and everybody has to decide what works best for them optics are more important than speed and ease of use and so you do lose a little bit of speed with this lens it's not the newest and

The fastest and the latest and greatest but optically it is absolutely gorgeous which brings me to another lens that I use very regularly on the Fujifilm system this is the 56 millimeter f1 point 2 once again there

Is a compact sister version of this it's slightly short it's a 50 millimeter lens in full disclosure I have not tried that one I pretty much went straight for this one because the f1 point to aperture going for the optics now what I'm saying

And the reason I'm sharing all this with you is that your needs in the lens and my needs and a lens might be two different things some people need the speed they need the accuracy they're shooting sports they're shooting

Something that's fast the shooting action generally speaking in my world I don't do that and I would not recommend the 56 millimeter f1 point 2 because the autofocus is a little clunky in this lens that's not an insult to the lens I

Am much more into the optics than I am in the speed in the performance and that's why I went with this lens and that's what's been great about the Fuji film system so far is that they've pretty much offered choices for

Different photographers you usually have a compact version that has slightly faster autofocus and then you have a more wide aperture version that may be slower but that is the trade-off which brings me to this lens which is the 16

To 55 millimeter F 28 a lot of people refer to these as red label zooms there's the red label there so red label zooms such as the 16 to 55 millimeter F 28 or even the wider version the 8 to 16 millimeter F 28 these feature fairly

White apertures for a zoom lens and they are consistent apertures throughout the entire zoom range they have really high optical quality but most important and this is what I want to point out to you guys is when you see the little LM in

The initials following the focal length on the lens that stands for linear motor now linear motors actually work with the system of rails that your lens element is attached to and when it acquires focus it's simply going to slide along

Those rails to acquire focus this is much different than the early days where we had rotational actuators so if you think back to the earliest days of autofocus when you only had a handful of camera companies that were doing this

People like Minolta Canon Nikon and what we were doing back then is we were just taking the early designs of manual focus lenses and finding a way to get a motor onto that to acquire focus so they were rotational because that's how you would

Acquire focus on a lens now there's no problem with getting accuracy out of rotational actuators they can be extremely accurate your bottleneck is going to be speed just because you have a long

Distance to turn the motor than you do when you have new linear actuated motors so if we're looking at a system that involves the camera side with the ability to drive really high fast autofocus to adjustment speeds we also

Need the lenses to be designed to handle those speeds – this is similar to what Sony were looking at a couple years ago in their vision that ultimately culminated with the a9 and now the a9 – I think Fujifilm have been kind of

Chasing that same ideal and you need two components to that you have to have the camera side of things you have to have the technology to drive autofocus that fast to make adjustments that quickly and you have to have the lenses designed

To physically deal with it – once again this is just speculation but let me give you a point of comparison so we have an older lens that is much more lightweight and relatively compact and there is a compactor version of this is compact or

Even a word but anyway we have chosen optics over performance on this design this is a design that Concordia is much larger it is much more expensive speculation is going to get me in trouble here I can't predict the future

And maybe I'm wrong about this whole thing but what I expect to see from Fujifilm are lenses that incorporate both the performance aspects as well as the optical aspects and that is very difficult to do with compact form

Factors such as this and so it'll be really interesting to see what we get this year with those three lenses again because the Olympics are coming up I think that's why the XT 4 release date was pushed up I think you can definitely

Expect to see at least one of those lenses be a sports lens be it a telephoto or a long prime something like that maybe we get two lenses that are in that neighborhood not trying to insult sports photographers believe me I have

Many friends that are sports photographers that I have the utmost respect of what they do because they do it really well but my point is is of the whole world of photography how many photographers actually have the need to

Shoot 20 frames a second I've done that on the Sony cameras and I've done it on the Fuji phone cameras and what happens is you come home from an event with thousands of images that you've got to go through what we really need is a

System of how to organize those and kind of pick your shot in camera something like that I'm not talking about AI I'm just talking about a user interface that allows you to do it it becomes quite cumbersome to do who needs 60

Adjustments per second on their autofocus algorithm or their auto exposure out or them I might argue that that is is important because your hit rate goes way up but it's really interesting I

Don't know who needs the kind of speed that we're talking about on any of these cameras but this is where I'd like to hear from you so drop me a comment let me know and it's why I'm sharing a lot of these lenses with you that I use with

The Fujifilm system like the thirty five-millimeter f one point four I've had people leave comments when I've talked about this lens saying why did you buy that one the other ones known to be much faster and to be honest with you

The speed on this one is fine and I was more interested in the optics and that's why and so I want to hear what you guys have to say on this so drop me a comment let me know we'll see what lenses come down the pike this year from Fujifilm

I'm excited either way it's amazing time that we live in catch you guys in the next video until then later

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