Future Economy: Freedom or Dystopia? Mike Maloney

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

What lies in our future the only potential outcomes that I can see are the greatest recession in world history or a depression and could that depression become the greatest depression getting to the main page the news at gold-silver this story here from

Jeff Clark this is really worth reading the set up for a long and deep crisis is in place other news they've a former JP Morgan economist we are heading toward a Weimar Republic inflation well got news for him it was a hyperinflation not just

An inflation and yes we are heading there however as long as people are scared velocity of currency will slow and the deflation that we are in will continue except it isn't just deflation it's the in deflation that I talked

About inflation and deflation simultaneously the majority will be toward deflation so the economy at a hole as a whole will be deflating however certain items like we're already seeing it in some food products certain

Items are going to be inflating viewed mostly it's going to be the stuff that you really need that's going to be soaring in price other items are going to be things that suffered supply chain disruptions and they become very hard to

Get and those things will soar in price fed members not looking for snap back economic recovery so the Federal Reserve is finally sort of catching up to what's going on and they realize that the economy isn't just going to come back as

Soon as lockdown ends this is going to stretch out for a very long time hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones says that this will be the second depression if we remain in lockdown well I have a feeling that already we're

We're in for the second depression we've had a contraction of GDP that in just a couple of months that is about the same as the Great Depression we're going to have a the the contraction then was 33% and I believe

We're already at around 40 and so this is going to be a depression most likely you know it could be that it's just a severe recession if the next quarter is not that bad but the economic data that came out in the last quarter that was

Out of there's there's 13 weeks in a quarter and the data of the last two weeks not only wiped out the first eleven weeks but it offset that into severe negative territory so this next quarter

The data is really going to look bad I have a feeling that we are already going to be we're entering right now a depression and that it has the potential of becoming the greatest depression so that you know it'll be a depression even

If we stop the lockdown today this second is sort of too late for that now in a video a little while back you know I explained that the society that wins this thing is the society that can balance the spread of this virus with

The you know we want to limit that spread as much as possible but you can't shut down the economy making an emotional short-term decision for that that the politicians are all making across the world is very dangerous and

It'll come back to haunt them with damage that will take decades to recover from so it's it's the the winners are the societies that balance the economy with controlling the spread of that virus and here is the proof of that this

Is from the 2019 economic freedom of the world report from the Fraser Institute and basically it's showing the difference there's a hundred and sixty-seven countries now that produce reliable economic data every year they

Take that data they stick it in a spread and there's subject such as the size of the government compared to the size of the economy the levels of taxation the fairness of their laws and their legal system the soundness of their currency

Whether they're typing a bunch of currency into existence or not that's a very important factor and then economic freedom the how easy is it to start a business can you import and export anything from around the world can you

Go anywhere in the world invest in anything you want bring back the proceeds without the government saying oh no you can't do that or you can't do that without giving us our cut we've got a big penalty on that for our cut but

What you see here is that countries with greater economic freedom have substantially higher per capita incomes this is very important and there's a big difference here the drop from if you take all of the data from all those

Countries for the categories that I just told you about and you put them in a spreadsheet and you hit sort this amazing stuff happens you find that the economies that are can track their the government is controlling things and

Trying to make everybody equal end up in poverty and they are the least free that or dictatorships and the economies that have the smallest government's compared to their GDP and the most freedom where you're allowed to do as many things as

Possible and it's not difficult for somebody to open up a business and they don't burden you with too much reporting and compliance and and taxation and redistribution of wealth when they're trying to make everybody equal and

They're taking from anybody that has a successful business or any prosperous business person and then redistributing to another group of people that tends to bring them from here to here and there's a 40% reduction in income in the second

Quartile here so this is the top 25% in that spreadsheet this is the next 25% now the reason I bring this up is is a two ago I did a video where I had some calculations in it on the number of deaths that could be caused by the

Economic consequences of the what I call the Batman whoa flu because there's certain words I don't want to say in my videos so that I don't get censored the Batman whoa flu is because of the origins of the current global health

Problem but here's how it lines up this is the life expectancy is over 14 years longer in countries with the most economic freedom than countries with the least there is a 5.3 year difference between this first quartile and the

Second quartile and if you take that 5.3 years times the 330 million people in the United States divided by their current lifespans you end up with the equivalent of killing 22 you're losing the amount of lifespan that is the

Equivalent of killing 22 million people today now that's if our incomes drop by 40% during the Great Depression it was 33% and this could be the greatest depression and what is causing it is a lot of the decisions that politicians

Are making and they have to balance this based on data they're making a long term that there's we're making short-term emotional decisions that have long-term economic consequences and these are the consequences right now the the health

Problem that the world is experiencing in the United States it has killed 80,000 people 22 million people is 300 times that amount it's huge the societies that win are the societies that strike the balance between limiting

The spread of the virus and not damaging the economy on the radar Las Vegas new cameras were installed at the Wynn and encore had and they have fever detection and facial rec Nishan capabilities but we're told that

They can't read your thoughts yet one of the Glenn Greenwald one of the creepiest and most dystopian things I have seen since the pandemic began a terrifying camera equipped remote-controlled robots in a singapore park – for now

Warned about social distancing so I'm gonna take you to what this looks like live so this is the robot and and these robots are made by American War contractors the weapons contractors American you know why they call it

Defense industry contractors no this is war and it's turning into population control is what it's turning into so take you back to the beginning of this video watch the fear that people have

they don't want to get near it now these robots are originally designed to be able to carry weapons so can you imagine this thing with guns and tasers and potentially little micro drones this

Like I said this is a war item and it's also a population control item so you know in the future our lives are going to be very different than they are today just look at the fear I want to welcome the twenty nine hundred and seventeen

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Article Jeff Clark now it's from Goldman Sachs investment research and you know goldman sachs in my opinion they did this chart wrong time in charts always reads from left to right and they have today and ten years ago and today and

Ten years ago so this isn't the way to do it however the data is what's more important this is a discretionary fiscal easing so this is basically stimulus as a percentage of GDP so and this this is the three months of coronavirus and it's

Been less than three months actually since they really started the fiscal stimulus this has all taken place in just the past two months and then the three years of the global financial crisis and so it took three

Years to do five point three percent of GDP for the g20 countries so this is the average for 20 countries and we're already at 6.1 percent of GDP here but when you look at what the US has done six point four percent in three years

Here and actually you know this is less than two months it's it's it's not three months two months of GDP eleven point nine percent that's twelve percent of the economy and I want to remind everybody that creating new currency

Doesn't create any new goods and services new goods and services are shrinking while they're creating more of the measurement tool for the goods and services in temporary storage device for a value the US dollar currency is is not

Wealth currency is the measurement tool for wealth it's the medium of exchange it's a temporary storage device for that so what this does when they create more currency is it redistributes wealth the new dollars do not have any inherent

Purchasing power any intrinsic purchasing power they get their purchasing power when they type them into existence once they they are given to somebody something somebody by purchasing something that's how the

Federal Reserve gets them into circulation is purchasing something they purchased something by fooling the seller the seller is used to taking dollars and so they see these new dollars they don't know that they're new

They just see dollars and those dollars dilute the currency supply transferring wealth from everything that is denominated and currency everything that everybody that is holding currency transferring wealth from them to the

First spenders of the currency so it is a wealth transfer of 12% of the economy in just two months twelve percent of the annual GDP has been redistributed from the average person to the financial sector

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Part of the you know that we've got a lot of videos in our on our channel and they just go into the huge pile of videos and so it's really stuff that becomes forgotten I'm currently working on three books three it's really hard to

Do requires a ton of work I've been working on them for years and I also have some very important videos and you can help me I'm working on one thing that I feel will refute Keynesian economics I'm trying to do my best to

Just change the world a little bit and make it a better make it a better place that then you know when I leave then when I got here and and so you can help me do that you know if you're alright with just getting two or three of these

Video updates a week because I really need to dedicate my time to these important things that I feel are going to help change the world so now we come to the meme of the day and this doesn't require a lot of explanation but you

Know this is a US and China but you can just change this to the east and the west and the East has been accumulating gold for you know since before the global financial crisis this whole century they've been accumulating gold

The West has been you know their gold stocks have been going down in the West the US hasn't sold any Canada sold all of their gold but Europe and and the and the Western Hemisphere have both been dis hoarding gold the central banks and

So on net sellers where the East have been net buyers and so when you look at this war what's real and what isn't this is a very old meme that we collected years ago and we just wanted to bring it back

So I'll leave you with that I want to thank you very much for watching we'll see you next time

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