Furby 1998 Original – Unboxing & Review [HD]

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hello everybody this is my box and fun
today I will have a very very special
unboxing for you today I do already know
by the thumbnail because all my glamour
finished and I just thought that you
know I need to make a special video for
all my fans on YouTube out there that
have so this video our hatchday is a
video on the unboxing of these derby I
see my already expected from the time to
again man from the title itself so the
Furby 1998 version so first Furby that I
actually found that actually I know of
actually which I'm making a video of so
I don't think there's any more focus
before this so I think this is one of
the rarest and the most oldest Furby
that you could get your hands on up to
date so I again I'm I'm just going to
start unboxing now imma if you wanted to
know where I got this item from
obviously that you can't get it or pick
it up it anywhere or any retail shop you
can get on eBay so I've got this item on
eBay and it costs me quite a bit but it
was really really worth it and I think
that you know just because I wanted to
make this video for you guys I should
make it but you could find us all great
deal on eBay but I just wanted to make a
video for you guys so I just quick
quickly buy it just to make this video
so the father box you can see that this
is this Furby and it says electronic
Furby and it says warning and it says
warning because it says something about
the warn it says it says this a sua says
it says choking hazard small parts are
not for children
I don't think the verb is a small part I
don't think a child will choke on a
Furby I think that they mean is that
manuals and stuff but again I think that
would be a problem on the front of the
books you can clearly see it on the side
it says I can communicate with other
furbies and teach them games songs and
tricks well I'm sure this one can
communicate with each 1012 lightly but
will surely making a video with
comparison between them love me I'll
love you back let's play together
Tiger model 7800 Oh interesting
on the back the story of the third be
some fairies are grace others are white
sometimes are black I don't have my last
some have tales others have Mane's but
each surbhi has own name so no two
forbids are the same okay I agree on
that I don't know what name my one is
but let's call it brown – white Furby I
don't know but anyway this says the
bottom here that this one Tiger if
recommends Furby I mean chubby tiger
recommends draw a cell as you can
clearly see that above them and it says
I can dance you can dance I can wiggle
my ears blink my eyes and move my mouth
and you can teach me chops to do tricks
oh ok alright let's just get this Furby
open then and let's see what you can
actually do this is a joint unboxing and
review so the Furby is going to be taken
up this bucket as you can see and we're
just going to see what's in the box –
another thing I think I found underneath
here so let's just see okay there you
got a Quick Start Guide for the Furby
and it says Quick Start Guide before you
play with me please follow these tips
tell upside down hold you upside down
put your finger in my mouth and hold my
tongue switch while holding my tongue
switch play press my research no reset
button I will wake up and tell you my
name I am now ready to play okay
and it says here hide and seek your
fabric concerns changes tonight
okay okay okay whatever I'm again some
of these instructions which I guess I
know one of the actual videos interested
about they want to know more about the
Furby all right baby I'll interested
about the manuals and everything then
just let me know and I'll talk about
them to explain what is on them okay so
this is a Furby okay as you can see and
you just as a handiest mouth and it will
open up your wake up
I bought this extremely expense and I
don't expect it birthday so you can see
don'ts need as you can see just leave
doesn't leave this is a fun yeah I don't
want you to sleep get up get up baby get
hello I hope you there's a button on the
back oh my god there's a butt on the
back I should did it everybody about
guys I just found out nice hang on now
Wow so yeah it just started okay so you
can see it clearly see that I can
respond to you it can it hello i'm this
thing here such as well so call me to
get over there become good and this boy
on the buckler's you can actually press
see that can you see that guys on the
headlights crushing figure can see it
anyway the blinds are here the longest
um spine kind of thing so you can kind
of see it's really nice I really like it
I think you can see a touching on the
video but you can't see in real life
because different so let's see that yeah
mrs. Russia's it's pretty cheap okay
yeah okay we get the point okay again
now Oh II did again so but that's a
special life but I think it's the first
flash because it's supposed to
communicate Furbies and you see this is
a really weird product you know for
Christmas and everything is a really
great product you should buy it you know
even though I still think I think
personally at ather be like twelve and
twelve babies and the Furby boom I don't
think that there they are that great I
think they are really they're fake kids
like the eyes re like you know they're
not they're not real I like this one
here I realize are real eyelashes know
everything but the new Furby
the new phobias I just I just take like
they have like fake or LCD eyes they
were having out I should and they just
do you know that it's really bad I don't
understand why this one doesn't move or
anything because it has this little
thing on the bottom here with stuff so
don't know just perfect
I don't know but I understand if every
language I just read review for you guys
you know again a very nice product
I think this Furby is a bit better than
the 2012 Abby if you want me to make a
video of before them together like you
know a video of comparing them or video
of making them communicate with each
I probably much much bigger for them but
you know and I will be making the videos
but not now probably in jewe day but
yeah so here you go is video guys Jim
yeah okay so I hope your voice too again
has original thing and buy it buy tiger
hey good bonus is down my city and it
won't break so yeah I hope you guys
really guys don't forget to leave a
video sums up if you enjoy this video
and you want more videos with buggy yeah
yeah so if you want more videos on this
verb universes scratch my channel and
leave a comment down below anything you
want number 30 because this amazing 30
if you want it go to ebay right now and
buy it because this is an amazing Furby
and amazing Furby and might as well just
be some it might be evil you know evil
forbid you know but let's say that
everyone's talking about it might be
evil you never know
are you evil Toby okay that's nice
enough recording for now hey guys see ya
Leah bye

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