Fuel Tank Garbage Removal Trick Safe

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Ryan's mobile one on just about every fuel pump that I've ever done either a paper in the box of the box itself says that you've got a drain and I'm clean the fuel tank whenever you have a fuel pump go bad it either wears crud in the tank that caused it to go bad or it goes

Bad and crud comes off of it or a bunch gets stuck on that strainer on the bottom and then when the pressure is gone you know it settles to the bottom of the tank so you gotta clean that out any one here it's ever replaced the fuel

Pump and not done that raise your hand it's a shame that most I'd it's getting those working camel today anyway but the point is the this video that there's a shortcut way of doing that where you don't have to completely drain it but

You don't have to just leave it and ignore the stuff that's in it so when you think about a a wet/dry shopback should be perfect for cleaning out a fuel tank right you're just sucking the stuff out because they can do wet or dry

But there's two things that are not great about that number one this should be clear so you can see what's coming out of it and that would be nice but there were yes everybody sees I'm looking at the warning label it says to

Avoid the risk of fire or electric shock when you look at here it says do not used to pick up flammable combustible liquids such as gasoline or using areas imagine it's an electric thing in there static electricity and all that kind of

Stuff right so it's a possibility that it could ignite but I found something that works great for sucking it out without having to use a wet/dry vac let me show you

So the solution is this little device it's a metal tank it handles the suction it's got a little hose thing that shows you how much is in it if I tip it you can see the oil appear and disappear problem with doing gas you got it empty

It quick or else this thing starts to grow on you that's supposed to be straight up and down you can see that it's not you've got all of these different clear tubes so you can see what you're sucking through and how much

And all that kind of deal and then it's got a 90 degree like a little ball valve on the end of it and a Chuck that interfaces with all of these different hoses it's wonderful so this if it's got a little charge in it I think it's empty

At the moment it sucks down and then you can close it back off so the nice thing about this is you can stick that down into the fuel tank you know like on a big sending unit hole where you can see it all this stuff

Down and then I have a flashlight in one hand and I've got this in the other and if I had a third hand a gripping hand if you've read that book then you can use this and suck stuff out so so you see stuff on the bottom of the tank you just

Take one of your little things and I've got a little drain to the bottom but you just take that and just hold this open the valve and suck up say this is this junk at the bottom of the tank that's what we're doing a role playing here

We're using their imaginations I think I have some footage of this I'll see if I can find it so there's a whacker compactor that you can rent from a shreds and that's what I did for the foundation of my building and yeah all

Everything sorted out and then the ground doesn't absorb water the same it basically hardens and firms it up so that you don't have stuff sinking in mud every time it rains if you can pack the gravel it holds them locks together and

It's so smooth and nice to drive so anyway my buddies got one of those that you sit and write on it's old school so it's not a diesel one with the remote control and a little like I have it's got like a little globe half globe half

Dome thing the new ones do but his is just a hold school one that you write on top when I borrowed it he's like I know you're a mechanic and if you get diagnosis for me it's tense to cut out a little bit and when I do

Start it up it revs up and then down and then up and then down and so I'm thinking vacuum leak fuel restraints and all this kind of stuff but you don't know until you do something about it so let's probe the tank on that and show

You this guy in action diagnosing something with style now to the action let's see this thing do its work so this is an old roller right on compactor dat vibrate stuff down it takes a little rusty you can feel it in the bottom

We've got a suction tank if you have air compression if you don't have one of these you should get one fuels brand new just put it in what colors that come out brown and chunky it looks like some kind of Aminah yeah yeah you know what I'm

Talking about looks like crap anyway I'm just stabbing around and what feels like a quarter-inch or rust on the bottom of this tank this actually died it quit running because it walked the fuel filter off I had to pull the fuel line

Off and back flush some of that garbage out of there so then you pull it up a little higher you see all that rust in there I can't even get it to go up the tube let alone through the fuel line as long as I did this on the flat it was

Fine soon as I my garden curved all that rust spilled out into the bottom of the tank and plugged it up and that's what was causing he up and down idle it would plug and free and plug him free and that would die install but it's just a bunch

Of rust in the tank perfect tool to diagnose that so as I'm cleaning out this tank I can tell you right now that there's little pieces of glitter but they don't show up on camera I've got some little pieces of copper that I'm

Gonna drop in there little pieces of wire though should show up on camera okay so just get this right down on the bottom there I hit suck and it just sucks them up just like that when I clear it you hear it sucking clear all

The way but that's all it takes to get it cleared out but you just suck all the contaminants and stuff out and turn it off that way you don't have to suck down the whole tank you still get the main things that you need to get out of there

The big junky junk out so isn't that cool so next up I'm going to show you how to charge it the unfortunate thing of this is that you have to charge it with your air

Compressor and it actually takes a lot this is the baffle that kind of makes it quiet I guess these things they have an exhaust about them you just take your chock it doesn't matter what kind of fitting it takes

This is universal and you just stick this on like this to show you know how it's charged and then as you just saw me equalize this and get pressure totally the same on

Inside inside the tank and outside of the tank you pull this and watch it bow watching needle goes down pretty fast when it's a big hole like that but I'm gonna suck it onto my finger it's just all there easy peasy

So like I say you've got all of these different things you've got ones that are really skinny like this it'll fit down the dipstick tube so if you can't find the drain plug you can still suck all the oil out that's why they call it

An oil extractor if I use it for gasoline – just gotta make sure that you clean it up good because gasoline is a shorter chain solvent and it can mess with the hoses and these I'm sure you can fix or replace not sure if these are

Vinyl or nylon or what they are what a handy thing to have around it's good for second stuff out of differentials and whatnot as well but it is a little bit of a pig when it comes to the air supply so having a good compressor makes a big

Difference so has demonstrated it works great but then how do you get the oil from here out and the gasoline out so it doesn't do damage to it glad you asked you equalize it again the reason why is even

If you have just a little bit of vacuum it's really hard to take the cap off it locks down I mean you can do it but it's gonna leave a mark in your finger and your thumb in the process so you take this

Leave it open for a little bit and then continue to leave it opens there's a vent to it and then when you go to take this off and you don't have to tighten this down very much when you do put it on because this suction is gonna suck it

Down anyway that'll come off you take this little guy and you got to pour this out so naturally if you're pouring it out and this is tipping with it it's going to pour itself out juice and stick that to the side and then it's got

Wheels on it and you can either take it to your oil recycler and then pour it in their tank if you like or you can put it in your storage tank or jug or whatever you gonna do first thing they do I've got a funnel in it even the funnel so

That it's favor go make a mess around here so it doesn't get in mix you just tip it like this and pour it out so what kind of container in Hawaii is and I'm glad you asked that's a good question this is actually a Kodak you

Know like the film it's a Kodak container for some kind of activator or toner or something guy who's a service guy he worked on copy machines and he gets these extra he's like you won't want I'm like sure try one tried it out

Loved it so easy to pour it into so easy to pour out of without making a mess it's clean it's great to work with and so I asked him for two more and he gave them to me no he's an engineer and doesn't do that anymore so I'm cut off I

Don't have access anymore the men are these great containers so if you know a guy that works on coffee machines if you can get you one of these toner or activator or whatever it was jugs there are five gallons you can see

Through them they're kind of opaque under get really yellow and hard to see through but they are awesome thanks for watching my floating head video this camouflage brings like that if you want to see more videos like this be sure to

Click subscribe and click the bell thanks so much for being here bonus footage at the end ever wonder what the bonus footage at the end and the Brian's mobile one guy looks like that's him his name's Vince thanks Vince

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