Buddies React to Pimple Popping Movies | Iris

published on July 3, 2020

it's gonna choking you see how arduous at

it it appears like ol nasty


I really like popping movies I'm like since I

attempt to get you to observe all of them the

time yeah you do okay that's not actual

life this isn’t actual life

oh it appears like sauerkraut it appears

like cookie batter it's what’s that

it's like a it's like a mind whoa whoa

whoa it's like on it

oh it prefer it appears like chewed of like

Thanksgiving stuffing yeah it's like

that is the Oreo that's the cream however

then it will get nastier as a result of then they

begin to dig and dig and dig and dig Wow

he's getting the sack out it's all I

might speak about appears like he's pulling

previous cheese out of his head it's

in all places that's loads weight very

fading it as a very good luck attraction I'd pay

a lot cash to try this

yeah I'd go to med college however whose

portray I'll drop the whole lot I’ll

by no means eat cookies and cream ever once more



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