Fresh iPhone 12 Leaks! Tiny Batteries, New Cable, Reverse Charge & Speaker Sample!

published on August 3, 2020

Hey what's up guys everythingapplepro here in anticipation of apple's upcoming iphone 12 in just a couple few months here hopefully got a lot of details to help hold you over some exclusives with max wine back including an actual speaker sample

Got some new camera details battery details info on a braided cable actual packaging and a host of other apple leaks i want to start with a quick update for my phone rebel supporters so

Rebel series is now sold out until august 10th we're having some production issues we're a little behind we still have a number of orders to ship we will resume on august 10th and meanwhile working on a lot of

Awesome gadgets very excited about this future and gen 2 is looking very peachy both are open-ended case and closed so stay tuned on final developments

Thank you for supporting let's get into the video all right so i'd like to start with an update to promotion the 120 hertz refresh rate display situation in the last video we learned

That it wouldn't be happening now max feinbeck is confirming that the iphones will ship at least the pro models with a 120 hertz capable display but it will be deactivated and it's very

Very unlikely that apple will change that before launch so it's safe to assume 120 hertz is dead in the water and not happening on this year's iphone wind back continues saying the iphone 12

Pro bezels will be thinner than the standard iphone 12 series but even the iphone 12 series will feature thinner bezels than last year's iphone 11 he also

Claims that final prototypes will be available this month so all of the final details which have not yet been confirmed we'll start hearing about very soon here again we're just a couple maybe three

Months away from launch all right now take this next piece with blind faith i understand it's completely impossible to prove it but max weinbeck's source has shared with him an iphone 12 speaker sample so

Here's an 11 pro playing the sound first at 50 volume me and the iphone 12 pro series also at 50 volume notice the deeper bass and

Clarity is much improved weinbeck says is i believe it's real i know they have the phone and these results do seem to mimic what we would

Expect remember weinberg did earlier leak that the speakers would be getting a huge improvement on the iphone 12 series and these samples seem to confirm that and we've gotten our first look at

The lightning cable to be included with this year's iphone 12 lineup and it's braided this essentially fixes one of the biggest flaws with apple cables is that they fray at the edges with repeated use

Braided cables are known for their durability and apple here has been experimenting with them since the homepod release and most recently with the mac pro they include a black weaved lightning cable

It looks awesome apple is including a much better cable with this year's iphone wineback also confirms that the smaller iphone box rumor we heard about in the last video it's true and apple will be saving about

15 to 2 times the space in transport which will directly contribute to lower emissions carbon release due to the smaller packaging and that's amazing apple has

Repeatedly made their commitments known to renewable energy and they want to go carbon neutral by 2030 so this is a great step towards that even hinting about it on their website

Saying lighter on the planet right out of the box and supposedly apple will be removing the power adapter within the packaging as well making it even lighter but not lighter on your

Wallet and max weinbeck reports that more oems are looking to follow apple in their footsteps and remove power adapters and headphones in the boxes of their phones samsung in particular is reaching out

Trying to consider whether it's a good idea max wineback also reports that for apple the end of life official end of life for the 2019 iphone series will be september 30th it's unclear

Which devices they'll be keeping and discounting but it's safe to assume that the 11 pro and pro max are probably being discontinued and ming chi quo has published a new report

Detailing improvements coming to the camera on this year's iphone so he's saying the autofocus will be greatly improving because apple is using an all new technology it's called voice

Coil motor optical image stabilization and looking into the patent that apple has owned for quite some time now essentially the autofocus system is being replaced from a spring-based

System to a magnet-based system magnet miniaturization what a time to be alive it's seriously cool i mean we've seen this in other android smartphones but for apple

This is new and combine this with sensor shift image stabilization which is also happening on this year's iphones that's going to make a major camera upgrade aside from everything else they have planned and ming chi quo supports

His earlier report saying periscope zoom is indeed happening on the 2022 iphones apple is now in talks with suppliers on production this will greatly increase the optical zoom capability of

The iphone we don't have any specs but knowing other oems that have this in their smartphones it's seriously impressive and i think it was only a matter of time till apple implemented it a report from digitimes

Claims that even though this year's iphones will be capable of both sub six gigahertz and millimeter wave 5g next year's iphones will not apple will be diversifying and splitting up the lineup depending on the region

They're launching it so different areas of the world may not have the same components just because it's not necessary and it would save apple on production costs interesting now actual images of the

Iphone 12 lineup batteries have leaked along with the actual mil amp capacities via a certification website and let's just say they're very disappointing compared to what we expected max

Weinbeck previously reported that we'd be seeing between 4 000 to 4 400 milliamps on the 12 pro max this website confirms that it's far less at 3 687 milliamps that's not only nowhere

Near what the leak suggested it's far less than the 11 pro max which has 3969 for the rest of the lineup equally disappointing much smaller than anticipated now it's surprising because

We heard that there would be advancements here a new power chip that could enable a larger battery the frame the square frame would actually fit more internals in so

It's a bit mystifying seeing that the battery capacities are less and a new twitter leaker is suggesting that this year's iphones may arrive with support for reverse wireless charging

A feature notably missing on the iphone 11 pro series seems very unlikely knowing the actual capacities that have just leaked on the iphone 12 lineup but he says this technology could be

Possible because apple will be including gallium nitride inside of this year's iphones so this is a new technology taking power adapters by storm it allows a smaller frame but way bigger

Power output capacities somewhat related piece of news apple is working on a smart battery case that does not have a lightning port connector it would charge your iphone via wireless charging it would have two

Coils inside one for input one for output it's possible that apple has improved the efficiency of the coil system on the iphone 12 so much that it could be possible to include reverse wireless charging

But again knowing those battery capacities seems unlikely also twitter leaker love to dream once again confirms that the iphone 12 pro models will indeed come with six gigabytes of ram

We already knew this just some confirmation and twitter leaker mr white has shared actual images of production of the apple a14 looks very similar to the a13 just missing the bottom line of text pretty cool

Though some crazy news from tsmc they're set to begin risk production for their three nanometer processors they're on track to begin launching in 2022 this would presumably be the apple a16

By then three nanometers across more would be stunned also that leak we heard about a triple layer logic board on the iphone which sounded crazy at the time is now

Becoming even more likely as apple will be building mini led devices such as macbooks and ipads with a triple layer logic board design in mind so going forward it's very possible that

Apple will extend this to the iphone not sure if it'll be this year next or for the apple a16 glass company corning has announced a new version of their popular gorilla glass they're calling it gorilla glass

Victus which fixes one of the biggest issues with iphones nowadays and that's scratches yes it's a very durable glass it'll hold up great to drops but over time it's very susceptible to

Scratches and this latest version fixes that not only is it more drop resistant it's far more scratch resistant than anything out there right now unclear if it will arrive on the iphone

12 samsung set to receive this technology first but i'm sure apple will eventually adopt it also a new feature found in ios 14 beta 3 this is the display zoom feature for smaller phones

58 inches 95 mac has found that in a simulator you can scale it down perfectly to a 54 inch display of course apple is building ios 14 with the 54 inch iphone in mind

It's interesting to see the scaling and aspect ratio of that interface they're not making any smaller it'll be just as easy to use as any other iphone and makata car claims to know the launch time frame of this

Year's iphones saying that in late october they'll first be launching the 4g lte variants and later on in november they'll launch the fully fledged 5g models

And analysts at wedbush believe they're one of three scenarios which apple could use the most likely being that apple launches in september with a very limited stock which will quickly sell

Out and there will be a waiting period too they can stagger the launch like they did with the iphone 10 and 10r launch both models at the same time but then actually release the pro models about a month after and

Three they could delay the keynote to october and then launch all at the same time but this is the least likely one and some news on airpods pro 2 by digitimes they're claiming the launch will happen

In the second half of 2021 no details on any functionality but they're saying they'll likely be produced in vietnam apple rumors leaks claims apple air tags will be launching in september or

October they've noticeably been missing from any leaks we haven't heard anything about them in quite some time and they will require ios 14

This twitter leaker also believes that the smaller wireless charger apple is working on call it air power mini will be launching with a price tag from 99 to 149 quite steep apple rumors leaks

Claims there will be an event in both september and october in which apple will be releasing the products digitally unlikely that media will appear and he claims that there are a host of new

Apple products which could be released as soon as next month love to dream also believes the same dreaming about the fact there are multiple apple products ready to ship and a new twitter leaker

Believes that apple is working on a dedicated game console this would be powered by arm and no not apple pippin 2 something new entirely apple rumors leaks also believes that

Apple is working on a dedicated game controller which is set to release in 2021 this would have a lightning port and wireless charging and apple has given us a quick preview of emojis coming to ios 14 this fall

Including more faces people body parts for example pinched fingers anatomical heart and lungs a lot of new animals food and more oh and i was 14 has been jailbroken by the pangu

Team unlikely to see the light of day but interesting as always to see that it's possible n95mac has found irrefutable evidence of face id coming to the mac in particular imac likely later this

Year or next year alright guys thanks for watching stay tuned for the next one peace

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