Freldo (FRECN) ICO Review – The Future of the service industry

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

We are an all-new ico review all right here on crypto PD Oh what's going on it's k7 so just a reminder guys every single video I dropped as Ana theorem give away the instructions are in the comment section of this video check it out before we get into review guys I

Want to show you this little website quick it's called the blockchain activity matrix and what this website is doing is showing you all the transactions made by the different blockchains if you look at the one

That's number one it's AOS the reason ye OS number one is because it's free transactions what baffles me about this website it's just these different ones that are second and third and fourth-place even fifth we all have a

Big advantage of being early adopters of cryptocurrency we get to see how this space is being formed the OS has been off for like two months guys and it's already number one it's doing the most transactions all these platforms are

Being built on it because the transactions are free on it I think a lot of the different platforms that are listed on aetherium or even ways or all everything is just gonna jump on the EOS like it's not worth it for anything else

That's what I think try and use some of these cryptocurrencies in some of these block chains and see how they function see how they work see if you like them or not see if they're gonna stay around that right there could give you some

Very good reasoning to choose what you think will make money in the long run and which ones will die off in the end check it out blockchain activity matrix I think it's called the website is blocked if ax T dot info check that out

So let's get to the review the IC o—- reviewed that i want to talk about today is called frail dome i also want to say a disclaimer that please understand there's a lot of risk when investing i SEOs guys please do go into diligence do

Your own research okay and make your own decisions about these projects I'm not a financial adviser and full disclosures this is a sponsored review I get a lot of offers and I don't choose to talk about anything I chose to talk about

This project because it's located very close to where I am I'm from Canada I'm pretty close to Toronto so this project is based out of Toronto right there I actually got a chance to talk to the CEO and asking different questions about

This project – I like the idea I think this idea could actually save people money let me explain the problem that trying to solve for me they explain the problem don't let me go to the Google site right here so I was trying to buy

Vacuum cleaner the other day I searched for the top 10 vacuum cleaners and I got all this trash websites I got all these review websites that I didn't want to see because I knew that these are fake reviews that different companies pay to

Get listed on and these review sites have their own referrals you really can't find out what is the best product you're trying to buy what is the best vacuum cleaner okay like to find out what the real ones are you got to go to

Forum sites Google used to have this thing right here where you press it on here and said discussion you could search for discussions about different products and that's how I would find like really good products about anything

Or books or anything I wanted to find I would just look at Google discussion but Google took away Google discussion because they wanted companies like this to pay them to get listed first second third on their platforms so Google is

Actually helping out front if you believe it or not they're incentivizing people to do this they're not making it easy to find out what real people are saying about different products so this is the problem that Friel doe is trying

To solve frilled ou was not doing it for products though they're doing it for services so say you need some house renovation so you need like a deck build in your house or you need new carpets or just anything any kind of service that's

What thrilled those fours a platform for the service industry it says unleash the power of the service market it's the first global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and customers based on the

Technology of blockchain and smart contracts frilled o is a social business network that gives small businesses the possibilities of large networks free of charge and free advertising free customers search free invoices and

Contract system for orders mobile app they also have their own website their own product working right now they also have shop areas payment systems calendar for appointments chats and many many more features field o is a working

Product it actually got started being developed around 2013 the development actually finished in 2016 and now this IC o—- they're trying to integrate the blockchain payments with it so let's go through the website quick and I'll

Explain a little bit more some features that I like like I said here in the About section guys it's already a working product already talked about the history of it where it is in Canada Toronto

So I already explained everything on this I talked about the history of the company this is also the website I show you right now it's working this is this is it right now you can go on here and you can start an account and actually

Start doing it right now start making views and start getting referrals for your reviews avionic the idea behind creating this new network was to connect representatives of small businesses to their customers on one platform while

Providing them with a convenient and functional online platform frilled o provides great opportunities for its users you can search for new contracts and communication and business develop and expand business effective marketing

With minimal investment additional ways to earn money access anywhere in the world they also have two videos here guys that explains everything very well they make it very simple so I suggest checking out these videos if you guys

Are interested in learning more about this project they're very short videos watch them and you'll learn a little bit more they also have a white paper which is about like 46 pages so these guys are seriously thought about this very well I

Know right now I'm calling it as a review site but it's more than that it's where you can actually like hire contractors and the cool thing about this is that say you start a jobs so you hire somebody to come build a deck on

Your property when they're doing the job you could set up a smart contract where different amounts of the funds are being released when milestones have met on the job that way you don't just pay someone right away before they do the job you

Know the job is being met and you know that they get rewarded each step away when they complete the job also two guys there will be an incentive to speak the truth on this platform because people are rewarded for speaking the truth

Companies are also incentivized to do very good jobs one to get on this platform because you're gonna get real reviews from people hope you're gonna speak the truth because they're gonna be incentivized to do so for every

Transaction that is completed by your reviews you get paid for it so that could be a lot if you're the only one that reviewed a certain product or a certain company or something if you start early and review everything you

Can make a lot of passive income very quickly if you're just going on there to review so frill the coin will also be the payment method is to just complete transactions on this platform companies can get paid and free although or you

Can also transfer that to be CT diem or Fiat and on this platform and also to like I said the referrals are paid out on free loan and you can transfer that and any currency you want and there's also going to be transparent pricing on

This platform you'll be able to see what prices different companies for a certain service all time so you'll be able to negotiate a fair amount based on what they're offering it's all out there everyone can see and you see down

Here all the different ICO websites is rating it pretty high pretty good so again what I like about this is that it's a working product right now throw the solves many of the problems faced by modern service markets by offering quick

And convenient search functionality using specific parameters no fake reviews order of goods and services directly from the frilled account save transactions and transparency thanks to blockchain and smart contracts feraldo

Helps save time taking into account important search criteria such as specialist time calling and price so their goal friloux network was created as a practical solution to everyday problems faced by individuals and small

And medium businesses their goal is to lead a revolution in the service market by implementing blockchain technology to the business client relationship providing small businesses with the tools of large networks and companies

Helping in development of small and medium businesses field or network has created a platform where customers can quickly and easily find quality specialists at the best price and specialists can successfully develop

While securing the transactions of all network participants with the help of smart contracts so there is there a bright now as well and their pre IC o—- started July 16th we have the real main IC o—- starting at August 17th

Soft cap is four thousand eight hard cap is twenty thousand e as you could see the seventy-five percent is being given to the public team is getting 10% and they're also reserving 10% and there will be a bounty for 5% if you guys are

Interested in bounties and stuff come to this website check it out and do some bounties from them earn some tokens so right here this is the bounties are located on this link right here so just press it and you go to Bitcoin talk dot

Org and the reserve funds are needed in order to provide rewards for new users as well as to grow and develop and expand the network the 35% is development of new version of free loader Network and implementation of

Blockchain technology another 35% is for the marketing campaign expanding the market in advanced countries 15% for customer service and support 10% for platform security and another 5% for company and legal costs and right now if

People buy right now they're giving a 50% discount to very early investors so if anyone's interested you can press the link to get 50% off so there's the roadmap right here so July 16th was a pre ico

August 17th the ico queue for 2018 statement of work thrilled of staff expansion with highly qualified specialists q1 2018 implementation of cryptocurrency payment smart contracts blockchain technology and payment system

In q2 2019 development and implementation of mobile application and Android iOS q3 2019 program of security system on the Friddle platform updating a partnership program q4 2019 implementation of multi-language

Customer support so there they have a bonus program for different dates of the ico obviously the earlier you get in the more money you save and the bigger bonuses you get so these are the token metrics right here the token supply of

200 million the pre IC o—- giving 75% it's gonna be our c 20 token 1/8 will get you 5,000 FR ecn and let's move through the website these are the team members here and this is the founder and CEO is Eugene he's from Toronto so we'll

Look at Eugene the CEO will also look at zili key is the CTO and we'll go down here we'll pick we'll look at the advisor Stan we'll pick another guy called Alex okay we'll look at them so Eugene let's just look at experience

Quickly he's the CEO 3 all those from Toronto he worked at ALC software from May 2009 to November 2015 design and develop OpenGL graphics solutions and 5 a level development for avionics automotives and other

Applications he was also a senior software developer he developed and maintained real-time operation systems for vol adapters design and develop device drivers for LCD displays networking and multimedia he was another

Senior embedded software developer here at BSM Wireless he was also a senior software development engineer at uni Tronics industrial automation okay so this guy's been a developer for a while he has a master's in computer science

Alright and he's also received recommendations from other people on here so let's move on and we also have this gentleman here is the leek Leavitt he's the CTO of frilled oh and let's look at his experience quick he is a

Senior consultant by contract and into it he was also a software develop at a BSC IEX and that's in Vaughan that's around Toronto guys that's another company there he's also a senior software developer by

Contract at mi9 retail responsibilities include infrastructure design and development of billing and payment solutions and integration with various financial institutions development team lead he also has a master's in computer

Science and applied mathematics and he's from Lithuania so as you could tell these guys have been developing for a while I'm not too worried about the team's competent or their confidence or anything like that I think they'll be

Able to do this very easily because they already have the business up and running they're just integrating blockchain into it and different cryptocurrency payment systems into it I don't think this is gonna be very hard for them to do let's

Move on to a couple advisers we're gonna start off with Stan Dubinsky he has a PhD registered insurance broker financial analysts at frilled oh let's look at some of his highlights and his experience registered insurance broker a

Prime service insurance independent financial adviser and intuitive financial Solutions Inc he was also a financial adviser at Sun Life Financial so Sun Life Financial guys is a very big insurance company in Canada I don't know

If his I think is probably around the world too but they got big offices everywhere huge buildings it's a massive company guys at Sun Life Financial they have a lot of money so he's a financial adviser there for three

Years he was also a polymer engineer provided engineering support and supervised production of polyurethane based insulated metal panels managed manufacturing plant quality control laboratory develop and implemented

Improved formulations equipments and statistical etc etc okay let's go on his education went to UFT University of Toronto guys he's also has a Doctor of Philosophy so you have two guys the very good universities like one atop three in

Canada it's very hard to get in there and stay in there and Toronto's very expensive to deliver in there so gonna UFT is actually a very big deal in Canada so kudos to him he also has a master's of science he also has a

Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering and he's from Israel I believe so this guy has a lot of experience and he also received some recommendations people have written some very nice things about him let's move on

To the next adviser so this gentleman here is Alexandra I don't know how to pronounce his last name I don't want to butcher it and disrespect him so Alexander T I've seen this guy on a cup

I cos he's a pretty known IC advisor let's look through some of experience and other projects he has he's also an IC advisor for avail comm Atlantico network X mobile that io air swap technologies there's many more calves

Coin inclusivity he's also an analyst from I co bench he's also an SEO advisor for mula coin cart block and there's also more wow this guy I told you this guy's big he's also an IC o—- advisor if I see Z

Mobility swosh coin directive or blockchain trust o crypto ads a marketplace for a powerful advertising platform built on etherium so education he has a master's in economics he also has a college degree in economics and

Yeah as you could see right here is he has a lot very long extensive experience of working with IC o—- so I think this so looks like this guy knows what he's doing because everyone wants to work with him so let's go back onto the main

Page alright these are their partners IC o—- expert Kraken coin ninja pink al comm point mama big stamp rich we news crypto whales pool IC OLS etherege IC o—- pool and we also have their media these are just different articles where

Free low has been listed on from different media services we also have their social media is their telegram it's got 1700 people that's decent we also have their facebook which has about 3600 people so this is their Twitter

It's got about 2,500 people okay so they have a pretty good social media building we look at their github see the development on there a lot of the code was done about two months ago but you see this code right here was done about

Ten days ago and it's not a lot of commits but I'm not too worried about the development it's already a working product right now so people can use it if they want let's go back to the website okay so we'll go all the way up

Here so I hope you guys enjoyed this review about frilled oh I'm really happy to that's from Toronto I want to see all these local businesses do well okay I hope you guys enjoyed this review this was km from crypto pedia we got more

News and more crypto but used to come you

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