Free Video Editing Software – Top 3 for 2020 [NO WATERMARKS]

by birtanpublished on September 18, 2020

So when you're first getting started on YouTube there is a lot going on and it may seem like you have a lot of expenses so even if you convince yourself to buy an expensive camera or maybe if you choose to do a cheaper camera setup whatever your setup is it may be much

More difficult to convince yourself to invest in a program like Premiere Pro or Final Cut or any of the other paid editing software's out there so in this video I'll be talking about three of my favorite free software's I've actually

Used two of them extensively on my own channel when I was starting it you know a while back and so in this video talk about all three of these the pros and the cons of both of them and hope you decide which one is actually the best

One for you so before we get too far into this video if you are new here and you're looking to grow your online influence whether that is on Facebook Instagram YouTube or any other platform out there start your growth now by going

Down and clicking the subscribe button as I say in every single video my brother and I are putting out tons of videos every single week guys we have a really aggressive schedule and we're putting out so many videos to help you

Guys grow your channels now editing with the free software is great but of course because it's free it is going to be a little bit more limited you're not gonna have the same software engineering backing it up that you would have on

Something like Premiere Pro or Final Cut and for that reason before you go and download any one of these I recommend the first thing you do is try to find out where you might be able to get Premiere Pro or a Final Cut for free and

I don't mean by pirating what I actually mean is for example if you are a student on a university campus then you might be able to go to the library and use their computers or some colleges actually allow you a student license and they

Will cover you you just have to import like insert the whatever code they give you on their website and you'll get it for free through the university or maybe if you're not a student you can go and check the local library see if they have

It or any other way maybe if you have a friend that already has it and only has it on one computer you can get it on two laptops or two you know machines or whatever you're using you may be able to split the cost with them so I recommend

Premiere Pro that's my everyday editor but if you want to use a free one these are three great free ones that definitely work especially when you're just getting started on YouTube so when you're looking at free editors there are

A lot out there and honestly I did a lot of dirty work digging through all these different editors and there's nothing worse than finding one downloading it editing the entire thing only to find out at the end

There's a big old watermark on there unless you want to pay them you know $80 for that one video and then you'll have the program for the future but you know at that point it's so frustrating that you thought you had a free one at the

End there's a watermark so in this video I'm gonna make sure that none of these free ones have watermarks for you guys I'm trying to save you all the trouble of you know finding codes on the internet or anything of that sort to be

Clear none of these are pirating these are all just free software out there there are paid versions of some of these so some of these may be a little more limited than the paid versions obviously but regardless I'll be talking about

What those limitations are so you know going into them so starting up the first one is actually one that I used a lot a while back and it may not be the best of these three but it is still a very good one so this one is shot cut now shot cut

Has a bit of a sketchy website there are kind of links all over the place and ads so be very careful when you're trying to download this I'll put the link down in the description below but again make sure you don't click on any of the ads

Accidentally navigate through this properly and download is so you use it the right way so when you actually open up shot cut you'll find that shot cut is something that has a little bit of a learning curve to it so if you've been

Looking up any other lists out there shot kinda has been showing up for a while for several years and like I said this is something that I used I did give it up because it was a little bit annoying to learn this I recommend

Watching tutorials before just starting and diving into this because it is extremely intimidating it's not really that similar to some of the other softwares and so it's definitely not something that you want to do you know

Just for like a weekend family video or something if it's your first video you know you're gonna have to invest some time to actually learn this software now what's good about it it is cross-platform so you can use it on Mac

Or Windows or whatever you use you know for your normal computer you can use this you can download this it also has a decently flexible interface so there's a lot you can do in here and you can import different file types so there's

You know a pretty wide variety of file types I typically shoot or I use mp4 all the time anyway so it's not really a big deal but if you have different cameras that record different file types or you

Like different audio types you can import almost anything into your and it works very well so moving on to number two I think this one's a little bit better for up of reasons but first of all I think it's

Easier to use in general now that's not to say shot cut was not good to use because shot cut is just not simple to use your first time once you learn how to use it it's a very powerful program it's very flexible and overall it's one

Of the better free apps out there so going back to the Vinci though DaVinci is nice because when you're downloading it it's much less concerning you have a much more professional website although it does require an email and a phone

Number to sign up I assume this is maybe for marketing purposes so I don't know if you guys have I mean I'm not going to suggest that you use an app like burner or if you use you know some other phone number but you know if you maybe don't

Want to get anything marketed to you that's maybe an option but regardless they want your phone number they want your email and then there's also a great intro tour so once you download this they give you like a nice tour showing

You where things are and general features that you can use within the app so like I said when I was in college I edited videos in the library on Premiere Pro and then when I had to use my own laptop this is actually one that I use

DaVinci Resolve and one of the reasons I really like this one is because it actually can resemble Premiere Pro pretty closely compared to some of the other apps out there so this one you can set your keyboard layout to be something

You are familiar with so I chose Premiere Pro for example and then of course you also have a general workflow relatively similar to Premiere Pro and if you know Premiere Pro you can check this down you'll see that it's generally

The same way how you have different tabs and the tabs are fairly similar so because of this if you learned Premiere Pro before it may make sense to get this one now until you can afford from your pro or if you are new I recommend

Getting this one getting used to it and then once you have enough money once you get monetized and once you know if you think you ever need to you can take the next step and jump up to Premiere Pro and it will be less of a learning curve

Then when you jump into the other app that's fairly similar to da Vinci anyway now again this is a great software because it does not have watermarks they keep saying that it also has no time limits and although one thing a little

Bit strange is I have a pretty powerful laptop here and I did get a notification that it filled up my GPU memory that's what it's a GPU memory fairly quickly so maybe it's not as optimized as some other apps out there so Premiere Pro

I've been editing for okay and this laptop for a while but DaVinci Resolve maybe you need a more powerful machine maybe it just I don't know I don't know why it did that but just something to be wary of if you're

Trying to edit larger videos you may have problems with this but maybe not maybe was just my laptop but overall I think this is a great app for color grading and audio grading because it is so similar to Premiere Pro how you have

Those tabs it's also cross-platform so if you have Mac Windows Linux whatever you're using you can get this and it's totally free some of the bad things about this is like like I said before you will need

More powerful computer to run this one and also you're not going to be exporting directly to social media of course I don't really recommend that anyway but that's a con that you know if you want to just export directly to

Social media if that's what you do then you can't actually do that on here so number three then which is also an amazing one is hitfilm express now there is also the paid version just hit film so make sure when you're downloading it

You don't accidentally download that one or try to download that one because there is a paid version like I said so hitfilm express when you go onto their website it's a decent website it's much better than the shotcut website at least

So you don't have ads floating all over the place to try to distract you and download viruses I don't I don't even know but hitfilm express good website you go through and they are going to require you to share it on social media

A quick tip though if you just click the X it seems to work just fine so with that in mind then you'll it'll arrive as an email link you'll download it and you'll be set to go so this is a little bit less intuitive than da Vinci overall

Da Vinci like I said was probably the most intuitive out of these three but this one is a very powerful app and if you check a lot of other lists out there and a lot of other reviews this one comes in at number one on a lot of

Different reviews and there is a reason for that so some of the really nice features of hitfilm express of course there are tons of features in these and that's not to say that the other ones don't have them but some of the nice

Features that I really like so there is a lens distortion corrector and so if you're using like a very wide angle lens on a GoPro or maybe on like a galaxy s 10 for example you can sort of correct that so it's not like a weird fisheye

Thing going on you can also edit 4k video of course as I think you know everyone really wants to edit 4k video anyway you also can edit 360 degree video if that's what you're interested in but if you're doing three

Sixty degree video I I don't really know I've never done that so I can't really speak to that one besides that some of the bad sides on this one it does take a while to export so that's a little bit annoying some of the more popular

Add-ons also charge you like ten dollars to get the packs so guys if you are interested in using any one of these three I recommend you go and download them today check them out and watch a lot of tutorials on them I'm not going

To be making a tutorial series unfortunately for all of these because there is just too much to talk about and personally my everyday editor is Premiere Pro so which of these three is actually the best one to use in my

Opinion I think DaVinci Resolve would be my choice if I was just getting started off on YouTube I did not know how to use any editors yet and I was not monetized and let's just say I also had no money to invest so DaVinci Resolve is the

Go-to for me out of these three after looking at them and actually using all of them just because it's more intuitive in my opinion it's easier to use the websites a little bit cleaner so it's not as confusing to download it's also

Cross-platform so you don't have to worry about what device or what machine you're using and on top of that I recommend actually using you know keyboard layout that you're going to be eventually graduating to and by that I

Mean I recommend everybody goes to Premiere Pro I'm not sponsored by Adobe by any means trust me I I really do wish I was but I'm not so guys those are the three best video editors that I recommend when you're

Starting off on YouTube some other honorable mentions vs DC is a very popular one iMovie is the classic that everybody with a Mac starts off with and then also video pad I recommend doing research on video pad I haven't checked

That one out but I know that's one that pops up on a lot of top 10 list so if you use any one of those three comment down below also if you use any that I mentioned in this video comment down below or any other ones for that matter

I want to know what you guys choose which ones you like or don't like and let me know why thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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