Free Hex Crypto By Richard Heart Bitcoin Holders Did You Claim Yours ?

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

Work is basically banks are mining Bitcoin and survival there's contact what do you think about that's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard I thought we were here to get rid of the shitty yes that was the game right let's get rid of these assholes they're just

Taking everyone's money so now we want to onboard them as miners and then bake them to process our transactions and allow them into Bloxx okay kidding me here's the important point if you want the world to be a

Better place you have to remove you have to replace all of traditional finance with open-source peer-to-peer trusted systems I've built such a system he did not build such a system and Bitcoin didn't build such a system oh but in the

End the miners are the Action Network if you're not mining your bitch your bitch your bitch it's the crypto lifestyle thing what the hex is hex coin and who is Richard Hart but more importantly should you clean

Three hex it is free while in this video all those questions would be answered but hey welcome back to another video my name is Francis if this is your first time here and if you want to learn the importance of the centralization and

Other cryptocurrencies related stuff then make sure you subscribe and hit the bell notification button so you don't miss anything so there's a huge buzz going on right now with a token called hacks which is advertised as and I quote

The first blockchain high-interest certificate of deposits now most bands throughout the world has a similar investment you know I'm in Canada and we call it a GIC but from Bitcoin harbors in particular listen up

Because you are entitled to receive free hex on December 2nd which a snapshot will take place at midnight UTC time from your decentralized Bitcoin wallet such as a ledger or even a treasurer or any other Bitcoin while you own the

Private keys to also although you guys really do need to do your own homework but here's what I will do I'm gonna bring you guys along my edited fast forwarded research on the whole Richard Hart on hexagon saga so you can get a

Fast tracked on this entire thing but it's very critical that you do do your own homework on this very controversial topic so you're about to see a few clips of Richard Hart from various different interviewers um you know and you could

Find this on YouTube but I would leave the links to those interviews in the description box below I'm Richard Hart got 10,000 followers across Twitter and YouTube which are twin on Twitter

I'm Richard Hart on YouTube retired serial entrepreneur tired 2003 I started from my own front yard a bunch of businesses and then they ended up with about 150 employees an internet marketing company I started mining

Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2011 I used to mind full blocks on my own with no pool and there were 50 BTC block rewards back then so that was good fun it's funny in crypto whatever you bought is a world-changing event

Whatever you didn't buy is a scam and that's how a crypto field so you just heard it Richard Hart retired in 2003 he's a very very early adopter of Bitcoin he actually started in mining when it was 50 bitcoins per block reward

Which is freakin crazy how many people could see that this guy truly does have some authority okay he's got my ears that's for sure he's also a cryptocurrency influencer livestreamer very very very entertaining

And highly intelligent guy who just honestly he speaks facts most of the time Richard vs. Bitcoin it's very clear and apparent Richard is a veteran and an OG early Bitcoin adopter he really has a natural understanding and grasp on how

This network on ecosystem operates from the inner workings to the outer workings from governance and protocols to mining corruption which we will get into now let's listen to what he has to say well that means that having centralized

Miners control who can join the network is terrible there's only four companies in the world that you could probably buy a miner from and attempt to be cash positive by Bitcoin it's free interest Bitcoin inflates higher than 3.8 percent

Every single year since its ever existed as a three dividend to people who pollute the environment so Bitcoin pays interest not to people that invest in Bitcoin but to people that send money to weird countries to make silicon to burn

Electricity to pollute the environment that's who actually makes all the Bitcoin every Bitcoin you've ever bought went through one of their hands for it and they're all Bobby Lee says China is not where they're at trying to his we're

All their head china's were all the mining zat china is where all the manufacturers at china's are all the cheap flavors at china's rather cheap electricity is which is why all the mining is in china on top of the fact

That they have currency controls they're so big mine's got less on chain transaction as it did in 2017 less people that accept it the price dropped 85% and these people think that they have the best thing in the entire world

And nothing else can be done better and you're like well guys the metrics the measurements the google search volume transaction volume the number of new wallets that like if you're not winning the war all you have is a really high

Hash rate the software is the best it's ever been right that's continued to improve and you have a really high hash rate and what is that really how hash rate – well you have all-time high difficulty at three times less than

All-time high price uh-oh so that's more selling pressure people have to sell more of the percentage of coins they get to pay their electric bills just pushes the price down harder this is that better Bitcoin miners get paid to push

The price down because that's the security model every single Bitcoin that exists the 18 million coins that exist now nobody that did anything honorable or ethical was given those coins the only people that receive those coins

Were people that sold them on market to pollute the environment by buying electricity now that's necessary because that's the security model but I can get the same security for pennies on aetherium without paying a million

Dollars an hour to miners that then use that money to attack that network with a fake Bitcoin and try and convince people to buy a fake Bitcoin which is what bit mein did okay so it's the perfect storm of all of crypto being successful in

China more so than anywhere else because of capital controls because of cheap labor because of electronics manufacturing in Shenzhen and because they love gambling over there and because speculation is such a large

Component of the currency valuation the Chinese run it right and all the problems we've had with the tax in Bitcoin have not come from ashrae ever they've come from software bugs there's no bug bounty program and there's no one

Auditing a software so the things that I tell these people to do to improve their a thing that I also own a huge bag of they just don't listen they're like no no I can't listen I can't learn I can't do anything better I have my bag and I

Hope everything works out good this is true Bitcoin had some software books in the past which is a huge flaw and what he says is true everyone thinks Bitcoin is so decentralized I even share the same

Sentiment in the past and some past videos it's not Bitcoin is not as decentralized people think because the miners are indeed the middlemen we pee them Bitcoin every single damn time we send a transaction this is no different

To us paying the banks for transactions and the my are the banks who will control most of the Bitcoin once again Richard is speaking facts okay so what exactly is hex coin and why is Richard so

Passionate about this well first of all it's a very highly controversial subject some people get it and others don't you know they call it the usual names a scam upon Z etc but if you really really truly cut through the noise and listen

To what he says again he speaks facts and this is what nobody in this piece is talking about so basically the two most popular products of your bank or savings accounts time deposits and I would say checking account used to be on there but

No one uses check somewhere so I would say this is a second most popular product at your bank mm-hmm if you want to get rid of the bank stirs you want to get rid of gotcha capitalism and you want to get rid of all those crappy

Entities that are middlemen they're just leech off of the GDP of the economy and get in the middle of everyone transactions and prevent you from doing what you want to do with your own money and it never open when you need them to

Be open if you want to get rid of those people someone has to develop the software that replaces every single product they have with a peer-to-peer trusted auditable solution Bitcoin can do currency it

Cannot do dime deposits it already has time locking built into it and it cannot pay interest when you lock up it just screws you it just makes it so you can't use your own money so we invented trust less interest we invented the first high

Interest internet blockchain certificate of deposit which is called bond in the U K time deposit across Asia guaranteed G is in Canada so it's it's amazing it's like it detects a larger market the Bitcoin does currency is a smaller

Market than cash to time deposits Thai deposits are seven point two trillion the United States and China won and we have lower fees the Bitcoin and we have I believe that our security because the theorem that we run on has a bug bounty

Program and we've had three audits of which to our security audit someone is an economics audit so it's like and our consensus code is locked into a smart contract that no one can edit some you well and therefore it's very very hard

To have bugs around consensus you know but in Bitcoin if you improve the network stack you accidentally introduced a mint as many free coins as you want bug they had two of them one of them was executed they had to roll the

Chain back the other was narrowly avoided because a Bitcoin cash developer reported it responsibly instead of using himself this is a very common investment within the traditional banking world and it's true it just goes by different

Names depending on what country you reside in for the people in America you guys call it bonds here in Canada its ecology I see so this is the first ever high interest blockchain of certificate deposit but it is also important to note

What he said this cannot and I repeat cannot take place on Bitcoin okay you cannot build this on top of Bitcoin on that network and furthermore he is absolutely correct time deposits is a much bigger market than currency it

Actually dwarfs it it really does but the main take back from that is this it's true the goal is to wipe out humans within the FinTech space and we have that tech in this in place today and this is exactly what hex coin claims to

Do I was a maximalist forever but then when you decide you want anonymity you can't do it in Bitcoin when you decide you want to replace the CD you can't do it Bitcoin when you decide you want interesting game theory

To reward people for doing awesome and honorable things you cannot do it in Bitcoin because they only inflate to pay people don't pay complete the environment that's the only people they pay they could you know how much better

Bitcoin be if you could actually pay the developers to make some improvements if you want these coins and you want this world-changing innovation you want to get in at the beginning like I got in into the beginning a Bitcoin I got my

Bitcoin for free and now you guys will buy him for $8,000 the ones that I got for free by just double-clicking an exe right I'm recreating that for everyone giving everyone an opportunity to get it at the beginning of something amazing

Again and I'm giving it to you guys for free if your Bitcoin holder snapshots in five days and some hours when I first got into Bitcoin it was free and I mined it for free and that's why I went all in on it after I got it for free now the

Only people that are getting freemium onboarding is Ravin coin and etherium and Manero because you can mine it for free here's the important point if you want the world to be a better place you have

To remove you have to replace all of traditional finance with open source peer-to-peer trusted systems I built such a system he did not build such a system and Bitcoin didn't build such a system or you ASP there's no 2x guys

Threatened the network and put a gun to the network's head to gets a quit and I was part of that and I supported it but in the end the miners are the actual network if you're not mining your bitch whereas the lenders that don't have such

An opportunity like MA and pas that's retired they just get destroyed because they're not trying to start a business they're trying to survive and what they used to survive a lot of the time a CDS my Karen my grandparents survived using

CD ladders where you would have a CD and then you'd always have one CD ending when you needed money and that's how they survived until they died so you know when the government's printing the money for free savers are always gonna

Get fucked and businesses are always gonna do wonderfully and that's why you see you know retired people having the worst time of their lives not being able to pay their bills because prices keep going up but they can't make any

Interest at all and businesses are on all-time highs with the S&P 500 and all-time highs you're gonna continue to see that as long as interest rates artificially low period so what did you get out of those clips I'll tell you

What I got out of those clips I got a guy who was very passionate and he believes 100% in what he says regardless of the public sentiment okay there's a very popular saying that goes like this smart mofos look like crazy mofos dumb

Mofos and this very well may be a perfect example of that okay because he says everything with conviction it doesn't second-guess he tells you point-blank and it's true the issues are miners centralizing and apparently

Monopolizing Bitcoin which is 100% true okay I cannot agree with this guy anymore now when you look at any inventor whether that be a physical product or a software or whatever their inspiration comes from something in

Which they encountered in their lives okay more times out of 10 and it tells us this over and over I got Bitcoin for free I mined 50 BTC block rewards my grandparents survived on CDs when one finish they use the next one in a latter

Form banks are garbage no one like banks all of these combines is pretty much what hex coin stands for okay it came from circumstances in his life and he's very engaging highly intelligent human being who I believe deserves more

Coverage in conclusion whether you like Richard or not frankly that's really besides the point because the man speaks straight facts he sees it and calls it for whatever it is man moreover my gut don't lie to me man and my BS detector

Is not popping off right now because I personally feel a sincerity passion and enthusiasm in this dude he's a straight-up Point Blank guy and those are the most honest people believe it or not now is hex gonna moon is they're

Gonna do all these things makes us all these games I don't know about that I don't know if it's gonna be a huge success but what I do know is this I sure as heck will be getting my hex tokens and I also will be updating you

Guys on my progress and for those who want to get their free hex as well I would leave the link to the video in which Richard Hart created on how to get your free tokens in the description box below but it's important guys remember

Okay this is the main take back on this all the golden crypto is to wipe out all human activity that oversees controls and distributes finance to the masses and this is exactly what hex is supposed to be smart contracts atomic swaps and

Other protocols are making this possible today popular technology YouTube channels such as TEDx talks also talks about this with a video they made titled how smart contracts will change the world and another one named the building

Smart cities if you want to get free hex that's entirely your decision I personally will be getting it and why not I like what I see and I like what it stands for and it makes sense to me I'll leave the video on how to get those free

Hex tokens in which Richard created as I mentioned before in the comment section and the description box below however before you go there is a video you guys need to check out and how I am going to share a potential of fifty thousand

Dollars with a Bitcoin and Max tokens with my subscribers so do check that out now ok guys so until the next video you know what they ain't really much left to see other than your on your own too many you to Zeus overrated and if

You ask me they wasn't even supposed to make it in this crypto YouTube business noble countenance so give up become an actor or an actress kid

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