Freddy Krueger raps and Jason plays keetar

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

sure you have the Vincent Price thriller

monologue and Boris Karloff did once

cover Monster Mash but that is nothing

compared to the fact Robert Englund has

wrapped as Freddy Krueger and also the

original Jason Voorhees plays in

adjacent themed horror punk band called

first Jason there's no disputing Monster

Mash is the original goofy horror song

the 1962 Bobby Pickett hit has been

covered by everyone from the misfits to

Mannheim Steamroller plus og

Frankenstein's monster Boris Karloff the

footage of his performance has been lost

but what remains from the show he did it

on indicates it must have been super

weird one two three kick one two three

jump jump

Vincent prices haunting theatrics were

perfectly utilized by Quincy Jones in

order to make thriller one of the

greatest and spookiest songs of all time

although Alice Cooper actually got a

head start on co-opting price when he

enlisted the horror icon in order to

play the spirit of the nightmare in his

welcome to my nightmare 1975 TV special

my nightmare you're sacked excuse me but

I'm laughing at you listen for it I'm

laughing because you're lost I'm not

lost I'm sleeping

but it took MTV and the gigantic

unstoppable blob of teenage culture to

really kickstart embarrassing musical

tie-ins from horror cinema

Freddy Krueger was reaching peak pop

cultural saturation by the 1987 release

of nightmare three dream warriors which

is why Dakin rock him to death in the

movies official music video not unlike

when Lemmy from Motorhead beat

hellraisers pinhead in a game of cards

but it was freddy not pinhead who ended

up hosting on MTV killing VJs and

generally saying totally weird shit

now up next it's Divinyls quippy and

sort of sinister and fringe by design he

was sort of a perfect fit for MTV as it

exploded and became the Sun around which

all culture orbited there was even an

incredibly misguided 1987 album Freddy's

greatest hits which attempted to

capitalize on the phenomena

but it was the rise of rap the best fit

his creepy couplets DJ Jazzy Jeff and

fresh Prince's nightmare and my street

was rejected as an official time by the

producers of nightmare for the dream

master which is how Robert Englund came

to make his rap debut with The Fat Boys

in 1988 so my advice to you is to stay

ready because your dough goes back

Freddy Freddy you have to get your bars

up for your wake up Jay sure being a

totally silent machete-wielding lunatic

Jason Voorhees didn't get to star in as

many music television specials as his ad

slasher rival but don't worry because

the guy that played Jason in the first

Friday the 13th has a band and they rip

he can start

that's our Alina this guy and he plays

in this van

first Jason is already score upon

tribute to his roots and it is exactly

as magic as it looks but not as magic as

the Leprechaun come from the land of the

Irish spring siblings the place where

endured by an emerald I to your place in

the hood on the matter of freedom come

to do no good actually the only thing

that competes with Warwick Davis

wrapping is Hammer horror legend

Christopher Lee singing power metal

which he does so often and we're just

gonna give a whole episode to him later

on what's your favorite horror music

mashup let us know in the comments and

be sure to subscribe for more episodes

of this exists check out the description

for links to all the Freddy Krueger

rapping videos you could ever want but

beware every town has an Elm Street


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