Fossil Hybrid HR Review: The (very) happy medium

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

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finally we have a SmartWatch that
doesn't try too hard now for those of
you who have followed me for quite a
while now you know my stance on full-on
smartwatches I'm not really against them
but I just think that we went a little
bit too far a little too fast we tried
to make smartwatches do so many things
that we already do on our phones and
ultimately the full experience gets a
bit muddled under all of that
complication but now we finally have a
SmartWatch that ticks off a lot of the
needs that I have for a smart wearable
if you want something that's still
elegant like a timepiece but you need a
little bit of your digital life to
actually move away from the phone in
your pocket this might be the one you're
waiting for hey it's Josh of agarra
what's going on everybody alright this
is my full review of a watch you've all
been quite curious about the fossil
hybrid HR now the one I have on right
now is actually the Collider HR there
are a few different kinds and falses
library not to mention the affiliated
brands like Skagen that have their own
hybrid offerings there's no doubt you're
already noticing that there's a display
behind those watch hands but let's start
with the analog before we get into the
digital there are indeed real watch
hands on this watch and it makes it look
more like well a watch Smart Watch
sceptics tend to stay away from smart
watches because they still want
something to look like a classical
timepiece while the collider HR in this
case actually fits that bill
it stays true to the old-school design
right down to the comfortable leather
band that I have on my unit the watch is
also not too big which is another
problem I tend to have with full-on
smartwatches it fits right in with a lot
of different casual and even formal
outfits I personally like that it
doesn't try too hard there are merely
lines on the ring rather than other
designations like numbers or a
tachymeter or anything else that might
be not so practical the buttons on the
side navigate the watch's functions with
the top and bottom buttons programmed to
shortcuts to most used applications more
on that in a little bit in keeping with
that little bit of old-school design a
double tab on the watch face activates
some lights so that you can see the time
or your notifications in the dark
they're not uniform but it's like a
throwback to old Timex watches that had
one or two spotlights just to illuminate
the time
ultimately for most intents and purposes
this SmartWatch doesn't get too bogged
down by the first part of that name it
is smart but it also doesn't forget to
just be a watch to achieve smart
functionality the fossil hybrid EHR
brought one important new aspect an
ePaper screen whereas other hybrid
smartwatches would just vibrate and then
move the arms to designate a number so
that you know what kind of notification
you brought in this a paper display
actually shows you some of it now
admittedly it's not very fast due to the
nature of Yi Inc it doesn't have a very
high refresh rate at all so you might
need to wait a little bit every time you
either press a button or when something
comes in because the whole display has
to refresh for that reason this watch is
not going to seem like the snappiest one
out there but that's not really the
point it's nice that the arms actually
line up properly to show you the top and
bottom halves without much interruption
one neat extra feature involves a quick
flick of the wrist doing this makes the
arms do one revolution so that you can
see anything that might have otherwise
been blocked this digital and analogue
marriage is something we've seen in
other watches by LG in particular but
having an ePaper display in this watch
lowers the power draw and thus makes
battery life much much better which
brings me to one of the reasons why I
really enjoy a hybrid smartwatches the
battery life fossil does say that this
SmartWatch can go for weeks at a time
but I do use it a lot for some of the
functions that are in it and I do get a
lot of notifications so in reality over
the last month of me using this watch
I've had to charge and maybe once every
seven days now thankfully it doesn't
take too long to charge up once you have
it on its magnetic proprietary charger
which by the way I did forget the
charger when I was in Asia for a while I
went over to the Qualcomm Tech Summit
and then I realized I didn't have the
charger it lasted for about four days
after that and then it finally died and
I couldn't use it for the next like six
or seven days after that so as long as
you don't forget to charge it or you
don't forget the charger rather you
can't eliminate one of the biggest flaws
in full smartwatches the fact that you
can't really wear them as things like
sleep trackers because the general habit
is to plug them in overnight for the
next day's work and you know what you
would benefit from having something like
this on your wrist as you go to bed
because the fossil app illustrates the
different types of details you can
actually get from the tracking step
tracking heart rate monitoring and sleep
tracking or
included and you can actually get a bit
of useful information from the app while
it's hard to gauge sleep tracking
accuracy because they tend to vary quite
a bit among devices it is nice to know
that the heart rate monitor is always
firing especially when I'm asleep so I
have that extra metric speaking of which
the heart rate monitor stores
information from periodical checks to
give you a snapshot of each day now this
is all stuff that I didn't expect a
hybrid SmartWatch like this to really
provide especially at this level of
detail there's really only one place
that I don't use this watch and it's
during workouts the leather band doesn't
really fit in with let's say gyms or in
my case a martial arts mat so I tend to
not wear this during my workouts but you
can track workouts and you can trigger
it by using one of the apps inside of
the menu on the watch but I also have to
say that while it's nice to have a watch
like this for measuring those metrics
their accuracy is a little bit
questionable there was a point at CES
when ISA and I were running around
together we went to all of the same
places and her Fitbit Versa – measured
over a thousand more steps than I did
with this hybrid HR take that for what
you will but I still think about having
any of these metrics at all it's
impressive for a watch like this I was
trying to be super minimalistic the app
also lets you customize different
buttons so that you can access certain
apps or control aspects of your phone
like music playback and this is where
things start to look decidedly
minimalistic the apps you see in this
part are all that you get there are no
extra apps like on where OS or Apple's
watch OS I could replace the equivalent
in a smartphone you can use the buttons
to trigger simple things like workout
tracking or heart rate monitoring or one
of my favorites a timer here's a prime
example three or so minutes for green
tea five or so for black teas and plenty
more for herbal teas or if you are so
inclined use the timer for things like
the Pomodoro Technique while you're
trying to focus on your work twenty five
minutes working five minutes taking a
break and then repeat now it's good that
I'm doing this review right now because
the app has been given some pretty
massive updates since the release of the
watch late last year for example the app
now lets you pick from a number of
different patterns to put on the e ink
display so you get a little bit more
extra customization on top of changing
the different complications you can even
put a personal photo and it will do its
best to replicate it on the watch face
but more importantly you can actually
get notifications from pretty much any
application when this watch was first
was only able to pull from maybe a dozen
different applications and it took a
while for fossil to finally get
everything right and now all
notifications come in in my case my
favorite is that I can finally get my
telegram messages to the watch of course
you can't really do much more than read
the notifications if you press the main
button you can actually read the whole
notification and for emails you can read
most of the email but aside from that
there's not much you can do afterwards
which actually is totally fine with me
because the main reason why I like
hybrid smartwatches is they help me
minimize the time I spend on my phone
now don't get me wrong I'm still a
little bit too addicted to scrolling on
things on my phone but in the moments
that matter it's nice to get a little
bit of information to the watch and then
decide if I need to pop my phone out of
my pocket at that point I get a little
bit more detail than typical hybrid
smartwatches provide without any of the
extra distractions that full
smartwatches might also have the fossil
hybrid EHR line has just enough of what
I actually desire out of a smart
wearable while still looking really good
the question here is whether or not you
have the same needs and if you do 195
dollars for a hybrid SmartWatch like
this might actually make a lot of sense
I do still think it makes a lot of sense
as a price point after all the level of
information you get from this eating
display is simply impossible in other
typical hybrid smartwatches and if
you're not looking for a high-end
SmartWatch you can always save a little
bit of money by going for one like this
as with all things it's up to you to
decide what you truly need so let me
know what your thoughts are in the
comment sections down below this watch
hasn't been out for that long and
actually at CES they already started
coming out with updated versions of it
that have the same functionality the
same display and whatnot but they're
available in even more styles you can
check all of that out in the links in
the description down below as well
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now again to be clear I'm not swearing
off full on smartwatches I never have
but let's be clear I'm glad that there's
something that tick tocks
all the right ways for me to wear it on
the regular so as always thank you very
much for watching and hope you enjoyed
this review of the FASTA hybrid HR
finally got around to doing the review
on this one and I know some of you got
into my comment sections and asked me
why are the arms on your watch moving
around like that that's just one of the
fun things that you can do with this
watch but even better is the fact that
it's more minimalistic and could help
you with your digital wellness because
it's just a place for you to see what
your phone is doing without having to
take your phone out all the damn time
but with all that said thank you so much
for watching drop some likes on these
videos and then subscribe to my channel
if you haven't already consider hitting
that Bell over on the side because I'm
gonna try to ramp up my production a lot
more here actually that also doubles as
me trying to simplify my workflow so I
can bring out more content for all of
you into the comment sections down below
let me know what you think about this
watch and about really anything let's
have that discussion in the comment
sections down below and until my next
video I'm gonna go ahead and just remind
you to enjoy your tea everybody this is
the one I made earlier with the timer on
here jasmine tea very nice

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