Forest Fenn’s Treasure Finally Found

published on July 12, 2020

Check out the online community oftreasure hunters is going wild for thesought-after mysterious decade-longhunts to find Forrest Fenn'smillion-dollar treasure has finally beensolved nestled somewhere in themountains in the Southwest United States

One lucky individual has achieved thefeat every treasure enthusiast hasdreamed of finding the 12th century boxfilled to the brim with gold emeraldsand antiqueswhere was it how did the discoverer

Intercept the array of clues and how didone specific 24 line poem lead him tothe discovery of a lifetime unleash yourinner adventurer because we're about toreveal at all if someone told you thatthere was upwards of a million dollars

Worth of valuables buried somewhere inyour backyard free for you to unearthyou wouldn't just sit back and letsomeone else find it would you that wasexactly the case with Forrest Fenn'streasure a coveted 20 pound bronze box

Chock-full of 22 more pounds worth ofnear priceless goodies including ancientChinese faces carved from Jade andbedazzled with rubies and emeralds thetreasure was hidden in the mountainsnorth of Santa Fe between 2009 and 2010

At the time of its hiding the treasurewas estimated to be worth somewherebetween one and two million dollarsthat's a huge potential tax-freediscovery and as you could expect thethought of stumbling across gold jewelry

And gems piqued interest in New Mexicoand beyond what's the news that thebronze chest had been hidden circulatedthe internet treasure hunters becameobsessed in no time people from near andfar were out wading through rivers

Trekking through mountains and turningover every stone in their search for theelusive pot of goldas soon as forests treasure was featuredin an airline magazine popularity wentthrough the roof the next day Fenn

Received12,000 emails crashing his computer fromthat point there was no looking back itquickly became the talk of the treasurehunting town with gold coinspre-columbian animal figures and

Prehistoric mirrors of hammered gold upfor grabs as many as 350,000 people fromall over the world began their ownsearches some of which according to themastermind behind it all even quit theirjobs in the hope of winning their

I own Golden lottery the treasure sweptacross the internet but also made itinto mainstream TV as well in 2015 theTravel Channel covered the Fenn treasurein an episode of expedition unknownduring which treasure hunters swept

Through the Rocky Mountains in search ofthe bounty of course they came upempty-handed British filmmaker Thomasleach propelled the treasures notorietyeven higher releasing a documentaryfeature film in 2017 called

The lore even the BuzzFeed unsolved truecrime web series joined in on the huntthis was by no means a flashy publicitystunt with 15 seconds of fame over thelast decade reddit has sporadically gonenuts when a clue was thought to have

Been solved and social media has goneinto overdrive time and time again allbecause of the work of one man ForrestFenn let's rewind for a moment whoexactly is this guy and what made himinclined to a giveaway millions of

Dollars worth of valuables and be sendadventurers on a wild goose chasethrough the mountains now 89 years oldand living in Santa Fe Forrest is aVietnam War vet who served as a pilot inthe United States Air Force after

Retiring he opened up Fenn gallerieswith his wife Peggy an antiquities storewhich sold all kinds of art AmericanIndian artifacts paintings mimicking theworks of Modigliani Monet and Degas anda variety of bronze sculptures just to

Name a few of the items regularlyrotating through the shop floor it wasduring this time that fens loved for theknickknacks and treasures reallyblossomed the store was bringing inclose to six million dollars a year so

He wasn't scraping for cash by any meansbut Forrest didn't hoard his cash hewanted to share the love around statingon record that quote having enough moneyis a lot better than having a lot ofmoney and quote so we know that he loved

Antiques but why create a treasure huntin 1988 Fenn was diagnosed with kidneycancer and the doctors told him that hehad a 20% survival chance this news iswhat inspired him to share his wealthand orchestrate the incredible hunt in

The first place fortunately he recoveredfrom the illness but that didn't changehis mindset he still wanted to followthrough with the treasure hunt he wantedto find a way to get people off theircouches away from their screens and out

Into the great outdoors to appreciatethe true beauty of nature and whatbetter way to do so than to dangle amillion dollars worth of treasure infront of them in forests own words so Iwanted to get the kids away from their

Electrongadgets and out into the sunshine outinto the mountains hiking fishingpicnicking anything but the couch getout of the game room people today aretoo busy to think there is so much going

On in the world and they are distractedso he wanted to give them a chance totake a break from the stresses of lifeand launch an old-fashioned adventureand expedition for riches for more thana decade forests packed and repacked his

Treasure chest sprinkling in gold dustas the years passed and consistentlyadding hundreds of unique gold coins andnuggets this took him until the late2000s when the global financial crisiswas hitting people hard while people

Were losing their jobs and readingongoing headlines flaunted with despairhe wanted to provide a little spark ofhope so the treasure chest was taken toits hiding place by Forrest himself overtwo separate trips thereafter he

Authored two books each of whichcontained clues to the whereabouts ofthe richesdespite the treasures story coming froma position of hope and positivity ithasn't always been sunshine and rainbows

As people became more invested in itsdiscovery traversing through thewilderness of New Mexico ColoradoWyoming and Montana the consequencesstarted to fall sadly at least fivepeople perished in the pursuit of the

Gold mother nature can be cruel andthese people unfortunately witnessedthat firsthand one of those people wasMichael Sexson he and his companion rodesnowmobiles until at some point therewasn't enough snow on the ground to

Cross and the pair were forced toabandon their vehicles moving forward onfoot according to officials they weren'tdressed appropriately for the conditionseven for a day trip but they wouldn'thave been out there in the first place

If not for forests treasure as you'dexpect forests never hoped for anythinglike this to happen my heart and prayersgo out to the family and friends hewould say even before this event therewere others like it Randy Bilyeu Jeff

Murphy pastor Parris Wallace and EricAshby each succumbed to their own tragicfate back in 2017 police officialspublicly implored phen to end thetreasure hunt and yet it carried on ontop of the human toll Forest has also

Faced legal scrutiny on more than oneoccasion in December of 2019 DavidHansen from Colorado Springs sued Fennfor 15 million dollars essentially thesame value as the entire treasure itselfclaiming that forest had deprived him

From finding it by providing fraudulentstatements and misleading Clues upon thenews of the treasures recent finea Chicago real estate attorney namedBarbara Anderson got in on the legalaction as well she filed an injunction

At the federal district court whichalleges that she solved the puzzle firstbut had her solutions stolen by ananonymous computer hackerwhat's she hoping to get out of it allshe wants the person who actually found

The treasure banned from sellinganything that was inside the treasurechest and she wants the court to orderthat the chest be given to her insteadwhether there's any truth behind it ornot does the lawsuit really surprise you

Whenever money or high stakes are on thetable the puranas never take long tocircle in 2018 while hunting for thetreasure a Pennsylvania man named ScottConway was fined by New Mexico StateParks officers after he dug a massive

Hole on state-owned land near Heron Lakein that same year another Pennsylvanianamed Robert Miller was arrested forburglary and Breaking and Entering afterhe snuck into Forrest Fenn's home andstole another old-looking chests that

He'd confused for the real hiddentreasure who would have thought thatforest would be fending off intrudersthis adventure clearly became far moreelaborate and dangerous than he couldever have anticipated but enough about

The mishaps let's get to the good stufffinding the treasure for near enough toa decade tens of thousands of peoplehave made it off their couch andsearched for the chest hidden somewhereout there in the depths of mother

Nature's beautiful Rocky Mountainsfinally on Saturday June 6th 2020 theimpossible became possible the mysterywas solved the treasure was uncoveredand the final chapter of the story waswritten that's right someone seemingly

With more determination than themajority or perhaps with nothing morethan pure luck actually found theinfamous treasure the lucky man said tobe from out east confirmed the findingby sending over a photograph to Forrest

Fenn the finder follow the cryptic poemand hints that were published inForrest's memoir the thrill of the chaseto give you an idea of its complexitythis was the poems second verse begin itwhere warm waters halt and take it in

The Canyon down not far but too far towalk put in below the home of brownacross the twenty-four line poem thelocation the x marks the spot so tospeak was indicated to be related to onewhere warm waters halt to the blaze 3

Canyon down and 4home of brown all of which of course areopen to interpretationalas Fenn also led a few details slipover the years before catching histongue because

These unexpected hints the finder knewthat the treasure was at least 825miles north of Santa Fe and that itrested above an elevation of 5000 feetwhile we don't know exactly who found itas the lucky hunter is chosen to keep

Their name out of the limelight and stayanonymous we do have an idea where theystumbled across the pot of gold this isall that forest had to say once thetreasure had been found quote it wasunder a canopy of stars in the lush

Forested vegetation of the RockyMountains and had not been moved fromthe spot where I hid it more than 10years ago and quote we can also inferthat its location is easily reachablebecause after all forest was 79 years

Old at the time he placed it there eventhough we're all kicking ourselves thatwe weren't the ones to find it the factis that this miraculous adventurebrought people closer together and didexactly what forests hoped got people

Active and out exploring in thewilderness countless families like Rheaand Chloe harp felt their bondsstrengthened because of it all and eventhough it sets some families backthousands of dollars even more for those

Who quit their jobs it gave the worldsomething exciting to follow so whathappens now Forest says he'll revealmore information soon in the meantimehe's come forward and said quote Icongratulate the thousands of people who

Participated in the search and hope theywill continue to be drawn by the promiseof other discoveries end quotehave you been following the hunt whereexactly do you think it was finallyfound and tell us if you are going to

Hide some treasure of your own wherewould you put itshare your thoughts in the comments downbelow don't forget to like this videosubscribe to the channel and as alwaysthanks so much for checking out the

Richest see you next time and have agreat day stay safe

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