by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

Muslims worldwide are observing a mob on
the 9th month of the Islamic calendar as
a month of fasting during Ramadan it is
important to maintain healthy eating
habits here WFP Egypt based
nutritionists dr. alia half of Michele
Dora and ayan bar have shared with us
some tips to help you stay fit healthy
and active during this blessed month
never skip suhoor just as breakfast is
the most important meal of the day
sure the mill eats in before dawn is
equally important for us during a move
on the pre-dawn meal helps your body
stay hydrated and filled up on energy
and nutrients until your next meal out
of bottle it also helps you avoid
overeating when you break your fast at
sunset a well-balanced meal as a whole
could contain complex carbohydrates oats
wheat lentils grain and other complex
carbohydrates like fava beans
slow-releasing carbs helping to keep
your blood sugar steady and giving you a
feeling of fullness for the greater part
of the day high-fiber foods fiber rich
foods are digested slowly and includes
cereals dates figs bran whole wheat
grains seeds potatoes vegetables and
almost all fruit especially apricots and
prunes bananas are a good source of
potassium and other essential nutrients
that keep your body hydrated
protein-rich foods high-protein foods
like eggs cheese yogurt or meat are also
recommended as they can help replenish
your energy throughout the day fruits
and vegetables are a great snack between
meals and a healthy alternative to
pastries and sweets usually consumed
during Ramadan some fruits and
vegetables naturally contain high water
content especially cucumbers watermelons
mounds squash and pumpkins eating those
after fasting hours can help keep you
hydrated try to cut down on sugary and
processed foods avoid heavily processed
fast burning foods by containing refined
carbohydrates such as sugar and white
flour as well as our Milan desserts they
are high in fat and low in nutrients
break your fast slowly and don't over
indulge while it is tempting to over
indulge at a thought after a day of food
deprivation remember that you should
slow down start with a few dates and
water and then wait before starting your
main meal dates are a great source of
energy for the body helping it to
secrete digestive enzymes in preparation
for the upcoming meal afterwards you may
get started on some warm soup avoid
heavy oils and fats in your meal
make sure you consume plenty of
vegetables and a good portion of protein
and enough carbohydrates with a little
fat remember you should eat slowly and
give time for your body to digest the
make soups a regular item on your iftar
meals soups are warm soothing on the
stomach and easy to make
they provide the body with fluids
vitamins and minerals while offering a
great way to incorporate vegetables try
making soups from colorful vegetables
available in season such as carrots
tomatoes pumpkins bell peppers spinach
zucchini and eggplants remember to limit
the amount of salt and oil you use while
preparing them add flavor with fresh
herbs stay hydrated drink at least eight
to twelve cups of water a day drink
plenty of fluids for hydration from the
period of a thought to the time of
suhoor beware of consuming sugary drinks
although juices milk and soup are
sources of fluids water is always the
best choice so try to consume other
drinks in moderation avoid caffeinated
drinks caffeine is a diuretic that
simulates faster water loss leading to
dehydration it is best to avoid
caffeinated drinks such as strong tea
coffee and colas if you can't cut them
out completely then drink them in
moderation avoid deep-frying
try to avoid fried foods or those
prepared with large quantities of oil
frying cannot be avoided one set would
be to reduce the quantity of oil used
instead of using one cup of oil you can
cut down the amount to half or quarter
of a cup it is best to avoid frying with
animal fats such as ghee olive oil is
not recommended for frying foods
implement these simple tips for a
healthy and productive or my mom this
year also feel free to share your own
tips and ideas in the comment section

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