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published on July 3, 2020




good evening and thanks for joining us

the top stories today George Floyd's

brother testifies to Congress on a

police reform bill he's calling for

unity and positive changes in law

enforcement the Federal Reserve said

today that it will keep the near zero

interest rate unchanged to support us

economic recovery but it also predicts

there will be a long road back from the

pandemic five states are telling a

primary election votes after people took

to the polls yesterday some results are

in but others are facing delays

lawmakers in New York respond to the

nationwide protests calling for a change

in policing practices yesterday they

passed a bill that would make police

discipline records public and internal

documents reveal a secret police agency

in China might still be operating but

just under a new name

that's after its supposedly dissolved

two years ago


today George Floyd's brother testified

before Congress lawmakers went over a

police reform bill that would make

significant changes to law enforcement

entities Miguel Moreno has more on the


the brother of George Floyd testified to

Congress Wednesday on a police reform

bill people of all backgrounds genders

and races have come together to demand

change honor them honor George and make

the necessary changes that make law

enforcement the solution and not the

problem for one the justice and policing

Act proposed by House Democrats would

amend the qualified immunity statute the

reform would disqualify state and local

officers from the immunity if they say

they acted in good faith or believe that

their conduct was legal at the time of

doing it if passed the bill would also

push police departments to ban the use

of chokeholds ban no-knock warrants and

drug cases and more several other

speakers sympathize with Floyd called

for greater accountability for officers

and defended the police force if we are

going to talk about better policing we

also need to talk about the root causes

behind the need for those calls for

service something defunding the police

is the answer history has shown that

underfunding the police can have

disastrous consequences and hurt those

most in need of our services reform may

also be coming from the White House the

press secretary says President Trump has

been listening to protesters and working

quietly on proposals the president has

spent the last 10 days quietly and

diligently working on proposals to

address the issues that the protesters

have raised across the country

legitimate issues in that body of work

I'm told is reaching its final edits and

we hope to produce it for you in the

coming days she also called less

immunity for officers a non-starter

quoting Attorney General William bar who

said that would result in officers

pulling back Miguel Moreno NTD news also

today the White House press secretary

gave the president's response to the

recent talk of renaming military bases

these monumental and very powerful bases

have become part of a great American

heritage in a history of winning victory

and freedom the United States of America

trained and deployed our heroes here

and one two world wars therefore my

administration will not even consider

the renaming of these magnificent and

fabled military installations calls for

the basis to be renamed come amid more

dialogue about race relations in America

the basis in question were named after

Confederate military leaders the

Treasury secretary testified on the

virus aid package known as cares today

the three to three trillion dollar

package was introduced at the height of

the pandemic to help struggling small

businesses and individual Americans

members of the Senate Small Business

Committee on Wednesday praised Treasury

Secretary Stephen minuchin and the

government for saving millions of

businesses during the CCP virus

lockdowns Chairman Marco Rubio called

the Paycheck protection program or PvP

an extraordinary success in a most

uncertain economic situation the PPP

offered forgivable loans to small

businesses to keep workers on payroll

it's credited with saving tens of

millions of jobs there was also

controversy when large businesses

received the loans when they shouldn't

have twelve billion dollars of this was

returned after public outcry

venusian told the committee the economy

is now well-positioned for a strong

reopening a report last week shows

around ninety percent of small

businesses are at least partially reopen

or planning to reopen soon we remain

confident that the overall economy will

continue improve dramatically in the

third and fourth quarters of this year

still the Treasury secretary feels

another round of stimulus will be needed

for the industries and small businesses

that are still hurting he called on both

parties to work out the details the new

package may include another stimulus

check for individual Americans getting

people spending again will be critical

for the country's recovery munition also

stressed the importance of getting

Americans back to work as soon as

possible the Federal Reserve though

painted a grim picture for economic

recovery today it says the measures put

in place to stop the virus spreading

will have a lasting effect on the

economy to help the fed will keep

interest rates near zero and to likely

stay there for another two and a half

years the Federal Reserve on Wednesday

interest rates unchanged at near zero to

support the economy and that rate is

likely to last until 2022 in March we

quickly lowered our policy interest rate

to near zero where we expect to keep it

until we are confident that the economy

has weathered recent events is on track

to achieve our maximum employment and

price stability goals in its first

economic projection since the pandemic

began the central bank painted a grim

picture of recovery indicating the

measures put in place to fight the

crisis will echo through the economy for

years and be difficult to quickly

reverse it expects the US economy to

shrink 65 percent this year and

unemployment to be nine point three

percent at year's end

going forward the recovery is expected

to begin in earnest in 2021 with growth

forecast at five percent in three point

five percent for 2022 the jobless rate

is expected to go down to 65 percent in

2021 and 55 percent in 2022 that's

still two percentage points higher than

where it was at the end of last year

Hamrick says there's still a great

amount of uncertainty the projections

should be seen as best guesses the

numbers will be updated quarterly down

the road they're indicative of limited

expectations for the economy for the

foreseeable future in other news the

international economic organization or

oacd forecast a similar scale of

contraction for the global economy this

year now on the economic front the six

percent decline in global GDP that we

foresee in 2020 is larger by far than

any we have projected in the 60 years

since the OECD was created the

organization projects the global economy

will bounce back with 52 percent growth

in 2021 on condition that the outbreak

is kept under control and yesterday five

states took to the polls for their

primaries and the results are in

mostly here's the roundup in what's on

track to become the most expensive race


South Carolina history Senator Lindsey

Graham has defeated three little-known

GOP challengers all of his state's

officials have endorsed him plus

President Trump and Vice President Mike

Pence his victory on Tuesday comes as

the last marker ahead of a general

election faceoff with Democrat Jamie

Harrison meanwhile in Georgia the

state's Democratic Senate primary is too

early to call Georgia election rules

require candidates to win more than 50%

of the vote to avoid a runoff as a

verily Tuesday with 93% reporting John

aasif has approximately 49 percent of

the vote he leads Theresa Tomlinson who

has roughly 15% and Sara Riggs Emiko

with about 13% the winner will challenge

Republican Senator David Perdue in


that's after problems erupted at the

polls when many of the peach state's new

voting machines broke down causing long

waiting lines turning to Nevada hundreds

of voters waited for hours at a mere

three in-person polling places in a Las

Vegas area which were reduced amid virus

concerns voting has continued into

Wednesday and state officials predict

long delays and counting ballots in

North Dakota results were promising for

political newcomers David and Al and

David narrowing they're taking on

Republican House Appropriations chairman

jeff del zur all 53 counties in the

state opted for mail-in voting with the

results still pending and despite the

state's hottest day of the year West

Virginians took to the polls to decide

presidential gubernatorial Senate and

House candidates in West Virginia's

Democratic and Republican primaries they

were also deciding a majority of the

five member state Supreme Court a grand

jury has indicted one of the country's

top chemists for making false statements

the Harvard professor allegedly lied

about receiving money from the Chinese

regime and about his involvement in

China's thousand talents program on

Tuesday a federal grand jury indicted

Harvard professor Charles Lieber for

making false statements to federal

authorities Lieber is charged with lying

about his involvement in China's

thousand talents program Libre has

denied the accusations according to the

Justice Department the Chinese regime

uses the program to lure foreign experts

to bring their knowledge and experience

to China

and rewards them for stealing

intellectual property the court

documents say Lieber specializes in

research on nanoscience and he has

received over fifteen million dollars in

grants from the National Institutes of

Health and the Department of Defense but

to get those grants one has to be open

about any other sources of funding

conflicts of interest and foreign

collaboration the charging documents

allege that without Harvard's knowledge

Lieber became a strategic scientists at

the Wuhan University of Technology in

China in 2011 the court alleges Lieber

entered into a contract with China's

thousand talents program at least from

2012 to 2015 in the contract at the

Chinese University allegedly paid Lieber

$50,000 a month it paid him one and a

half million dollars to establish a

research lab in Wuhan in 2018 and 2019

the Harvard professor allegedly lied

about his involvement in the program the

charge of making false statements

carries a sentence of up to five years

in prison three years of supervised

release and a fine of a quarter million

dollars Lieber is set to be arraigned at

a later date New York state lawmakers

passed a bill yesterday that would make

police officers records available to the

public the lawmakers are responding to

calls for more police accountability New

York state lawmakers repealed a

decades-old law Tuesday that kept law

enforcement disciplinary records secret

one opponent of the bill is concerned

about releasing unproven information by

putting out unsubstantiated claims we

are essentially opening up those offices

to public shaming just by the mere fact

that someone put in a complaint

eliminating the law known as section 58

would make complaints and disciplinary

records public for the first time in

decades Governor Andrew Cuomo said he

will sign it

the repeal came as protesters call for

the reform of policing practices in the

wake of the death of George Floyd one

supporter says it's not enough people

aren't protesting for watered-down

legislation I applaud the sponsor of

this piece of legislation for being

consistent with it over five years

however honesty compels me to say big

deal you have to give up your background

when opponent says they're reacting too

fast it's not the right way to fix the

problem I don't think enough

stakeholders have been involved in this

to make this get this done right we need

to slow down and if you want to fix this

this is not the way to do it

only Delaware has a similar law the

legislature passed other police

accountability measures on Monday more

are expected and coming up the US

Secretary of State released in 2019

report on International Religious

Freedom today find out more about it

after the break



when you look at TV networks in America

a soundbite invited out culture prevails

on news and commentary programs as a

Canadian I'm fascinated with America and

I wanted to offer American

thought-leaders an opportunity to share

their thoughts in a deep dive format

where we can explore their ideas

together and so American thought-leaders

was born the world's most brilliant

thinkers believed that open discourse

was the key to greatness however all

around the world you see that discourse

is being stifled in political agendas of

subverted media the epic times launched

its global thought leaders program to

bring back this great tradition of

rethought we have as the host of

American thought leaders every week I

interview some of the most intriguing

minds on the most pressing issues of our


be sure to check out our new episodes

every week a new report from the State

Department today this time about

International Religious Freedom it

follows the president Trump's executive

order last week to prioritize religious

freedom in foreign aid packages

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on

Wednesday unveiling the office of

international religious freedoms latest

report to Congress ambassador of the

Alliance said repression of faith is

unfortunately still too common in many

places of the world individuals have

become more familiar with religious

oppression than religious freedom in the

worst cases people are persecuted for

their faith and forced to abandon their

beliefs or face government backlash

China continues its decades-long war on

faith the report reveals last year the

Chinese Communist Party regime arrested

and detained more than 6,000 people who

practice Falun Gong a meditation

discipline that focuses on the

principles of truthfulness compassion

and forbearance the regime banned the

practice in 1999 and continues even now

to harass and detain Falun Gong

practitioners and people of other faiths

even going so far as to label Falun Gong

in a number of Christian groups evil

cults the Chinese Communist Party is now

ordering religious organizations to obey

CCP leadership and infuse Communist

Dogma into their teachings and practice

of their faith the mass detentions of we

Gers in Shenyang continues so does the

repression of Tibetans and Buddhists and

Falun Gong and Christians there are

reports that the regime forcibly

harvests organs from these prisoners of

conscience while they are detained

another focus of Pompeo and his team is

freeing six American oil executives who

have been detained in Venezuela for two

and a half years without trial as for

the Western Hemisphere

Pompeyo says the us is working to end

forced labor of over 10,000 Cuban health

care workers among other initiatives

Molina Y's cup ng dnews it's been called

the Gestapo of China the 610 offices one

of the Chinese regime's most notorious

agencies is tasked with cracking down on

dissidents and religious minorities it

was supposedly disbanded two years ago

but internal documents indicate its

functions are still being actively

carried out only under a different name

the Chinese regime established the 610

office on June 10th 1999 21 years ago a

Chinese human rights lawyer has compared

it to Hitler's Gestapo although it's

little known outside China it is

extremely powerful the Chinese regime

set up this extra legal organization in

1999 to persecute the spiritual practice

Falun Gong it later expanded to also

targeting people who believed in other

so-called unapproved spiritual practices

like house church Christians and

Buddhists as well as human rights

lawyers the 610 office operates at every

level of Chinese society and reported

directly to the top Chinese Communist

Party leader at the time John zooming on

the surface the CCP says this

organization no longer exists current

communist leader Xi Jinping gradually

weakened and eventually disbanded the

office through structural reforms after

he took power in 2012 but an internal

document recently obtained by entity's

sister media The Epoch Times presents a

different reality the 610 office may

have just changed the name due to

pressure from international human rights

groups and may be operating under a

different group called the anti

heretical religion guidance branch

Beijing's Fung sin district issued a

report from the agency in 2019 it shows

the agency giving scores on how well 93

different Communist Party and government

institutions are implementing the ccp's

anti religious policies things like

whether they successfully prevented

religious gatherings or if they have

successfully transformed an edge

religious believers to renounce their

faith the agencies being assessed range

across all sectors of the government

from the powerful political and legal

affairs Commission PL AC to the

organization department which is in

charge of assigning officials posts and

promotions to local Police Bureau's

local prosecutors offices and courts

among others some seem completely

unrelated to religious affairs like the

local tax Bureau the meteorological

administration the earthquake

administration the Red Cross and the

urban greening Bureau the report shows

none of these agencies escapes the

scrutiny of the de facto 610 office the

urban greening bureau for example was

scored down for not having enough people

taking a so-called anti-cult quiz the

quiz asks people what to do when they

spot a religious gathering and the right

answer is to report it to the Chinese

police another document from 2018 shows

the agency is even involved in foreign

affairs at that time the function

district 610 office paid for Communist

Party officials to visit Canada they

carried out a campaign against heretic

all religions in Montreal Toronto and

Ottawa the so-called overseas struggle

activities in Canada focused on

promoting hatred of Falun Gong the

communist agency held anti-cult

symposiums and paid local Chinese

language media to run propaganda against

the practice according to Ming

hawaiiorg a website that documents the

ccp's persecution of Falun Gong over

4000 Falun Gong adherents in China have

been killed due to the persecution

coming up the UN says 40% of North

Koreans don't have enough food although

food shortages are common in North Korea

it's getting worse find out why after

the break



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according to the UN a huge number of

North Korea's population is in need of

humanitarian aid the country is

currently experiencing a worsening of

food shortages according to a UN Human

Rights expert North Korea is suffering

widespread food shortages and

malnutrition while North Korea has a

history of food shortages the situation

is even worse now thanks to a nearly

five months border closure with China

and strict quarantine measures according

to the UN medicine prices are

skyrocketing and some people have only

corn to eat while others are starving in

the mid 90s a famine killed around three

million people in the isolated country

as of now over 10 million people almost

40% of the population suffered from food

and security and are in urgent need of

food assistance due to the shortage of

suitable agricultural land North Korea

always faces a challenge and growing

enough staple food to feed its

population it's a crucial time for rice

growers who are currently moving young

rice seedlings from the crowded beds

where they were planted to the big

fields so far farmers have seen less

than ideal weather and there are other

problems to tackle at the moment the UN

urged North Korea to free prisoners

during the pandemic because people in

their prisons are dying as a result of

contagious diseases overcrowding and

hard work with a lack of food the true

state of the CCP virus situation in the

country is uncertain as North Korea

refuses to report its case numbers to

the w-h-o in the latest partnership

between big tech and wall street Amazon

and Goldman Sachs are joining forces to

offer small business loans that and more

in today's business briefs CNBC reports

Amazon is teaming up with Goldman Sachs

stall for credit lines to some of its

sellers the loan can be drawn in paid

like a regular credit card the amount is

up to 1 million dollars and the annual

interest rate is between six point nine

nine percent and twenty point nine


this is also part of Goldman's push in

to Main Street finance Starbucks says it

expects its current quarter revenue to

plunge by three billion dollars

it's also forecasting sales will decline

for the rest of the year the world's

largest coffee chain says it will close

about 400 of its Us stores for good over

the next 18 months and cut half of its

planned new store openings the leader of

a European Bank told Bloomberg it be

wrong to expect remote working to last

after the crisis since people need to

work with people a recent US survey says

half of the workers telecommuting due to

the virus crisis are experiencing

burnout AMC Theaters the world's largest

theater operator plans to reopen most of

its theaters globally by mid-july

while limiting audience sizes for social

distancing the theater chain has lost

over two billion dollars in the second

quarter the question remains whether

moviegoers will feel safe returning to

theaters and coming up construction

workers get back to work on restoring

Frances notre-dame Cathedral

ina wen is expected to be fully restored

after the break




viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China at

the beginning I was super excited when I

got 500 views and now shows grown to

about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people I am a little freaked out that

that many people have seen my face in

five years I see China uncensored as the

sole source of edutainment worldwide


in France construction workers are

returning to Notre Dame Cathedral after

weeks of lockdown preparing for

restoration is a delicate undertaking a

year since a fire gutted Cathedral our

France correspondent David vivaz has the

story after delays and restoration

workers started removing the twisted

scaffolding around Paris's notre-dame

Cathedral the work of human hands is

absolutely decisive for those under

ropes in clamber all over the structure

with all the agility they have there on

ropes at 40 metres high it's a crucial

first step before the cathedrals

restoration can begin this scaffolding

was installed prior to the blaze for

restoration work on the error of not

Widom but after the blaze last year it

became a constant threat because it

could have collapsed on the cathedral at

any time the damaged scaffolding has

been surrounded by yet more scaffolding

and an enormous crane was brought in the

operation will cut away 200 tons of

metal and debris from the roof still

needs to be cleaned up it's precision

work but some parts of the Cathedral

might not be stable camor seduces and as

everyone knows if one stone falls from a

part of the vault the entire vault could

be weakened only after this step which

should last three to four months will

there be a plan for restoration and

maybe even redesign president Emmanuel

macron is pledging the cathedral will be

fully restored within five years

reporting by David vivaz NTD News Paris

that's all for today's news thank you

for tuning in

I'm Paul greeny








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