FIVE Top Tips on how to play off an Undulated lie! ⛳ | Golf Tutorials

published on July 17, 2020

So we are going to talk about sloping lies I don't think this golf course actually has a massive amount of severe ones but there is always on a links golf course times when the ball will be below below your feet above your feet downhill uphill and it is interesting to see how

You tailor your technique to those situations and also have the ball react so we've got the ball above your feet here why don't you just explain to us and demonstrate what are you thinking when you get the ball above your feet

You got a 7-iron yeah I've got seven nine obviously the more loft we have it's going to be harder because the loft is going to be pointing left so we want to adjust alignment just a little bit right there target and we want to try

And keep as simple as possible you know and and just sort of just just our alignments and allow the ground to and you know let the loft sort of make the ball draw a little bit into the pimp okay so we're gonna aim at 150 yard

Board okay into the wind a little bit off the right as well let's just see you I'll get this to finish on the 150 so you're going to aim where I'm gonna wait I'm probably gonna aim over the right the left edge of this bunker which is

Probably on the pin just right of it and then hopefully it just comes back on so the onto the five I'm gonna grit down a little bit as well there we go there's that right to left like that you predicted that's the left

Side of the green okay stick one more for me there so you mentioned going down the grip is that essentially because the ground has come towards their grounds up you know the grounds up so we want to make the

Club light as short as possible you know to make to allow us to be to keep the body stable really it for me is trying to just keep it simple as possible okay so one more then it's a little bit down the grip

Beautifully controlled so if you just told that club up in front Utah we can show our viewers that that's what Tom's talking about when he says the loft of the club is pointing left you can really see that without Tom shutting the

Clubface that sort isn't manipulated to face the loft of the club naturally looks to the left so obviously on this ball above the feet lie we are going to get that right-to-left spin we can just adjust the map very quickly and see if

We can get the ball below your feet presumably pretty much the opposite is true here tell us about this as I feel a little bit like I get slightly closer to the ball and slightly sit into my bum a little bit more try and keep good

Posture and just allow the club to swing and what we're going to do is probably I'm just left a target again and hopefully allow the ball to come back okay in this right the left wind is likely to hold strike pretty much isn't

It with the left-to-right fade you think yeah I'd say so but hopefully I can manipulate it enough go on try and move it let's see how about you get modulate this so I'm just gonna feel like a little bit closer to

The ball and I'm just gonna sit back a little bit and hopefully this ball can just move a little bit left to right pretty good certainly didn't get moved by the right-to-left wind it's a strike flighted shot which I think we just aim

At the target yeah but that tells us doesn't it that you're you put some cuts spin on it and the wind held it up and actually went straight so all these things have to be factored in on our links cool yeah yeah yeah sure

Fascinating to hear that and we'll wish you luck with your way thank you it's gonna be a good in for you thanks Tim thanks for coming appreciate that thank you

You can be able to claim onto that one of the ball obviously ball below the feet that creates different types of challenges yeah it does and and certainly I mean this is probably the worst thing you as a player can get but

It comes back to the same thing as I said before swing within yourself the most important thing is to strike here you you you you're gonna hit a cut you know that with a normal swing so you either want to try and fight it by

Drawing the ball or you want to start it left and and let the ball cut back so with wind left left to right as it is here you want to aim quite a bit left of the target and you know all I think is don't ever get ahead of this make sure

You get your arms down make sure you get two strike on the ball and then the ball should move left to right and come back into target and that's that for me is what I see when I watch players play in this championship always see guys trying

To hit it hard and try and manufacture things too much one of the best thing Bob Torrance ever said to me was when you play links golf let the wind be your friend don't try and fight it you can only get into trouble when you try and

And fight the wind on this golf course it is always much stronger than you saying let them let the wind be your friend play with the wind instead of trying to play against it last one so we're gonna go the other way there ball

Above the feet now now this is obviously the opposite thing every we always talk about the ball above the feet a ball is a tendency to go left again you know when I feel but when you when I have the ball above the feet always sometimes

Think the players forget to finish their golf swing that they try and think oh it's actually a quite a nice feeling for a right-handed player you you've gone on this side and you your swing becomes a little bit more rounded it's a nice feel

To have it here but what you have to always do is finish your golf swing going through so the ball just doesn't hope too much so I was trying I'm just swinging at it a little bit harder with my right shoulder so I can stabilize the

Flight in this kind of wind today left to right well you stood it pretty much say if I swing it normally just end up being a straight shot held up beautifully I might have to try these irons in the future

Thomas thanks very much we're gonna put the ball below your feet we're not gonna get a few difficult no not to do differently Westie just the basics to hit it when the ball is below your feet I might have a bit more a bit more angle

In the body obviously if you stand straight right like you would on a normal eye then the toes probably gonna be up so I try and get a little bit more over it maybe flex my knees a little bit more that wider stance or normal I

Understand sir maybe yeah and obviously when the balls below your feet you swing goes a little bit more upright and you're more likely to hit a bit of a fade today the winds howling off the left is so I would aim even further left

But if there were no wind and I was on a lie like this adding five yards six yards left its weight important things to remember that the slope is gonna have a dramatic effect on the shape of the shop so where you aim you're gonna want

To aim even further further left so if the flag is start you want to aim maybe five maybe fifteen twenty and a wind like this you might be aiming a long way yeah I mean I could be aiming twenty thirty hours left in a wind like this

With the wind blowing so severely off the left and never hanging low you know with the ball of the feet okay so a little bit wider stance a little bit more antl in the body to fight the gravity of yeah and also generally I'm

Afraid or the golf ball as well so that it makes it even bigger difference to me sometimes when I'm practicing at home I try and get on a lie like this because it accentuates yeah and ideally I would like my swing to be a little bit more

Right so I will get on a lie like this and that will create a more upright swing all right go ahead and hit one for so the little bit wider stance a little bit angle in the body aiming left yeah nice smooth tempo

They it's uh it's fading a little bit left to right there what it's also I think this happened when people get on these uneven lies is sometimes they tend to swing a little bit too hard you want to have that nice smooth rhythm so that

Gravity doesn't move you down the slope absolutely if he starts with him fast then grab a little strut start to pull you onto your toes and you can create all sorts of problems you ideally want to stay very centered and just turn

Around you Center and collect the ball so that's the ball below your feet go and step on that now we're gonna put the ball above your feet he's saying this thing won't move in my weight on it depends on how many cheeseburgers we've

Had all right so now the balls dramatically above your feet yet so the direction the ball is going to curve is the opposite of when it was below your feet which is now from right to life yet it would be normally but obviously the

Winds piling off the left so it's probably just gonna hold straight but I would do a pretty similar sort of thing I would try and get my body angled slightly differently to the slope with it being above my feet it's gonna make

My swing a little bit more rounded as opposed to the other line where it was a little bit more upright and I would expect it to just draw and maybe hold against the wind so I will try do nothing different when the swing other

Than get set into it on the setup and then just make a normal swing and obviously don't turn it too too hard and it's not sort of it's not gonna move my operating as much it's drifting a little bit on the wind but it's it's holding so

I think it's interesting for junior golfers out there if you're trying to draw the golf ball and learn how to hit it from right to left this is a lie that's actually really good to help you feel that as you said it's a fader

You actually go the opposite way and get that feeling when you were a kid did you go out and play on a lot of these unleavened lies and teach yourself and learn how to hit these shots yeah I mean where I grew up as a kid playing on a

Star networks up golf club there's a lot of uneven lies there anyway you do get a few flat ones but there were a lot of down there lies and left to right and right to left so I learnt to play off these kind of lies and you know when we

Go somewhere like Augusta you can you know the severity are lies Augusta National you really need to know how the balls gonna react and how your swing is going to react off these different lives

Talk us through your technique when you're on this sort of slope and how you adapt it and how the ball you'd expect it to flight differently because of the slope yeah obviously we've measured this this is 64

You know winds not really playing a factor it's more for me it's more where your sternum would be in relation to the ball so ball position in general would be clobbered inside and whatever it is we're doers might go to clubbers inside

Together to get your strike but without your fan touch to go and follow the slope a little bit there all of a sudden you're changing that quite a lot with with how you are you shoulder angle your foot angle where your weight is so I

Think that when you don't when you start getting shots that are under 80 yards I think the easiest thing is actually to be relatively static around your left leg because like a bunker shot you need to get a stable base to get your strike

So I would kind of go more middle of the stance here and then get the weight a little bit more kind of 70/30 64 and then actually use that slope to get you to get your angle of attack the one thing people try and do off these slopes

At times is get it up in the air which is horrendous because you're going to top it then it by it whatever you do well it's actually I tend to actually go kind of I get the toe under it a little bit there's less bounce anyway and I'll

Open it up a fraction just to kind of counter the fact that I'm on a downslope and I'll get the shaft a little bit steeper ball position again then go with middle and then from there old I'm not doing anything daft I just won't try and

Shift weight do anything like that this would be more of a long ish chip feeling okay so I do describe it well but hitting him doesn't always doesn't always work out lower flight we were expecting pretty good yardage there as

Well let's get the Matt if we can now just to tilt so the ball would be above Danny's feet if we can well that's happening then I'm just going to stick this on your clubface if you're not standing on this one yeah yeah fine yeah

It feels so you hold it up in the air for me as if you addressing addressing a ball you can see that if we put this indicator on down his clubface how the loft of the club being as severe as it is a 60-degree wedge has sideways that

Ball is now going to travel nothing to do with rolling wrists or flat planes it's the the manifestation of the loft of the club pointing to the left so when we've got the ball above your feet as we have

Now you obviously have to factor that in tell us about that yeah I mean it's an interesting one where I've used these quite a lot in the past to get your eyes in the right place and naturally this ball will want to draw as you saw with

That last one naturally the ball want it to fade a little bit I've done that as well with going toe down and stuff but naturally with how this is because of where it is on the art this will naturally want to hold hold line a

Little bit personally this is from my point of view I would try and counter that a fraction when it's a wedge if it's something longer you let it go it's really are but with the wedge I would actually try and counter that a little

Bit but yet normal again pole position wise would be middle to back again what happens on this if you move the ball back you shift your plane right that's why theoretically it'll draw just through physics with loft and everything

On the short club so I would still keep that ball back and if you if you want to let it go don't be frightened of it but I would actually personally I would get a little closer a little steeper just to try and

Even out a little bit otherwise you start getting too much shape on a wedge and it's quite difficult to control distance because of everything else so naturally it will want to draw if you want to do that carry on I would

Personally try and just again same kind of thing I'd kind of get down a little bit get the shaft a bit steeper and have the ball back I'm gonna try and hit it just a little holding one here because I think it's easier to get contact out at

The bottom when it's when it's that way you're very good at it so I'm at as well which Oh all right so now obviously the bulb below your feet it's gonna change things a little bit particularly when you're

Talking about that target in my yeah definitely I think one of the things I would generally try to do would potentially be with Club up go down the grip a little bit just trying to control the flight over reason being just

Because wind let's see the slope here generally you're not going to hit a 5-iron your normal distance it's probably going to go a little bit shorter so yeah as we've only got five on so first shot obviously on the flat

Line I was aiming more at the 150 so with this downhill lie I'll grip down just to get a bit more control and just aim just a little left of that 150 and swing along the line and my feet you see it's trying to work left to right a

Little bit more of a drift on that one yep good stuff a little bit too far left okay obviously now we're gonna try and create the opposite the guys that doing green just to tilt it up a bit that's pretty

Impressive this is pretty good like this yeah we're gonna go right let me create the ball above the feet here we go stay there yeah right okay so now the ball off an upslope that's gonna change things as well in terms of where again

Where you line up yes obviously here you're generally gonna hit it right to left but this is probably the trickiest shot because you've got you wind off the left but your ball fly is generally gonna go right to left off this of this

Lie so starting line is key here for me obviously you feel like it's going to draw so you're gonna draw it into the wind again probably Club up a little bit more because it's not going to go so far and instead of aiming probably towards

The 150 you're probably around a little bit square because it's going to turn into that wind and then the wind is going to shift it so again similar to the downhill lie just grip it down just slightly try it a bit a little bit

Squarer as you can see it starts straight and then the winds just drifting it a hair left to right

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