First Campaign Half 2 of two

published on July 2, 2020


October 1097 two years had passed since

pope urban ii preached a crusade to help

the Byzantium Empire in its war against

the Seljuk Turks now the First Crusade

had reached the great city of Antioch it

was the last major Turkish stronghold

standing between the crusade and its

goal the holy city of Jerusalem

was virtually impregnable with its

Citadel atop a 1,000 foot mountain and

too large to encircle the giant Crusader

army could only camp outside its walls

and pray for a miracle but that winter

they ran out of food horses men and camp

followers began to starve a trickle of

supplies continued to arrive by sea

mostly from the Byzantium controlled

island of Cyprus and they defeated an

attempt by Radwin of Aleppo to break the

siege at the Battle of Lake antioch but

the Crusader situation seemed hopeless

morale fell as deaths and desertions

rose steadily in march a crusader fleet

arrived with much-needed reinforcements

and supplies finally one night Boehm

aand of Toronto and 60 of his men scaled

a tower on the southern wall whose

commander had been bribed

as dawn broke boy mom's men opened the

city gates and the Crusader army poured


they massacred soldiers and civilians


while desperate Muslim survivors fled to

the Citadel which continued to resist

all attacks

Antioch had fallen but now a giant

Turkish army was assembled under the

command of Kor booger governor of Mosul

first he attacked Baldwin in a Desa but

abandoned his siege after three weeks

but marched on Antioch

the Crusader army was exhausted starving

and now trapped they could expect no

help from the VA's Anton's Emperor

Alexius busy securing his own territory

in Anatolia had received false reports

that the crusade had already been

destroyed fearing a Turkish

counter-attack he withdrew to


then inside Antioch a relic was

miraculously discovered supposedly they

holy Lance thrust into Christ sign at

his crucifixion and the Crusaders faith

in their holy mission was brilliant

although heavily outnumbered the

Crusaders decided to meet the Muslim

army outside the city walls with the

zeal of religious fanatics seeing

visions of saints and angels they

charged the Muslim army

which turned and fled core booger

accusing his commanders of treachery

possibly correctly set fire to his camp

and withdrew

the Muslim defenders in the Citadel

witnessing this stunning victory quickly

surrendered in summer 1098 Fatimid

forces from Egypt captured Jerusalem

from the article Turks owl after Grand

Vizier or chief minister of Egypt

so the Seljuk Turks as his greatest

enemy and even tried to make an alliance

with the Crusaders against them but the

Crusaders were not interested

instead they spent five months around

Antioch foraging supplies and arguing

among themselves Stephan of bra and hue

of Vermont wah had already given up and

returned home now boa monde of Toronto

claimed the form of as an tine city of

Antioch for himself breaking his oath to

Emperor Alexius to return such

territories to him beaumont argued that

the emperor had broken the oath first by

failing to help the crusaders during the

siege divisions deepened after a bishop

Audemars of lop we died from illness

he'd been the crusades spiritual leader

and a unifying presence on their council

meanwhile Crusaders carried out a brutal

massacre of civilians as maarat

al-nouman pressure from the mass of

ordinary Crusaders forced their leaders

to put aside their differences and march

south towards Jerusalem except for

Beaumont who remained in Antioch where

he declared himself Prince as the

Crusaders entered Fatimid territory many

local rulers offered up money and

supplies to avoid violence other

villages had been abandoned as the

Crusaders neared Jerusalem they found

wells poisoned trees cut down and

animals driven away anything that could

help the Crusaders had been destroyed on

the 7th of June 1099 the Crusaders got

their first sight of Jerusalem many fell

to their knees and wept with joy

but they faced a serious challenge they

were now reduced to about twelve

thousand fighting men not enough to

encircle the city and they were running

out of food and water Jerusalem would

have to be taken by storm

the barren landscape and the Crusaders

had no timber to build siege engines and

on the 13th of June their first assault

with a single scaling ladder was easily

repulsed four days later

six Genoese galleys arrived at Jaffa

where they were soon blockaded by the

powerful fat amede fleet so the sailors

took apart their ships and carried the

timber to the siege at Jerusalem the

Crusaders foraged more wood from the

surrounding land enough to build to

siege towers these mobile wooden

structures would be wheeled up to the

outer wall and allow the Crusaders to

directly assault of the enemy



one tower was stationed with Raymond of

Toulouse's forces in the southwest the

other was with Godfrey of bullion's

troops to the north on the 8th of July

seeking God's aid in the impending

assault the entire crusade walked in

procession around the city finishing

with a religious service on the Mount of

Olives on the night before the attack

godfrey suddenly moved his siege tower

to a less well defended section of the

city walls the final assault began on

the 15th of July 1099 in the north

godfrey of bullion's troops managed to

fight their way across from their tower

onto the city walls establishing a

bridgehead soon they were inside the

city and overcome with religious

euphoria and pure bloodlust they went on

the rampage butchering soldiers and

civilians Jews and Muslims women and

children it was an orgy of shocking

prolong slaughter barbaric

not unique for the Aged the first

crusade had secured its goal in the face

of overwhelming odds and just four weeks

later at the Battle of Ascalon the

Crusaders smashed a fat amid relief army

sent to recapture Jerusalem most

Crusaders their vows fulfilled soon

returned home to Europe only around 300

Knights remained to defend Jerusalem

under Godfrey of bouillon now named

defender of the holy sepulcher the man

who'd set these great events in motion

pope urban ii did not live to hear the

news that Jerusalem had been taken he

died just two weeks after the city's


the new Crusader states that emerged the

Kingdom of Jerusalem the county of

Tripoli the Principality of Antioch the

county of Edessa

lived on precariously surrounded by

enemies and the Muslim world would not

remain so catastrophically divided for

long soon it would unleash its own holy

war against the Crusader States turning

the Holy Land into a battleground for

almost two centuries


in response more crusades would be

launched from europe but none would ever

match the bloody spectacular success of

the first crusade research and art work

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