Fernando Alonso Le Mans Lap Onboard – run up to 2020 Le Mans 24 Hour Virtual

published on July 2, 2020

okay let's do a lemon overlap the

beautiful the main straight obviously

quite similar to the reality and

breaking forth in two and three which as

the normal car you use as much curve as


you go under the Dunlop bridge and you

head down to turn five always

interesting breaking with some lateral

load ten five and six which is easy flat

and then you approach about interesting

corner than seven which led into the

very long straight after that so it's

very important they exit the lawn

straight will be you try to maximize the

up shift and I have half a smooth line a

lot of overtaking possibilities on on

race day so yeah even if it's a straight

there is always some action breaking

morals in the hungry 24 and this triple

chicane than eight nine and ten again an

important exit because you you get a

very long straight after that that

corner again up to six ear breach in


20 kilometers an hour and the beautiful

war you don't feel the speed but there's

still a good feeling when you see all

the trees coming at that speed turn 10

11 12 again trying to be smooth on exit

maximizing the up shapes and another

blown straight heading to turn 14 very

difficult breaking what we will see now

with some lateral load and difficult

overtake him

you need some traffic into this corner

exit obviously is quite important alone

straight it suffers be a bonus to having

a good traction always help and then you

head into ten sixteen and seventeen this

is not a straight is just two kings in

the middle of a Viet and yeah having a

smooth line always help a very difficult

breaking here into Indianapolis ten

sixteen seventeen with a lot of load on

the first one and then down shift into

second year and approaching the

left-hander up to fourth and then down

to first gear for our Nash probably the

slowest corner on the circuit nice

traction good acceleration and you head

into the Porsche owner which is my

favorite part of the circuit we will

reach six year before we arrive there

and then yeah we down two feet and yeah

into the first corner right then two

consecutive left left corners flat out

maximum speed down to fourth the right

corner which the tires start to be a

little bit the stress by this moment and

then the final part the carton which is

quite difficult because the exit becomes

by narrow then you arrive to the final

part of the circuit the fourth game and

the quadruple corner left right left

right and then you are in the finish

line so very long lab and

lamanna's always special

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