Feast Your Eyes on The New Microsoft iPad Fighter

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

So we got a new surface product the surface go to which continues this progression towards the what is a laptop conversation well I mean this thing doesn't claim to be a laptop it's not called a laptop but when you pair it up with their signature type cover it takes

The form of a laptop and a tablet and it's all well you know it's very blurry but that's that could be a good thing depending on the user it gives you versatility you can pop this off you're sitting on the couch or watching Netflix

You throw it on here to get some work done and and I kind of like what Microsoft has done to the industry in terms of rethinking the idea of what a laptop is but still providing you with the keyboard or type cover that gives

You a tactile feedback that was my main criticism with the iPad pro keyboard on a previous generation I haven't tried the new one yet I will soon but I didn't like the squishy keyboards that were out there for tablets in the past aiming to

Make them more like laptops Microsoft with the surface lineup in general was always trying to still give you a laptop because ultimately their product still runs Windows and Windows is best interacted with with a keyboard and

Trackpad for the time being it's still I mean it works as a tablet as well but it's a it's a sit-down operating system first and foremost so the surface go to takes the previous version and upgrades it it gives you a bigger display in the

Same form factor so you have less of a bezel that's kind of a must when it comes to an upgrade or it's at least welcomed on my end this specification that I have features the core m3 processor it seems to me this is the one

You're gonna want to go for because it just it gives the device significantly more mm you know what I'm saying compared to the baseline model which has a Pentium Gold chip that I don't think anybody wants unless you're on a very

Very strict budget this one also has 128 gigs of storage 8 gigs of RAM and I guess Platinum stands for the color that this is in Windows 10 home there's also an LTE ver support for lte-advanced probably know

If this one has LTE in it but there is an LTE version available if you want to throw a sim card into it another nice thing about these products because their tablets that also happen to be typable the video conferencing the webcam on

Here is a 5 megapixel 1080p capable so in a previous video I was showing off the potato cam in the new macbook 13 that's not gonna be the case with this one it's gonna have better webcam performance actually not just for web

Conferencing zoom and so on but also for unlocking the device because this does have Windows hello also so you can do the face unlock all right let's crack into this first and then we'll get into the type cover type cover comes in a

Couple of different versions you can get the premium one the Alcantara I think that's what this one is right yes you see that word that word costs money if you ever see that word whether you're buying a car or a type cover it's gonna

Cost you a few extra bucks Alcantara look at that little guy that's kinda cute so I think this machine's gonna be popular for people want some nice battery life they said they'd improve the battery life up to about 10 hours

Now they want something ultra super portable sort of an iPad territory but still want a full operating system still need to run Windows applications well that's kind of where this thing comes in so you can see right out of the gate

Here they identify what's in your different locations oh this is an LTE capable version because it does have the SIM card tray power switch dedicated volume buttons on the top the microphone is there camera for Windows hello

Another microphone on the other side there's a headphone jack USB port and a power port also remaining items in the package SIM card tool a little bit of paperwork and I guess this is going to be the charger now you guys know I love

Magnets I'm a big magnet guy their proprietary charger uses magnets and it's one of the only ways I'm willing to accept a proprietary connector in 2020 is if it is a slight improvement or it does include magnets I mean that that's

The only way to improve it really so it pops out easily but it is a strange I'll find myself time and time again reaching for trying to find one of these charges one see they do have a type C port but this is

The charger obviously that they're recommending and they've been doing it for a while now so if you kick it when you walk by it just pops out this is a nice portable little charger here it's 24 watts Platinum color with the matte

Finish on the back I think it's pretty decent looking you have a camera facing backwards as well of course the ever-important stand is really what makes a surface in my opinion of course the surface brand has expanded into

Traditional laptops but that's your magic right there you can pick any angle including all the way down to an angle that's nice to draw on it's versatility any angle all the way down and built into a stand that really doesn't add

Tremendous bulk to the product whereas if you compare that to something like an iPad you're gonna have to add an accessory to be able to angle it and get a nice viewing angle on the bottom of the device you have your connection

Points for your accessories for that type cover over here is the type-c connector that I mentioned earlier as well as that proprietary charge port headphone jack now the main thing I'm happy about on this device is the

Shrinking of the bezels I also like the fact that there's two stereo speakers they're facing you they're going towards your ears that's that's a big-time deal that's a big big brain move as the youngsters like to say I'm gonna just

Leave that over there for a moment we'll get into the tight cover real quick you guys know it by now it's been an ongoing thing here I'm very picky about keyboards in general and of course it's a compromise you make when you need

Portability it's just the nature of the thing you got to shrink down the sizes and and therefore you shrink down your keyboards you shrink down your key travel but to me as far as the tablet keyboard weird connection type of

Keyboards are concerned they've had some of the best they're not mushy there is some clique to it the quick brown it is smaller it's important to note it's definitely perky it's smaller they had to shrink it into a 10 inch form factor

Here given some time I think with the tactile feedback you're gonna be able to adapt to it and get used to it and embrace it trackpad is down in this location here and since this is the Alcantara version

You have this do you want to hear that now you got some quick function keys on the top here for the backlight on the keyboard volume controls they also exist on the tablet as I said previously multimedia brightness and so on and the

Whole thing I mean it's just that's fun speaking of magnets that's fun and it's strong well I also that's some strong magnetic connection it's a good time big magnet guy told you before I'll tell you again boom so the keyboard has this kind

Of secondary spot as well where it'll sit up like that with a little bit of an angle to it or flat on the desk it does depend on the angle of your surface go whether or not it's going to sit there if you start looking in the direction of

A laptop this thing the footprint is way smaller if you're talking about a tray table or a little cafe or on the bedside table I mean this thing is going to fit anywhere with this 10 inch display so it's actually more comparable to

Something like an iPad from a form-factor perspective than a full-on laptop and certainly from a weight perspective as well here's the 11 inch iPad pro and I'll just put them beside each other this one with the old

Keyboard cover the old type cover whatever they whatever name they had for before it became magic the it has less depth to it there's no trackpad on it but if you're just examining the width and the height

It's it's almost identical now they're they're also in different price categories which is kind of which is kind of interesting because the iPad as we're well aware is a completely mobile OS whereas on the Microsoft product it's

Equally tiny but it's full windows even for the for the overhead camera we can get a really nice shot because we have this impossible angle that is available to us so we're at the point now to register the face in there and that

Little glimpse into the webcam quality was quite promising it looked half decent camera looks a billion times bad yeah that that's a webcam should I run a let me run a sample here for you this is the webcam typical studio environment

For me here on the new surface go to they said they improve the audio as well so we'll get a taste for that but I actually think this is gonna be a popular choice for us a little videoconferencing machine which is

Important to people right now given the state of the world it's inexpensive it's approachable it starts at 400 bucks and you get something that around the house can take on many forms it could be a tablet on a couch it could be business

During the conference and you could type something up if you need to now in these devices multimedia a huge component as well people want to watch video on something like this it's probably gonna have better battery life then whichever

Old laptop they might be replacing and well you just pick it up like this hit the couch little Netflix session Oh little pro tip when you're when you're holding this thing with the extra grip that the stand gives you see what I'm

Saying over here if you drop it back in push it down let's load up some youtube real quick and I'm gonna boost the quality I don't think this thing can play 4k should we try oh wow this is playing back 4k right now I didn't think

It was gonna have the horsepower for it for it on the full browser version of YouTube but you can see the little 4k icon is activated there this is an unbox the peak video playing smoothly in 4k on a surface go now this is a spec top

Surface go you're gonna pay over $600 for this version I think you're really gonna want that Intel Core M 3 alright if I do have $400 I mean I'm happy they're facing me the language the

Dialogue in there is is very clear but I'd like a little more volume they're linked to cross shop and so that's where these two devices come in today it's kind of unfortunate because I talked about this in yesterday's video with the

New MacBook Pro 13 Apple is doing a tremendous job in speaker quality not just on their laptops but also on their iPads and I get it this thing starts up like 400 bucks and an iPad pro what a keyboard case is way above that price

Point so you can't ask for everything but it would have been nice as the ultimate multimedia machine with the hefty battery life and the improved display hit me with the speakers and we've got we got the whole package don't

We and of course Microsoft came out with their new bluetooth headphones they probably want you wearing those with this dad that's the reason that's why so who should get this device who was this for it really starts at 399 an actual

Product like this – the keyboard I think everybody's gonna want the keyboard but still to start it at 399 puts it in the territory if you're comparing to Apple of those budget lineup iPads for what it's worth as many quality tablet

Applications that exist on the iPad side some people still need a full out operating system for a number of reasons I hear students tell me they need a particular application for a program that they're in that they have to

Install in Windows I just hear it from time to time and so now you can kind of that individual can have a package here in this price category that might be able to get done everything they need to get done I was very surprised to find

Out this thing is playing streaming 4k video content I think the horsepower should be there for most student style applications probably have seen some laptops full out laptops at that price point that might be more powerful than

This but what those laptops won't have is this capability to just do this leave this sit on a couch like I said YouTube machine Netflix machine and it's so lightweight see that's the thing trying to figure

Out what is the optimal size for a tablet of course I've tried both of the iPad pros the big one the little one there's something about the 10 to 11 inch size with small ish bezels that just gives you a really comfortable

Couch situation and and that's what this is in this format then you get the stand in the keyboard and all the work comes to life and then of course the other thing to talk about is the fact that Microsoft makes other surface products

At higher price points that you might want to consider if you're looking for more power but I think this thing is kind of fun I'm happy that it exists especially at the price that it does exist that I know there's a lot of

Humans out there on old laptops that don't do anything beyond what a laptop does in other words it's a single hinge it comes up there's no touch input and here we have something that sort of takes you more into the modern computing

Space as many people see it with a convertible approach and a package that folds up super portable and if the battery is even close to what Microsoft claims then you've got something kind of cool in my opinion it is the new

Microsoft go-to improved battery life better screen to body ratio with a bigger display LTE capability at least if you opt for it in this particular model and don't forget that usable nice quality webcam

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