FBI Finally Catch Crazy Russian Hacker

published on July 13, 2020

For over six years one Russian hackersuccessfully powered the Internationalcybercrime sector he single-handedly setup the Shopify equivalent of theunderground hacker market where digitalthieves could open up a virtualstorefront and sell all kinds of illegal

Goods and services to criminals that manwas chiral Viktorovich first solve andit took until early 2020 for the FBI tofinally catch on once they discoveredthat he'd created the Internet's largestillegal centralized platform to sell

Financial accounts personal informationand hacked computers they would doeverything in their power to take himdown as technology has continued toevolve and thrive into the 21st centurysavvy hackers have continued to thrive

With it while we've witnessed a numberof cyber attacks in recent years theNintendo hacker the antics of kevinMitnick and the 80 million cyber heistfrom the Bank of Bangladesh just to namea few perhaps none were as streamlines

Developed and scalable as the criminalplatform created by kirill Viktorovichfirst off first off is a 28 year oldfrom Krasnodar Russia who studied at theMoscow border Institute a division ofthe Russian Federal Security Service

With this experience under his belt hedesigned a software that acted as aplatform for over 24,000 online shops tooperate many of which sold stoleninformation effectively forming anunderground digital black market as of

March of 2020 these digital storefrontshad generated more than 17 milliondollars in combined sales since theplatform's inception in 2013 and neitherthe growth nor the revenue appeared tobe slowing down anytime soon the FBI was

Calling it the largest centralizedplatform on the internet if they couldbreak that platform down the achievementwould have been considered a significantstep in reducing stolen data use tovictimize individuals and businesses in

The United States and abroad there wasno doubt about it once it popped up ontheir radar the FBI was determined totake it down make no mistake first offknew what he was doing he wasn't justsome kid writing code in his grandma's

Basement he was a cyber hacking genius ahighly experienced and highly skilledcyber nut who wasn't afraid to gloatabout it first off didn't shy away fromhis talents and on multiple occasionseven released tweets about competing and

Winning several capture the flag hackingcompetitions including the 2016 and 2017capture the flag challenges at positivehack dayan annual security conference held inMoscow the growth of first sobs

Reputation as a security researcher anddeveloper can also be traced back to hisdiscovery of a number of serioussecurity flaws in telegram thecross-platform messaging applicationusing his talents to his advantage

Kirill first off whipped up the Amazonor Ebay equivalent of the dark web butwhat exactly was it and how did it allworkallow us to explain the undergroundplatform was known as dear dot IO or

Let's just call it dear for short it wasthe top market for stolen accounts aplace where sick minded crooks could buyand sell the credentials of innocentpeople's stolen accounts which had beensiphoned from viruses and malware the

Hacked accounts spanned video streamingservices like Netflix and Hulu gamingsites and social media platforms likeFacebook Twitter and Vkontakte a Russiansocial media service if you try to typedear point io into your web browser

You'll get nothing more than an FBImessage stating that this site has beenseized by the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation in accordance with aseizure warrant obtained by the USAttorney's Office for the Southern

District of California but if you loggedin during its heyday even as recently asMarch of 2020 it looks something likethisin the eyes of a cyber thief who wantedto sell their stolen information

Contraband or offer criminal services itwas a relatively simple process to getset up on dear step one was to purchaseaccess to a shop you wouldn't be buyingthe opportunity outright just asbrick-and-mortar retailers operate in

The land owned by shopping mallconglomerates you'd be renting an onlinestore owned by Deere as of 2019 rentalwould set the seller back a fee of 800roubles or approximately $1250 permonth

Payable by Bitcoin or web money aRussian based money transfer systemsimilar to PayPal 1250 a month thatisn't a hefty fee whatsoever butremember almost twenty four thousandshops were operating on dear 800 rubles

Multiplied by 24 thousand gets us 19million two hundred thousand rubles inus dollars first off would have beenearning a little over two hundred andeighty thousand dollars per month oncethe seller gained access to the dear

Platform the site provided an automatedsetup wizard which would instructedsellers how to easily upload theproducts and services that they wantedto distributewhich remember had questionable legality

And that list of products and servicesavailable on this easy-to-use interfacewas exhaustive and diverse the hostingplatform boasted a seller portfoliocomposed of everything from harvestedcredentials and hacked servers to hacker

Training contraband fakes social mediaprofiles and gaming profiles which inturn would give access to credit cardsplus company information from both theUSA and abroad you name it and one ofthe marketplaces 24,000 storefronts

Likely sold it what about purchasingbuying was even easier than selling justas you'd log on to Amazon and search forwhatever product you were after a cybercriminal would do the same thing on deerthey could open a web browser to

Navigate the deer website and then usethe search function to zero in onwhatever morally ambiguous informationor product that they wanted they couldsearch for hacked accounts from specificcompanies or filter personal information

Based on the country of origin wanna buya stolen social media account of anAmerican easy just search it hoping togain access to the financial account ofa multinational company just search itdeer was taking the black-market

Digitalising it and simplifying it to alevel that even criminals with minisculeIQs could understand but how theyactually pay for this stuff withoutgetting caught what goes hand in handwith cybercrime and illegal online

Transactions untraceable cryptocurrencyof course once the FBI got wind of thismaster Network red lights startedflashing almost immediately US attorneyRobert Breuer publicly stated that quotehackers are a threat to our economy and

Our privacy and national security andcannot be tolerated and quote beforereferring directly to kirill first AUB'scyber stores as quote a novel way to tryto market it to criminals hoping not toget caught and quote meanwhile omer

Myzel the FBI special agent in charge ofeventually tracking down first off andundoing the criminal digital web cameout and stated that dear quote promotedand facilitated the sale of compromisedsocial media and financial accounts and

That quote the FBI will continue to beat the forefront of protecting Americansfrom foreign and domestic cybercriminals and quote however since deerstemmed from Russian soil and operatedon a Russian infrastructure curial first

Off had a very different point of viewin an interview in 2016 firstdeclared that in his eyes he hadn'tbroken the law because his operationswere in accordance with the laws of theRussian Federation in his own words

Quote our clients can create shops thatdo not violate the laws of the RussianFederation we block shops that selldrugs and stolen bank accounts we willalso block any shop if requested byrocks Amnon soror the competent

Authorities of the Russian Federationhowever regardless of what he thoughtand regardless of Russian governancefirst-off had built an empire that hadstolen countless pieces of classifiedinformation from American companies and

Individuals and the FBI was not gonnasit back and watch their nation continueto be exploited even though it tookuntil 2024 significant investigationheadwinds to be made dears firstexposure to the public limelight was

Actually way back in 2016 when a digitalshadows report which has since beenremoved exposed it as a haven forcybercrime activities this would proveto be one of the first blips on theFBI's radar that same 2016 document

Suggested that the reporter sent amessage to the dear admin believed tohave been firs off specifically askingabout the selling of hacked data notonly to first off intentionally avoidthe question but also boasted about his

Russian identity using it asjustification to keep the online shopsactive a famous hacker known as Tessa 88used his shop to sell user data hackedfrom MySpace and LinkedIn this onlyintensified the spotlight even though

Dear had been on the FBI's watchlist foryears it wasn't until early 2020 whenthey launched their first major striketo infiltrate the cybercrime web theywent undercover pretending to be buyersscratch that they weren't pretenders

They were legitimately buying illegaland stolen goods hoping that theiracquisitions would lead to answers thefirst secret FBI purchase happened onMarch 4th 2024 less than $2000 worth ofBitcoin they acquired approximately

1,100 gamer accounts from the dear storecalled accounts market dear is out ofthe 1,100 they discovered that 249belonged to the same company which theFBI then questioned hoping to gaininformation about what was and was not

Possible to achieve with a hackedaccount the following day on March 5ththe FBI purchased approximately 999individual PII accounts which stands forpersonally identifiable informationwere bought from the cheeky shop dear

Dot is store for approximately a hundredand seventy dollars of Bitcoin theseaccounts included US residents living inSan Diego which was all the evidencethat the FBI needed to prove that acrime had been committed against

American citizens all the way throughthe FBI was unable to identify a singlelegitimate business advertising itsservices or products on deer once theevidence was in the bag the authoritiesarrested first off at JFK Airport in New

York on March 7 2020 under suspicion oftwo felony accounts the firstspecifically aiding and abetting theunauthorized solicitation of accessdevices and the second aiding andabetting trafficking and false

Authentification features if foundguilty he faces a maximum penalty of tenyears behind bars plus a $250,000 finewhenever an alleged cyber criminal getsapprehended by authorities Russianhacking forums take note and typically

Remove their accounts from the forum asa security precautionaccording to Krebs insecurity that'sexactly what happened to first offwithin various hacker communities oncethe arrest was made just over a year

Earlier in January of 2019 authoritiestook down another underground developersite called X Dedic a web site that soldhacked servers once foiled the site'sthree suspected masterminds werearrested in Ukraine so while first off

Presented himself as the most recenthacker to come under FBI scrutiny he'sfar from the first and he certainly willnot be the last have you ever suspectedthat you'd been hacked how did you findout and what did you do about it let us

Know in the comments don't forget tolike this video subscribe to the channeland as always thank you so much forchecking out the richest see you nexttime and have a great dayyou

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