FBI Catch The Most Dangerous Spy In US History

published on July 9, 2020

No spy in American history as areputation as damaging or as deceptiveas Robert Hanssen he took advantage ofhis trusted position as an FBI agent todivulge millions of dollars worth ofclassified secrets to the Russians the

Espionage lasted for decades spurred onby a secret coding system and anunderground international relationshipwith the KGB because of Hanson thousandsof top-secret documents were leakedwhich compromised the integrity of the

FBI and posed a threat to the entiresecurity of the nation join us on theinvestigation as we dig into how thislone soldier got away with a continuousstring of betrayalin most American cases of espionage

Recorded by the FBI an international spyhas attempted to infiltrate anddistribute the nation's secrets fromabroad whether by digital reconnaissanceor in other words expert hacking orblackmailing contacts on the inside

Criminally minded individuals with anagenda have tried to steal Americansecrets for yearsa particular pattern of EasternEuropeans cyber espionage has emergedover the recent decades however that's

Not why Robert Hansen made headlines heflipped the norm rather than being thetarget of underground internationalrecruitment efforts he was the onetaking initiative Hansen was noscapegoat he was the mastermind it

Wasn't a case of the Chicago born Hansenundertaking a life of crime from theget-go but rather a sudden twist of fatelong before Hansen found himself in hotwater immersed within an internationalweb of crime he was a dedicated public

Servant following earning a bachelor'sdegree in chemistry in 1966 atillinois's Knox College he dabbled in anumber of fields he enrolled in dentalschool then switched his sights tobusiness and then accounting before

Eventually joining the Chicago PoliceDepartment as an internal affairsinvestigator for the better part of fiveyears Roberts specialized in forensicaccounting with the Chicago PD beforeclimbing the ranks and landing a job

With the FBI in Illinois in January of1976 there was little reason not to hireRobert he'd been a loyal police officerwho had demonstrated an appreciation forlaw and order just a single year afterjoining one of the nation's most trusted

Government security entities theto of course being the CIA in the NSARobert Hanssen was transferred to thecounterintelligence division his mainduty to compile a thorough database ofSoviet intelligence for the bureau from

There all the way up until the events of2001 which we'll get to in a momentRobert Hansen remained an FBI employeewaiting in and out of the criminal worldthe entire way through it was in 1979three years after joining the FBI that

Robert Hansen first crossed the line aline which he could never come back fromhe approached the Soviet mainintelligence Directorate otherwise knownas GRU and offered to leak FBI secretsto the Soviets in exchange for cash

According to later testimony there wasno political motivation the only thinghe was after was a sizable extra amountof disposable income Hansen had a wifeBernadette and six children which hewanted to support Hansen and the Soviets

Each needed to hold up their part of theagreement he delivered his end of thebargain providing details of the whereand when the FBI had placed audiobugging equipment as well as a list ofwho the FBI considered to be Soviet

Intelligence agents the Sovietsdelivered their end to in the form ofcash just as promised in 1981 Hansen wastransferred to FBI headquarters inWashington DC which is precisely when hetook his involvement as a spy to the

Next level now with the power of theFBI's Budget Office at his disposal hehad access to far more FBI operationswith the expertise and experience as acounterintelligence agent under his belthe had the upper hand

He knew the best ways to avoid detectionbecause he knew where the investigatorsalways focused their attention withinhis first year in the Washington officeHansen sent another anonymous letterKnox to the GRU this time but to the KGB

Which was the Soviet Union's secretpolice force until its eventualdissolving within this letter datedOctober 1st 1985 he revealed to theSoviets the names of three KGB agentswho were secretly in cahoots with the

FBItheir names sergej Mattern ValerieMartin oov and Boris using those nameswere a gesture of good faith and showedthat he meant businessfollowing on he asked the KGB for

$100,000 in return for futurereconnaissance they accepted and theunknowing KGB FBI relationship was bornon more than 20 separate occasionsHansensubtly left packages for the KGB and its

Successor agency the SVR at drop-offsites scattered all over the Washingtonarea but it wasn't a simple meet andgreet Hansen couldn't afford to be thatobvious and he couldn't afford to turnup to locations assigned by the Soviets

So he chose the drop sites and createdhis own secret coding system whencommunicating with the washington-basedSoviet representatives he would go bythe alias of Ramon Garcia Ramon wouldsignal the drop locations the places

Where he leaved the information forsomeone else to collect but wouldcommunicate the time and date in acryptic code 6 was to be added to themonth day and time of any designatedarranged drop if a drop was scheduled

For January 6th at 1:00 pm which wouldhave been written out as Oh 1 – oh 6 at1:00 pm it would have instead beenpresented as oh seven – 12 at 7:00 pmor July 12th at 7:00 pm across all ofthese exchanges Hanson was rewarded with

Bags of diamonds and wads of cashtotaling more than 14 million dollarsconsidering that he was offloadingdozens of classified US governmentdocuments as well as revealing theintricate techniques sources methods and

Operations of the FBIcounterintelligence investigative teamthe KGB had no problem handing over themoney across his tenure as a spy Hansonunlawfully shared more than 6,000 pagesof valuable and confidential material

You might be thinking why Russia why GRUand the KGB Hanson never indicated anypolitical or ideological motive for hisactions only financial he had alreadystudied the Soviets and therefore hadthe bait to dangle in front of them he

Was already knee-deep in Soviet relatedreconnaissance so taking the next stepwas easythey were willing to buy us secrets andhe was willing to sell them all the wayup until his eventual capture in 2001

Once the FBI supervisors received tipsregarding Hansen acting suspicious fromhis co-workers they started to keep aneye on him as the suspicions grew so didthe investigations in 1994 the FBI andthe CIA formed a joint mole hunting team

To find the suspected intelligence leakthey created a list of all agents knownto have access to cases that werepreviously compromised and on that listof course was Hansenin order to weed out the spy the FBI

Paid 7mmdollars to a KGB agent to obtain a filethat would give them hints as to who wasthe anonymous mole with access to thisdata the FBI was able to conductfingerprint and voice analysis and

Determined that Robert Hansen was likelythe guy that they'd been searching forin January of 2001 Robert Hansen wasassigned an assistant Eric O'Neill whoin reality was a surveillance specialistwho had been ordered to keep one eye on

Hanson's shady moves at all times whenO'Neill was able to briefly obtainHanson's handheld PC agents downloadedits contents and the FBI now had itssmoking gun they then needed one finalincriminating act in order to take

Hansen down that act was served to themon a silver platterone month later on February 18 2001 aswas his usual routine Hansen took asealed garbage bag of classifiedmaterial and taped it to the underside

Of a wooden footbridge the FBI waswatching and this was all the proof theyneeded quickly rushing in to arrest himwhen placed in cuffsHansen didn't fight back or try to runhe simply asked quote what took you so

Longthe agents found a bag nearby containing$50,000 that they believed to beHanson's payment for the documents thearrest was made and the FBI finallycaptured their mole following decades of

Espionage after unearthing their traitorthe FBI's reaction was as disappointingas anyone would have expected here'swhat then FBI director Louis J free hadto say a betrayal of trust by an FBIagent who was not only sworn to enforce

The law but specifically to help protectour nation's security is particularlyabhorrent this kind of criminal conductrepresents the most traitorous actionimaginable against a country governed bythe rule of law it also strikes at the

Heart of everything the FBI representsthe commitment of over 28,000 honest anddedicated men and women in the FBI whoworked diligently to earn the trust andconfidence of the American people everyday on July 6th 2001 Robert Hansen

Pleaded guilty to 14 counts of espionageand one count of conspiracy to commitespionage and was handed 15 consecutivesentences of life in prison without thepossibility of parolehe did apologize for his behavior and

Stated that he was ashamed of his formeractions but that doesn't unwind thedamage that was already done frombeginning to endwas compensated 14 million dollars incash and diamonds the equivalent of just

Over two million by today's standardsfor leaking thousands of vital Americansecrets even though he now sits behindbars in a maximum-security prison nearFlorence Colorado in solitary isolationfor 23 hours a day the damage of his

Actions cannot be undonecould he have had another underlyingfinancial agenda perhaps he was planningto take off with his family and escapeto an exotic island or maybe he hoped tocontinue spying until his eventual

Retirement what do you think thisfascinating story of betrayal has spreadmuch further than the traditional 15seconds of fame media outlets because ofhis extreme antics and the unmatchedseverity of his crimes Robert Hansen has

Been documented in a number of filmssince his arrest and yes you can watchthem master spy the Robert Hanssen storywas a made-for-television movie releasedin 2002 that stars William Hurt ashandsome when this was released the real

Hansen was already behind barsremarkably the guards granted himapproval to watch the movie for himselfbut he was so angered by it that heswitched it off there's another filmcalled breach which came out in 2007

That highlights the role of Eric O'Neillthe supposed assistant who was actuallyassigned to dig up dirt on his boss andif you're still after more then checkout the 2007 documentary called superspythe man who betrayed the West it dives

In to the hunt to trap and catch Hansenin the act is it possible that we couldsee another spy recreate theastronomical impact of Hansen some 20years later criminals are always lookingfor new and innovative ways to steal and

Deceive but on the flip side the FBI isnow acutely aware of the tell-tale signsof a mole as a direct result of Hansen'sactions the FBI director ordered acomprehensive review of information andpersonal security programs in the FBI we

Won't know if there's another spy untilthey slip up and accidentally revealthemselves do you think that thepunishment fits the crime let us know inthe comments down below don't forget tolike this video subscribe to the channel

And as always thanks so much forchecking out the richest see you nexttime and have a great day

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