Fauci Contradicts Trump Over “Chinese Lab” Claims—Wait, Is That True?

published on July 2, 2020

there's a battle doing President Donald

Trump and dr pouchy

at least that's what the media per se

but is it true


welcome back to America uncovered I'm

Chris Chappell

do you do popular demand we once again

present our segment wait is that true

according to a lot of media America's

president and America's top doctor are

at odds over the corona virus we sure do

love us a good conflict here are some

headlines dr Anthony foul she dismisses

Trump's coronavirus wuhan lab claims

doctor foul she again dismisses wuhan

lab as source of corona virus and foul

she just crushed Trump's theory on the

origins of the corona virus wait is that

true there are several things wrong with

all of those headlines first of all it's

not like Trump is the only one saying we

need to investigate whether the corona

virus came from a Wuhan lab a lot of

people are calling for an investigation

like the President of the European

Commission in fact there's growing

international pressure on China for an

independent investigation into the

pandemics origins but more importantly a

lot of media are misrepresenting what

doctor foul she actually said foul she

said if you look at the evolution of the

virus in bats and what's out there now

the evidence is very very strongly

leaning toward this could not have been

artificially or deliberately manipulated

in other words he says the evidence does

not suggest the corona virus was

artificially created like as a

biological weapon that's entirely

different from saying it could not have

been a natural virus accidentally leaked

from a lab for clarity there are at

least four theories out there on the

origin of the corona virus theory one

wet market this is the story chinese

state media originally reported that the

corona virus began spreading naturally

from a wet market in Wuhan that sells

exotic animals so far this theory has


proven and since the wet market was shut

down and thoroughly cleaned up back in

January it's hard to investigate it now

theory – accidental lab leak this theory

goes that a bio lab in Wuhan was doing

research on bat coronaviruses and that

this one leaked accidentally one

actually has two bio labs and both were

doing research with bats the one

famously doing bat coronavirus research

was the level 4 Wuhan Institute of

virology Chinese authorities have turned

down us requests to investigate this lab

so far this accidental a bleak Theory

has not been proven because Chinese

authorities have blocked any independent

investigation Theory 3 bioweapon this

theory says that the Chinese regime

developed this corona virus in a lab has

a biological weapon as in he was a

genetically engineered man-made virus

this theory gained traction because in

the past the Chinese military has done

research on bioweapons that's been known

as far back as 2009 when it was

discussed in a US State Department

report that being said so far there is

no proof that the current corona virus

was designed as a bio weapon and

obviously Chinese authorities won't

allow this investigation to happen

either theory for us military once the

lab and bio weapon theories came out the

Chinese Communist Party tried to

downplay them by spinning a new theory

that the corona virus was actually

started by the US Army there is no proof

of this nor is there any proof for their

other spin-off theories like wait it

actually started in Italy I mean France

but the point is some of these media

stories are conflating Theory 2 and

theory 3 that's really irresponsible

Trump said we should investigate whether

it could have accidentally leaked from a

lab foul she said there's no evidence it

was a bioweapon though

two ideas can exist in the same universe

unlike say Iron Man and Batman and as I

mentioned on my other show China

uncensored for years the State

Department had been warning about safety

issues at the Wuhan Institute of


the level for bio research lab that lab

was studying bat coronaviruses at the

time and that's one reason why the Trump

administration wants to investigate what

I had called theory to an accidental lab

leak because it doesn't have to be a

bioweapon to wreak havoc on the world

poor safety standards and a

whoopsie-daisy can do that too now in

the original interview doctor foul she

did with National Geographic he was also

asked about the idea that the virus

could have accidentally escaped from a

lab Falchi didn't quite answer the

question he said but that means it was

in the wild to begin with that's why I

don't get what they're talking about and

why I don't spend a lot of time going in

on this circular argument it's a little

confusing because now she appears to

still be answering the question about

whether the virus was wild or man-made

and not about whether the outbreak could

have spread from a lab and the reason

I'm covering this topic is not to defend

or justify what doctor foul Qi or Donald

Trump said it's because the Chinese

regime is desperately trying to get

people to not investigate what really

happened Chinese state-run Global Times

says the US has no authority to

investigate China and that the idea of

the us sending a team to investigate

is absurd and unrealistic but even

taking the us out of it

China has refused any kind of

international or independent

investigation so in Western media's

sloppy reporting also makes it seem like

an investigation would be foolish they

may be playing right into China's hands

now that's foolish that's it for this

episode of wait is that true what do you

think leave your comments below once

again I'm Chris Chappell

thanks for watching America uncovered



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