Father’s Day According To A 2-Year-Old

published on July 2, 2020

Bobo you know tomorrow's Father's Day

right and I expect that she won't give

me something nice I'm not sure what I

was expecting for Father's Day maybe

like a really expensive watch or you

know a Ferrari rental Halloweekend well

you know daddy knows that you've been on

your superhero thing lately so I figured

we could be superheroes go home we

decorate these cake I thought it'd be a

good idea for us to like make superhero

costumes you know bone exercise I think

I'd be insulted the whole time do you

love daddy Emory does this thing and I

feel really bad well she'll look at here

and she'll be like mommy's my favorite

it's funny how I think you like mommy

more than you like me

I'm just saying so I guess like if I had

a question why you like mommy more do

you like me you being dismissive here

does this thing where he goes up to her

and he'll just snuggle up with her you

kiss her like this you see how she lets

me do it she doesn't let him do that so

both of us are your favorite no when

everybody said I'm not her favorite I

want a surprise like look this is how

the hierarchy goes it's God mommy

children the dog that dead spider in the

corner now underneath that is daddy

that's why I have today is Father's Day

daddy is it my face because I have a

stupid face is this something that I can

do better

like can I be a better father ice cream

or cookies I mean sometimes it even

feels like you know mommy better that

you won't be what you think black and

yellow so what do you think about

Father's Day be like Father's Day no why

it's for daddy though okay let me let me

let you finish your cracker first okay

you know it's like I only have feelings

no more she say don't hurt me a part of

me died a long time ago

so quick Q&A I want to see how well you

know me what's daddy's favorite color

he's actually black what's daddy's

favorite food I actually hate spinach


I'm asking the question you know when

you sit on a toilet for a long time

and then like your legs go numb well

that's my heart ain't no joke

just a lot of her village I don't

understand why you don't like me I'm

likable look at the smile look miss you

faked her not me you know I don't feel

like you're being very nice to me right


you're making me say show me how you

fight you fight the children's no it's

must occur


come on bring it on




you know father with Danny's favorite


I don't know how know Amy came to be

emery's favorite I mean yeah she nursed

her and held her in her womb for nine

months and was the first person to hold

her and was the first person to kiss her

boo-boos and Wow

okay no idea what she'll like me down

but still damn it I deserve what the

Father's Day gift thank you baby this is

the best Father's Day ever what yeah




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