Farmers use pandemic to debunk veganism for good

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Hey everyone I hope you're all doing okay and I hope you're still safe during this pandemic one of the things that I'm sure a lot of you have seen is there's been quite a few articles published talking about the different ways that the environment is benefiting from the

Pandemic focusing a lot of the time on things like reduced air pollution so of course due to the fact that there's less planes and cars is of course less co2 in many city and urban areas as a result now one group of people animal farmers

Have taken its information and they've run with it to present the idea that they're for animal farming has no negative consequences to the environment at all and so what I want to do in this video is go through one of the Facebook

Posts I've seen shared around a lot and go through exactly what the Facebook post says and work out whether or not it does prove the animal farming is not bad for the environment or whether or not it actually does the opposite but before we

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Isolation so thank you so much for Skillshare for sponsoring this video so let's get into today's video this is the Facebook post that I wanted to go through and I'm going to analyze what's been said and work out wherever or not

There's any veracity to this post so let's go from the top well the planes have stopped cars have stopped the world as a whole has pretty much stopped and the co2 levels have dropped yet the farmers haven't stopped

They're still get up to milk the cows the landing sheds are in full swing the cattle are still being fed the crops have been drilled yet the co2 is dropped maybe agriculture isn't quite as bad as the media have been making out now this

Is an interesting way to stye isn't it because basically what what this this post is is summarizing all let's try to say to you is it st. forget all the science right figure all of the parenting scientific literature that

We've been seeing for the past few years there's been talking about the negative consequences of a more family forget it and in particular forget the most comprehensive study that's ever been conducted exploring the relationship

Between farming and the environment ignore the fact that it derived data from over 1,500 different studies and looked at 40,000 farms all over the world ignore that but particularly ignore the fact that it concluded that

Going vegan is the single biggest thing that we can do for the environment forget all of that because lo and behold as number of cars and planes have dropped so is the levels of co2 but this is where it gets really disingenuous

Because when we talk about animal farming in greenhouse gases we're not talking about co2 not really the two gases that we really talk about when we're talking about a little farming or of course methane and nitrous oxide in

Our methane is up to 80 times more potent to the environment than carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide is up to 300 times more potent for the environment than cartman outside and so we're not talking about drops in co2 levels or co2

Levels in general when we're talking about animal farming we're talking about two other greenhouse gases it's being shown that the levels of methane have been increasing over the years recent years and even Journeys pandemic the

Levels of methane is still predicted to continue rising now professor from Stanford said that the likely two reasons why methane levels have been increasing is because of natural gas and also agriculture furthermore a lot of

The satellite imagery that we've been seeing talking about drops in air pollution is imagery that's taking place over cities and so we hear about in New York City there's been a reduction of about 10 percent in terms of co2 levels

But that makes complete sense because that's where the concentration of airports and cars would be found so when we look at animal farming there are no animal farms in the middle of cities and so why don't we see the

Negative consequences of greenhouse gas emissions from animal farming when we look at satellite imagery over cities and so just before we move on to the next point let's just remind ourselves now that the United Nations has stated

That animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation system combined and so if we want to really reduce emissions of course we should look to reduce the amount of cars and

Planes we have in general but in fact eliminating animal agriculture would be more beneficial for the environment from a greenhouse gas perspective than taking all of the cars and planes and boats out of the equation but the thing about

Animal farming is it's not just about the emissions maybe agriculture isn't quite as bad as the media have been making out maybe the world isn't going to end because of our livestock no it absolutely is it 100% is

Animal farming is an absolute menace and it's an absolute stain on our world a lot of farming is the leading cause of things like habitat destruction land desertification topsoil erosion water use land use it's when the main drivers

In some of the worst aspects of environmental degradation and if we don't stop animal farming then our world will continue down this path of being destroyed day by day by day now let's make it perfectly clear the eliminating

Animal farming isn't a solution to all of the world's problems but there is no solution that works without eliminating animal farming maybe just maybe agriculture is going to be the thing to save everyone one this world needs

Feeding we cannot import avocados coconut milk launched too from South America eat local eat fresh now it's interesting that this post brings this particular point up because one of the things that

We've been most worried about during the pandemic is that fear of there being food shortages so what does that actually look like in the real world now it's important to note straight off the bat that in the US and also in the UK

50% of the entire land mass of both countries is dedicated to animal farming now there's a big problem here because animal farming is incredibly inefficient when it comes to resaw inputs versus resource output let's put

This into perspective a study from Harvard Law School called eating away at climate missions spoke about the fact that to produce one calorie of beef requires 37 calories of plants to produce one calorie of pork requires 12

Calories of plants and to produce one calorie of dairy products or one calorie from egg products requires six calories from plants and so we can see there's a huge problem that problem being that we put so much food into the system and the

Amount of food that we get from the animal exploitation at the end is only a fraction of the amount of food that we put in that same piece of research talks about the idea of repurposing animal agriculture land and what we could do

With that land if we weren't using it to exploit animals and it's said that in the u.s. if you took all of the land used for animal farming and you repurpose that land instead of producing animal products on that land you

Produced plant products those plant products is well being products that promote good health so fruits vegetables and pulses if you did that you could produce enough human edible food on that land to feed another 350 million people

They said in the UK who took just one third of the cropland that we currently use to feed the animals in this country just one third you could produce enough fruits and vegetables to feed every single person on has 62 million people

Five portions of their fruits and vegetables every single day all year round and in fact according to data derived from the European Commission 63% of all arable land within the European Union is used to produce feed that we

Give to animals and so actually if we do encounter a food shortage during this pandemic it will be because of animal farming because animals consume so much food there's a consequence we get so little at the end

Of it after all the exploitation after all that suffering and even from our own perspective the inefficiency of that system is so absurd and so if we do have a food shortage it will be because of animal farmers let's also just add to

This that in the u.s. right now they're talking about a complete drop in the meat supplier because slaughterhouses have been overrun by the virus because of the intense exploitation that's happening both to

Non-human animals as well as the human animals have been these facilities so place like Smithfield's have been forced to close because so many of their workers have become ill because of coronavirus now because of these places

Close and there's gonna be a knock-on effect to the meat supply in the US potentially this is something they're talking about and so you might have a big knock-on effect the amount of food that is available to people in the US

But again that's happened because of animal exploitation if we didn't have these slaughterhouses where humans and nonhumans are exploited we weren't so inefficient with the resources that we have those finite resources we wouldn't

Have to worry anywhere near as much and also just to make a point about the importation of foods if we repurposed animal farming lands to produce more food in our own country we could also use technological advancements like

Hydroponics and vertical farming if we implemented the repurposing of land as well as the technological advancements then we could reduce our reliance to the importation of food to begin with and so a vegan world wouldn't increase

Importation it could still reduce the importation of plant foods also just the final point I want to make is about eat local eat fresh thing we have this idea domi that local farms are these wonderful places where there's

Absolutely no suffering happening within these facilities and there's no environmental problems because of their local to us we have this very warped idea that geographical location automatically means that the animals are

Treated wonderfully there's no problems at all but of course that's not true from an animal suffering perspective to suffering a systemic and systematic and occurs in all systems of animal farming whoever they're on our doorstep or a

Hundred of 200 miles away but even from the environmental perspective the problem is related to animal farming are prevalent even if those farms are local to us those problem is of habitat destruction of resource inefficiency all

The problems related to the environmental consequences of animal farming a store prevalent in farms that are local to us as well as farms that are 500 or 600 miles away from us we have to break away from this idea that

Something being local means it's devoid of consequence or negative consequence that's simply just not true and this notion of eat fresh is really ironic when we talk about animal products we take these animals we cut their throat

We butchered them we pull all their organs out we chop them into small pieces wrap them in plastic tape them to a supermarket where they sit on the shelf for days maybe weeks at a time we then buy them take

Them home eat them and call it fresh I don't products are disgusting they discussed in terms of what they do to the animals they discussed in terms of what they do to our body and they're disgusting in what they do in terms of

The environment and so just because we've seen a drop in pollution because we've have less cars and planes in the skies and on the roads does not therefore mean that animal farming is not dangerous and damaging to our planet

In fact it shows the opposite because it shows just how much we rely on land how much we rely on these resources that are finite and if anything it really just shows to us how much we waste on animal farming and how if we didn't have animal

Farming we could do so much more that would be beneficial for our planet for us and of course others and on humana moles who suffer every single day even during this lockdown we talked about place has been closed to talk about

Businesses being shut down and yet the animals are still suffering in the gestation crates and the farrowing crates they're still being gassed alive in gas chambers they're still having their tails docked and

Their teeth cut outs their suffering has not stopped for one second why even when the world has stopped it continues and their suffering will only stop the day that we've stopped behind these products from supermarkets from butchers the day

That we change our mentality and understand that the lives of non-human animals belong to them and their autonomy is something they deserve in the same way that our autonomy is something that we deserve if we say

We're against animal suffering and we want to protect our environment then we also have to make sure that when this pandemic ends we also continue to want to see radical change and even journey's pandemic we can bring about a

Significant change with every choice that we make every single day and the biggest thing that we can do for our environment the biggest thing that we can do for animals the biggest thing that we can do for human health both as

An individual but on a global scale is eradicate animal farm so thank you so much for watching this video I hope you've enjoyed it and thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video I hope that you guys can see through these

Posts run on farmers and see just the deceitfulness and just how disingenuous they are looking at co2 levels which are irrelevant to the wider conversation of animal farming but we can see through that and understand that these issues

Are more prevalent day by day especially as our population grows the related to animal farming it's just gonna grow unless we do something about it of course the biggest thing that we can do the only thing that we can really

Do to stop these problems is to live the vegan lifestyle alright guys thank you so much for watching this video please stay safe please look after yourselves please practice self-care please look after those around you and I will speak

To all very soon you

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