Farmers Mysterious Discovery Turned Out To Be Worth A Fortune

published on July 13, 2020

To uncover legendary ancient animalsmillion-dollar treasures intergalacticfossils or underground cities would belife-changing to do so completely byaccident is another story entirely theseaverage Joes were just going about theirdays as normal when they came across

Something spectacular something thatwould itch their name down in thehistory books forever would you tell theworld or would you keep the treasure foryourself let's find out what these luckyfew men and women did with their

Mysterious incredible discoveries didanyone here collect baseball cards as akid well better not throw them out anytime soon because there's a good chancethat they're worth a heck of a lot moremoney than you realize don't believe us

Then just let the story of Karl Kistnersoak in when Carl was cleaning up in theattic in his aunt's house in DefianceOhio a house which used to be owned byhis grandfather his eyes locked onto abox that was stashed under a wooden doll

House in that box was a collection ofabout 700 baseball cards packaged withtwine although at first Carl didn't takemuch notice of them the Box sat on adresser for about two weeks before itmoved to an office desk for a few days

Once he actually found the time to siftthrough the box he realized that thesecards depicted hall-of-famers like TyCobb and siyoung Honus Wagner ChristyMathewson and Connie Mack they were ingreat condition so perhaps they could be

Worth a bit of cash she hoped a bit ofcash turns out to be a wildunderstatement experts labeled the cardsas the biggest most exciting find in thehistory of sports cards collecting adiscovery probably worth millions

Probably definitely the auctionsupposedly brought in three milliondollars for Carl and his family cachingfinding a small box hidden in a dustycrowded area of a house is one thing butfinding an entire house under your house

Well that's another whole level of luckin February of 2015 British rug designerLuke Irwin had hired a few electriciansto install cable wiring in his backyardwanting to keep the aesthetic as cleanas possible he instructed the

Electrician's to lay the wiresunderground instead of overhead shortlyafter they began digging their shovelscollided with a hard layer of vibrantcolorful mosaic tile around 18 inchesbelow the surface amazed by the finds

They kept digging eventually unravelingan entire palatialroman villa dating back to the fourthcentury which is thought to have beenhome to an emperor while a specificdollar figure was not attached to the

Find in the words of archaeologist drdavid roberts quote without questionthis is a hugely valuable site in termsof research with incredible potentialand quote weighing almost 14,000 poundsthe African bush elephant is the largest

Land animal on earth by a country milehowever that wasn't always the caserewind the clock to ten and a halfthousand years ago at the end of thelast ice age and another creaturesurpassed it significantly the woolly

Mammoth weighing up to 22,000 poundsthese days mammoths are long extinct andscientists rely on fossils to examinetheir past lives in most cases anyevidence tied to a mammoth is small apiece of tusks a few bones or Tufts of

Hair frozen and ice well in 2015michigan-based farmer James bristle andhis neighbor Trent Satterthwaite weredigging in their soybean fieldinstalling a drainage system when theycame across an almost fully intact

Fifteen thousand year old giant woollymammoth and the scientific community wasimmediately up in armsthe farmers hit something hard whilemoving the soft soil which to theirshock and awe turned out to be the first

Contact with the mammoths leading to thediscovery of a skull two tusks and anear entire series of vertebrae sincethe initial find researchers haveunearthed around 40 additional bones inthe past 150 years only 30 mammoth

Skeletons have been discovered inMichigan few as well-documented as thisone reminiscent of a real-world gatewayinto Narnia when one man accidentallyknocked down a wall in his basement inTurkey's stunning Cappadocia region in

1963 he uncovered a whole network ofmysterious tunnels these passagesstretched farther and wider than he orany expert could have ever imagined somesinking to depths of over 250 feet belowthe earth's surface now known in the

Archaeological historical and touristworlds as the darin kuyou undergroundcitythe man's accidental discovery led tothe uncovering of 18 stories of ancientsubterranean construction all of which

Is believed to have been used in aByzantine era with room for almost20,000people to take refuge the undergroundcity is said to have acted as a shelterand protector for its inhabitants during

The Arab Byzantine wars from the years782 1180 there are about 600 exteriordoors that give access to the buriedcity hidden in various surfacecourtyards through these doors thegeneral public has been exploring the

Underground town since its publicopening in 1969 cast your eye towardthese glittering masterpieces known asthe golden treasure of Ponta grossa thisshimmering collection is consideredpriceless and yep you guessed it it was

Discovered completely by accident bythree incredibly lucky brothers pavelpetrov and mikail died cough in 1949they were searching for clay whileworking at a tile factory near the townof Panettiere Ishta in bulgaria when

Their lives changed foreverthe first object found looks similar toa whistle and after their interest waspiqued the discoveries kept on comingyet to know their significance thebrothers took the treasures to the

Mayor's office which immediately calledthe Plovdiv Archaeological Museum oncethe archaeologists arrived on the scenerecords were taken and to the shock ofeveryone involved over 13 pounds of 24karat gold was unearthed with the items

Dating back to between the 4th and 3rdcenturies BCE these days because oftheir extreme value and rarity Bulgarianauthorities prefer to keep the prizedposessions locked away in the vault ofthe Bulgarian National Bank almost four

Centuries ago a labourer named AdrianQuinn Quinn was working on thereconstruction of the Saint pricedchurch in Tornai on the southern side ofBelgium when to his surprise somethingshiny appeared amongst the dirt that he

Was filtering through the shiny objectwas soon revealed to be a coin the firstof over 100 that he would proceed tolocate on top of that he found swordsmade of gold and garnet horse fittingsand buckles a golden torch a golden

Bulls head 300 golden bees and thecherished one-inch thick shield therekey Regis gold ringwhat Quinlan didn't realize is that hehad accidentally stumbled upon aMerovingian tomb a tomb that housed

Childerik the first father of Clovis whoevidently had been buried alongside asubstantial treasure trove unfortunatelyin November of 1831 the treasure ofchildrenwas stolen from its resting place in the

French national library these pricelessand beautiful Paleolithic paintings insouthwestern France are considered someof the world's most fascinating and mostpriceless works of art but they're notstored in a museum or a gallery they're

Painted on and carved into the walls ofthe Lascaux cavesdespite the works of art estimated to beup to 20,000 years old they were onlydiscovered relatively recently by awandering eighteen-year-old named Marcel

Ravi dot in 1940 Marcel was merelytrying to rescue his dog who had fallendown into a hole little did he know thatthe hole in question would lead to anumber of now infamous ancient pieces ofart among them are depictions of cattle

Bison cats and stags although they palein comparison to the trulaske gem we'retalking about the largest and mostnotable feature dubbed the Hall of bullsthis cave is made up of four differentbull murals one of which stretches 17

Feet long following its public openingon July 14th 1948 we were able to roamaround the caves and admire the displayson offer however in order to preservethe artwork ever since the 1960s we'vebeen banned from entering on September

19 1991 a pair of German hikers werevacationing in the art style Alps thatstraddle the border between Italy andAustralia when they came across ahorrifying yet fascinating human fossilwhile traversing along frosty elevations

Of over 10,000 feet at first the hikersassumed that they had stumbled across adeceased body of an unlucky Mountaineerhowever after the authorities werealerted and scientific analysis wasconducted finding is concluded that this

Wasn't your average hiker at all it wasactually Europe's oldest known naturalhuman mummy who was determined to havelived between 3400 BCE and 3100 BCEthese days the mummy has given a fewnicknames

Otzi after the Alps in which it wasfound the Iceman for obvious reasons aswell as the house lab yak mummy while itwasn't clear exactly how he ended upperishing scientists did come across 61tattoos multiple gall stones evidence of

Lyme disease and hardened arteriesduring their forensic tests if yousuddenly found out that you had a 100in dollar Rock hiding in plain sightright next to your front door what wouldyou do this scenario was all too real a

Couple of years ago when a man over inMichigan realized that the mediocreuneven rock that he had substituted as adoorstop for the better part of 30 yearswas in reality a 22-pound space rock inother words a seriously expensive

Meteorite the anonymous owner purchaseda farm back in 1998 in ed more about 30miles southwest of Mount Pleasant andnoticed the rock when doing a sweep onthe property when he asked the formerowner about it he was told that it was a

Meteorite that it was part of theproperty and that he could have itwhether the buyer believed that or nothe kept it as a doorstop and fortunatelydidn't throw it out decades later whenthe man brought the rock into Central

Michigan University to be inspectedgeology professor Moniz herb sq knew atonce that she had been presented withsomething seriously special in factservice Q even stated that it was themost valuable specimen I have ever held

In my life monetarily and scientificallythe meteorite was concluded to be thesixth largest on record in Michigan'shistory compromising roughly eightyeight point five percent iron and 115%nickel we all love a great thrift store

Or flea market bargain but it's not toooften that you make a five hundredthousand percent profit on any of thosefindsalas that is exactly what happened toone anonymous man in Adams town

Pennsylvania the man came across a fourdollar torn painting and thought why nothe didn't care for the actual artworkand basic country landscape but he likedthe look of the frame and thought thathe could salvage it for something else

Down the track when removing the countrypainting his eyes lit up like notomorrow folded and hidden in thebacking of the frame was one of theofficial 500 copies of the AmericanDeclaration of Independence printed on

July 4th 1776 the $4 bargain wasauctioned off at Sotheby's in 1991 andwas sold for a mind-boggling two millionfour hundred and twenty thousand dollarsthat's close to 45 million in today'smoney what is the most expensive thing

That you've ever accidentally discoveredor on the flip side the most expensivething that you've lost let us know inthe comments and don't forget to likethis video subscribe to the channel andas always thanks so much for checking

Out the richest see you next time andhave a great day

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