Farmer Says Slaughterhouses Are Beautiful

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey everyone so I'm here to then Oxford at the Oxford farming conference which is the biggest farming conference that takes place in the UK every single year the president of the National Farmers Union Manette batter's attends as well as standing MPs in the UK Parliament and

So I'm here outside the event today and I'm hopefully gonna be asking some people as they enter the event what you think about the extinction rebellion protests and also what they think about vegan Yuri and a plant-based food system

As well but you think about vegan Yuri no what do you think about plant-based agricultural systems a plant-based agricultural system do you think has merits or do you think that it would have work in a grand scale well we've

Got a plant may second consciousness what about you to make it them like the majority you know like out 70% of line is no way yeah and you think it should I think it should so yes things like began Yuri are a good thing

Yes I call it at home yeah how's it going see I only grow apart my farm only grows plants yeah okay what type of proper you grow vegetables you know and we'd like people to eat more of them so well I think it's a cartoon

Thing is dialogue dialogue in here going on the ground on the ground do you think you can just well she has a major problem yeah she's she's trying to look after massively diverse interests yeah so she's got members who are intensive

Pork and chicken producers it's true and she's also got members so I'm come from the Northumberland hills yeah the animals never go inside they just graze on grass and they're incredibly extensive so there's a huge diversity of

Intra conflict of interests somebody her role dictates that she has to start making tough decisions email it comes the consequence of intensive farmers or even extensive farmers like yourself there's gotta be there's gotta be a

Burden on her shoulders to uphold what she's supposed to stuff yeah but it's a very difficult going to take isn't it it is odds it's actually grass-fed farmers probably ought to be standing out

Separately but they said but the grass-fed has an ecological cost with land usage of course while they take longer to reach slaughter age you come and come and visit Northumberland yeah and I'll take some areas where you

Couldn't grow any crops to Steve what about the prospect of rewilding that lands obviously don't have we don't have to grow crops an old farm lab we could just allow that land to regenerate yes so some of it some of it could re wild

But all of it really wild it don't need to say tourism is a massive impact on the economy there now if we rewilding the landscape that would still create tourist haven as well well how does say like you do farm she presumably has a

Hobby for sheep and people so that provides economy to the local community in what way would does that currently do it jobs economy with the trades well you be the majority the meat that you sell goes into retailer goes into the local

Communities well we'd love it to go into the local well who wasn't any possible yeah realistically does and what about like an agroforestry system in certain areas really interesting with the farm based system they certainly so I think I

Agree there's definitely issues we have to look at in terms of economy what we do like the workforce but at the same time I still think that the environment so I suppose the ethical benefits of rewiring that landscape and maybe

Indigenously or trophic leery Wilding animals rather than having selectively bred animals would be more harm versus science behind the impact of grass-fed soft as opposed to intensive livestock is completely

Honestly I mean the soya that's imported from South America W to feed chickens in Japan and page devastating the stock is is not computed into the calculation that's not I mean without and that drives me that Milly makes me annoyed

About the NF u to be fair is it's the way they distort figures to ignore this soy importation from South America I think I think that's an atrocity leave leave notes that needs to be addressed we're together well let's work together

Then have a wonderful day nice to meet you do you think about the world as well as the world in the farming system we have but we have noticed a new that we could use to scale you know we could scale our presumably do you think that

The shift into a more of a plant-based food system would have benefits yes but also we have to use grass and materials like that that we can't eat ourselves and ruin no see at the grass we make grazing root cases as derived aluminum

She is but we still grace ruminants they still produce a surplus emissions rather than if we didn't graze them in that area at all we would have a surplus emissions to begin with we could still sequester the carbon into the soil the

Tardy amount compared to the sprues my car's air they surely Agriculture's bigger and scaled and say that the planes in the cars now if you look at the the girl me we need to eat we don't need to flow

Don't need to drive we do have to be animals either of course well I think we have a mixed eat the system that the animals eat the grass and plants and then turned into high protein but it doesn't have to come how do you feed

Your dogs and your cats and all their time and well of course we could have things that love growing in the future and it's a conversation for us here lovely to meet you and thank you for taking time to stop for a few minutes

Why you at the conference the real farming conference today I'm here because I'm doing a talk as well we talked about the future farmer which is in question has been talks about a lot riding on this sustainability of food

Production of future farmers do you think that that looks that should be focusing more on the production of plant-based foods and it can have like a growing plant-based agricultural system do you think that that because about the

Reason I marry is because I'm very interested to town personally I'm vegan and so I'm interested to hear from people who really like experience in the farming world to see what they think about veganism us as like a

Sustainability but also a Chamorro incentive do you think that there is there's this credibility in the in the vegan conversation yeah I think it's pushing it a bit more in the right direction I maybe don't agree with

Everything because we've got cows on the farm and it's an essential source for fertilizer didn't deal and that's exactly the kind of conversation I was happy to have do you think that there's a place in the world where we could you

Say that green manures on nitrogen gents pasture to fertilize crops rather than using animal manure yeah yeah of course you can use screaming use and rotation and so when we look at the cows that you have on the farm that they're used to

The food as well or they just use for the manure they are used to maintain the environment yeah yeah so we have a limited amount of animals on farm to just maintain the sort with all the

Herbs I think they sent it to slaughter oh they do they live their lives and we start in a moment sorry we lived your whole life down died on the farm and and orders go to slaughter and we selling the meters by dynamic but you must be

Checked tricky to pick and choose which ones live and which ones die is that ever a hard conflict it's well you get more connection with certain animals so so you get a personal relationship and then yeah that these are the usually the

Ones you keep and and they are usually the ones too easy yeah do you think this is maybe a tricky question do you think that right to life should be defined by the connection they create review or should their rights life be defined is

There you know that their life itself you know the fact they are alive I think there should be a balance I think me as a farm I I feel the urge to eat sometimes meat as well because it

Gives me access strength protein which we can plants of course as well in abundance right I mean very interested I can with this idea that some goat slaughtering some dung because that's in this nature normally most farmers send

All the animals to slaughter right and they know there'll be no breed more in or buy more in do you ever have that moment where you know you feel bad or or as a guilt for the fact that some are allowed to live and you have to separate

Friendship groups or herds or families to send some to slaughter surgeons that ever had a conflict for you no not really because I think what is neglected is the slaughtering process can be also very dignified and and in in a good way

Be gone so how do we take the life of an animal in a dignified way if they don't have to die and you know presumably they don't want to die either you could say the animal gets to a certain stage that it is sort of right so it's it's like it

It can be quite all to even like ten or twelve years and has had a good life but but you could say when when the animal is is shaped well and and matured and then you could say it's also the right time to slaughter it and – yeah and

Celebrate what the animal an animal gives us as well I think if they've lived a good life and surely it'd be more beneficial and more dignified to let them live out that life in their home rather than in a slaughterhouse

Because I'm so what happens in a slaughterhouse you know by anyone's you know ideals is is brutal you know they have to cutting the throat will always always be brutal well I think you have to experience it

Yourself yeah yeah I mean see see what is involved and how slaughter man can also be very dignified yeah I mean I mean I've been to slaughterhouses myself and I've been in the I've been in the kill floor and I think I always struck

Me was this the it's not a lack of dignity because as you are word but just the brutality of it you know and I guess with the cows that they go to slaughter from your fund would you ever kill them yourself do you ever apart a can that

Yourself do you ever follow them on to the kill floor and bear witness to my chicken maybe chicken what about the cattle the cows no the cows that that's you need someone really capable but you ever follow them through the process

Yourself yeah I've known that yeah and would you say that that's something that you feel is a morally justifiable act to take their life yeah it's very beautiful do you think that taking life is beautiful yeah yeah if it's if it's if

You know what but you have given the animal on the farm the possibilities I guess that's the point I make is it doesn't need to end and so I agree that by giving them life on the farm and the ones you live they live wonderful eyes

Beautiful eyes my most animal standards because of you but those ones that go to sloths how do we justify sin what moral justification do we have to send them to slaughter if we don't have to why can't they live with the others I can

Understand your point of view but the dish all a matter of scale I think if if if it if the scale gets too large it gets a kind of industry and you are not talking anymore about an organism what do you think aspire value say the taste

Enjoyment that we get from consuming the meat once a week or the life of the animal who has their life taken was high-value taste or life you want me to make a choice because every day we make choices don't worry

Yeah and it's just when it comes to animals the choices that we make are bigger than the average choice because it's literally about whether or not someone's life is taken I was this huge environmental problems you know an

Animal farming as well but the moral thing says that that life is taken and so we have to make that choice because we do it every day but mostly unconsciously so I think it's not making that conscious decision taste our life

Consciously what do you think is higher value I don't know the answer I think I think that's the thing is Matt I think I think we recognize that when we buy we say taste but our heart and our morals say

Life and we live in a disalignment and so maybe that's maybe that's the question next time there's Kyle this goatest law to do maybe just say what has higher value in this scenario their life or the other consequence of what

Happens from that yeah I think you have to take into account that if you if you don't buy any meat any more than a lot of farms will will will be made redundant actually so I think it's a very very valid point I think one thing

We can do is change how the subsidies distributed so subsidizing farmers to implement more environmental incentives that could be plant based agriculture using you know plant based fertilizers or permaculture it could be rewinding of

Landscape to know reintroducing indigenous animals but also you know back reforesting forest farms but also just disallowing land to replenish I think we could subsidize farmers to do that and I think that would be a way of

Helping many farmers you know and I think obviously changed everything about vertical farming the different forms of agriculture in the future what will help sorry this definitely conversation needs to have as well I think there are

Workarounds in the way we subsidize because we can be give somebody money so much makes partners anyway let's give them that money but to rewire landscapes and so you know have more harmonious ecosystems instead I think what is

Important is that the youngsters should engage more with farming I understand so go to work I would say and experience the real thing thank you very much for stopping by I really actually it's lovely skin best of

What you're talking thank you for talking about these issues as well have a wonderful wonderful day you

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