#FairmontProject Final Assembly (Part 7) The Fuel Pressure Regulator and Power Steering Cooler

by birtanpublished on September 20, 2020

Greetings viewers thank you for tuning in to another episode of the final assembly of the ford fairmont this would be episode 7 in this part of the series now originally I posted a bunch of videos about the Fairmont that were kind of all over the place they weren't

Necessarily episodic but from here on out they're gonna be absolutely episodic and this would be episode 7 and in this episode I cover the installation of my fuel pressure regulator which doesn't seem that exciting but it's one of those

Kind of little things that you have to do in order to you know make a car like this work you have to design your fuel system you have to come up with ideas and we're gonna mount things like fuel pressure regulators and in this case I

Have to fabricate brackets and things so that's that's part of what's happening in this video but what I'm really excited about was the installation of the power steering cooler which I thought I really like how it turned out

So you let me know in the comments what you think about the power steering cooler installation that I do in this video another thing I install is the fuel pressure gauge on my carburetor and the reason I'm mentioning this is I just

Posted a video about some of the issues I had with that gauge so you might want to check that out if you're thinking about installing a liquid filled fuel pressure gauge on your engine anyway oh one more thing there is a video that

Contains about 15 minutes of additional footage in the original introduction from way back when when I originally shot this video available to premium members of my website so there's more fabrication more stuff available that

Will be linked down in the description but I've talked enough let's get to the action already in progress take it away Eric looking at this last night and I kind of wanted to wait until I got this into place so I could tell

You know what kind of space I was working with looking at this I think I'm gonna mount the ignition coil over here it's closer to the ignition call the distributor there and I don't want to have the fuel pressure regulator mounted

In the same place this is my boost regulated fuel pressure regulator that's what this port here is for this is for a gauge but I think I'm going to move the gauge over to the fuel line so I can actually read it there's a little plug

Right there so I'm gonna take that plug and transfer it over to this and then put my fuel pressure gauge in there so that I can read it and then I'm gonna run a line from here and I believe I'm going to put the fuel pressure regulator

Right here I think that's a good place for it because the fuel line can come up right through there and it follows the regulations to where it's not on the firewall or in any danger of any shrapnel hitting it but

There's no way I can't not put the fuel line through there so the fuel line is gonna go under the master come up through here oops sorry but this is sticking out kind of far this bracket I thought was

Plastic it's actually metal I almost think it's aluminum anyway what I've done is I have purchased some steel that I can use for a bracket I can either use this heavy stuff for this light stuff and use that to mount this fuel pressure

Regulator and then afterwards like I said I'm gonna run a fuel line over here and what I've done to that end is this is a piece of fuel line that I bought to go into the carburetor fund from the fuel pressure regulator and it just

Happens to be the right length I have the tools to install these ends and I've removed one of them already I wanted to see if removal was just as easy and you can't so I remove this here's my removal tools right here which also used to

Install them but the deal is that this line can come off the fuel pressure regulator here and then connect there's the fuel line connection right there and this seems to be long enough you know honestly I may start with us just

Because it might be easier to do it this way I just went crazy with it now these are actually all the fittings that I've bought for the fuel system and I've got some special fittings here they're gonna go into here and I think I'm just gonna

Set this thing up and get it ready to hook everything up too while I'm at it well I needed some special tools these fittings are aluminum so they have special aluminum tools and this is plastic when you handle them because if

Not as we've seen in the past aluminum is very fragile there's also some more tools that help with assembly of these hoses but I've got a 90 degree fitting here which the plan is to install this on this end of the hose so that when I

Hook up there it hooks in like that so this one could be a straight one coming off as you can see there's several ports so coming in this bottom port is where it comes in so I needed this special

Adapter this one goes – what is that – 10 and that what's coming out here on the sides or – 6 but this is – 8 fuel line and so are these fittings so this is an adapter for that and this is a plug for one side since I'm only going

To be coming out one side so I'll plug this side I'll plug this the fuel will come out here and it will come in here I just figure while I'm at it I'll install this as well this is that fuel pressure gauge I talked about it's liquid filled

I figured while I'm here this was the old system I'm not gonna be running this line throughout this stuff's good – about 1,500 psi so this could be for fuel injection or carburation if I ever decide to switch to fuel injection

Someday for whatever reason before we get down to all this I'm gonna work out the mount that will locate it and start by taking it off the fuel pressure regulator because I don't want to hurt that guy you know honestly I think what

I'll do is I'll make the l-bracket first and then figure out how to fit it to this I guess I'll figure out roughly where I want it to bend I'm gonna mark it on here and we'll bend it and then we'll cut it

Because we'll have more leverage with all this metal on here and try to bend it there so now that I'm thinking about it let's spend it long and if we need to cut it down or shave it down we can

I've been right in right at the angle that I wanted it to really like having this anvil up here this can go on here like this and all of that can go away then we can drill holes in here attached to here drill a hole in

Here attached to there well we got to drill a hole over there too aluminum is so unforgiving or as some of you say aluminium now I need to decide how I'm gonna fasten this to this I can go with the smaller fasteners and do two

Of them side by side or I can take this larger fastener and do that right in the middle I've decided to go with these little bits lag on the top here I'm just gonna wire wheel that see it's all

Better now actually I think I cut that straight or something close to it might as well see if this goes together after my morning spent making this but luck there's no interference with the

Other fasteners so I can put this on here now yeah fuel pressure regulator with bracket I need to figure out where to locate it where to drill this hole and drill those holes hood clearance doesn't

Look like it'll be an issue however really should check that because that's coming right down on top of it I took an end off of this already so it's a little jacked up I'm gonna cut that end off now I've got the hose here in the vise I'm

Gonna blow it out from the opposite end make sure nothing got in there and now we need to take my tool which you take this end off you just unscrew it i unscrewed this earlier then this goes in the side the tool like this this

Particular tool has spacers so if this moves around too much but it's actually fitting about perfectly small finger full of grease I just want to put a little bit of lubrication on the inside of this

That's down in there far enough so we will now insert the tool or insert the hose into the tool like that add a little bit of lubricant to these threads I think you can also use like three one for this you stay out from one of those

Threads I forgot the market darn it you really should mark the backside of the hose like in here like mark where it is so you can tell if this pushed down at all I suppose it's still not too late I'm

Marking this here means we'll know if this guy moved cut and move it all now let's go check this on the car let's see how this looks starting to get a little outside the box see here this feels good so this is a

Straight shot over the master cylinder sort of almost like a rainbow it misses the hood entirely so that's that's not gonna be a problem and I believe at this angle I'm not really keen on mounting this this way at an angle I'd rather

Have it mounted straight up and down but really I don't think it matters so now I'll try the other end run it down through like I wanted to initially and that'll be fine I'll be in fact that is ideal just have

To keep it away from the steering that's not gonna be a problem a little clamp down there so I'll drill a hole through this bracket and I'll also drill a hole in there these are the fasteners I'm going to use they're self tapping so I

Don't have to tap the sheet metal on the car I do want to do two fasteners because for the same reason I did two fasteners here if I just did one it could sort of go back and forth and I want to keep it secure

right over the wire wheel and clean this up and take it over the car and mark the holes I need to drill there this is probably gonna be a job for my angle drill even with this it's tough let's

Check to see if the bracket will go on that's secure so let's get this off of here put the two brackets back together so we can paint them not go to lunch or we can go to lunch I don't know when you're

Watching this but if you're hungry and it's lunch time what sounds good for lunch that looks like we worked on this using that same primer paint that I've been using

Well let that setup come back from lunch throw another coat on the other side and that'll be that back from lunch here's our bracket that we spent a good part of the morning making before I install the fuel pressure regulator I want to take

Care of this gauge this is the fuel log I took this off the carburetor now I can use the thread sealant there we go I was like no it's not going in that looks good I'm gonna go put this back on the car the reason I wanted to put this on

Now is because this is where the fuel line hooks up so sexy I think I'll start with a plug it is better to put the fuel pressure regulator or the gauge on the fuel pressure regulator itself but I'm not

Going to be able to see it in its location so I've opted for the location that I have these are rings never like to install a rings dry so got to be kidding me I'm gonna get one of those adjustable

And wrenches this is just unacceptable this is a special adapter plug I had to get for this this is a – ten going down to – eight it's again a little bit of silicon and lastly we have a plug the plug I didn't even see that

You didn't say anything sealer everywhere so I was gonna do a nice clean install and what happens I get sealer everywhere yeah when there's an o-ring you don't need to worry about really you don't

Need to worry about sealer because there's an o-ring let's get this on the car and go get my ratchet wrench it seems appropriate here did seem appropriate here not doing a very good job of ratcheting ratchet wrench I'm

Just gonna take the opportunity to angle it a little better now that it's mounted securely I know exactly where we can put this hose that I have to say I can get that on enough that is awesome

I'm proud of that right doesn't all I need to do is connect it to the tank when the tank is here so what do we do next I think it's time to take a moment clean off the bench then I'm going to install the

Fittings on the fuel filter and fuel pump these 3/8 MPT 2-8 oh that's gross fuel look at that I guess we got to drain this filter out this is rank smell and stuff these actually work on here they don't work on the new ones though

Oh I just realized something the fittings in here are different so I can do the fuel pump but not the fuel filter today cuz these are not the same well it's good to find that out today alright I'm supposed to be picking up my fuel

Tank at the end of this week I'm also not gonna use this ground because that would be the perfect thing to use on a kill switch if you interrupt the ground you can use this as a kill switch so the fuel pump would never turn on I was also

Gonna do the same with the ignition so I was going to take the ground for the ignition module and the ground for the fuel pump run them through a switch because ground side switched make it so that that would be my kill switch so I

Would be turning off the fuel pump and the ignition so my own makeshift and mobilizer I don't know why I'm capping that off I'm just gonna open it up again and these are tapered threads so these are not going to require an o-ring like

The other one did still want to get an adjustable wrench for these I need two more of the larger size to do the fuel filter while we wait for that to happen I say we plug those holes there don't

Leak bad because I'm awesome well actually Shane Craig is awesome because he sent me these things here he's a diesel tech up in Alaska and they're very conscious about environmental problems and such

Look at that in fact I'm gonna go throw one of those on the fuel pressure regulator on the car real quick yeah you remember that – eight that was coming in there that was just open not anymore it's not

Otherwise see if I get a teeny tiny one for the vacuum port it just to be funny didn't think I had one did you take that all right what size is this five-eighths so it's a 5/8 NPT 2-8 what I'm gonna need for that what next it's because I'm

Thinking I want to finish up the power steering system which requires this power steering cooler I mean I've only got so much length on that power steering line although I could make a longer one I suppose but there's no

There's no place for this thing to really go in and just work as a power-steering cooler at least I'm not seeing it so what I'm thinking is I'll come up from the underside like

From under here and see if I can mount it somewhere around that oil filter I also want to do something about this power steering line so it's not touching the oil filter and also keep it away from that part of the stabilizer bar yes

That stabilizer bar I remember that it's so much fun here's that power steering line I spoke about we don't want it down on the exhaust and also I'm gonna take the piece of turbo tubing pop that up in

Here the wheel is spinning in here no I mean sorta but gosh darnit if that doesn't look awesome there and there's already a bolt hole here have that one come in like that yeah it sticks down too far yep now that it's some cool

Stealth stuff there and I don't mind it I kind of don't I kind of like it like that that's kind of badass I like like like it there let me show ya this is what I did put it up and above so it's still the full power steering cooler the

Lines come down over here it's in a spot where it's gonna cool yeah it's up in this fender but there's gonna be air rushing past that gets it out of the engine compartment so it's not gonna take any engine compartment heat I like

That a lot like right there like that and maybe I'll be able to utilize that bolt to hold a bracket down I'm gonna think on this for a minute and I'll be back had a moment to think on this I don't really

Like the idea of using this bolt what I want to try and do is I want to make a bracket that attaches to the body up here that goes over both of these and then just I can just drill through that piece there to accomplish that I think

I'll take one of these got a few of them and pretty much reshape this so that's got two humps in it and maybe just fastens in the middle I want to start by flattening this piece out just to see how long it is I really need this

Sticker these are what I use to hold the pipes the air pipes to the wall there'd be enough to do what I want to do cuz I can always bring this together more I don't have to have it I'll spread apart like this I can have it come in

More so now the trick is to find something that's roughly this diameter that's solid that way I can hammer around it and shape this so that it'll hold this on here didn't have to look far it's roughly the same diameter it's

Perfect so I can use this just shape around these are what I call my Wiley coyote moments Wile E Coyote supa genius I still got the hole for the fast time that I don't even have to drill

Ah that just saved me a lot of time it's just so cool to like see something in your head and then make it happen that's honestly what I love about doing this it's the challenge or overcoming that challenge now some days I freaking hate

It other days like today like this this is pretty awesome I think all I'm gonna have to do is drill a hole in the center of this and put a third fastener in and that will that will solve all the problems the only other thing I want to

Do you know come to think of it I'm gonna have to reshape that a little bit but here you go because you were probably thinking the same thing I was metal-on-metal can chafe over time this slides up on here nice just going to cut

A couple lengths or suitable we need to make them a little bigger I said I'm gonna drill a hole through the middle so we can attach another fastener find suitable fasteners we'll get it

Fastened up in their route and cut the hose done for something like this I would rather have all three the same fastener but it looks like I'll be using these well that's going to be in the way the

Oil filter but there's just no getting around that so I'm not careful I'm gonna build a rattle right into this don't you find a way to push this up and over once it's in get it away from that

Fender or I got an idea piece of this same rubber hose slide it up onto here in the spot where it could hit the fender so that if it does hit the fender it's hitting a rubber tada I want to go cut me another piece to go

On here no more rattle that is going nowhere and even if it does fit that fender it's not gonna rattle witness me I've got that little piece of hose there that I'm using it was hitting the fender it's not anymore

No I need to do is connect up these here lines like I said it's gonna suck changing the oil but I don't really feel like I have a choice our other line will come off the bottom of the power steering pump

I am so happy with that that was something I was kind of losing sleep over not no more here be a closer view once again change the oil will suck cuz I'm gonna have to like push these lines out of the way so alright from there to

There up and around high pressure line all done now there is one more thing I want to do I want to position that other high pressure lines that it's not making contact with the oil filter anymore and so that's somewhat secure I'm talking

About doing just clamping it just like that that's right you guess it another one of these they can shorten it up a little bit I took my caliper and measured the outside of that piece there and now I'm on the hunt for a socket

Impact socket that's roughly the same thickness here's the closest one I could find a little little smaller see how that fits I took this pair of long needlenose pliers came in behind it like that and squeezed

It to get it to wrap around a little better I'm not concerned about it contacting this metal part but I do want to sort of angle it this way I think I'm gonna mark both with the scribe and with a marker

Going with different fasteners this time instead of the pointy ones I'm gonna go with these because this will go up into here and there will likely be this washer tube and wiring harness there as well and if I have two sharp pointy

Screws sticking out here there's a chance that that could damage that wiring so this time I'm going with a different size screw as you can see space is very very limited something tells me that I might want to consider

Moving that part power steering pump just to get these holes drilled I don't want to take it off completely I just want to move it for now that helped a lot aluminum is so unforgiving you breathe on it wrong it gets not shiny

Let me see what I can do to reposition everything down underneath now that everything up here is that here's your close-up look it feels closer to completion that's for sure well I hope you enjoyed that maybe gave

You some ideas on how to mount your own fuel pressure regulators or power steering coolers or well who knows I just hope you were generally entertained by watching this video as I said it's these little things that add up to eat

Up a lot of your time when you build a car like this and you never really account for that you never really account for the expense or the time it's gonna take you to try to figure this stuff out but take that time figure it

Out correctly and well it'll it'll work out better in the end but you'll probably have to change it somewhere along a line in fact the fuel pressure regulator you just saw me install is not the last and in fact

It was the first of three or four that being said I hope the information in this video was fun entertaining all that kind of thing I'll put links in the description to additional videos in this series and other videos that pertain to

This kind of thing that hope can help you including that one about fuel pressure gauges if you have automotive questions not covered in this video I ask that you visit air at the cargo comm that will be linked down in

The description along with other stuff please don't forget to Like comment subscribe to do those things to help make a living I super appreciate that be safe have fun stay dirty thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next


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