Facebook Pixel Tutorial

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

In this video I want to talk about a Facebook pixel and I want to talk about several things about that so first of all I'll explain what a Facebook pixel is why you want to use it how you want to implement it and of course I'll show you step by step how to install one on

Your website now if you're considering online marketing and you are serious about it it's almost certain that you will come across the need for Facebook ads now if you're advertising on Facebook and you're serious about that

And you actually want to make money and have a good return you don't want to just go out there and advertise on some you know people who like this group people who like this page people you know it's kind of hard to you know

Itself define the demographics of who you are targeting now what's better than that is looking at who already goes to your website who already does stuff on your website interacts with you and let Facebook's you know artificial

Intelligence and machine learning kind of determine who that group is and find a custom or a look like audience and you really have some some very powerful tools there now that went a little bit ahead so essentially what I mean what is

A Facebook pixel so a Facebook pixel is a tiny piece of code you don't have to understand the code you don't have to know anything about it it installs almost automatically so it's a tiny piece of code within your website that

Whenever somebody goes to your website it starts kind of tracking what they're doing so if they click on a certain button it'll fire the pixel if they go to a certain page or it could fire the pixel so you know for the reason it's

Called a pixel first of all is because it used to literally be a one-by-one image so one single little pixel that you couldn't even see on the page but when they loaded the image it would record that now they don't use a

Physical pixel right there but it's still the same concept so essentially just a quick example of when you might want to use this so if somebody goes on your website and they're scrolling through and they add something to their

Cart but then later they don't you know they don't check out and they forget that it was in your cart maybe what you want to do is retarget that person with ads so when they're on other websites or they're on Facebook or wherever they are

Ads pop up and it shows them your product and it reminds them oh yeah I was gonna buy that and even if even if it's subconscious they'll go back and they're more likely to make the purchase from your store so enough of that

Essentially that's what a facebook picks it's a way to track people interacting with your website now why do you want one I kind of alluded to this earlier on and that is because it's a really powerful tool when you're creating

Audiences to advertise to so even if it's not for individual cases where somebody was on your website you could also go and you know say you want to make an audience that you're sending ads out to people that are very similar to

People who already make purchases on your website so that seems to me like a great way to advertise based on proven success so you say all these people go on my website and they buy stuff advertise to more people like that so

Facebook will go through and really kind of work their magic determining you know whatever metrics they use maybe what groups they're in what age they are what they like how long they're on Facebook like all kinds of stuff goes into this

And Facebook determines who the audience would be to advertise to so that's essentially why you would want to use a pixel to make your ads more effective now let's get into how to actually install one now this is pretty

Straightforward I use Wix for most of my websites I generally recommend Wix it works really well this is not sponsored by Wix though but it's just something that I like to use this does also work with almost any other type of website

Most of them have the auto kind of installer so there's like 12 or 13 different website hosts that are really easy to do this with but if you have to do it manually and you can't do that if you click through thing you can also

Just copy and paste the code into your headers that's a little bit more complicated I won't talk about that in this video I want to show you guys how you can connect the Facebook pixel generally what the tools already already

Capable so the remainder of this video is going to be a tutorial of how to install your Facebook pixels so from the facebook business manager how do you get the information that you need send it over and connect it in Wix now that's

What I'm using like I said but this does work with so many other ones so if you're using Shopify if you're using Squarespace like whatever you're using it should be very easy to do okay so in order to set up your Facebook pixel the

First thing you want to do is go to Facebook so you want to go do business facebook.com actually this is your facebook business manager if you already set this one up from watching my previous video your page should look

Something like this if you have multiple accounts otherwise if I just click on one of these it'll look a lot more like this now if you didn't set one up yet it should just be a big button right there it says create an account or

Create a business manager click on that just type in your basic information it'll take you to a page like this and you should have a couple options down here create pages add accounts or people so three options right there just make

An Add Account really quickly but for the long run I do recommend you go back and watch the video I made about how to properly configure Facebook business managers so you fully understand everything you're doing and you can be

An absolute expert when dealing with this now once we're here so once you have all of this set up so you have your pages you have your add accounts you have you know everything normal right there what we want to do is go up to the

Top the little options right there little hamburger icon and click on that and it brings you down this entire menu right here and because we're looking for Facebook pixels which is a way of measuring and reporting it makes sense

It would be right down here in pixels so if we click on pixels right there it'll take you to this next page right here where if you don't already have a Facebook pixel which I'm assuming if you're watching this video you don't

Already have one it should pop up and say make a Facebook pixel right here so if you just click on make a new pixel it'll come up and go through everything now this one because we started one a little while ago and actually didn't

Finish it you have a couple different options with how you're going to do this so you can either manually add it you can add the code I'm using a partner integration or you can email instructions to a developer if you have

Someone already doing this in which case you're probably not watching this video so I assume most people are in one of the first two options so we are going to add it using a partner and it'll show you there are many different partners

You can use so Wix we've got Squarespace Shopify we've got WordPress on there so a lot of really really big ones out there being that I'm using Wix right now on central Mediacom we are going to click on Wix right here now this should

Be fairly straightforward what you want to do then is it kind of walks you through it almost you go to marketing tools and so let's go right now from the Wix dashboard so if you go and click on your site so select and edit

Your site it'll bring you to this let's see what we have right there so on the left side you will have marketing tools and you can go down to mark integrations which is what we want right there so back to here so you can say yep

We did that yes we go to marketing integrations then connect Facebook pixel and so let's go through there so connecting again if you look at Wix right here this is what I like to use I really like working with Wix when I'm

Making websites and you have lots of different ways you can integrate so you have Google Analytics you've got Facebook pixel Google Ads we've got what is that MailChimp somewhere up there MailChimp right there

So we have a lot you can connect and integrate as far as marketing goes with Wix but we are just going to connect a Facebook pixel in this video so connecting your Facebook pixel you'll see that these are congruent right now

So connect you know connect Facebook pixel yes we are going to click on that and then right here they should be giving us the ID that we need so if we just go and click on our copy and paste this ID right here so this right here

Copy go back paste it save it and then it is like that's it you're connected so we're going to click continue and then we're going to test it by going to so send test traffic and it's going to make sure that it's able to track it so so a

Quick aside if you are new here and haven't yet subscribed but you're interested in Facebook advertising I actually have an entire playlist about Facebook advertising if you want to see that make sure you click the subscribe

Button and the bell icon I'll also link it down below and and maybe somewhere up there as well okay so once you send the test traffic over it will say active right here hopefully it does if not then you want to go back and try

Things again so next it brings you to the event setup tool which is an easy way to kind of have different events trigger the Facebook pixels so this is I actually made a separate video explaining what this really is but you

Can do things like if somebody clicks on a certain button maybe they're interested in something or they're requesting a quote they didn't follow through and actually purchase anything then or they added something to their

Cart like there's lots of options that can trigger Facebook pixels so you can really narrow down your advertising to maybe somebody that like added something to their cart and then just didn't purchase it and maybe it's been a week

Maybe it's been two weeks so then you can target them with ads just to remind them like oh yeah they have something in the cart on your website they want to go back and buy that or maybe they went through and they like requested a

Quote from you you replied and maybe like you just want to keep advertising to them to make sure that they're still interested you know so there are a lot of different ways you can set up Facebook pixels so that's basically

Everything you need to know when you're first setting it up you can use this to create ads or essentially have custom audiences that you're targeting with your ads as Facebook starts to learn a little bit more about the people that go

To your website consistently and can really create an audience for you there now you also have analytics right down there but that's everything you really have to know about setting up your Facebook pixel so it says right there it

Is active and then we also have create audience right there so you can have a look like a custom audience you can create a customer conversion so there is a lot of stuff right here you can also install it so if you already have a

Facebook pixel like I was saying before so you could set one up right there but if you already have one as I have here you can't install the pixel and see it right there but let's just go and you have you know like I said lots of all

Options now these audiences probably won't work yet because we don't have anyone really visiting the website yet so because I just created this there's not enough to actually create an audience that just that's just the way

It is right now so you can go and set up new events so setting up a new event you can use the Facebook tool like I said that really makes it pretty easy so so if we just want a Facebook event any time somebody clicks on contact lets go

To contact and copy that and paste it right here so open the website and we'll have any time somebody does this we want an event so right here it tells you just a little bit more about it so again if you want to have different domains here

So your blog maybe you want somebody to go to contact and you know contact will be the URL that you care about right there so right here you can it basically is just describing what we have right there so you can go and have you know

Navigate through and track events to map like a customer's journey there's kind of what I talked about before but let's just go and get started and you have again lots of options so like this button right here we can say that is

Something right there and that is like a lead it pretty much detects a lot of stuff pretty well but that's actually unfortunately all we have here I don't think we really care too much about the Chow right there but yeah

So you can tag buttons like that as events for you Facebook pixel and then right there it'll say that it is complete and so we can get out of this right now and we have an event already so we are going to so guys that's

Everything I have to show you in this video about a Facebook pixel it is very fundamental like I said in the beginning and there's a lot more you can do so once you learn more about you know experiment with setting up events

Experimenting with audiences and you start to learn a little bit more you can really get the ball rolling but hopefully this video was enough to give you the basic terminology you needed to understand other blogs and instructions

About how to do this I also wanted to just show you guys where on the web sites you actually click in order to install everything on a Wix website so I hope this helped you guys if it did please remember to Like and subscribe as

Always thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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