by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to the channel in this video I want to show you how to set up a Facebook business manager and so right off the bat you might be thinking what the heck's a Facebook business manager and why do I want one so I want to start off with a little bit of an

Intro of that and then I'll get into showing you guys how to actually set it up how to connect a facebook business page and how to set up an ads account so three things that are really important when you're trying to start off a

Facebook business but starting off with what is the business manager and do you even need it so so Facebook business manager is essentially a way for you to well manage your different Facebook business ventures and so what I mean by

That is within the business manager you can have all your different facebook business pages right there you can have add accounts you get a Facebook pixels connected to add accounts so you can track different things and you can

Overall just do a lot of different stuff with the Facebook Bennett business manager as your own if you're just operating the business as yourself but it gets even more powerful when you have other people involved in the business

Which as with most businesses as you scale up you are going to have other employees you're gonna have consultants you and have other outside people working with you that you don't want to just give them your personal Facebook

Password and so really the best way to do this is to have a Facebook business manager and give them access to either your ads account over to a specific page or a group of pages and allow them to do whatever they have to do if they're an

Analyst then you can set that if they are going to edit it whatever you're trying to do you can allocate different responsibilities to different people and have them do different stuff now you can do this with just a regular Facebook

Business page but having multiple pages on here it really makes a lot of sense it's easy to set up a Facebook business manager and there are a lot of powers with this now on the flip side if you are not the one owning the Facebook

Business page you may want to have a Facebook business manager so that you can go out say you're like an ads consultant or something then you're going to need a facebook business manager to go in and check out other

People's ad accounts and kind of manage everything professionally from one central hub so that's essentially why you'd want to do this there are more powerful tools on here then you can have on just like a standard if you just go

And promote posts from your page it definitely is a lot more powerful to do that from here and you'll see some of that as we go through this tutorial so with that being said jump into the actual tutorial part of

This so the first thing you want to do is go to business Facebook comm you'll get a page it looks something like this then you go up to create account and you will have to sign into your own personal Facebook if you don't have one create an

Account right now and once you're signed in and then you'll see the blue button right there so again click create an account you're going to name the business account so it could be like your store or your agency or whatever

Your business is really going to show up as and then you're gonna have your name and your business email right there so this is fairly straightforward and you can have up to four different Facebook business accounts so if you already have

Four then it won't let you make another one unless you delete the other ones and deleting them takes like 24 to 48 hours I'll show you that later on in the video now the next step is to input your business details so your address and

Your phone number and overall is this going to be at the bottom the two options there is this going to be for yourself to you know manage your own pages or as are you kind of a consultant that's gonna work with other businesses

And their pages so we're just going to type in some information right here and then click Submit and then it'll say that your business was created you'll just have to go and confirm the business email right there and then we start to

Get into some actual tools here now just right off the bat you see a lot of blue buttons a lot of stuff that it it wants you to do and it's all very straightforward to do so first of all adding security on the top I think

That's really important so Facebook sometimes gets hacked sometimes not you know it's not all people are good so you want to make sure that you add security have some two-factor authentication in there to make sure that you're protected

In case anybody tries to sign in with your account because again it's kind of only set up with your own personal Facebook account right so then on the bottom you see three different options there you have add page we have add add

Account and then you have add people which goes back to what I was saying before when you can really manage multiple pages with this you can manage multiple add accounts if you're trying to run ads for yourself or for different

Businesses or for different campaigns you can do all of that right here and then on the right you can add different people which is also very powerful if you have employees or if you're working with other people you can go down so

Let's start off by adding a page and so adding a page you can create a new page as you see on the right you can add somebody else's if you are like a consultant right there or on the left so over there you can add a

Page of your own which is really easy to do all you do is type in the name of the page and it kind of searches through all the pages that are either relevant or whatever Facebook decides to show you then you click connect the page so it's

Really straightforward to do that as long as you are the owner of that so if we try not being an owner so if I go back and I want to add a different one so we want to add like a Moby Lon's that's like a health and wellness yeah I

Don't know that doesn't seem right but if we add that I'm not the owner of that page so it says right there I'm not the admin so I cannot add that unless you have special access so keep that in mind that's definitely an important part when

You're trying to do this now an ad account same kind of three options there you can have someone else's ad account if you're an analyst or you're working for them you can create your own account a new one or you can connect one that

You already have now inviting people so employees admin access you can go through this and this one is relatively straightforward you can see they kind of give you a little description of what each person is able to do and overall

What the responsibilities are and do you want them to do that or not so you can select a little you know tick them either way whatever you want here then type in the email address of whoever you want it's gonna be the email address

That's connected to their Facebook account is probably what you want to do right there and so that's basically how you're going to get started here now if we go up to business settings on the top right business settings gives you many

More options and this is where you really start to see the absolute power it's a really powerful program here with Facebook business so Facebook business settings there you have you can have accounts and so I already added that

Page and again you can add another page right here pretty easily and so you click that option you have three little ways you can add that then we have add accounts we've got apps and Instagram accounts Instagram you'll see that this

One already is connected even though I didn't type that in because it's linked to that Facebook page so in a previous video I opened up a Facebook page I started one and I connected an Instagram to it so that's why those two are linked

And so it should just automatically bring that in if you want to have another Instagram connected to your Facebook business manager but maybe it's not connected to a Facebook page or what then you can definitely do that just

From right there by signing into Instagram and as you go down you have many other things you have brand safety right there for domains and blocked links or block lists sorry then you have registrations and there's a lot of other

Stuff there a little bit more advanced I'm not going to cover that in this video but overall this is the this is where you can see a lot of settings I recommend going through this and kind of exploring a little bit reading the

Little descriptions they have so you get a little bit more familiar with the settings for Facebook business manager now most of what you're going to be doing for me at least is up in the top two right there so pages and add

Accounts so if we want to have an add account so all you to do this is also very easy just click add an add account choose the name of your add account choose your timezone choose your choose your currency and

Then your payment method you will have to set up once you have the add account setup so you see right here I'm just gonna do it for my business right now creating my own add account which is important to correctly choose which one

You're doing right there so then once it's set up you can choose what permissions you want to have so you can manage campaigns you can view performance so you can really again if you have more people you can say maybe

Some people are not going to be managing the campaigns because you don't want them to spend your dollars and maybe other people are gonna be able to do that maybe some people can only look and just see the data and actually analyze

That so a little bit more power there again if you have more people working for you now once we have that you can set up your payment information here because obviously ads are not free so you're going to have to have a way

Usually just a credit card is what I do so you can set up a credit card and you can pay for your ads like that now I do recommend actually I'll make another video in the future about how to make Facebook ads I always recommend having a

Spending limit just so you don't accidentally just wake up one morning and realize that you spent way too much on ads overnight and especially if they weren't properly tailored maybe they're not right you know so you could lose a

Lot of money that way you want to make sure you don't do that now down here security center I recommend that you do add some other people some other employees maybe another admin just in case anything goes wrong with your

Account so if anything happens where your account gets hacked or you forget your password or you get kicked off for some reason maybe you changed your phone number and forgot to up the two-factor on here I don't know it

Could be any reason I always like to protect my account by having other people on it so have you know either a business partner or just have somebody else that you can have you know their account just in case you ever needed to

Sign in so setup two-factor then like I talked about in the beginning usually just text alerts I think is really the main when you're doing but you can't have like a security key is another way to do this so you can buy

Like the Google one or something and so basically then once we have all that set up if you go to business dot facebook.com/ again you'll see all of your different businesses here now this time I have three different businesses

Right now I had two before I have three now because I just made that one and you can have up to four like I said before and if you're trying to make a new one you already have four you're going to have to delete one of them I don't

Really see a need to have too many Facebook business manager accounts though because you can do a lot within one it's kind of the whole purpose of it so once you get in here you can add more accounts and you'll see the add account

That I made and the page that I made are both down there listed right there and you'll have if you have like ten pages they're all going to be listed right there and you can really control a lot of that so the next thing to do is to

Add a logo and a cover photo right there if you want so if you're not working with a lot of other people it's really not that important to do this but for me personally I usually just add it in any

Way so I have a logo at the very least so I I know which facebook business I'm working on just a quick glance you'll see the logo up in the corner there so if you go into the ad account overview they'll show you how much you spend you

Can see graph so you can see how many impressions you got for how much you spent and you get a lot of data just from like a really quick snapshot right here as you go over to activity there you can see what other employees did

Within your company you can see the admin the employee and you know they show you a lot of stuff about that so just more data there obviously because this is a brand new account there is nothing to really look at there but

You'll see as you start doing a lot more with this and spending more money and making more money a lot more will show up here so on the top then you have this menu that pops down and you have four different really categories there so you

Have create and manage you have measure and report you have assets and you have settings most of what I do is in the create section right there when you're trying to work on your pages and stuff like that so that's where you can go

To ads manager business manager and a lot of that stuff now measure and report is interesting to see like analytics for example again I'm not going to go into that with this video mainly because we don't have anything to look at yet okay

So getting back to the home page right there you'll see that all you have to do is click on any page or any ad account you want it'll go right into it and from here you'll notice that it looks a lot like the the Facebook page editor that

We had on just regular a personal Facebook profile so having it in here is again more powerful and you don't lose any of those abilities before so you never have to go into your personal account and make edits from there

Everything you do is really as your business so it's a totally separate entity and it should work really well so guys that's basically everything I want to show you about Facebook business manager now it is a really powerful tool

And there's a lot to learn there so I can make some more videos in the future and show you guys how to set up ads maybe show you a little bit more about diving into the data with something that is not just a brand new account

Something that has some more money spent there but for now I think that this is a good way to get you started to you know have your first Facebook business manager connect your Facebook page maybe your Facebook pages if you have multiple

And start getting a way to set up an ads account to spend money and promote stuff on your pages in a more logical and organized way that can be more effective and can enable you to be more successful so guys that's right to say about this I

Hope you enjoyed this video if you did please remember to like and subscribe comment down below if you have any questions or any other suggestions for other people that are starting a facebook business manager account as

Always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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