FABIOLA DA SILVA: Contests Are Very Mental | World of X Games

published on July 20, 2020

The silver our next guest on Brando's world of X Games and absolute x games legend owner of 8 X Games medals she is synonymous

With success as far as aggressive inline is concerned at X Games she is fabiola it till about fabulous thanks so much morning the show so much thanks for having me it's been a long time I know and we're gonna get to that there's a

Lot I want to get to with you but before we get into any of that I have one question for you all right have you worked out today yes every morning 6:30 am I I I'm I'm asking and joking if you don't follow

Fabula to silver on Instagram I highly suggest it for multiple reasons for great flashback clips for clips in the streets rollerblading but we're in quarantine right now so yeah none of us are able to go to the gym all I need to

Do is get on your Instagram and I've got my workout of the day because you're doing so much so much circuit CrossFit training it's amazing when did you get into that world man I started to do CrossFit like 5 years ago because I was

So sick of going to the gym and spent hours on a treadmill and and all the machines you know so I wanted to try to find something that motivated me to to do other things in a gym but to stay active so a friend of mine took me to

The CrossFit gym man the first week the first of the first round that I did the first day when I was there all my joints like I didn't have too much mobility because for skating I mean your wrists you know and like your shoulders you

Know used to all the movements so I thought I wasn't gonna be able to do it and I was like oh my god I'm so glad I can I cannot do it everything is hurting but then I did another few weeks and then everything is

Starting to you know get good and I never stopped I feel like it's something new that because you do gymnastics you like flip things and you do a lot of like running and and you can use your whole body and I was very it's very

Inspirational CrossFit it's hard I mean I'm not gonna say it is easy I'm not super good or anything I just lost training hard so but have you have you competed caviola in in my CrossFit Games or a life

Tournament well not CrossFit Games but I did all the open the yeah 201 and I heard my shoulder even doing that because I did a few events here in Brazil and I did two contests in a row and then I did that two point one man

That was like enough for my body because I already come from a sport that I have like a little knee problem its pluses aging too I mean your joints and I have a little like ligament stuff on my right knee and CrossFit you do a lot of

Repetitive movements so that doesn't help that much and plus all the 20 years of skating but I'm still doing it I just try to feel my body you know and if it's hurting too much I just do like different things that doesn't hurt

Me too much I think it's amazing to when it comes to like group training or circuit training like that I'm a professional athlete standpoint because you're so used to having a competitive mindset with

Anything you do whether you're in an actual contest or you're practicing a trick you know the moments leading into that event and I just think the mental warfare that you've gone through your entire career kind of probably bodes

Itself well because it is such a competitive environment yeah helped a lot like my first ever tournament I'm so like you know skating and you know all the extreme sports very active is very like like rushing so

I didn't have like the not the ability I had but I didn't have the mentality or I didn't compare that CrossFit that you have all the how can I say when we skate we already know our lines you know like what do you have to do like if you miss

How can I compensate that so I didn't have that on CrossFit so I was always trying to do everything fast and and sometimes if you have like those long words you cannot start like 100% up you know because unless you're not gonna

Finish so I had to get more experience doing the training sessions right I mean I'm very competitive that's for sure like when I started doing it I was already like wanted to compete I was like if I get a little better I want to

Start competing amateur you know my dream to be honest like I was like man imagine if I could be at the CrossFit Games but dude those athletes I mean I follow all of them they trained for so many years you know it's like me skating

Or you you so how'd you know worked out of my mouth I feel like you're on your way to doing that and I think that would be truly remarkable I mean that I have such an appreciation I love that this interview is just turning into a

CrossFit interview I wasn't planning on that but I could just I can get like this I love the training trust me like I just turned 41 and I'm not ashamed to say my age because um I think

We should have motivate other women to you know to stay active not only women but how important it is to stay active in practice sports doesn't matter if it's like rollerblading or skateboarding BMX whatever you want to do you know

Running or whatever and through all these years I think I just feel so good now because of that because I learned how to stay active how to eat right and just exercise you know and if I don't exercise man I can

Not see myself not exercising or doing anything active it's impossible for me like even I feel sad if I don't do it makes me sick you know I think athletes sound like that but I just like to stay healthy you know it's my lifestyle it's

Part of who I became I guess but that would be a huge dream for me but really coming with knowing nothing about that world I feel like you're on your way but you know it'll be like masters right oh no I know the game yeah oh my god

I don't care that's what I tell my friends I'm like dude I have a few friends that they made it like but they're like 20s and uh you know how sometimes people talk they're like oh and talk about thing I was like

Dude he made it doesn't matter what is the matter just I step on the field he has to go through so many steps to get there I mean I don't care you can say anything you like if I'm there I'm there you know

Dude it's the same like with X Games obviously you won seven gold medals but if you never got on a podium it's like you made it you were there so you had to go through the phases to be the best in your country you know the whole country

I don't care okay I want to get into everything with you but there's a new game that we started playing with each guest and it's called the hotbox how fast can you answer 20 questions rapid-fire are you in oh god yeah are

You ready I'm setting my timer right now okay here we go okay favorite cheat meal pizza first TV you ever bought ac/dc dog or cat dogs front squat or overhead squat overhead spike what event should be brought back to the expo role of lady

Favorite movie favorite movie favorite movie miracle in the cell 7 what's harder working out or skating well discipline do you have any tattoos and if so how many I have eight tattoos

Spirit animal eagle if you were a superhero who would you be Wonder Woman favorite holiday favorite holiday I think Christmas because we got to see the whole family I love that hollow Rock or hollow Rock whole hollow

Rock bacon or turkey bacon turkey bacon vert or Street or Park Alert who would play you in a movie about your life man I think that soon be radar girl oh ho Jelena Jelena Angelina Jolie yes yeah okay I got it you did our twenty

Questions minute forty four point two four we're gonna will let you know at the end of the year where you stack up but that's got you on the podium right now I promise you Ola okay well thanks for

Playing with us um you mentioned just moments ago before we got in the hot box that you recently turned four I want you to take me back to being 17 years old in 1996 at your first X Games how did you get invited what do you remember that

Moment what was that like man I was skating here in Brazil and I never left the country ever and we skated a skate park by my house it's called roller brothers and back in the day Chris Edwards in Arlo Eisenberg there were the

Champions for the 1995 XK so this skatepark in Brazil was like they had a party for the one year opening and they brought the x-games champions here to do a demo at the park man I used to watch those guys on the

VHS tapes you know and all that and I did a little demo with them and I didn't speak English or anything and I was just this young girl like skating like crazy and just wanted to show my tricks you know and I didn't have a cell phone or

Email back in a day only my mom had a phone but I just exchanged alike addresses by hand like mailing address and after like six months I got a letter from the x-games inviting me to go to America but then I was like man my mom

My family didn't have money for me to travel or anything like that you know so I had a small sponsor in Brazil that uh was helping me so I brought my uh my ladder so there's a Chinese guy and he told me to he was gonna think about it

And he told me to come back in three days so imagine in those three days I was like no sleep like I was just like you young girl excited to go skate you know so after that he said yes and I got really excited like they were like

That's why I tell them every time I do my interviews or anything that I do I'm so thankful for that brand that tracks art is called tracks art because if wasn't for him I wasn't even gonna be able to go you know or I don't know what

She achieved so many things that that I did it was because of him he first his first go you know so and after that I went to America I participated in three events before the X Games so I could do a little warm-up and I started to win

Everything even those three events and then the X Games and then in the same here that I want the x-games I got invited I got a I sponsorship from rollerblade which is rollerblade is one of the really good yeah the biggest

Skating brands and after that I couldn't believe it I was getting paid and everything I was like oh my god but everything happened so fast that I was really in shock I was just like a girl that liked to escape you know and it's

Pretty funny because Leticia Bufoni is like my friend man I see her I see me like a long time ago you know but of course the skateboarding is huge huge and now we have Instagram and all this media but it's so awesome to see her

Doing so well you know because kind of like reminds me of me I was actually gonna bring up Leticia a little later because it's amazing that you brought up that parallel because we see it as well to see a girl I started out as a young

Teenager in skateboarding and you weren't even sure obviously on the Brazilian guy side we have seen over the last 10 plus years just how successful skateboarding weather is vert Park and of course Street but the steel is easier

Bony Pony taking that charge and then becoming truly the face of women's Street skateboarding I saw the same thing when I think back to like your career with women's rollerblading yeah oh my gosh and sometimes we talk like I

Haven't talked to her for a little while because she's always she's really busy now but I remember a few times when we talked I was like hey everything that I that I did like that I could tell her like some tips or you know things to

Invest and things because I went through that already and when you're so young you get so excited and you make all these money at a young age it's crazy you know so we talked about a lot of things and it really makes me happy to

See her doing so well you know I mean she deserves everything that she has she is good she's very motivating girl she's pretty she's feminine she she got it all you know how did you you you brought up you

Brought up you know the money fame success of events that that can kind of happen very very quickly especially for someone like yourself where it happened instantly from the moment you really stepped foot on US soil to compete an

Event you won right away you won your very first octonions to get into that position as a teenager 17 18 19 did you have someone in your corner or people kind of helping sort of advise you if when money starts coming

In sponsorships start coming in like how did you negotiate these things and sort of ride that wave man that's that's what I said when we are talking like you can really lose yourself if you don't have like a good mentality you know like I

Was always humble no matter what no matter if I made a million or if I made her like a dollar you know I think it's really important because that's what I tell all the kids that I teach teach or everyone that doesn't matter if you're

Good at what you do okay you can be really good but you but if you are like a a shitty person doesn't matter you know right I mean I don't think it's I think it's a combination of a lot of things you know and I had a guy that

Helped me because I didn't speak English so the team manager from Ola blade he used to give me a lot of devices and everything and I had a guy in Brazil that helped me a lot too but then way farther down the line with all the

X-games and all that money coming in I got a financial advisor that the team rollerblader the manager guy introduced me so that was the best thing I ever done because I think if it wasn't for his advices I wouldn't you just spend

Money you know I think at that age I would have lost all my money if I was doing that at like 25 I can't imagine being like 17 18 with like the old coming your way like that and it's crazy like I'm so happy that I

Had him so happy you know and I think it's important if you have someone to guide you so you know what to do with your money you know so how did you get growing up in Brazil rollerblading like how did you gravitate towards that sport

Was that something that you had done from an early age did you skate as well like what got you into inline what was the first thing you remember was it a person or a man to contest it what was it well I used to roll on a skateboard

On a skateboard for real at a park by my house but I was never like that good I used to I broke my foot dropping in on a mini-ramp you know and but after that I kept like skateboarding a little bit but then and in the same skatepark some

People used to rent out at night like every Monday they used to ran out for a roller skating and I was like wow I one day I was leaving and I saw those people coming in with rollerblades rollerskates not even inline skates roller skate

Actual okay back in the day yeah so I thought that was cool and I saw those guys doing tricks I was like oh my god I never saw that you know so I asked my dad for a pair of roller skates and so after like two weeks I got a pair of

Roller skates and I went to this park man I loved it how old is over you how old were you when you got your roller skate 14 so I was at that point you had never been on rollerblade yeah at 14 no I started I started learning on my

Backyard here in my house and then after that I skated a little bit on a flat ground just to know how to skate and then I already went to the park like small mini ramps balls little transitions and then I connected with a

Friend of mine today he's like one of my best friends he doesn't even skate anymore and he was teaching me everything everything that I knew in a beginning he's the one that taught me and the other day he went to the park

With me before the this craziness man he fell just dropping in I felt so bad for him community you don't practice it's like oh I know it doesn't you got to put in the work that's that's amazing to me

Though fabula that you got your first pair of not rollerblades but roller skates yeah my first when I first drop in on a vert ramp was on rollerskates I saw I sure had that that team that scares the

Hell out of me and then within three years you're winning inline verb and yes like that that is the craziest like cinderella story I've ever heard in any sport like who picked

Something up that quick and becomes the very best at it that's unbelievable man it's sometimes like I think about it everything that I have done you know but I'm very intense in everything that I if I want to do something like I always I'm

Not competitive with others of course if I'm doing like a contest or something but I'm very competitive with myself and it's good in a way because you get good at it but sometimes it's not good when it's too much you know you kind of like

I'm always pushing myself too much sometimes but I think in the same time it's good because I get good at whatever I want to do you know I put a motivation I put work into it and you know I think it's just my it's just my mindset is

Like that and now that I'm older I learned how to like step back a little you know because even if I work out every day my body responds good but doesn't recover that good anymore so and I have a friend I made a friend through

The CrossFit and he's master man he's better than the younger kids he's always tells me that he's like fab the less is better then because I used to do all the training for like three four hours like you know when you do all

The you follow like a competition training with an ADC the first the first year I was like oh my god it's like three hours working out and then now that my shoulder is kind of like err my knee he's like fab the last

Is better he's right it's like skating now for me like if I go to the skate part men sometimes okay I escaped for three hours but not all the time like before one hour for me two hours is enough you

Know right I know that's like young legs it's like it's a it's an evolution right when you have young fresh legs you can skate for five six hours and not get tired you have no other commitments so that's all you can do and then all of a

Sudden ten years later your body just doesn't respond that way anymore so you got to start training smarter not harder yeah obviously that's what you've been doing I am curious though you talked about like this fierce competitive

Mindset you got you found success so early in your career and like achieved it consistently you became sort of the poster child for your sport and he became so good so early that you became the target was that a comfortable place

For you to be feeling like the rest of the girls were kind of chasing after you man it's when I think about that I think I was so into skating that I never felt like I felt pressure because you know when you start winning especially all

The X Games like you're always the favorite so you're kind of like oh my god I have to win you know it's a lot of pressure on you because all the cameras are on you all the sponsors are waiting for you to win you know so you kind of

Like have to make yourself win like and it's hard for you to realize that you have to win all the time but sometimes doesn't happen all the time and but man it was crazy like even because I never thought that skating

Would was gonna take me that far you know I start skating as a teenager here in Brazil just for fun and I never thought that I could make a career skating and next I knew I was like oh my gosh I won the X

Games and then I won another time and then I start traveling the world doing like the best thing that I chose to do so I don't know it's just weird at one point I felt pressure a lot of pressure but I was good with that – yeah I think

That I think that's part of it the psychological it's very beginning of life as you said I think Nyjah Huston is a perfect example in skateboarding that he is favored to win every time he drops into a contest and he seems to revel in

That he seems to like the spotlight and feeling he's the one that's got to win this thing and he's got the target on his back and I just wonder once you achieve that certain level of success certain athletes kind of enjoy that

Challenge and brings out the best of them and then we see some who are so incredibly gifted or talented but don't seem to rise to the occasion in a contest because I don't want to say they're not prepared but maybe that's

Just not in their DNA to compete yeah on the stage like that I think a lot of people because contest is very mental it's very it's like you said some people I saw I seen so many athletes that on practicing it's incredible good and you

It's amazing but then one becomes the three to one they got really nervous you know like they kind of like they shock themselves but this very it's very mental is very that's what I think like for you to succeed well in competitions

You have to work your mind it's not only do good whatever you do you have to work your I think it's spiritual mind in your body you know for me at those three things they walk together for you too because I think you have to have your

Life on point like you have to have how do I say on point is like you have to balance you have find your balance you know that you feel good because if you feel good that contest is gonna pressure you but it's not gonna kill you you know

Right so yeah in Asti I got older like for me when I when I compete I don't watch anybody why because that causes me anxiety causes me like worry causes me I got nervous because I see people doing crazy tricks I'm and what if I do a

Trick that I don't do it's gonna it's gonna make my mind crazy and I'm not gonna trust myself so I never watch anybody skating before I go you know I never do even when I'm at CrossFit I don't I don't see any performance or

Anything that's wild take me back take me back to the last year you competed at X Games in 2004 and for maybe some of the fans out there that don't realize obviously aggressive in lines no longer at X Games but there was no women's

Division that year at X Games so you were competing against the guys what was that like I don't know if you had competed in other male events prior to that but obviously at X Games it doesn't get any bigger than that I mean did you

I mean was that always gonna be the thinking oh well they took my contest away so now I'm gonna compete with the guys what was that conversation like getting to participate in that in that event well before that I was competing

With the guys already because in our we have a si was the the guys that are coordinated inline skating so in their events we already I was competing with the guys already because there was no not that many girls anymore on vert so

For television let's talk about business I mean only three girls for a big event doesn't look good you know for the TV so they decided to launch the women against guys they thought they were going to motivate women but a lot of girls they

Thought I was crazy idea but for me since I I skated always with the guys in Brazil because was never like many women on evert ramps so for me was a challenge I like challenges I was like wow

If I see the acid tacos or mark or all these guys doing these crazy tricks why not me and I wanted to challenge myself I was like okay if I go to a contest and I'll make top ten every contest I'm happy so that my goal was just to be in

The finals not even to win or you know I never won but I got second Wow and then I learned the double backflip at the X Games that's when I landed that's to solo I still I got fabulous

I still like there are some gnarly tricks across all disciplines whether you're talking rollerblading or skateboarding or freestyle motorcross BMX snowboarding skiing a double backflip on rollerblades is to me the

Heaviest thing I've ever seen and watching that watching that run and YouTube it go check it out her run at the X Games when you land that double backflip I mean high-risk high-reward but is that

Is such an amazing trick it is and the first time I saw a guy doing it we are at some contests in Europe a tour and I was like oh my god I was like I'm never gonna do that trick it's out of question and then one time I was like a Woodward

For the summer Woodward west and my friend Marco de Santi is one of the best roller bladers – in the world he was at camp he's like said we were skating the vert just for fun he's like fine why don't you try a

Double into the foam pit and I was like oh my god no no no and then he convinced me so the first one that I try it's foam I was like oh it's just foam so I rotate it right he's like man you got it you got it and then I started training with

Him I trained for like a month or more we used to drive there every weekend just for me to train the double backflip and then when I got this spin really good on a foam pit I went to the resi oh my god I don't care what anyone says

Bone pain is one ting resi is another thing and then the real thing is like a totally different level like because your confidence is different you know but um I learned the double backflip but I didn't land one on

Alert at the ramp I only landed at the resi I landed my first flipping friends my first ever double backflip on the ramp in the middle of my run I was like I'm gonna go for it yeah when I start doing it but I was gonna ask when's the

Best in your perfect run when is the best place to drop that double back like in the middle of it right out the gate as a closer or just your wimp the best time to throw that trick okay for me since my double backflip wasn't very

Good because all the guys that does really well it's very like gymnastic looking backflip you have to tuck it in a ball so you can take off in the right spot and land right under the coping mine oh my god I used to Landa like

Really low because I never liked my backflip was always like not my best trick so the double you know the most two two flips and I used to lend a little low so I used to put that trick almost at the end of my run you know but

Then you have to work yourself you have to have legs you have to have you know you have to have your cardio going because if you don't have amplitude how are you gonna throw like a trick that you're gonna spin twice you know and was

So scary oh my god like for me that trick every time I used to do that was like I would say a prayer like I was always like scared I'm not gonna lie is not a trick that uh I felt really comfortable on it that's for sure not

You talked about growing up as a young girl in Brazil not ever thinking that you would become a professional in liner or that this would be a career that would like catapult you you know to being in the space and making money and

Sponsorships at what point did you ever think about when it was going like this is amazing but like is this can this last forever were you ever sort of looking over your shoulder at like how long can I do this

For or is there a next chapter for me man I used to be so busy that I didn't have time like you know when you're on top of the game like you're doing so much and then not only competing but you're doing like demos and then you're

Doing swimming for movies and all these crazy great thing is happening in your life like so quick that I really didn't have time to think about like the future I was always leaving but the moment you know that's why sometimes these days I'm

Like oh my god if I had the mentality that I have today way back we all say that but I think I could do like a little better but in the same time I thought of that maybe like four years ago that I was like oh my god

What am I gonna do like how many years still am I gonna do that as I got older I was stressing at one point of my career I was like is this over for me I mean am I gonna escape today I don't make money skating I mean it's not my

Major like before I do a lot of memos and speeches here and there and I just got back from before this craziness I was in Amsterdam for a contest but um I still make money skating but it's not my it's not a hundred percent comes from

Only skating you know yeah I was just there and part of the reason I asked is obviously plea as you know you know as you mentioned previously the business side of things you know there's there's a lot that goes into I think sometimes

Fans don't realize I could like all bring this back or why don't you do this or that and you just realize that there are so many levels to what you know constitutes one getting at an event the size of X teams and to like what gets on

TV and that's a whole other conversation but I was curious at you know at what point when x-games basically announced it wasn't bringing back aggressive inline you know what was your immediate reaction or

Feeling did that seemingly come out of nowhere or did you have a feeling that you know you guys might always be on the precipice of getting cut out or did it just take you by surprise I think took all of us by surprise to be honest

Because we we all thought that roller blading was great you know and and everyone asked me these questions even today why do they why they cut off Airlines quino's I guys listen it's business it's let's talk like adult it's

Business it's like having a job that you know the world the world is like spinning different so I don't have the control of like what they wanted to see what the TV likes what that stands are for that in you know I'm sad I always

Say I'm sad that we are not there but we we were not the only ones that got cut it right after I don't mind and then wakeboarding wake Morty is sick like I love that sport and I was like why this why that but it's hard for me to explain

To people because it's everyone X Games is a business let's say that it is a business you know and it's not only about athletes these are companies that are running behind that so I totally understand but I was so I love I love

The rollerblade so much that we had other events that I was like well I don't care I'm still gonna skate but I was very upset for sure I was very sad because X Games was fun man the biggest it's like Olympics for you know for the

Extreme sports and we the whole industry got really upset but in the same time after that we had like a great event – through the a sa we had the LG action sports tour that was going on for like a 2 to 3 years and then I was doing a lot

Of shows for Matt Hoffman and you know it's just I always think like there's like some doors they might close but better ones are gonna open up in a way I say better ones because I'm very positive

You know yeah it's like well if I don't have the X Games that sucks you know but I still I look I look through dinner other things that I had right instead of being all like negative I was like well you know let's move on well your glass

Your glass half-full viola I like that you mentioned you mentioned Matt Hoffman obviously he is a legend in his own right I know you've got a special relationship with him that dates back years and years because yeah along what

What what's it like just working with and knowing and being friends with Matt Hoffman man matt is amazing to me now as a friend and man one day like that day when the ex seems there last year that 2004 right man when he came on top of

The ramp to to cheer for the roller bladers you know to be there for us that thing that act that he did was amazing to me because he was there to prove that doesn't matter you know he appreciates any sport doesn't matter what she do and

That made me like even more mad you know because he has no he doesn't make exceptions he doesn't he doesn't care if he likes it he likes it you know and then I did so many shows format that he's amazing I was like oh my god I'm

Gonna do a show for Matt Hoffman you know and that guy every time I got hurt in my career I look up to him because he's older than me and I was like my gosh that guy broke so many bones if he's doing it I'm gonna be fine

You know and he just inspired me my whole career and then when I he autograph his own book he has a book remember his book yeah so he autographed his book for me and I even cried whatever he he wrote there I don't

Remember I have to book here in my house but um it's just special to be recognized by all these legends you know so that made me think that I'm on the right path that I'm doing good a good thing so no

Doubt yeah no doubt know the camaraderie the camaraderie is extraordinary at our team's and it's cool to see all these different sports come together and you know you watch like skateboarders come out to watch you

Know yeah dial or motocross that's trick because they all it's like we're all here together and like we want to take in the show as you said it it's the best on the planet I used to love to watch dirt to the BMX dirt Oh BMX dirt so fun

Man so fun my goodness so while we're on while we're on the topic of X teams obviously you've got at 8x canes metal seven gold winning your very first year but 2020 is 25 years of X Games we're celebrating when you look back at 25

Years of vaccines is there any particular memory for you or contests or event from from X Games yesteryear that stand out above the rough man I even as I said I got really I get emotional when I talk about that because man people see

Us on TV and on Instagram and sometimes people they just think everything is flowers you know and behind the scenes it's very hard like people they always I call you guys are having fun traveling and just like doing what you love but

Behind that is a lot of like you have to choose a lot of different things you have to train you have to travel you have to be on point you have to I always told myself if I want to really be the best releve tur I cannot party I cannot

Drink I have to stay on it you know I was very like a hundred percent on it so I had to make sacrifice to be who I became and in anything that we do you have to sacrifice yourself one to another and it's just it's amazing like

I cannot believe everything that I've done I mean I believe it because I did it but now that I went to this contest in a am student I cried because I felt like I was in the X Games there all these people around me like telling

Me that I still motivate them and I'm 41 and I was like wow this is amazing you know that's why I'd never want to stop I mean X Games I'm very thankful for this event because brought me a lot of things it's just since the X Games started

I became fab you know I mean I'm not talking about fame on everything but I know that helps my Magen ally but just made my career huge you know and I guess I was in the right place in the right time you know I still had rollerblading

I'm sure I was gonna be like you bring up you bring up a good question obviously without having aggressive in mind a tech team you know I certainly am not following in as much so I apologize if this sounds a little ignorant but I'm

Sure there are a lot of fans who are fans of yours or maybe rollerbladed once growing up or don't do it anymore but I am curious what is the state of rollerblading right now and 2020 like what is it what's the climate like for

The sport at the moment are there contests are there and more about filming like what is rollerblading in 2020 looked like well like I said I went to Amsterdam for the biggest rollerblading event in the world it's

Called the winter clash and it's in Holland oh my god like I went there 10 years ago so 10 years back they brought me this year and I wasn't shocked I mean I never seen so many roller bladers so many think about an escape art but it's

Like a Woodard like a huge huge place only rollerbladers man you couldn't even escape a park like what's crazy crazy I was so in shock that I was crying like I was like this is crazy this is the exit I was like man I wanted the world to see

What I'm seeing now because people enrolled ladies dad well of late there is not many rollerbladers like there was so many skaters that that I don't even know all these young kids doing crazy crazy

Tricks and we had all the legends there I did a podcast that's why I went there and I was so sad that I didn't compete because I just did a demo I was like I could have compete you know when I saw the girls like start skating and

To see all the women there it was just amazing I mean rollerblading is huge in Europe it's huge is it's huge in America too but it's very underground because our industry is not as big as you know example like a skateboarding I always

Say skateboarding because they have a good like background that stayed you know and we don't have that too much that's why it's very on the ground but in Europe this event is like the X Games it's crazy

Well speaking of X Games obviously there's none bigger when it comes to event but I think for a lot of our audience especially people like myself there was nothing bigger as far as movies and rollerblading the greatest

Rollerblading movie of all time for B is brink kids yeah you were double for the for the girl the girl yeah girl yeah yeah they're the worst part because she had a really curly hair like dark curly hair so I had to wear a wig in my helmet

On top and I was like oh my god the helmet was like so up high you know but um man I couldn't believe it that I was doing a movie you know that's those things that I say I'm like wow rollerblading took me this far you know

Through is it sports are very it's very good to practice sports you know because I think they can really transform like lives that's what I think it's brings like joy brings like faith to people like brings like only

Good things no matter what sport you do that's what I tell in my speeches like I don't want to be only there fabiola their champion you know but I wanna I want to change life's a winner I want to help them achieve their goals and

Believing their dreams you know that's everything that happened to me I want to pass that on so that's so awful I really I appreciate that I'm I I can honestly say I'm inspired just just talking to you know

Be able to get a legend to talk know it's so global pandemic so you probably aren't as busy as you usually are but we really do appreciate you making the time and know where to uh I look forward to like getting back to normal and and

Hopefully we'll see you again soon sure now you guys know where to find me so thank you so much congratulations again everything even keep your career and we are so humbled that that you made some time for thank you guys are appreciated

Very much made me happy make my day today thank you thank you guys you

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